Kick-Ass 2: Balls to the Wall May Be Hitting Theaters in 2012?

May 5, 2010
Source: Forces of Geek


I'm fairly comfortable with claiming that Matthew Vaughn's adaptation of Kick-Ass is my favorite movie of the year so far. Will it be in my Top 10 for 2010 once the year finishes out? Probably not, but that doesn't make me any less excited about a sequel. And if certain information is to be believed, that might not be too far off as Forces of Geek calls our attention to a press release promoting Kick-Ass author Mark Millar's new magazine venture CLiNT (promoting comic books to a new audience) which nonchalantly mentions a sequel that is apparently called Kick-Ass 2: Balls to the Wall along with an early estimated release date.

Of course there's a chance that this information could merely be a cause to call more attention to CLiNT, but here's the snippet from the press release anyway with all the valuable info:

"Millar is also launching his sequel to the hit Kick-Ass movie in the first issue of the comic. Kick-Ass 2: Balls To The Wall has been scheduled for production in 2011 for a 2012 cinema release, but fans of the first movie can find out what happens two years in advance by picking up CLiNT."

So with Kick-Ass unveiling the continuation of the story at the end of the first film, it makes sense that a feature film adaptation would follow shortly thereafter. However, it's important to remember that Vaughn raised the money for Kick-Ass all by himself before Lionsgate came along with a distribution deal. There's no word on whether funding or another distribution deal from Lionsgate is in play, but at least the timeline for production's start is in line with Vaughn's schedule since his recent directing gig,  X-Men: First Class, will be released in June of 2011. So it's not entirely out of the question, but many things would need to fall into place very neatly for this to meet the proposed timeline.

For now just take all this with a grain of salt, but stay tuned because with the way Millar promotes himself we're bound to hear even more details about this Kick-Ass sequel much sooner than later. Sound good?

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I hope it happens.

Xerxex on May 5, 2010



Dark Fist on May 5, 2010


great movie name...balls to the wall. lol.

dove89 on May 5, 2010


LOVE THE TITLE! but i doubt the'l actually end up keeping it.

movie mike on May 5, 2010


Why not, I guess... But I'd rather see Vaughn make Layer Cake 2.

whomever on May 5, 2010


Well Millar stated he's already writing Balls To The Wall as a sequel to Kick-Ass so we'll get it in comic form regardless. Here's hoping it gets adapted as well though.

Rops on May 5, 2010


We're in the fifth month of the year. And you're gonna tell me that you're probably gonna see ten more movies that are better than Kick Ass by years end? I know you watch alot of movies but I doubt that. That movie blew me away and I agree it's the years best so far. Other movies I'm excited for this year are Predators and Tron. I knew Clash of the Titans was gonna suck and I'm glad I saved my money. The early review you guys did on Iron Man 2 is probably right on the money. It was just like Transformers 2. Too much shit on the screen with not enough attention to characters and story. Sorry for babbling.

cream of sumyunguy on May 5, 2010


Yeah I pretty much agree with #7 on every point. I dont think Im going to see a movie that tops Kick-ass (inception doesnt count...its another level above it). Kick-ass was fucking sweet, cant wait for this and am glad to hear they listened to the fans and not the critics and are pumping out another awesome fun gore-filled fest.

Cody w on May 5, 2010


Indeed, only inception can kick kick-ass's ass. I'm very curious about Iron Man 2 though but I don't think it will be that great. Some people say it was a bad choice to cast cheadle instead of howard, but howard sucks and cheadle doesn't. Anyway kick-ass was the best movie this year and I doubt any other movie than inception tops that.

Kankertje on May 6, 2010


Love the title Kick ass 2 Balls to the wall this title is good shall look forward to more infomation on this title.

Cineprog on May 6, 2010


I saw kick ass yesterday: What an AMAZING movie! I'm sure it will be on my top for this year, like others said, im just waiting on Inception (and I'm not even sure if that will live up to the hype). Actors were great. The protagonist did a very good job, Clhoe was outstanding, she has a bright future ahead of her (she'll do a great job with let me in, i bet). Nicholas Cage was so fun! And i don't like him at all! That laugh and the paused voice had me giggling all the time! The movie was so fun, i loved how now and then random stuff would happen. It didn't shout "Laugh at this scene!" like most comedies do, things would just happen naturally. The movie mocks superheros/comics/geeks with great elegance. Just pure Bad-ass! And direction was great too! Big daddy at the werehouse was pure joy for me 😛 Overall, this was a movie like i haven't seen in a while as far as this genre goes, it blew me away! And i'll be shocked if it doesn't make the top picks for best movie at the oscars (you oughta be heartless not to like this, academy!)

Ricardo on May 6, 2010


it will happen,as long as their is a graphic novel/comicbook to use as source material i'm up for it MORE HIT GIRL PLEASE..

DEADPOOL 72 on May 6, 2010


I'm with Deadpool. (IMO) Stay true to the source material, with more hit girl & more of an ability for Ass Kicked to "Kick Ass..."

jomba joose on May 6, 2010


A fucking loved this movie and saw it twice in 2 days! I hope the studio gets its shit together and makes this happen on time and with a decent budget!

Cmurder on May 6, 2010


i actually enjoyed kick ass more than iron man 2. SO BRING IT ON.

DEADPOOL 72 on May 6, 2010


For the most part "Iron Man 2" was a great movie to only be let down by it's crap ending.

last son on May 6, 2010


More of this awful crap? Ugh. This is the shit that's infantilizing cinema. The problem with this film is that it aesthetisizes violence in the vein of Tarantino but it misses the moral context. Even Tarantino's films which are are maligned for glorifying violence actually use violence to demonstrate it's destructive consequences. The greatest of filmmakers always knew this. Scorsese, Coppolla and such never used violence to provide solutions, it was always the cause of problems. This film uses violence for the sake of violence but it is not justified through any thoughtful understanding of it's effects.

SlashBeast on May 10, 2010


Best movie this year by far, the underlying tones are amazingly thoughtful and not to mention both acting, comedy and especially action scenes are top notch, the scenes with Hit-Girl, especially the rescue scene is an fantastic achievement within cinematography and certainly deserves an award. Kudos to Matthew Vaugn for taking on such a project, I personally have zero knowledge of the comic (or comic book super heroes in general) but I absolutely loved this movie and went in to see it a second time, I'm basically ashamed of having wasted money on Iron Man 2 first instead of going in to see Kick-Ass. Please give us Kick-Ass 2, we promise to make it a big success in the cinema this time, just FIRE who ever did the marketing on the current movie and it'll be a home run now that everyone knows how great the first movie is.

James on May 11, 2010


Yeah #17 thats what we action movie lovers call AN ACTION movie, its violence for the sake of violence and it was awesome. Dont give me that "desensitizing ppl of violence crap", Theres an awful lot of violence from your beloved superhero movies but its just missing the blood and brains. Go ahead and enjoy your chinstroking indie flicks and let us enjoy this awesomeness.

Cody w on May 14, 2010


^ Most superhero movies suck BECAUSE they use violence as a solution. It's part of the problem that keeps comic book movies ghettoized as they have no understanding of the implications they raise. The best movies do not use violence to provide solutions, the best filmmakers understand this, juvenile filmmakers don't.

SlashBeast on May 16, 2010


I hope it happens

may on May 25, 2010


@ Slash Beast i see your point but that doesn't convince me to say that I didn't like this movie. It was amazing, I'd say the kick-ass franchise has another fan. Violence is the red line (and not Mist....terrible joke) in the story. It shows that any normal person can be a superhero and since normal people don't have powers (only guns and melee weapons) your bound to see alot of bruises and blood. The other lesson that you are taught that although everyone CAN be a superhero it doesn't mean that everyone MUST be a superhero. This is something that everybody feels when watching the movie. When Dave asks why nobody stands up for the people and becomes a superhero, everbody thinks: yeah, we should help people and then they start to feel heroic. but when they see Kick-Ass being beaten and stabbed to death they go like........fuck that I just call the cops. So this movie teaches us things about wah we do in todays society: when someone gets clubbed to death, then what do you do? 1. just stand there or walk away and leave him be? 2. Call the cops, but the guy could be dead in a few minutes/ or 3. stand up and save the guy considering that you have a responsibillity and it could be your death to. Make your Choice. I can't wait for this new sequel and Slash Beast, I hope you get what I mean

Dack-Kija on Jul 15, 2010


^ Oh please, there's no moral quandry in this. This is just an excuse to push buttons for the sake of it. I pretty much agree with every word in Roger Ebert's review. I think he hit the nail on the head when he stated, "shall I have feelings or should I pretend to be cool?" That pretty much sums up the dilemma in film culture right now. I don't think it's funny or "cool" to watch an 11 year-old girl butcher scores of people while using foul language and wielding dangerous weapons. That's disgusting. Kick-Ass should go down as one of the most socially irresponsible films ever made (not to mention, one of the worst movies ever made). It is completely beneath contempt from start to finish. Every single scene is misjudged and misguided. And the opening scene is the tip-off to everything that's wrong with the rest of the film. The loon on the DVD cover who stated that Kick-Ass is the best film of its kind since Kill Bill clearly needs to rewatch Kill Bill and pay attention. The whole point of Kill Bill was that Black Mamba didn't want to be an assassin anymore. She wanted out. She wanted a normal, married life and she wanted to protect her daughter from a life of violence and crime. When Bill tried to take that away from her, that's when she set her sights on revenge (and we could feel it, viscerally, why she was doing what she was doing... never mind whether it was right or wrong). That's called storytelling. That's called characterization. Quentin Tarantino has standards. Matthew Vaughn doesn't. Tarantino understands cinema. Vaughn doesn't. Tarantino is a serious filmmaker. Vaughn is just goofing off. I guess you could call Matthew Vaughn the bastard love child of the Tarantino generation. Kick-Ass is a shocking display of pop-culture idiocy. It's completely de-humanizing, the kind of film that would have made even Alexander DeLarge sick of violence.

SlashBeast on Nov 7, 2010


love kick ass it was amazing cant wait for kick ass 2 balls to the wall lolz funny name really funny i love hit-girl and red-mist they rock (i know some things that happen in kick ass 2 i am so exited cant wait kick ass 1 was awesome i mean hit girl when she came in and started killing razul and his ppl it was so funny cuz it was just like la la la and shes killing ppl and red mist jumping of and twisting his ankle lol hilarious chris mintz plasse even said he was exhausted after 1 fight scene but hes like dont complain theres a 13 year old girl (chloe grace moretz) showing you up every day Chloe did like 3 moths traning for this film she worked with 300 stunt crew Jackie Chan stunt crew (ect) and the toronto circus school it was rlly cool she did like 3 months and chris did like a week. you know hit girls skirt its acctully the directors family tartan and she found out like 1 or 2 months into filming so she was like oh i rlly dont wanna rip this on something ive read bits of the comic for kick ass 2 it look funny so yeah cant wait for the film (hit girls menna get a motorbike) . i saw kick ass on april 16th i had 2 see that movie i was going i gotta see this movie and i saw it 10 times i love it. kick ass 2 y dose it have 2 be out in 2012 y cant it be out 2011 or somewhere closer than 2012 it is just annoying to be so far away 🙂

mindy macready on Nov 15, 2010


Slashbeast, I agree with you 100% on kill bill vs kickass. Like you said, in Kill Bill, Black Mamba wanted nothing to do with violence, but Bill murdered her family, and only then did she seek out revenge. Absolutely. That's storytelling, like you said. In Kick-Ass, I mean, it's completely... I mean... Well, no, wait... Big Daddy wanted nothing to do with violence, but then his wife was murdered, and only then did he seek revenge. Wow actually that sounds kind of similar when you think about it... and actually watch the movie... stuff like that. Watching the movie you're critiquing, and having the ability to think clearly: two of the most overrated qualities when discussing movies. In fact, those are the two qualities that are ruining cinema discussion all over the world. They're "infiltrating" cinema discussion! You can barely even have a discussion about movies anymore without someone butting in who's actually watched the movie, along with someone thoughtful chiming in too! It's completely out of hand! The best movie-discussers and movie-critique-ers always knew to at least write half of their reviews before watching the movies they were reviewing. I commend you, slashbeast, for attempting to bring this proud tradition back. I think, given the resolve you've demonstrated, that you might have even succeeded were it not for all these new-age assholes posting on here who have actually watched the movie. Keep up the good work. Evil will only prevail if good men do nothing... or if there are 10 evil men for every good man. But regardless keep up the good work. You're truly a treasure, someone who hates violence in movies but loves Kill Bill. You're either an idiot or a genius, and, clearly, you're not an idiot, so keep on using your brilliant illogic to critique movies you haven't seen. Others will try to insult your opinions and bring you down, but you mustn't listen to them. You and I know the truth about your brilliance, and that's all that matters.

cuddlebeast on Jan 31, 2011


What's this???? Fans of Matt Vaughn's controversial Kick-Ass (2010) may have gained a first look at the sequel, after Jane Goldman's email account was apparently hacked and the contents posted online. On 04/16/2011, an email from the account went to containing the subject line, "Fun with BttW." Goldman then wrote, "Good news about $$$$ and Duke . . . lucky, lucky! And [writer pauses, breathless] here are the *upgraded* MPAA's!" This was followed by three single-line entries. The email had no valediction or name. 1 -- Multiple attempted decapitations, strangulations, and incinerations: none comedic or involving puppets. 2 -- Explicit images of swashbuckling action, wanton deployment of projectile weapons, and exceptionally graphic vanity. 3 -- Brief coupling with bare breast, including autoerotic application of Balisong w/o blood splatter. []

Attilathehungry on Apr 21, 2011


cuddlebeast, The Bride sought revenge against those who DIRECTLY wronged her. With Kick-Ass, Vaughn faceticiously uses moral equivalence to allow Big Daddy to go on a killing spree against everyone. There's no justification there. The Bride got what she wanted and got out, Big Daddy just wants blood and Vaughn just wants to dick around with a camera. Try harder.

SlashBeast on May 12, 2011

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