Kong Ain't Got Nothin' on Denzel Washington's Venn Diagram

January 17, 2010
Source: Maxim

Denzel Washington's Venn Diagram

After the majesty of Maxim's Morgan Freeman Chain of Command, it was going to take quite an effort to create another meticulously crafted chart chronicling the work of an actor. Hold on to your hat kids because the guys over at Maxim have one-upped themselves by putting together the Denzel Washington Venn Diagram, and we're not just talking two circles meeting in the middle, we're talking an in-depth, 7-part diagram recalling the various looks of Washington, chronicling many of the roles in which he's worn a hat, glasses, facial hair, two of those three, and the one role where he wore all three! Check it out in full below.

Denzel Washington's Venn Diagram

Sure, Denzel Washington is a great fantastic actor but where would he be without all those hats, glasses and his meticulously trimmed facial hair? Maxim just might have uncovered the ultimate secret to his success as, for the most part, the more of these accessories he has, the more powerful his performance. After all, his turn of Malcolm X combines all three of his signature accessories and it's one of his greatest performances. It's also good that they went ahead and included the most recent kick-ass version of Denzel from Book of Eli, which everyone needs to see (he's great in it, too). What's your favorite version of Mr. Washington?

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Cool, I have always thought that Denzel Washington was one of the actors who use the less of accessories/makeup in his movies, the base of his acting is much more internal, with exceptions (i.e. Malcolm X,) he isn't really a chameleon type of actor, he is more in the vein of great actors like Gene Hackman or Al Pacino, an approache to acting that I've always admired.

Phillys on Jan 17, 2010


they should make one that points out where MARK WAHLBERG plays the same character in every movie he's in.

ray on Jan 17, 2010


Everything with glasses - FTW!

Dan the Fan on Jan 17, 2010


Not true, #2. "The Happening" marked the only time he played the biggest pussy of his career.

Richardo on Jan 17, 2010


Lol ray Ive seen you on another 2 posts dissin Wahlberg totally of topic....hes not that bad. Hes not that good but hes making more money than you 🙂

Cody on Jan 17, 2010


ALL of them -- like the broad range of roles he can play - all with great skill.

mgbperegine on Jan 17, 2010


Thank you so much for posting this, it is effing sweet. I like him the most in Man on Fire. Good shit.

TomV on Jan 17, 2010


I like Wahlberg quite a bit, even if he's coming off of The Happening and Max Payne last year but he was very good in We Own The Night. (also last year) The movies I liked Zel in was He Got Game, Malcom X and The Great Debaters.

Frightened Inmate #2 on Jan 17, 2010


Washington's best for me are Atwone Fisher, Training Day, Man on Fire, Philadelphia, Courage Under Fire and American Gangster.

Xerxex on Jan 17, 2010


#2 isnt lovely bones him be a long haired drama queen? get off this site if you dont have enough evidence to prove your credibility for such nonsense

zach on Jan 17, 2010


WTF? How the hell did this go from everyone's fav version of Denzel Washington to Mark Whalberg? Fuck Mark Whalberg! Let's stick to the legend that is Denzel Washington. I have not seen "The Book Of Eli' Yet as it has not opened in Australia. But as soon as it does I will be going. My fav version of Denzel is Malcolm X, but then again his reverse roll in Last years "Taking Of pelham 123" was really good too. Even though the film was one of Tony Scott's worst films, seeing Denzel play a character who is not a cop and out of shape was a good change. Him learning how to use a gun at the end was hilarious. This is the guy that was kick-ass in "Training Day" & "Man On Fire".

last Son on Jan 17, 2010


Isn't it ironic how Malcolm X is "All three"?

Lincoln on Jan 18, 2010


i like donny. hes my favorite newkid.

tim on Jan 18, 2010


Without doubt i like him in Training Day and American Gangster.

dex on Jan 18, 2010

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