Malkovich, McDormand, Jeong & a Ferrari Join Transformers 3

March 22, 2010

John Malkovich, Ferrari, Frances McDormand

Today the master of explosions himself, Michael Bay, updated his own website with a big casting addition for the forthcoming, guaranteed box office hit Transformers 3. The director revealed John Malkovich, Frances McDormand, and Ken Jeong (The Hangover, Knocked Up) have all joined the sequel. Deadline also has a bit of extra information revealing McDormand's character is a big one as the National Intelligence Director while Malkovich will be playing Sam Witwicky's first boss. No word on Jeong's role, but all three of these additions should make things a little more interesting, not to mention the newly announced Autobot.

The new Autobot that'll be rolling out on screens next summer will be the Ferrari 458 Italia (seen below) and it's one sexy piece of machinery. Bay made the announcement at a Ferrari charity event this past week raising money for a hospital being built in Haiti. Remember, this huge box office bonanza will be shooting pretty much everywhere: Los Angeles, Chicago, Washington DC, Florida, Texas, Africa, Moscow, and China. Surely there's more details on the way as the project will be starting pre-shoots in a month, so stay tuned for more news on Transformers 3 as it arrives. Do this new casting make anyone more excited for this?

Ferrari 458 Italia

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No...never cared about casting. These movies were never intended to have great acting. They are movies of giant robots fighting other giant robots. The addition of the Ferrari is nice though! lol

tra la la la la di da on Mar 22, 2010


Does the casting makes me more exited about this potentially horrible movie? No, not really. Malkovich's involvement with Eragon and Beowulf did not make those movies any better. Ken Jeong might fit Bay's whole improv/acting/comedy thing but I am still boycotting this movie out on principle.

almartva on Mar 22, 2010


All this means to me is that more brilliant actors will be forced to do horrible things like strip down to their underwear or say horrendous dialogue about robot testicles or get humped by robots... Now if they were playing the voices of robots that'd be another thing. After T:ROTF it's clear that they need more help in the voice acting department... oh god I don't even want to think about what Malkovich or McDormand are going to have to do with the wiggabots... ugh.

Kent Lundblad on Mar 22, 2010


I mean its obvious this is gonna be horrible...I just wish that theyd stop adding all these human characters that no one cares about and just focus on the bigass robots. Seriously a whole film on Cybertron would be amazing in my book but no we have to see Bays horrible direction and very great actors fall to a low level. Im probably hoping for the inevitable untrue when I say I hope Bay took some hints from fans, stops with the incredibly awkwardly bad humor and o yes no more robot genitals. I already know Im gonna wait for this on DVD, actually I think Ill just pirate it to avoid giving these tragedies more money, sadly I do wanna see some more robots pounding each other to hell but I refuse giving Bay any money.

Cody w on Mar 22, 2010


Anyone who can't go in with an open mind Is at fault themselves if they don't likeit.

Jake the snake on Mar 22, 2010


this looks like its going in a better direction than the second movie. hopefully less of the witwickies and more of what made the first 1 fun.

subcelsious5g on Mar 22, 2010


I hate that people bash on Michael Bay's directing when you clearly have to blame the writers for the crappy dialog.

notalent on Mar 22, 2010


Sad that these actors will be pulled down into this flaming shithole of a franchise.

SlashBeast on Mar 22, 2010


Take malkovich off right now! It's a waste of talent.

Daniel felts on Mar 22, 2010


Whatever people say about Bay doesn't really matter. He was the biggest earner of 2009 (in hollywood). Transformers made him about 100 mln dollar wealthier. I would make a Transformers any day for that kind of money. It's sad the studio is rushing this movie so extremely hard it just can't be any 'better' than the last two... Even if Bay wanted it to be.

Rickmeister on Mar 22, 2010


I am almost ashamed to admit that I loved the two first Transformers movies and I am really excited about this. I have a soft spot for some of Bays movies how dumb and silly they get his filmmaking makes me feel good they are awesome funny and cool. But are they great intelligent movies NO but I love them anyways. Think this must be the guilty pleasure thing people are talking about. I will be the first in line when this "crap" gets released at the cinemas

Loser on Mar 22, 2010


no, more confused, guess theyre going to keep with the corny humor route, but ill see it anyway

harrison on Mar 22, 2010


transformers 1 is way better than ROTF but I enjoy both movies for what they are. I'm not looking for deep stories and character development... I just wanna eat popcorn and watch the beautiful cgi. I'm surprised by the casting of Ken Jeong though.... that dude is hilarious but it's probably gonna be a very small role for him.

asfsafds on Mar 22, 2010


UGH !!!!! i actually like those actors but i pretty much agree with the other postings on here bay sucks and the first tow movies sucked progressively so that would leave me to deduce this one will suck worst of all maybe malkovich and the other two need new houses or something..........what lucas did to my childhood for star wars Bay is doing likewise for transformers.......

David on Mar 22, 2010


Eh who cares, the acting sucks, the dialogue sucks. I guess recession is really hard for Malkovich to join this, but :shurg:

Mony on Mar 22, 2010


Bah! I was hoping there would be less human interaction and more robot battles in TF3, instead they keep adding human characters. I AM NOT ENTERTAINED! >.<

SuicidalOptimist on Mar 22, 2010


Hellooooooo Hot Rod.

CLZ on Mar 22, 2010


haha so is the Ferrari the new Hot Rod? haha bring on UNICORN !!!!.... woooo!!

DaftPUNKFAN on Mar 22, 2010


to #10 although Avatar was primarily 2010 i'm pretty sure it probably made enough for James Cameron to be the richest payed in hollywood in 2009 its just to let u kno though!

cooper on Mar 22, 2010


#11 i will be right beside you at #2 in line bc i thought both were pretty good too according to what people expected out of them (which wasn't great dialogue or an ingenious story but giant robots in huge battle brawls with megan fox in hot outfits in the background!!)

cooper on Mar 22, 2010


@11 you shoud be.

People's Champ on Mar 22, 2010


#7 While that may be true, it's the director who chooses what ends up in the final cut, more or less. And he chose to include so many unnecessary things in ROTF that were just horrendous. Examples include, but are not limited to, Sam's mom on pot brownies, the freaky deaky robot chick, the stupid robots (who weren't racist, just stupid), and yes, the robot testicles. So while there may have been some dialogue problems, he chose to include those scenes, as well as adding other elements that brought the film down.

Jackson on Mar 22, 2010


for crying out loud people! this is not an oscar-film themed. this is primarily created for entertainment. so stop whining and just enjoy the explosions, the slo-motion style of michael bay always with the sun ray involved in his technique... what surprises are still up for this installment????

Iggypop on Mar 22, 2010


Malkovich should be unicron! that would be EPIC!

movie mike on Mar 22, 2010


It must be a requirement that if you consider yourself a film have to hate Michael Bay. I can't think of a film that he's been involved in that I haven't liked. As someone above noted they're not Academy Award films, but I don't think he intends for them to be. I think he tries to make fun entertaining movies, and he doesn't let anything past that go to his head. I like his style, and his movies are always just and entertaining. I think he's kind of the Will Smith of directing. I don't think anyone would have considered Will Smith an Oscar caliber actor at one point. He was simply fun to watch, but his potential comes through when given the right material. I think Bay has the same type of directing potential. I think if he wanted to tackle an Oscar worthy movie, he'd probably knock it out of the park. With that said I have to admit Transformers 2 was probably my least favorite movie that he's done. The dialogue was so horrible it was actually distracting from the big giant robot fights happening all over my face. If he can learn from that mistake this movie should be great, and adding a credible cast instead of racist robots and some no name annoying "roomate" character is a step in the right direction! Looking forward to this.

ImaginaryVisionary on Mar 22, 2010


...And did I miss you guys posting that Silverbolt is in this movie (voiced by James Avery. 'Uncle Phil' from Fresh Prince!)? Wouldn't that suggest that the Aerialbots are going to join the Autobots in this movie?

ImaginaryVisionary on Mar 22, 2010


I hope the Aerialbots are in the movie. We need more air battles with jets and other vehicles. The Aerialbots would be nasty.

jake the snake on Mar 22, 2010


Bay winning a Oscar - Funny as hell!!!!! I know these movies arent for Masterpiece Theatre, but TF2 was soooooo shitty. It's so sad hearing people try to act like it wasnt so bad or it was awesome. The first one wasnt so bad, but that sequel was pure shite.

People's Champ on Mar 22, 2010


Malkovich hasnt been in major hit since..What the mid/late 90's He was in Changeling and Burn After Reading, but those were'nt exactly Blockbusters. He's been doing alot of clunkers this past decade. Same goes for McDormand, hasnt had a big hit in 10 years. I like both of them, but I can see why they have to do this crap of a sequel. I feel bad for them.

People's Champ on Mar 22, 2010


Is there something about being in a Coen brothers movie that draws actors into starring in Transformer sequels?

Lily on Mar 23, 2010


John Malkavoich should be a good cast member for Transformer 3. But has said before in other comments no one cares who the cast members are they just want to see plenty of Explosions and Robots.

Cineprog on Mar 23, 2010


sweet #2 Beowulf was awesome!

DoomCanoe on Mar 23, 2010



Ratchet7 on Mar 23, 2010


It's gonna suck!

Steve on Mar 23, 2010


I just saw T:ROTF this past weekend and the term crap fest came to mind. I like mindless entertainment and I like big explosions, but that was like watching a hyper kid play with toys. And the acting......dear god the acting....... Megan Fox is beautiful, but she makes Keanu Reeves look talented.

Mutt on Mar 23, 2010


There's popcorn entertainment, and there's brutally mindnumbing crap like the last one. Why don't they just make a movie focusing on the robots, nobody cares about these fucking humans.

Governor on Mar 23, 2010


okay you all make valid points but you all know what your getting from bay a director can anyone tell me Bad Boys or Bad Boys 2 was a shit movie I mean c'mon hes action packed and the acting abilities arent what your going to see these movies for especially transformers. I thought the 2nd one sucked but adding actors with more talent than the actual movie sometimes over shadows. Anyways Bays always given you what you expected you should all know that by now especially all you avid movie all the shit you want but in the end you know youll end up seeing this movie weather you buy a ticket, stream it, bootleg, or buy the dvd so who r we kidding......hes the director we all love to hate....does he have room to improve his image? you tell me? a,d i wrong?

ari on Mar 23, 2010


Bad Boys was a shit movie made for retards (pronounced rh-tard). never saw #2. Bay is at best a visual rapist who resorts to hyper kinetic editing to mesmerize legions of prepubescent boys into thinking that action is the end all in every movie. that being said I have enjoyed elements of the last 2 Transformer movies. he has nowhere else to go but up. maybe 3's a charm.

karl on Mar 23, 2010


anybody notice jeong is from comedy. I know that they were going to screw this over with corny jokes like they did last time and pass it off as some kind of action "comedy."

max s. on Mar 23, 2010


I guess because he will be shooting all over the world that the plot of this film won't be heading for space. Too bad! I really wanted to see a different kind of Transformers movie where the film might take place on Cybertron. Transformers Revenge Of The Fallen was a really bad movie. I got so lost with what the hell was going on through out that movie. You could hardly tell who was fighting who and then I got completely lost when Sam and Co go from an Air Force Base and then transported to Eygpt. I remember turning to my Girlfriend at that point in the fim saying that this film is really Bad!!

last son on Mar 23, 2010


I guess these two wonderful actors want to ruin their careers, oh well!!

Dan on Mar 24, 2010


@ #25 before you can call yourself a movie buff you should probably put a name to a face first because you probably have no idea what michael bay even looks like @ everyone who bashes this movie yeah the plot was pretty simple and had plenty of holes in it but 1) what plot doesn't and 2) nobody was looking forward to an extremely in-depth plot. all people wanted was action and a whole bunch of robots fighting; i can guarentee you that nobody probably said anything about a plot for this movie strictly how many new robots were in it which committed an ENTIRE article to again @ everyone who bashes the movie i guess every film that makes $800,000,000 (thats $800 million!!, people) is a bad movie right? it only makes sense that it is seen so many times and makes so much because people go to see it and say how terrible it is; "i'm gonna go see TROTF cuz its so bad so here's $10 michael bay, ur movie is horrible." frankly i don't think anyone thats part of the movie's crew really cares what u think if it makes $800 million! just wanted to let u kno ur comments mean nothing to no one (ImaginaryVisionary)

cooper on Mar 25, 2010


^ Money means nothing. It looks like these actors finally sold their souls.

1-7 on Mar 29, 2010


@43 in case you haven't heard, money makes the world go round!

cooper on Mar 29, 2010


^ Gravity does that, without money.

1-7 on Mar 30, 2010

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