Karen O, T Bone, Brian Eno Ineligible for Original Score Oscar

January 4, 2010
Source: The Wrap

Where the Wild Things Are Soundtrack

Given the very strict requirements that the Academy has for the Best Original Score section of the Oscars, we expected to see some upsetting news like this sooner or later. The Wrap is reporting that Karen O (of Where the Wild Things Are), T Bone Burnett (of Crazy Heart), and Brian Eno (of The Lovely Bones) are all ineligible for the Best Original Score Oscar. Eno and T Bone chose not to submit either of their scores for consideration, and Karen O did submit, but was later disqualified by the Academy's music brand. For fans of any of these films, this is quite a let down, especially because I know all three of them had great music.

Besides those three, 81 other scores did qualify, which actually makes the category the "smallest field among the 15 categories for which ballots went out last week." I'm sure a great score will win in the end, but it's sad to see those three great scores in particular end up ineligible. The rule which disqualifies many composers is the one that states: "[S]cores diluted by the use of tracked themes or other preexisting music, diminished in impact by the predominant use of songs, or assembled from the music of more than one composer shall not be eligible." And when you've got pop musicians composing film scores, that seems to happen very often.

The Wrap also says that Carter Burwell (The Blind Side), Nicholas Hooper (Half-Blood Prince), Erran Baron Cohen (Bruno) and actor Jason Schwartzman (Funny People) also had music that was considered ineligible for Best Original Score. The few of you that have seen Jeff Bridges' Crazy Heart may be upset to hear that most of the music in it, which was mostly written for that film, won't be eligible for Oscar consideration, but they still can submit a few of Bridges' songs for Best Original Song. I guess it's not a complete loss? Now you know why some of these scores sadly won't get a nomination. So what's your favorite score of 2009?

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What? If this 3 OST are ineligible I guess the horrible 'ITALIANO' song from 9 will have a ball @ oscar. I was looking forward to 'All is love' from WTWTA. what a bump.

dex on Jan 4, 2010


Sucks about Karen O and Brian Eno getting screwed. I really liked Mike Patton's Crank 2 Score.

Frightened Imate #2 on Jan 4, 2010


This Oscar thing gets more and more unsexy with every minute.

Felix on Jan 4, 2010


Karen O Dosent Deserve it. I could write a better score while hitting myself in the face with a hammer

movie mike on Jan 4, 2010


the music in "where the wild things are" is a big part of what made the film such a great experiance but outside of that movie my other favorites would have to be from the knowing coraline the box

rowdy on Jan 4, 2010


Movie Mike then do it, get a hammer and have at it, looking forward to it. The Academy is really ran by a bunch of emotionless robots.

Xerxex on Jan 4, 2010


@6 Bring it!

movie mike on Jan 4, 2010


#7 Oh its been brought! and its on your kitchen table!

Xerxex on Jan 4, 2010


@8 I see wat u did there. Theres the hammer. Now where is the choir of elementary school kids.

movie mike on Jan 4, 2010


@8, oh there on their way, traffic is heavy right now, also the bus had a flat. They are on their way now though.

Xerxex on Jan 4, 2010


I see......Also i have to have a thing that make do do dum sounds.

movie mike on Jan 4, 2010


hmm....I'll see what I can do. The choir kids make it yet?

Xerxex on Jan 4, 2010


@12 ya but they are not going to sing because i didn't order them pizza!

movie mike on Jan 4, 2010


Felix: Completely agree! movie mike: Please learn to spell before trash-talking. Just makes you look even more stupid. DCompose: 'Crank 2'? Best Picture? Seriously? Haha No doubt it's got great, cheap action thrills but that's where it ends. If anything, 'Up', 'Where The Wild Things Are', or 'Hurt Locker'.

Jon on Jan 4, 2010


@15. I type really fast. People tend to make errors that way. Gimme a Break!

movie mike on Jan 4, 2010


Jon really? correct spelling and grammar does not, I repeat does not matter on the Internet. Moviemike, no pizza? you know those little bastards need pizza to perform! Quick nuke some pizza bagels!

Xerxex on Jan 4, 2010


i felt choked by the where the wild things are soundtrack,it was constantly badgering you to feel sappy/sentimental.but besides that,its blitz! was beyond terrific. i hope music from 'the informant!' gets a consideration the least

twispious on Jan 4, 2010


Tracked theme? Whats that mean?

Me on Jan 5, 2010


Eno is a bad ass, he didnt even bother submitting? I guess his works has spoken for itself for decades so why would he need to be judged by a body of idiots? rock on eno!

lando on Jan 6, 2010

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