Logan Lerman NOT Actually the Frontrunner for Spider-Man

April 10, 2010
Source: HitFix

Logan Lerman / Spider-Man

Back in February, we passed on reporting rumors about Logan Lerman meeting with Sony to potentially be cast as your friendly neighborhood wall-crawler in the Spider-Man reboot. Shortly after the news swept the web, it was squashed by THR just as quickly. At the time, the news had hit a bit too soon since the studio hadn't even closed a deal with director Marc Webb yet, but now the exact same casting rumor is back with a vengeance as HitFix has learned exclusively from their source that is apparently close to the production that Lerman is "almost 100% locked" to play Peter Parker/Spider-Man in at least three forthcoming movies.

If this is true, Lerman will have beat out other mentioned big actors like Anton Yelchin, Jesse Eisenberg, Patrick Fugit and Johnny Simmons. And if the film (written by James Vanderbilt) will be taking cues from the Ultimate Spider-Man comics as it has been reported previously, then Lerman, who is the right age and has already led a big budget film (Percy Jackson & the Olympians) seems like the best choice (at least from the top list) to take on the arcs of Spider-Man that not only deal with his action-packed clashes with super-villains, but his teen angst as an average high school kid endowed with superpowers. This will differ from the struggles of Sam Raimi's development of Peter Parker who only seemed to remain in high school for plot progression's sake before he was off to college in Spider-Man 2, and swing dancing school in Spider-Man 3.

And honestly, as far as talent goes, Lerman seemed like he was holding back in Percy Jackson. For most of the problems in that film, I blame Chris Columbus for making what could have been darker, grittier material into such a blatant attempt at family fare that scaled down the impact of a lot of different character building plot points (mainly Percy's angst with his mother's decision to stay with his drunken step-father). But with Marc Webb at the helm to turn this twisted mess of an angst-ridden teen into a superhero, rather than try to make a superhero have the woes of an everyday teen, we're in for a different Spidey as a more grounded superhero, which in the case of a huge reboot, seems like the right decision. So what do you guys think?

Update: It's not true - rumor debunked! Deadline has confirmed with Sony that Logan Lerman is NOT in consideration to play Spider-Man, at all. "In fact, these sources were very definitive in denying the story, and were sure that Lerman was 100% not going to be Spidey and that he is not on the list of candidates being seriously considered." So there you go, nothing to be worried about, Lerman is not the "Spider-Boy" that they're going to use in this new movie. It was all just a casting rumor that got debunked, time to move on and stop arguing. Let's take this stuff seriously next time guys. So who else is a good candidate instead?

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Cody on Apr 10, 2010


Who is this?

tra la la la la di da on Apr 10, 2010


Ummm, yeah. What #2 asked.

Dave Lister, J.M.C. on Apr 10, 2010


So who's going to play J. Jonah Jameson, Zac Efron?! Geez..

Big Boss on Apr 10, 2010


Also, he looks like he's about eight years-old. This feels like they're aiming for a Disney Channel audience.

Dave Lister, J.M.C. on Apr 10, 2010


@#5, thats the point, he's supposed to look younger, in my personal opinion, he is a bit perfect for the role, he is 18, and hes playing, or gonna play a 15 year old, tobey magurie was like, what, in his mid, or late 20s, besides, seeing zac effron or robert pattinson in tights, not a very good idea if they make it darker, cooler, for me, i think logan lerman's got a carrer already, and very bright future, the percy jackson movies,(which sucked ass but thats ok because thats what made him famous) and with the spidey trilogy, sounds good. so now that we are like about 100% whos up for pthe next peter parker, whos gonna be up for mery jane, harry, mr osborn, peter's uncle and aunt, j jonnah jameson, gwen, flash, jameson's assistent, andeveryone else who made the 2000's spidey flicks be badass its gonna be hard for logan an webb to beat tobey and raimi, but everything is possible, so im up to it!

mAc306 on Apr 10, 2010


Someday Netflix will have a category for crappy remakes.

Dan on Apr 10, 2010


This is the worst ever marvel can sink too.......despite some small issues with spiderman 3 it was not a horrible movie and I would have loved a 4th SM movie than this they are making,the moment they decided to reboot they screwed up,I mean common wat the hell are they thinking.................

nali on Apr 10, 2010


Good god how pointless.

DiR3cT on Apr 10, 2010


What are they thinking... They're going to take an epic tale and downscale it to a childrens film with this kind of direction. The teenage high school spidey idea sucks in opinion, its the adult themes and the growth into a real hero that makes the story decent. This guy would need a trilogy to finish puberty!

Ken on Apr 10, 2010


did they say spider man or spider boy??? bad move Does he even have a work permit?

sb on Apr 10, 2010


its like they want me to put a bullet through my head

eric on Apr 10, 2010


Anton Yelchin or Patrick Fugit would've been the better pick

Colt on Apr 10, 2010


Another movie to HATE. This is going to suck so much. If they make spiderman into some lame action/comedy piece of crap, Ima kill someone.

Daniel Felts on Apr 10, 2010


Might as will get a Jonas Brother to play doc oct

sb on Apr 10, 2010


Who is going to play May Jane? The girl form little ms sunshine? (Breslin)

sb on Apr 10, 2010


I don't want to see spidey in high school.

Xerxex on Apr 10, 2010


They're going waaaaay to long. I dont wanna see Spidey in school. I much rather see Spidey it his 30's than this. This is gonna make Scott Pilgrim look like Dark Knight. I thought Spidey 3 was total crap, this is gonna be the final nail in'the coffin.

People's Champ on Apr 10, 2010


waaay to young..

People's Champ on Apr 10, 2010


I really like Logan Leerman, his did a Great job in 3:10 to Yuma. He would be a good fit for the part. As for those complaining about him in high school. News Flash Spider-Man was known as the TEEN superhero and a large chunk of his story and lore are in high school.

Spiderfan on Apr 10, 2010


I think he will do a good job i like films he did

Colin Gillespie on Apr 10, 2010


Wont make my judgement till I see the movie. I thought id hate other actors in roles, and then see them and its perfect.

johnny Crow on Apr 10, 2010


People keep forgetting two things, Peter was a high school student when he got his powers, he was roughly 16 years old when he became spider-man. I am no sure of this kids acting chops but give the man a chance

NeoSlyfer on Apr 10, 2010


This guy was great in 3:10 to Yuma. You fucking whiney retards need to take a deep breath and go outside.

Shane on Apr 10, 2010


Why is everyone so against this? The movie is going to be about high school Peter. You're acting like this is new news to you. Morons.

Garrett on Apr 10, 2010


Anton Yelchin in my opinion should be Spidey. This kinda sucks.

Kuro on Apr 10, 2010


Most of marvel's films are crap. Track record doesn't lie. Elektra, Blade (all), Punisher (all), Daredevil, Ghost Rider, Fantastic Four (all), Hulk (all), and Howard the Duck are all shit. The only good X-Men films were the first two and same goes for Spider-Man. Iron Man is my favorite. So that's 5 good Marvel films out of what seems like 20. So it's safe to say this one will probably be shitastic.

U.G.T.F.O. on Apr 10, 2010


Dear. God. No.

Risk on Apr 10, 2010


Know about the high school stuff, just dont wanna see a reboot.

People's Champ on Apr 10, 2010


well still looking forward to the marvel studio "only" movies. Iron 2, Thor, Captain America, Avengers, hopeful you can add thous to the good marvel films list

Tom Cruise on Apr 10, 2010


#26 I agree, Anton Yelchin would be perfect. But all things considered, I think this Lerman kid is a better choice than some of the other names that were being floated around, like Zac Efron or Michael Cera. I just really don't want a high-school reboot. 20 minutes of Spidey in high-school during the first movie were more than enough.

Craig on Apr 10, 2010


Marvel, you have huge fucking momentum with Iron Man. Don't blow it with Logan fucking Jonas Brother Lerman.

U.G.T.F.O. on Apr 10, 2010


the reboot is happening and it's being set in high school. remember pp/spidey in the comics really spent a great deal of time in high school. Stan Lee has said that he wanted spidey to be a hs kid as all the major superheroes at the time spidey came out were adults and he wanted to show an awkward teenager grappling with sudden superpowers. and lerman could pull it off. he's acted alongside major actors like crowe, bale, carrey, zellweger, even harvey dent (aaron eckhart in an indie comedie Meet Bill). not many teen actors can say that Yelchin is doing that fright night remake already so he's out and he would have made a better harry than pp

howr on Apr 10, 2010


use an updated picture. it doesnt give him justice showing that horse crap

Mac. M on Apr 10, 2010


Why? Why does Spiderman need a reboot?... at all? I also heard that they were considering a Fantastic Four reboot... why?... again, why? Was 'Fantastic Four' not 'gritty and dark' enough or something? :S

LW on Apr 10, 2010


Sure seeing another origin story is a downer....but seriously all you whiners complaining about him being in High School need to realize that when Amazing Spider-man started out a good portion of his history stems from being in High School....unlike Raimis movie which just had him in high school for the first 45 minutes of the film. Don't get me wrong cause I would of been fine with Spider-man 4 , but after a shitty Spider-man 3 along with other things Raimi did wrong in his trilogy I kinda welcome the remake. At least we get to fix many things that were done wrong. 1) Organic Web Shooters (Hope the remake gives him mechanical web shooters like its supposed to be. 2) Peter Parker getting unmasked and his identity shown to every god damn villain in every god damn movie.... Sure Green Goblin and Venom should know who he is but Doc Ock and Sandman ??? Fuck that !!! 3) Gwen Stacey comes long before Mary Jane....FACT 4) Killing off the villains except Sandman ....Green Goblin fine......but Doc Ock and Venom...HELL NO 5) And finally the one big shitter that ruined Spider-man 3 for me aside from too many villains, a rushed story and a horrible portrail of Venom .... The complete bastardazation of Uncle Bens death by having Sandman being involved along with it being an accident and Peter forgiving Sandman for Uncle Bens death....this completely does not keep with the whole Guilt that Spidey feels and the main thing that drives him to be Spider-man and the whole foundation of his existance....and Raimi completely shit on that essence of the more I think about it the more I say bring on this remake By the way this Logan Lerman guy is way better a choice than Zac Efron or Fag Rob I would be at peace with this kid getting the part.........NUFF SAID

True Blue Spider-man Fan on Apr 10, 2010


Don't forget Peter Parker being way too whiney and crying way too much....(much like all the fussy first 15 or so dicks who posted their comments on this story) ....Truely the only time PP should cry is when Uncle Ben dies, and when Harry dies.....and if they will do the reboot right...when Gwen Stacey dies (this needs to happen in the 2nd film ) IMO

Cornboy on Apr 10, 2010


I'll wait for this one to come on television....

DJ SID on Apr 10, 2010


Not excited for this at all.

Dan W on Apr 10, 2010


Anton Yelchin would have been a good cast because he has amazing acting chops and looks the part some what but Logan Lerman seems like a real up and coming talent would needs the movie that will deam him a great actor. Im sure he'll do fine, im looking forward to this remake. What im worried about is the new Harry ? No-one can beat Francos performance.

Maro Leon on Apr 10, 2010


I love how people are saying how bad this movie is when it's not even filming yet

Duck on Apr 11, 2010


Well, that took care of that. LL can't act. It's gonna be two hours of crappy floundering and flared nostrils. Who gives a shit.

Orcasisla on Apr 11, 2010


Wait what who !!!??? i think spiderman 2 was the best of the whole 3 movies , sony wants to milk this cow to death rebooting spidey so soon $$$$. as for the whole spidey in high school and have some issues shit i really dont give a fuck i much rather forget the third film and just continue from the second one with some new/old villians , sony really fucked raimi that could've redeem himself from that abomination called SM 3 . i think that sony makin' a mistake going all twilight shit on spidey the just need to go crazy with him make the movie action packed with the 3D that everyone go ape shit for , the plot is not that complicated (much like avatar) and it will make a lot of money . P.S. I just saw KICK-ASS a few days ago (i'm from europe) and is Tha S---H---I---T .

J-J on Apr 11, 2010


@36 so true! and just thinking aloud if this is done correct along with a new FF4 and a new dare devil plus a doc strange movie and a few other heroes.. marvel can do a civil war film after the avengers ! that would be cool!

PaulT on Apr 11, 2010


What happened to Michael Angarano?

Jon Garza on Apr 11, 2010


As a big Spidey comic fan I will wait until a trailer before I claim it to be utter shit and that I will never see a spidey movie again because I could be wrong so I will just wait and see.

Loser on Apr 11, 2010


No... Just No...

Ricardo on Apr 11, 2010


im cool with this as long as 1. we get a smart alec type spiderman instead of the whiny one of the 1st three movies, 2. they start with another villain besides goblin(have him come later), 3. make a believable costume

Antoni05 on Apr 11, 2010


I think this guy is perfect for the role. But as he's already 18, I wouldn't mind seeing him as a freshamn in College. I think the occasional showing of the whole college/Greek Fraternity aspect was what was lacking from the previous films. High School never felt right for the character, but the porblem with Toby Maguire was that he was cast at too old an age. He worked well for the first film. But by the third film, being in his mid thirties and having a double chin, he just wasn't cutting it. I still hate the idea of having to bother with an origin story. It's like Batman. Everyone gets the gist. Look at how many more viewers Dark knight got from Begins, yet everyone loved and didn't find it difficult to follow without seeing Wayne's road to becoming Batman from the previous film. I think it's the same for Spider-Man. Bothering with an origin plot would bog the movie down and have people rolling their eyes. We get it, just open the film with a quick prologue montage of him telling us how he got bit by a radio-active spider and that feeling guilty for his uncle's death is what lead him to where he is now. DONE.

underscore on Apr 11, 2010


I know... What are Marvel/Sony thinking... Casting a high school age actor to play a high school aged superhero based heavily on the comic book where he was a high schooler... I say just cast Nathan Fillion and then it'll be awesome.

Jon on Apr 11, 2010


Horrible choice and an incredibly stupid idea. YAH! 12 yo spider man movie. GAY

smackyou on Apr 11, 2010


Oh, okay , Spiderman will now become Spiderboy as a student at High School Musical and singing with Glee. A cute non threatening hero for the tweenie girls who shop everyday at Claire's. Stan Lee must be very proud.

Hattori Hanzo on Apr 11, 2010


I actually think he carried Percy Jackson & the Olympians really well: quite charismatic and a real presence. Don't think the emotional side suits him as well, but for the action-side of Spiderman I think he's actually an okay pick.

Jos van den Atmos on Apr 11, 2010


to #27. Howard The Duck was AWESOME! Really! And If anyone has read 'Ultimate Spiderman' they WILL note he IS A KID! HE IS AT SCHOOL! IT WORKS! Jeez!

ultim8 on Apr 11, 2010


#8 SpiderMan 3 was god awful don't joke & like everyone said ... i just don't wanna see spidey in high school

DoomCanoe on Apr 11, 2010


Once Marvel realizes the piece of garbage for what it's worth, Marvel immediately announces to reboot the Spider-man franchise. What's their fucking reasoning? Not comical enough to be a comic film and not gritty enough to fit within TDK's parameters for success. Marvel decides to make the new reboot on broadway with Justin Biever as our beloved webslinger. If that's not comical enough, Marvel has Carrot Top play crazy Norman. To make it gritty, it will play along a live musical production of STOMP.

U.G.T.F.O. on Apr 11, 2010


lol @ #14. You better start sharping your knife or oiling your rifle, because this is exactly what's going to happen. Hollywood will start making more movies for teenage girls, because they seem to be well organized and merciless once they are idolizing some pretty actor boy. The consumer potential with them is higher than with nerdy teenage boys that spend their days in comic store, you can sell those girls any shit you want. I really wish from the bottom of my heart for SP 4 to fail, Hollywood execs really need a slap in the face to see when they are wrong. Right now the chances are that I will eat my hat.

2+2=4 on Apr 11, 2010


Alex man, the PEOPLE have spoken. It's all kinds of crap. Spiderman is...SPIDERMAN. Don't go thinking the character is so great that the fans will sit back and watch some kid go through some high school angst. We all know what is happening here. Sony want to make a momentous profit. What do they do? They use the Spider-man name thats made them over a billion dollars, say the magic word: REBOOT. Then they put in 80 million and focus on just dialogue and hope they will make a huge profit from the aforementioned factors. It's a blatant money-grab and the fans have called it. I hated the Raimi flicks, but I think I'm going to hate this even more. I want to see SPIDERMAN...not Spiderkid doing Maths at 8am in the morning. HH

Have Hope on Apr 11, 2010


He's the best choise thus far. Anton Yelchin, he can act, but u dont want a wimpy spider man, and let's face it, hes pretty damn wimpy. I can see Lerman as Spider-Man. He's definetly got more attitude than Toby, and he he's got acting chops. I'm definetly willing to give him a chance. by the way, anyone else think they just hired Mark Webb for his last name?

movie mike on Apr 11, 2010


fucking stupid reboot bullshit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! why not cancel the reboot sony and just forget about spiderman for now! it will all be in better hands anyway when disney gets ahold of it.

Spider94 on Apr 11, 2010


OMG...why sony do this? Cmon Spiderman 2 was one of best the supeheros movie and now they will kill all...just leave spidey and try another character ... I dont care a shit about Percy Jackson and the others jackson´s five all was bullshit... for god sake there is no another better young actors ¿?....

Sakyo on Apr 11, 2010


I don't know if everyone remember, but Peter became spider-man at age of 15, why everyone is complaining and saying "spiderboy", looks like some people has only known spiderman in movies. I saw logan in "3:10 to yuma", and you can see that he can act, "jack and bobby" was a great school for him. I just thank sony that they didn't cast efron o pattinson. I could understand everyone trolling if they did cast them, but logan is a good actor.

Darko on Apr 11, 2010


If Percy Jackson and the Olympians is the only credible movie on his resume, then he doesn't have a credible movie on his resume. Seriously, who is this guy? You can't cast a no name for the part of Spider-Man. To be honest, I would rather see Zac Efron play the role then this kid. This kid looks like he's 12 years old. My excitement for the new spidey franchise just went waaaaaaaay down. I like Marc Webb as a director, but it looks like this is going to be a crappy disney/kids movie that won't entertain anybody over the age of 10.

Aaron on Apr 11, 2010


No wonder Sam Raimi and Tobey McGuire dropped out, by the looks of it, Sony is trying to make this movie into High School Musical 4. What a waste. I feel bad that a talented director like Marc Webb has to put up with this shit.

Aaron on Apr 11, 2010


another thing is this dude is skinny like spiderman should be, why spidey was swole/fat in the first three movies was beyond me

Antoni05 on Apr 11, 2010


I actually love Logan and I don't get all the hate. He's a cool dude!

Lincoln on Apr 11, 2010


He's got the right look and the right build for Spidey, and he's the right age for a high-school Spider-Man (which he was for a large chunk of the comics, still is in the Ultimate Universe, and is for the critically and fan acclaimed Spectacular Spider-Man TV Series also made by Sony). I wish people would stop using "gritty" or "darker" when they refer to the upcoming reboot. The people at Sony said "contemporary" which isn't nearly the same thing. It just means that they're going to make it a bit more modern. One lousy reporter over at EW sensationalizes the story, and suddenly everyone takes it as gospel. Just breathe and relax. Anthon Yelchin looks NOTHING like Spidey or Peter Parker - I don't get why people are so intent on him getting the role. He does, however, look scrawny and nerdy enough to be a perfect Harry Osborn. I mean, people do realize that Peter Parker is a pretty good looking guy, right? He's been that way in the comics pretty much since the spider bite. Just because Raimi miscast the roles and put a good looking guy as Harry and a nerdy looking chud as Peter, doesn't mean that's how it's supposed to be. It's one of the many reasons they're rebooting the franchise. Raimi's vision of the world was pretty far from the comics and was getting further and further away with each movie. After 3, he had murdered (or intentionally let die) 4 different villains, punched MJ, shown his real identity to half of NY, and gone emo. I don't want to know where he was headed next. I'm worried that they're going to go too far and make this another tween movie too, but until we get some plot info or a trailer, I'm choosing to stay positive and hope that this time around they nail the story and characters. People didn't understand why WB wanted Nolan to reboot Batman either, and look how that turned out. With any luck, the new movies will make Raimi look like Schumaker. Or, they'll totally suck and we can all bitch about how right we all were and how Raimi was the man.

Pete the Geek on Apr 11, 2010


i think he is the best choice, and hope he gets the job, but, what about harry, gwen, flash, and im mentioning gwen and flash first because they will have fetuerded roles in at least the first two movie, gwen will likely stay the hole trilogy, dont bring mj until spidey 3, maybe 2, and if she appears, let her her hair be red the hole series, not like in the raimis' trilogy, whre her hair turned orange by sm2. im telling this details so mark webb and the writer dont make the same mistake, and bring in the web shooters like the comics, i really dont see anyone esle playing j jonnah jameson, but im sure there are other good choices outthere, what about doctor connors, uncle ben and aunt may, i have faith that webb and lerman will make a fine trilogy, and future installments,

mAc306 on Apr 11, 2010


The real question everybody should be asking here is why is the STUDIO making this decision, and not Mark Webb? It gets to the bottom of the whole issue - which is exactly why Sam Raimi & Tobey Magwhiner left: this property is no longer in anybody's hands but SONY. Don't expect ANYTHING creative to come from this franchise, from Spidey 3 onward. They own it. And they'll keep pumping out crappy movies till the cows come home.

Django 3000 on Apr 11, 2010


It's not Marvel it's Sony, all Sony care about is making a quick buck. Marvel need to stop selling the rights to movies and keep control and make good films like Ironman and Hulk. P.s Howard the duck was cool for it's day.

Eye Spy on Apr 11, 2010


Yeh, what is the point. Spiderboy -zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

p liu on Apr 11, 2010


I'm not convinced that you can have a story with high school kids and make it gritty and real. First because there is not many actual young actors, that I know of, that can carry a movie and not make it tongue in cheek. Yes, Spider-man has a lot of humor to it, but you need a SERIOUS actor to make a movie about a dude in red and blue tights feel legitimate. Also (and probably more imp.) if the studio is making this about a high school kid then they will probably want to market it to the same crowd. I don't think the adult crowd will run out in droves to see a movie about a high school SM--but the younger Percy Jackson crowd will. We must begin to lower our expectations...a lot.

germs on Apr 11, 2010


For crying out loud, Raimi's 'Spiderman' and the 'Fantastic Four' simply don't need reboots. However, 'Daredevil' does.

LW on Apr 11, 2010


he looks young in that picture but he actually looks a lot older on camera he's a decent actor for a kid...he was good in 3:10 to Yuma as Christian Bale's rebellious son.

talli on Apr 11, 2010


weak 🙁

DaftPUNKFAN on Apr 11, 2010


id love to see joseph gordon-levitt but hes obviously way to old now, soooo if they are goin with the back to high school idea then lerman is the perfect choise, the right age, build and can act i just really hope we see gwen stacy with him in high school this time around

Mark.E on Apr 11, 2010


Anyone up for a Spidey-boy movie, well that's what you are getting!

Dan on Apr 11, 2010


oh its another karate kid remake.

filmfan111 on Apr 11, 2010


ok, im getting pissed cuz all these people are bitching that "Marvel's" movies suck. They're not marvel movies. sure they are based on marvel comic characters, but MARVEL ISNT PRODUCING THEM, ITS NOT MARVELS FAULT!!!! THATS WHY FF GHOST RIDER DAREDEVIL HOWARD THE DUCK ECT SUCKED, CUZ MARVEL DIDNT PRODUCE THEM. THE ONLY MOVIES THEYVE PRODUCED WERE IRON MAN AND THE INCREDIBLE HULK........ HUH THEY WERE THE ONLY GOOD MARVEL MOVIES LOL. despite still being done by sony, this new spidey franchise is being co-produced by marvel, so we still have hope. im looking forward to it, so stop whining!!!!!! GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT B4 YOU WHINE!!!!!!

malki on Apr 11, 2010


if you really love the spiderman character, no matter what age you are, than you would love and/or at least appreciate his teen years because they were a massive part of his character and story. you dont have to be a teen to read the comics in which SPIDERMAN was a teen and still enjoy them. i dont think this kid (maybe) getting the part or the fact that its about spiderman in his early years means that the movie will dissapoint. could still be awesome. theres no way to tell at this point. id rather see a movie about spiderman after hes married mary-jane to be honest, but by no means does him being a teen in the movie make it impossible for it to be good. spiderman was awesome as a teenager.

megalodon on Apr 11, 2010


To all the idiots saying obviously grew up on the movies and know jack shit about Spider-man....When Amazing Spider-man first started in the 60s ...Peter Parker spent most of his early comic book life in highschool (Not just receiving his powers Senior year and immediately graduating , like in Raimi's film) So it is obvious that the ones who are whining are the numbskulls whos first real Spider-man experience is thru Sony and not thru the true medium that Spidey is based...The comics. Well news is Sony/Marvel is possibly doing things right this time....and it may be too soon but they probably have the hope that the reboot catches fire like Nolan's Batman films. Truth is Batman Begins did not have a major box office when it came out due to the shitty taste that Batfans felt after Shitmauchers Batman And Robin and it being a type of origin it took word of mouth and a good DVD following to realize that Batman Begins was excellent. I honestly am not expecting a huge box office from the Spidey Reboot will not make close to what Raimis Spidey films did but it will be good enough and will fix the problems of the Raimi films enough that by the time we get to the Spidey Reboot Part 2 and 3 they will be EPIC on a scale of mammoth proportions and all of you shit tards will be eating your words....NUFF SAID

True Blue Spider-man Fan on Apr 11, 2010


Okay. So I've been a Spidey fan for a long time, and I'm okay with this news. Spider-man didn't start out as a guy in college. He was a kid! There's a reason he two of his best buddies were the Human Torch and Iceman. Honestly, you guys are whining about the movie already? It's gonna be at least another year or two before it comes out. Give the movie some time to develop.

Grichmer on Apr 11, 2010


You guys can have your Spider-boy movie but it's still going to suck.

U.G.T.F.O. on Apr 11, 2010


This will all end in tears I just know it.

Quaked2023 on Apr 11, 2010


This is going straight to DVD right? because I'm not paying to see it in theatres.

Kalil on Apr 11, 2010


#80 .... what the hell are you talking about? list of movies co produced by Marvel Studios ---------------------------------------------------- Blade New Line Cinema / Marvel Studios X-Men 20th Century Fox / Marvel Studios Blade II New Line Cinema / Marvel Studios Spider-Man Columbia Pictures / Marvel Studios Daredevil 20th Century Fox / Marvel Studios X2 20th Century Fox / Marvel Studios Hulk Universal Pictures / Marvel Studios The Punisher Lions Gate Entertainment / Marvel Studios Spider-Man 2 Columbia Pictures / Marvel Studios Blade: Trinity New Line Cinema / Marvel Studios Elektra 20th Century Fox / Marvel Studios Fantastic Four 20th Century Fox / Marvel Studios X-Men: The Last Stand 20th Century Fox / Marvel Studios Ghost Rider Columbia Pictures / Marvel Studios Spider-Man 3 Columbia Pictures / Marvel Studios Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer 20th Century Fox / Marvel Studios Iron Man Marvel Studios The Incredible Hulk Marvel Studios Punisher: War Zone Lions Gate Entertainment / Marvel Studios X-Men Origins: Wolverine 20th Century Fox / Marvel Studios stfu.

DoomCanoe on Apr 11, 2010


@DoomCanoe - learn how the business works. Marvel "co-produced" those films because it's their characters that they've licensed the film rights to. Which means they get a big paycheck for the use, but don't have much of a say in the direction of the film. Do you know what it means to be an executive producer? It means you write the big checks. This is why Marvel created their own film studio and has been systematically taking their film rights back - so that they can better control how their characters are portrayed. The only two films on your list that had Marvel in a position of control are Iron-Man (which was excellent) and The Incredible Hulk (which was good, not great). Everything else was made by other studios. Also, I LOVE how people freak out about Sony having creative control over the Spider-Man franchise. Because, y'know... that Spectacular Spider-Man cartoon they have creative control over is soooo terrible. (sarcasm). If you don't know anything about the comics, you shouldn't get to complain about the comic book movie until a trailer comes out. Peter Parker was a high-schooler for a large chunk of his history. Sorry if you didn't know that because you never bothered to learn about the character. Sorry if Raimi made his own skewed version of his story, and you thought that was the real version. Can't be helped.

Pete the Geek on Apr 11, 2010


I haven't seen the Percy Jackson movie yet, but from the book (which I am currently reading) I'm not sure how "gritty" you can really get with that material. It seems like a kid book that got made into a kid movie. Maybe something gritty happens in the next chapter. I'll keep reading.

dRailer on Apr 11, 2010


Yeah who would have thought that this is a terrible idea. I beg, no, plead everyone who reads this comment...DO NOT SEE THIS MOVIE IN THEATERS!!! Convince everybody you can to not see this movie. This is the only way we get Spider-Man 4 back!

The Man With No Name on Apr 11, 2010


He's not even in contention for the role...

Finer Things Club on Apr 11, 2010


spider boy?

cyrus the virus on Apr 11, 2010


I could careless not bother seeing this incoming disaster anyway.

Cody w on Apr 11, 2010


Most of you are full of shit by saying you wont see this movie....well obviously you care because you are commenting on this story. How about waiting until casting for all the charecters (YES I HOPE LERMAN GETS THE PART)....villain announcement....basic synopsis and a fucking trailer before passing judgment...Either way I bet half you fuck stains saying you wont see this will be first in line opening day. Buncha queers

Hey Idiots on Apr 11, 2010


Yes, ladies & gentlemen (though probably mostly gentlemen, by spot judgement) I just picked a fight with a complete idiot. Please prepare the internet kidgloves. He's going down, no pun intended.

Django 3000 on Apr 12, 2010


thank you Pete the Geek for your wonderful knowledge on all things. i pulled up the list in response to this portion of #80's comment "this new spidey franchise is being co-produced by marvel, so we still have hope." now... Pete tell me are they co-producing it because sony owns the right to the character... or are they co-producing it because they are going to have control over the movie and how its made? I'm only asking cause you would know

DoomCanoe on Apr 12, 2010


@DoomCanoe - Sony owns spidey so marvel doesn't get a say in this i'm afraid. This whole reboot is a bit ridiculous if you ask me. Maybe Toby Maguire (who i always liked as spidey 'cept in Spm 3) is getting old but rebooting just a couple of years after the triology finished is absolutely CRAZY! I get some people don't want Raimi/Maguire to continue, don't agree but i do get it, but you don't reboot that quickly. You just don't. It's like the unwritten law or something. JUST NO. Also gut reaction to this was HELL NO but he wasn't bad in 3:10 to yuma so maybe just maybe it'll be okay. I don't want them rebooting the awesome characterisations of the Green Goblin (Willem Dafoe), Harry (Franco), Doc Ock (Alfred Molina)... This first movie has it all to prove as it's gonna be compared to the pretty awesome $800 mill+ Spiderman 1. It'll never NEVER EVER top it.

Dude... on Apr 12, 2010


They should have gone with Spider Pig.

Frank N. Stein on Apr 12, 2010


This is fucking awful news. Just awful.

Syphous on Apr 12, 2010


Best choice they could make for this franchise... Joseph Gordon Levitt

Lucas Nochez on Apr 12, 2010


Aw really? I was looking forward to seeing what Lerman could do. I'm really hoping the movie closely resembles Ultimate Spider-Man, my favorite comic series. I'm kinda bummed. I thought he would have done a great job.

Garrett on Apr 12, 2010


Just read the update and realized this was false info. Awesome.

Syphous on Apr 12, 2010


Ryan Reynolds for Spider Man. Chris Evans for Harry Osborne. Thomas Jane for Dr. Schlocktopussy.

My Eyes ... MY EYES !!! on Apr 12, 2010


Awesome to hear the good news. Penn Badgley or Anton Yelchin for either SM or Harry

U.G.T.F.O. on Apr 13, 2010


this is not cool i dont think logan lerman should play spider man. tobey maguire is doing a great job of being spider man he should not even be replaced!!!! and i dont want to see peter parker in high school, that is stupid!

kaitlin on May 2, 2010


I think that Logan really has potential, I mean I know he's young but Spidey was 15 starting out. Most of the other guys don't make a believable 15 year old! I think Marvel really is trying to improve their films. Sure we'll always have the first three spiderman movies, blade, daredevil, and the x-men storyline but hey Iron Man was fantastic and the new hulk was pretty awesome too maybe making a new spiderman will set the tone for new greats like Thor, Captain America, Luke Cage, Hawkeye, A new Daredevil, and hopefully many more!

Daniel on May 15, 2010


Logan Lerman is a fantastic actor. If any of you have ever seen the old WB series Jack and Bobby you would know that too. I think Anton Yelchin would make a great Harry.

Xander on May 16, 2010


while he may not be your first choice, you all gotta admit that logan lerman would be a much better choice for this role than any of the other potential actors. its a shame that they arent considering him but i think that, for this movie, they need someone with acting experience, who is not extremely famous (like zac efron, rob pattinson, etc...) he would be a great spiderman if they decided to cast him for this role

faith on Jun 13, 2010


it better not be jamie bell!!

erika on Jun 27, 2010

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