Kevin Feige Confirms Development of a Black Widow Spin-Off

September 22, 2010

Black Widow

Though we'd previously heard about the potential of a S.H.I.E.L.D. movie from Samuel L. Jackson, we now have word from Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige that development has begun on feature that would focus solely on Black Widow, or rather Natasha Romanoff, the character portrayed in Iron Man 2 by Scarlett Johansson. ComingSoon snagged the confirmation at a press conference promoting the upcoming release of the aforementioned Marvel sequel on DVD/Blu-Ray. Feige said, "We've already started discussions with Scarlett about the idea of a solo movie and have begun putting together concepts, but The Avengers comes first."

In a perfect world, Marvel would have had time to square away Black Widow either in her own film, or a S.H.I.E.L.D. centric film before The Avengers got off the ground. That way we wouldn't have had to deal with all the set-up convoluting what should have been a knock-out sequel with Iron Man 2. If Columbia wasn't already working on a Spider-Man reboot, the possibility of Marvel Studios bridging Spider-Man with The Avengers in the future by way of Black Widow (since she's very prominent in the web-crawler's comic mythology) would be quite interesting. Either way,we'll get a chance to see the always sexy Scarlett Johansson back in that tight outfit and kicking some asses again when The Avengers rolls around in 2012. Do you guys want to see a Black Widow movie?

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It's a bad idea. It smells like a flop.

Almartva on Sep 22, 2010


hopefully it doesnt turn out like elektra or catwoman.....*crosses fingers*

Spider94 on Sep 22, 2010


Call me crazy but I kinda like the idea of Scarlett Johansson in form-fitting leather outfits.

Woodge on Sep 22, 2010


Megan Fox is good to look at too, doesn't mean she should be in a feature length film. Unless you're Marvel Studios or 20th Century Fox. Another lesson in "what not to make into a movie." How many flops does it take to get to the reasoning for making crap movies in the Marvel universe? The world may never know.

quazzimotto on Sep 22, 2010


S.J. is stolen biological material, taken against will and formed to clones line 200 pieces total. DANGEROUS, DANGEROUS, sign of dangerous criminal activity. Original Scarlett Galabekian future pediatrician doctor, pediatrician nurse license she obtained in 2008.

Serge on Sep 22, 2010


Uhhh ok, is there some hidden jokes inside of #5s comment that Im not getting or is he just completely insane?

Cody w on Sep 22, 2010


@5...Your post is complete nonsense, but it did get me to click into your website out of curiosity so kudos for tricking me into giving you my precious traffic.

peloquin on Sep 22, 2010


This movie could rock. Bring on the entire Marvel Universe.

tivdatsun on Sep 22, 2010


her fight scenes in Iron Man 2 were awesome. If they have the same choreographer for her solo then i wouldn't mind seeing it.

tye on Sep 22, 2010


blackwidow movie will be catwoman revisted..........i can't believe this crap will get made and the "hobbit" movies are still at a standstill - what nonsense.

beavis on Sep 22, 2010



Cruzer on Sep 22, 2010


@4 ScarJo is 5000000000000 times a better actress then Mega Fox is. Mega Fox should be doing porno.

JTMoney on Sep 22, 2010


She was hotter than hell in Iron Man 2, but a whole movie? Fuggedaboudit.

L on Sep 22, 2010


Like #2 said, it'l just be another Elektra/Catwoman. She's not a good enough character to be in the spotlight. Keep her in supporting and she'l be awesome. Marvel says they'l do stuff like this all the time. It never happens anyway

movie mike on Sep 22, 2010


........... You must be kidding me HH

Have Hope on Sep 22, 2010


I agree with 9. I mean sure, it sounds like kind of an awful idea. But it could also be kinda cool. I like Scarlett Johansson just as much as anybody, and I sure do love ass-kicking, and I absolutely can't oppose the expansion of the cinematic Marvel universe. But am I the only one who's really pissed off that she couldn't slap on a Russian accent for any of those damn scenes in Iron Man 2? I mean shit, Russian's like the easiest accent to do and Mickey Rourke was doing it the whole movie, it's not like he couldn't have told her to watch an episode of Rocky and Bullwinkle as preparation for the role if anyone had asked him to. I mean son of a bitch. Christ.

Da Man on Sep 22, 2010


no one will see it.

lolwut on Sep 22, 2010


she pulls off red hair she also pulls off d cups

lolwut on Sep 22, 2010


Her scenes in IM2 were somewhat unnecessary so the idea of entire film centred on the character does seem like Elektra all over again. It worries me when studios get these bad 'spin-off' ideas when dealing with comic book material as when they do generally flop, I get the feeling they blame the source material - rather than it being a really crummy business decision in the first place.

Chris on Sep 22, 2010


hey look everyone, they are having Jonah Hex's great granddaughter in her own movie.....

Jericho on Sep 22, 2010


Totally a go from me. She can do a great job with the "story" elements of this character and she showed she can handle the action sequences in IM2. Plus, I think Marvel sees a big opportunity here. Because of Catwoman, they won't gamble again unless they are encouraged.

AOG on Sep 23, 2010


Yeah, that Elektra spin-off sounds like such a great idea! She was established in Daredevil first and Jennifer Gardner is so hot, I can't imagine that turning out badly!

DRM on Sep 23, 2010


But will she deep throat? ;P

DaftPUNKFAN on Sep 23, 2010


hahaha..naysayers... it's all they can think's the end of everything!!! but they should go first. now with a spin-off movie. it's worth a try. now who would have thought that the james cameron's avatar "blue creature" would be a box office right and on 3D??? and i love scarjo and i can do so many things to her...

Iggypop on Sep 23, 2010


Sometimes I wonder if the cynical attitude toward films with female heroines is part of a cynical attitude toward women. "Catwoman didn't work, therefore [any female action heroine movie] won't work". Loads of male action hero films are complete tosh as well, but that doesn't stop dozens more being made. One failure at the box office of a female heroine though, and it's cause to doubt the whole concept. Maybe if as many films were made with lead female action characters, there would be more successes in this genre. Currently, the ratio feels like 1 female role for every 20 or 30 male action roles that come out of hollywood.

Anonymous on May 9, 2011

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