'Limitless' Viral Expands Offline: NZT Drug Sample Mailer Arrives

December 10, 2010

NZT Drug Sample

What if a pill could make you rich and powerful? I found an interesting package in my mail today, wrongly addressed to "Alexis" (not Alex) Billington, but that didn't matter. Inside was a brochure and sample of NZT pills - short for "thallanylzirconio-methyl-tetrahydro-triazatriphenylene" - also called the "clear pill" that Bradley Cooper talked about in a recent viral video from earlier this week. Wait - they want us to take one of these things? Even the back of the package is creepy, containing warnings saying: "Once you have started taking NZT, it is vitally important that you finish the regimen." I think I need a test subject to try them out!

The letter was mostly a sales pitch stating things like "unlock 100% of your brain's full potential today" and "it will literally change your life!" Now you know why I'm nervous about trying these pills. I'm also amused by the part that says "talk to you doctor about NZT." What if real doctors start getting real inquiries about this "miracle drug"? There is also a USB drive that contains a copy of the Bradley Cooper promo video, but nothing else. Don't forget you can actually call 1-855-CLEAR-PILL or visit the site: It looks like they're kicking off marketing for Limitless with a big viral campaign and that's what I love to see. I'm looking forward to following this and seeing what unfolds next with these NZT pills. Should I try them?

NZT Drug Sample Mailer

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don't you have an intern to test for these first?

Jericho on Dec 10, 2010


yeah try one... or I will if you won't

harry on Dec 10, 2010


Go for it. What's the worst that could happen? You unlock 100% of your brain's full potential? Thought so. Eat them pills ya sissy!

Garrett on Dec 11, 2010


a side affect i death stupid

Alexxdavis11 on Apr 7, 2011


Mass murdering blackouts aren't that big of a deal, I'd totally do it if I were in your shoes!!! 😉 It's probly sugar candy anyway.

case on Dec 11, 2010


Try 'em already!

Robbie on Dec 11, 2010


What's the worst that could happen? Try it!

Jonah on Dec 11, 2010


LOL, "discontinued use will result in death"

A5J4DX on Dec 11, 2010


Go for it....its probably just a sugar pill

movie mike on Dec 11, 2010


Ok Alex, come one tell us how to get one of those packages? Also, hell yes I would take them!! Send them to me!!

A73Phoenix on Dec 11, 2010


How can we get one???

wyllem on Dec 11, 2010


no don't eat them crush them and put them in a warm towel and insert in rectum 😛 hahaha nah just eat the key and ull be fine 😛

DaftPUNKFAN on Dec 11, 2010


instant wealth and power! GO FOR IT!

fem!anon on Dec 11, 2010


He's too busy solving the world's greatest problems right now to tell us what happened. In between serial killing sprees.

case on Dec 12, 2010


hellz yeah, how can i get some of thesee?

Nate on Jan 21, 2011


NZT Chemical breakdown looks like code for Chocolate Diamonds (Cubziconia) Flowers. Hummmmmm Ah Romance, LOL

Merkaba Judah on Feb 17, 2011


is this even real????

George Hawkins on Mar 14, 2011


1 question, how do i get one of those?

Johnny 96 on Mar 14, 2011


It's just some candy of sorts. Anyone who thinks otherwise would really need one for real 🙂 Granted one can always wish.. but yeah. Just marketing. Cool marketing.

Asdasd on Mar 20, 2011


If you think this is real, you're stupid. It's just a big promotion for the movie. Get a life.

Your stupid on Mar 21, 2011


I think you meant "you're" stupid. Comprehension and patience is key. Key. Key.

Laughter on Mar 22, 2011


i want to order 10000000 pills pls give me an answer asap....

ny on Mar 22, 2011


get crunk bitch

Giants0990 on Mar 25, 2011


I think you should try a pill and post it on youtube... You will be viewed all over the world. Try the 2 pills and record your experience... That alone should make you a hero. If you don't like that idea, pay a bum or something... idk... good luck with a decision.

Mikel30 on Mar 30, 2011


every since i've seen this movie.....i've been telling everyone...i need this drug!! man i wish it was REAL!!!!! GREAT MOVIE TOO!!

1210 on Mar 30, 2011


I`ve got one and it just a suger pill, if anyone want to know how to make suger pill just got to good luck

Nzt48 on Apr 12, 2011


is that real is it just fake

dylandunsmuir on Apr 17, 2011


watched the film it is really good and i have got the nzt tablet but i am not sure if it is real or not soo i dont know if i should take one of these or not if this nzt tablet is real message me back and let me know got lots here if any of sue want some of them just a clear see threw table doesnt look real too me

Dylandunsmuir on Apr 17, 2011


lol i would most likely try it if i had the chance lol but just hearing the symptoms that may occur make me want to cry and laugh at the same time lmao

ty on Apr 19, 2011


ill take it hell yah

Schoolsucks159 on Apr 20, 2011


how can i get some to tried?????

Eskimo-neurotic18 on Apr 22, 2011


You can check out NTZ.1, which is as close as it gets. The NTZ.48 from the movie is not real, but NTZ.1 exists and it does a pretty good job.

Dilan on Dec 3, 2012


I want some!

Koowie on May 10, 2011


 The clear pill is more a prop than any drug. If anyone wants to truly and safely  boost their mental capacity there is a supplement that does this and it is sold through called phosphatidylserine ps. Here's the link and this is OTC (over the counter)

Joe Perez-Ribas on May 13, 2011


 I agree that it's just one of the movie Limitless marketing strategies. I think what it says there on the brochure is also all about fiction. 

Nonoy on May 21, 2011


 Look, if u haven't tried them already - DON'T EVER! The whole "10% usage" is a common Hollywood myth. We use 100% of our brain at any time. It can, probably increase a level of ur neurotransmitters and oxygen when crossing the blood-brain barrier, or it can affect the corpus callosum... Although, if you really need a substance of that kind, I suggest you try Piracetam.

Francoa Dellie on May 22, 2011


Sooo whered you get the nzt

Brettwood84 on Aug 21, 2011


I made the test on the official website and i use only 6% of my brain, it sucks... If only this pillul exist! i have to pass my exam in 2 days! 😀 Limitless is an interesting movie by the way...

HELP on Jun 17, 2011


Hi there, Darnell_hnc here, would gladly try one if you'd send me one. I'll make it a live feed on for the whole world to see. If you do send free trials then let me be one of your candidates. Pls reach me at

Darnell_hnc on Jul 11, 2011


Like for reals... if they were real, I'd try one. If it's candy, they're legally obligated to put some sort of nutrition label on there, so I dunno. Take it to a lab to be processed, and see what happens, haha! I wish this drug was real. You have nooooo idea.

Liz_lygophobia on Jul 17, 2011


it's a menthol mint.

Jaxon on Dec 29, 2011


You can check out Paneuromix contents on their site. It's all there and it is as close as it gets to the NZT from the movie

Dilan on Dec 3, 2012


I would love to try it if you don't {I'm very serious} contact me at  

J.a. Ford on Jul 21, 2011


What did the usb thing say then?

Cruzankiller on Aug 2, 2011


Y ea you could take 1 pill and use 100% of your brain, or you could take 10 pills and unlock 1000% percent of your brain!

Brettwood84 on Aug 21, 2011


are theres pills free how can i get them

philip on May 21, 2012


Paneuromix pill is what you are looking for. Google it and you'll see.

Dilan on Dec 3, 2012


How get I get the pill

Joseguti Gutierrez2 on Sep 26, 2011


Joseguti, I am looking for a source for NZT or a doctor to perscribe it. Do you have any information? Ken

Ken on Oct 9, 2011


I just took one why is your friend Amanda mad at you talk to bear he will know what's up password ping word penguin / 5 is p=15 and so on just sat no to the first 3 questions and say maybe to all others

Rufusxavier on Nov 10, 2011


You cant die, because if you do get sick, u can sue!

Willtheflame on Nov 25, 2011


i will give you a $200 if you give me one of the pills

Eminem2000 on Jan 14, 2012


these are really menthol mints. i got the same thing.

Jeremydanielbarber on Jan 17, 2012


i need this pill ...

arsalan on Aug 27, 2012


The movie is just a movie. Of course, but there have been some advancements on this field of nootropics. If you need something like this, you should google Paneuromix. It's NZT.1 and it is as close as it gets to what you are talking about here.

Dilan on Dec 2, 2012

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