Louis Leterrier Will Not Return for Clash of the Titans Sequel

April 27, 2010
Source: Deadline

Clash of the Titans

After making a whopping $380 million at the box office with much thanks to a hasty post-production 3-D conversion to lure in fans of the new 3-D trend in Hollywood, it was pretty much a no-brainer that a sequel would be on the way to the brainless flick Clash of the Titans. Well, Deadline confirms that Warner Bros will indeed be crafting a follow-up to the mythological beast-battling-movie and while Sam Worthington and almost every other surviving cast member will return for the sequel, director Louis Leterrier will not be directing this next one. Depending on whether you liked the film or not, this could be good or bad news.

But of course, for those of you who really enjoyed Clash, Leterrier's absence probably isn't going to ruin your enjoyment since the film was such a bland cookie cutter piece of action that it doesn't matter who directs the sequel. Seriously, all that build up to the Kraken that took longer to come out of the water than it did for Ferris Bueller to jump a fence, and he crushes a few people and then turns to stone? Greg Berlanti will write the story and WB is already looking for a director to get this in line to shoot before Worthington moves on to the Avatar sequel with a hope to release as early as spring 2012. Leterrier will stay to executive produce.

Meanwhile, WB is also prepping a sequel to Journey to the Center of the Earth, that movie that was in 3-D before that was the cool thing to do. However, the original film's star Brendan Fraser is leery about jumping on-board the sequel, not because the first one sucked, but because the studio may want to bring in a director other than director Eric Brevig who's busy working on Yogi Bear. Fraser is loyal to Brevig and is apparently resisting New Line's push for a director like Brad Peyton (Cats & Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore). But really, this is too much serious consideration for a film no one gives two shits about anyway, so whatever.

But let's get back to Clash. Who would you want to direct the Clash of the Titans sequel instead?

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As much as I wanted to love Louis Leterrier, he continues to disappoint. I have almost no faith in any of his future projects, so I'm glad to see him off this franchise. Also I ask myself, why was he on the franchise in the first place?

Gill on Apr 27, 2010


i was looking forward to clash of the titans, unfortunately i was quite disappointed. for an 'action' movie i thought that the action sequences (except for the medusa fight) were short and bland and few and far between. Hades was really well done though... hopefully the sequel will have a more developed story and will be an improvement over the first

Janny on Apr 27, 2010


Leterrier is not to blame for the crap that is Clash of the Titans. He did fine with directing. The script was horrible and a half hour was cut out to make up for the time needed to convert it to 3D before it was released. That caused most of the damage. I don't think the sequel will make as much money though. And not sure why Worthington would come back for a sequel.

jake the snake on Apr 27, 2010


"Louis Leterrier Will Not Return for Clash of the Titans Sequel" Thank f*cking Christ for that. Terrible, bland film maker. Lacks the nessecary spark needed for something tentpole like Clash of the Titans - and The Hulk for that matter. Another waste of studio money and celluloid.

kLO on Apr 27, 2010


Doesnt really mind if they make a sequel or not.

People's Champ on Apr 27, 2010


Doesn't matter who directs. First one sucked, the second one will too. As you said, it's cookie cutter, trite, bland, and pointless. The same effect will happen no matter who directs. I'll just go watch Kick-Ass again.

Rops on Apr 27, 2010


Hey, maybe the sequel will be better without his no talent, bland hands all over it. Clash was the decider if he was a one hit wonder director (Incredible hulk) and I think its obvious he is indeed a one hit wonder, After all he direct transporter 2.

Cody w on Apr 27, 2010


It's a shame that Clash wasn't anygood but I'm glad that Louis isn't going to direct the Avengers now. I did support him to direct the Avengers but after Clash of the Titans it just proved that he isn't ready for something as big as The Avengers.

Anti-Fox on Apr 27, 2010


Not sure why Hollywood has a boner for Louis. I am still waiting to see him make a movie that is good. Clash was so awful, whether it was his fault or not, that it is one of the films that I've ever payed to see that made me so angry I wanted to punch someone out afterward. Also, who decided that Sam Worthington was any good either? He was lame in terminator and clash and so so in Avatar. Making a sequel to this is like taking a really painful dump and then trying to make yourself have another. No thanks. Ralph was good though and why did they even bother to have Danny Huston in it? He had one line! Make a movie about Hades and his fallout with Zeus, ditch Louis, get a writer who isn't a chimp, and make that movie and have some epic Zeus vs. Hades action. That might not suck.

Fred Schepsi on Apr 28, 2010


It takes hundreds of people to make a movie and very anal studio heads to ruin it. Can't really blame Louis for Clash of the Titans. I for one enjoyed the Incredible Hulk and I can see what he was trying to do with Clash of the Titans. I bet you the studio executives had a big hand in making this movie what it was. I am disappointed that there is even going to be a sequel. You can put the best director in the work on the next one but I think you will still get the same product.

TKaihea on Apr 28, 2010


Why in gods name do you feel the need to spoil a movie, just because of the news about it?

overwatch on Apr 28, 2010


Make a movie about Hades and his fallout with Zeus, ditch Louis, get a writer who isn't a chimp, and make that movie and have some epic Zeus vs. Hades action. That might not suck.china travel guide chinese interpreters

shine1889 on Apr 28, 2010


First, I support #2 here. I saw Clash yesterday and I was a bit disappointed. This was supposed to be a movie about the great gods and all that, they should have made the plot more mysterious and sort of god-worthy. Even just the title of the movie itself seems more powerful and breathtaking than the movie itself, although there were some cool sequences. Hire another director (my mind is suggesting that this would have become a cool and worthy project if the director had the signature, Zack Snyder!) Imagine Clash of the Titans in the style of 300!, if so...the movie could easily have lasted an hour more, 2 hours on a project like this is too little.

Robert on Apr 28, 2010


"a bland cookie cutter piece of action" That's a bingo!

Voice of Reason on Apr 28, 2010


Good. I wasn't a fan of Incredible Hulk (and no amount of fan service will change that) and Clash was just as bland. Hopefully they can get someone that knows how to do action. Actually fuck that, just get someone to make a good God of War film.

SkaOreo on Apr 28, 2010


I must be the only one disappointed that Louis won't be directing the sequel. Did he step down from it, or did they just not want him to direct?

Pete on Apr 28, 2010


Why do we even NEED a sequel?!

Nick Sears on Apr 28, 2010


..."why do we need a sequel" he asks. Well...maybe some of us liked it and with to see Perseus kicking ass the fucking the living crap outta "whatshernameukslutbeeninjamesbond". On the subject: i don;t give a crap, may the next director make the sequel a bit more entertaining and least 2 hours cmon it was too short like bam bam thank you zeus. And that's all i gotta say on this subject...i hope you apreciate my delicate and subtle manner.

john on Apr 28, 2010


jesus christ i just read what i wrote...what a mess. ignore it. Nick Sears sucks tho

john on Apr 28, 2010


Am I missing something here? I usually agree with the majority of my fellow FirstShowing readers, but I guess not in this instance because I really like the Clash remake. It was fun for what it was....a popcorn action adventure with lots of CGI and cool monsters and fights.

Cmurder on Apr 28, 2010


Major disappointment for me. was expecting this epic story with some good action...but sadly, the story was cut short...the original still gets the win on this one...

JL on Apr 28, 2010


Didnt they destroy the original enough? why bother, there were more problems than just the director, I wasnt impressed with the story, acting or the special effects, I had huge expectations for this movie and was thoroughly let down.

Chase on Apr 28, 2010


Haha I got to the bottom of this post and thought it sounded much more intense then the usual post on here form Alex. Then I saw Ethan wrote it, and it all made sense. Haha

Guy on Apr 28, 2010


There's nothing really wrong with Leterrier's direction, he's nothing special but I'd put him a notch above competent. Transporter 2, The Incredible Hulk and Clash of the Titans sucked because the writing and the script sucked, NOT the direction. Leterrier's a neophyte and it's well documented how the studios treated him as the new guy and didn't allow him much freedom. I'm not defending him per se, but his direction isn't the problem.

SlashBeast on Apr 29, 2010


From 1 to 10, I gave the movie an 8. For three reasons: 1- Liam Neeson 2- Ralph Fiennes 3- Medusa Those were the only three brilliant elements of the entire film. I really didn't mind Louis Leterrier's direction. It was ok. As well as SOME of the creatures, Medusa and the Pegasus. They were just amazing. I felt that the scorpions could have used a bit more work. If Louis Leterrier won't return, I would love to see Tim Burton take a crack at it.

CraftyWizard23 on Apr 30, 2010


This movie was an insult to the original.It should have been called something else. Yes,it made 380million,but was that because of the movie they made,or was it (THE TITLE!)that we paid to see?Would it have made that much called Battle of the Greeks, or maybe Man vs. God?I DON'T THINK SO!We were tricked into this film. Lets face it,it wasn't very good,and it was a huge insult to us the fans of the original movie,and to HarryHaussen,who by the way was totally against the film as well.If you're going to call it Clash of the Titans,you remake Clash of the Titans.Don't take a Greek story that you want to make,and because you're not sure of your film,bank in on(THE TITLE!).Look, the Davis company is getting ready to try the same thing with Highlander.It's called Highlander,but watch the original first and I promise you all,by the time your done watching the remake you'll be saying the same thing,it's not the original. Well than call it something else,it's not a remake.Neither one of these movies should have sequals.The changes are HUGE!These are not remakes,their cashing in on titles we dig,because much like their poor story telling,they can't come up with titles that can get us into the theatre.

stoner on Jun 7, 2010


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