Leonardo Da Vinci is Warner Bros' New Action-Adventure Star

March 11, 2010

Leonardo Da Vinci

After having his name thrust into controversy and new facets of our pop culture with Dan Brown's book The Da Vinci Code, historical icon, painter and inventor Leonardo Da Vinci will be getting quite the fictional makeover as THR's Heat Vision reports that Warner Bros has picked up a treatment entitled Leonardo Da Vinci and the Soldiers of Forever, which re-imagines Da Vinci as a member of a secret society who falls headlong into a supernatural adventure that pits the man against Biblical demons in a story involving secret codes, lost civilizations, hidden fortresses and fallen angels. So Da Vinci is the new Indiana Jones? Read on!

The trade describes the film as National Treasure and Raiders of the Lost Ark by way of Clash of the Titans, so I'm assuming it will take the mystery and adventure of the two former films along with the intense action of the latter, which doesn't sound all that bad to be honest. Could re-writing history and its major influences like Da Vinci be the new impending trend in Hollywood? It would seem so, at least for WB, who as we saw last week is also re-imagining the history and adventures of Marco Polo as well as a new King Arthur movie with Guy Ritchie directing. It does seem to open up a rather endless possibility of somewhat original stories.

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I really enjoy well made alt. histories especially with a dose of magic and the Supernatural! Da Vinci? Rock on!

harm on Mar 11, 2010


Kinda random on the use of the Assassin's Creed White Edition figure but ya. Da Vinci is the James Bond of the Renaissance era. LOL

Hedgehog on Mar 11, 2010


I'm in, as #1 said alt history stories are fun and entertaining, well unless you are one of the people who hated Inglourious Basterds because Hitler died.

Xerxex on Mar 11, 2010


Don't forget to add that he was a homosexual into the story.

Dan on Mar 11, 2010


Such awesome-sounding potential often teeters on the edge of being doomed. In the right hands, yes, it could be damned amazing.....except that I dont have faith in the hollywood machine and think this film will be poorly produced and tailored to fit whats good for sales and not for what would be timeless like the mentioned sources of inspiration. I'd love for this to be done right and will wait for attached names to speculate this movies outcome as it develops.

Voice of Reason on Mar 11, 2010


Sounds a bit silly really, Leonardo wasn't known for fighting anything, he mostly liked the company of younger men and enjoyed the good life, occasionally doing a painting or two. Often escaping death through his talents of invention, not through any sort of ninja skills.

Crapola on Mar 11, 2010


@3 but using an Assassin's Creed figure isn't random at all. Da Vinci helps Ezio in the sequel.



@7 I know. But it's a pic of Ezio, not Da Vinci. I just thought it was funny. Shoulda used a picture of the two of them together! oooo ideas. šŸ˜›

Hedgehog on Mar 11, 2010


Reminds a little too much what they did with VAN HELSING...

Underdogz on Mar 11, 2010


For F**** Sake! People today don't know real history that well. Do we really need to confuse them more with re-imagined history? Why can't we just get a cool character in a reworking of a story. Is that too much to ask?

Eric on Mar 11, 2010


Kay cool. If it's gonna be an action movie, Dennis Quaid should be Leonardo. Yes.

Daniel Felts on Mar 11, 2010


Its one thing to rewrite a fictional character, ie; Van Helsing, but this was a real person. History teachers are blowing their brains out at the thought of children learning complete garbage about DaVinci from this.

Mike on Mar 11, 2010


the idea is sound but Da Vinci and action hero...WRONG! if anything they need to stick with the story line from the game Assasins creed from which they riped the hooded character. I know game adaptations are getting a lil old but if your gonna screw with history , atleast make it beleivable. my two cents. lol.

NY til I die on Mar 11, 2010


Why is there a picture of Assassin's Creed 2 on here?

Garrett on Mar 11, 2010


@14 did they actually think no one would catch that..i mean really c'mon!

NY til I die on Mar 11, 2010


This wreaks of LXG and Wild Wild West. No thanks

twittwit on Mar 11, 2010


it is just so sad that given all the great books there are with mostly original story lines and have such awesome potential for translation to the screen, all we get is rehashed BS...seems an awful shame that there isnt ONE individul out there with talent enough to find a new adventure idea...

slopshoe smith on Mar 11, 2010


@2 and @7 My thoughts exactly, but if this movie is anything like Assassin's Creed, should be quite awesome.

Scott on Mar 11, 2010


#8 that's actually a picture of Giovanni Auditore played by Romano Orzari in the Assassin's Creed Lineage videos.

Xerxex on Mar 11, 2010


Next they will re-do Mother Teresa as the asskicking action heroine with Gandhi as her onliner shooting sidekick.

Shige on Mar 12, 2010


I like reimaginemakes..

iPhone Mafia Wars: 9003390587 on Mar 12, 2010


The National Treasure part did it.

Robbie on Mar 12, 2010


Since many years Video Games have better scripts than Hollywood movies....they are the better movies because they have better ideas, better characters ( Kratos, Dante...) and a better storytelling... The idea sounds great but its not working for a movie.....and thereĀ“s only one actor who couldĀ“ve played this role....the great HEATH LEDGER....

tino on Mar 12, 2010


this already sounds like a stupid idea, more like what can we put together to get ticket sales oh! I got it lets combine all these popular films to make money. lame

myname is mine on Mar 12, 2010


This sounds so much like the Steampunk style of 'The Secret Adventures of Jules Verne' . Bring that back!

asdafasda on Mar 12, 2010


sounds cool!

smackyou on Mar 12, 2010


This could be cool, or really really stupid...

Nick and the big bad B on Aug 3, 2010

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