Joss Whedon's Dr. Horrible Might Get a Feature Film Sequel?

March 20, 2010
Source: MTV

Dr. Horrible

If you're a Joss Whedon fan then I'm sure, without a doubt, you saw Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog, the musical superhero comedy that debuted online a few years ago. It was only 42-minutes long and starred Nathan Fillion, Felicia Day, and Neil Patrick Harris, but the fans still turned out and made it a big success. Word is there's now a sequel in development that may actually become a feature film. MTV talked with Neil Patrick Harris recently about the rumors of this upcoming Dr. Horrible sequel. NPH says, "Apparently they're making a Dr. Horrible sequel, a feature film I hope… I hope they cast me in it… We'll see." We will!

He also says he's not sure how big it might be. "I don't know what scale, they're talking all options, because they made the first Dr. Horrible in five days on no budget at all… You don't want to make the feature film be an $80 million giant movie, because it defeats the purpose of what the first film was made to be, but then again you don't want it to be so low brow that it's not worth paying money to see as a movie." So does that mean it may go direct-to-DVD or is there a chance we'll see it in theaters? "I don't think it will be on the internet, I think it will probably be a film," is all NPH says. We're not sure what studio is even behind this?

NPH only adds that they're trying to work out everyone's schedule right now, from Joss Whedon down to Fillion and Day, so it sounds like it's definitely happening, it's only a matter of when and how big it'll be. I'm a fan of Joss Whedon and I enjoyed Dr. Horrible, but I'm not desperately hoping to see a sequel on the big screen. I guess my fear is that it could turn out like those awful big screen versions of SNL sketches (e.g. A Night at the Roxbury, MacGruber), but you never know. We'll try and keep you updated on this and let you know if we hear anything else about it. Any die-hard fans of Dr. Horrible already excited for this?

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I really don't know how I feel about this. I'll have to wait till more information comes out about this.

Samantha on Mar 20, 2010


I thought it was an okay short film type thing, but I'm not sure I'd like to see a sequel, let alone a big-screen sequel.

Dan Geer on Mar 20, 2010


Funny, I literally just got done watching Serenity like 5 minutes ago.....I was pleasantly surprised by it.

Cody w on Mar 20, 2010


Alex Night at the Roxbury was awesome! I perfer if Dr. Horrible stays where it is. Cody w Serenity FTW!

Xerxex on Mar 20, 2010


Hey, A Night at the Roxbury was fuckin great!

Nah man on Mar 20, 2010


Ruiz would be so f@cking awesome!!!

Eldivo23 on Mar 20, 2010


Alex...did you just diss a Night at the Roxbury???!?! What the hell man, that movie is a classic.

jman571 on Mar 20, 2010


Yeah seriously Macgruber looks terribad but Night at the roxbury and awful shouldnt even be in the same paragraph.

Cody w on Mar 20, 2010


only just heard of this the other day when it popped up on Netflix Instant Play....Now I will be sure to watch it...BTW, is it any good????

slopshoe smith on Mar 20, 2010


It was funny and entertaining.

Loser on Mar 20, 2010


I can't believe no one here is excited about this possiblity! I have watched Dr. Horrible at least twelve times since i got it and continually go back to watch certain songs. I am damn excited about a sequel, and while i love the ending of the short it would be awesome to see Dr. Horrible's redemption.

Rodion on Mar 20, 2010


I love Dr. Horrible but why are they getting Felicia Day? her character is DEAD! But still its Joss Whedon so it'll be good!

Jimmy Love on Mar 20, 2010


It will probably be a prequel. I don't think a cold-hearted Dr. Horrible would be as entertaining.

Cody M on Mar 20, 2010


Feature length film? We can only hope.

Craig on Mar 20, 2010


Ever since the Superhero genre took off, i've been waiting for a movie that actually does a GOOD job spoofing it. "Sky High" was tolerable as a kids movie, "Superhero Movie" was pretty dumb, as was the "Specials", and "Watchmen", "The Incredibles", and "Kick Ass" aren't parodies so much as deconstructions of the genre. And I have very low expectations for "Megamind". It'd be great if 'Dr. Horrible" could do what no other movie can seem to do. Make a legitimately FUNNY Superhero movie.

DRM on Mar 21, 2010


LOVE the Sing-Along blog. Love Dr. Horrible. Love Captain Hammer. I'd see the sequel wherever it's aired. But how are they getting Felicia Day when Penny died? Maybe she had a twin. That always flies in superhero stories. XD

Lar on Mar 21, 2010


@15 Watch Defendor

Cody w on Mar 21, 2010


I am naming my son after NPH.

Gonnarentit on Mar 21, 2010


i just watched it and instantly became a diehard fan!!! nph is just to brilliant for this planet!! he should do the sequel with a new nemesis played by hugh jackman he can sing too^^

jojoe on Mar 22, 2010


I trust Joss Whedon. He hasn't let me down yet.

Audio on Mar 22, 2010


@ #12 &16 Since when has being dead stopped someone in a superhero movie from coming back? Seriously though, I'm thinking she'd be involved for flashback purposes. I can't see Joss wasting something that tragic on a cheap evil twin gag. I loved the Sing-Along Blog! I am very excited by the possibility of seeing this on the big screen. I hope they keep the original feel to the movie, but still let you get the feeling that it's a movie too. Very much like how Serenity kept the core feeling of the original series, but also felt like it had been taken to a new level where anything could happen. Joss Whedon makes movies for people who appreciate having a good time.

DarkRaven18599 on Mar 22, 2010


The original was entertaining, but nothing I would clamor a sequel for.

Chase on Mar 22, 2010


#20 I second that

silver on Mar 22, 2010

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