'Kung Fu Panda' Writers to Tackle Sony's 'Karate Kid' Sequel

August 27, 2010

The Karate Kid

We're making a big deal out of some pretty basic news, but it's a slow day and there's not much else worth covering. Heat Vision reports that writers Cyrus Voris and Ethan Reif, who wrote Bulletproof Monk, got Emmy noms for the "Sleeper Cell" miniseries, and are credited for the "story" on Kung Fu Panda and Ridley Scott's Robin Hood, have been hired to write the sequel to Sony's incredibly successful remake / reboot of The Karate Kid starring Jaden Smith and Jackie Chan. Considering that film was actually very good, this is one sequel I'm looking forward to seeing, I just hope they're able to somehow improve upon the first one.

In the second film in the original series (which was in theaters way back in 1986), Daniel travels with Miyagi back to Okinawa, Japan. Since the concept and location was flipped in the remake this summer, Heat Vision hints that the sequel might try and switch things up again and bring them to the US for a fight of some sort. Will Smith will be producing again with Overbrook Entertainment partners James Lassiter and Ken Stovitz. Not sure when production is supposed to begin, but it sounds like Sony wants to get this sequel going right away, as they've got a very lucrative franchise on their hands and they don't want to let that fall apart. I hope Voris and Reif can do as good of a job as Christopher Murphey did on the first one. We'll keep you updated!

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Alex did u know there is a movie called "Jackie Chan & The Kung Fu Kid" no lie

tazz on Aug 27, 2010


Never quite got why writers are changed like this, to me it seems that if the movie was a success why not bring back the same writer since they probably already understand the characters. Is it just an availability thing? My general wonderings, but excited to hear that there will be a sequel, loved the originals and thought the remake was outstanding.

designfire on Aug 27, 2010


It seems logical to me that Will Smith should ruin other 80's classic for his kids to start in like "Back to the future" or "the breakfast club." Xenu forbid we grow tired of his attempts to make his children famous.

almartva on Aug 27, 2010


@almartva grow up just grow up. they never ruin the original Karate Kid you big baby the original is always there to watch for crying out loud. this new Karate Kid was actually good the fighting in this movie was 10 times better and even brutal to compare to the original Karate Kid.

tazz on Aug 27, 2010


@ Tazz Pat Morita was nominated for an Academy Award for his portrayal of Mr. Miyagi, it was never about fights. The interesting thing about your response, and like many others who have suggested the same, is that the only redeemable thing about this remake are the flashy fights, but where was the heart of the movie? And you are right, they haven't ruin the original for me. But I dislike the fact that he used this movie as a vehicle for his son's fame, and I believe that is wrong.

almartva on Aug 27, 2010


The original Karate Kid is unbeatable, I remember watching it when I was a kid (I'm 29 today). If I want to see some kids fighting I can do it without paying for a movie ticket.

eduardite on Aug 27, 2010


@almartva yes we all know Pat Morita was nominated for an Academy Award but thats so long ago. yes the original Karate Kid had heart also the new Karate Kid also had heart in it own way. and you b!tching about Will Smith used this movie as a vehicle for his son's fame and u find its wrong makes u a cry baby. i mean everyone parents in Hollywood help their children out why this got to be a issue with u. maybe Jaden Smith in a few more years might end up been a better actor then his own father. the only thing you should be complaining about is that it should of been called The Kung Fu Kid @eduardite yes u watched the original Karate Kid when u was a kid this Karate Kid is for this generation of kids.

tazz on Aug 27, 2010


I'm with Tazz on this one, a remake isn't bad just because it's a remake so people need to remove themselves from that paradigm. A film is bad if it is produced poorly and this one definitely wasn't. I'm glad that these classic characters will live long into the future and I saw the film as a beautiful and respectful homage to the original. Both are magnificent works of art in their own ways so please stop comparing the two.

peloquin on Aug 27, 2010


not that the new Karate Kid was a terrible movie. the new Karate Kid was a decent 'remake' because it was base off of a good original formula. I think the real problem here is that Hollywood has just run out of good original ideas for new movies to be made from. there are always gonna be people who dislike that about the film industry. i dont get how that makes them cry babies tho. who cares. i mean, i dislike the fact that movies i consider classics are being remade right now. but i can see why a remake every so often isnt such a bad thing. like Peloquin said, its nice to see these characters not be forgotten a few years down the road. i mean, fairy tales/folklore/whatever... are passed down for generations, different people with their own versions. but once again, hollywood doesnt care about how much heart a movie will have, in a certain respect, cuz all they're gonna worry about is milking a good story for all the money they can

lego on Aug 27, 2010


Are people fuckin serious when they say that this was a good movie? It was insulting. Why the hell did they even call it Karate kid? The fight scenes were stupid and Jaden Smith is a joke of an actor. But I guess that doesnt matter when your dad is Will and him and his wife are jamming this talentless kid down your throats as entertainment. I though he was a chick for the first 20 minutes. Are we led to believe that 10 years are this agile and have that much power where he can kick a kid 30 feet? Or has steroids invaded that age group as well? 100% agree with Almartva. They killed and raped the Karate kid. Now they're coming back to the scene of the crime a year later to rape it again. Fuck you Will Smith and Hollywood.

AK on Aug 28, 2010


Just to add that I love Jackie Chan and he's the only reason this movie is even remotely tolerable.

AK on Aug 28, 2010


#3 + # 10 : That's called hating what you are doing... 1-Longlive Will Smith and his whole family! 2-You are just bitching about because you don't have his money. Yes he is trying to make his children famous...the right way.btw Jaden Smith is a multimillionaire in his own right @ 12 YO Thanks to The Karate Kid ($299 Million worldwide and counting loll). Will your (eventual) child be like that @ the same age??? Nope I don't think so, not as long as you will be hating Some stupid people are annoyed because the kid is not white...well you have to wake up because the President isn't either loll! Among other changes, the truth is they dislike change in itself and they can't bear looking @ things anew. Well poor you because the world is changing The world is looking forward the sequel any who the f*** are you? loll

I AM... on Aug 28, 2010


@12 You don't have his money either so why you bragging about??? Can tell you a F*** N****

none134 on Aug 31, 2010

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