Kate Beckinsale is Returning for the Next 'Underworld' Sequel

September 23, 2010

Kate Beckinsale

Back February we heard Len Wiseman would be directing the next sequel in the Underworld franchise which would head into the third dimension as well as outer space for film's story. At the time the return of franchise star Kate Beckinsale seemed unlikely and the actress was interested in passing the franchise down to one of her real-life daughters. A press release today cleared things up by announcing Beckinsale would indeed reprise her role as the Lycan hunter Selene. However, there is no mention of 3D and Wiseman is only producing the project with a director currently being sought to helm the project in March of 2011.

In addition, producers are also looking for an actress to take the role of Selene's daughter. Part of me wonders if they've gotten Beckinsale to return only for a brief appearance in the sequel to simply have her character killed off in order to pass the franchise onto Selene's daughter. No story details were revealed but the script will be written by J. Michael Straczynski (Changeling, Ninja Assassin). I'm sure plenty of people are interested in another Underworld, especially if it means Beckinsale gets in those tight leather outfits again, but I'm still wondering where the adaptation of Straczysnki's Rising Stars graphic novel has gone. Off-topic I know, but I find that a little more interesting than this Underworld sequel. Anyone excited for Kate Beckinsale's return?

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Nothing like seeing Kate in "Black Leather"!!

Allen Newby on Sep 23, 2010


you know Unerworld 1 was good, 2 was your typical I'm in...and as Allen said Kate in black leather is a win.

Xerxex on Sep 23, 2010


I love the mythology behind lycanes and vampires and stuff so that's the first big plus. Kate Beckinsale is attractive, and the Underworld series has been a really fun ride. Great characters and great action. I was afraid to see the prequel but it surprised me in terms of story. So do I want to see Kate in another sequel? Yes I do.

Eli on Sep 23, 2010


Ok, LOVE Kate....but space???!!! Really??!! WTF!

Merlynzz on Sep 24, 2010


Sounds like Jason X

Kaiser on Sep 24, 2010


Jason X wasn't that bad, I liked it, Jason Killing snarky little brats how inspiring is that..... er I mean entertaining. But as for underworld in space I'll have to wait and see

Jimmy Love on Sep 24, 2010


It would be good if they finished the series this time.

Crapola on Sep 24, 2010


Space? That doesn't sound good.

Craig on Sep 24, 2010


This idea is spacing me out.

Phantom on Sep 24, 2010


I thought the black werewolf dude was the writer? on Sep 24, 2010


yeah space is a long shot here.

Eli on Sep 24, 2010


Space? But Kate oh yes Kate.

JimD on Sep 24, 2010


I love her but isnt she too old?

CookieMonster on Sep 25, 2010


YES! YES! YES! Kate Beckinsale is returning! I hope they don't kill her off because of her stupid daughter, that would SUCK!!!

Julie on Sep 26, 2010


Any movie with her in it, is automatically five times better 8-P

Demtor on Sep 27, 2010


PLEASE DO NOT KILL KATE OFF SHE IS THE BEST and if you going to bring a daughter let it be LILY YES KATE'S lttile girl IT WILL BE THE BEST Kate could help Lily it would be good fun for them

Terry on Dec 19, 2010


can't wait for the movie

Chipochapi on Jan 6, 2011


kate has to be in the movie she has to

bp on Apr 3, 2011


yes i want kate back and who ever is married to that sexy Angel i wish i was you .

Augerdarren on Apr 17, 2011


Awesome!! Love this stuff!!

Nancyapka on Jan 11, 2012

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