Malkovich Seemingly Confirms He'll Be Vulture in Spider-Man 4

January 10, 2010

Vulture / John Malkovich

It's odd to report this when we already know that Spider-Man 4 is officially on hold until further notice, but then again, this is a pretty good story and it will probably make a few people upset. Our Italian friends at sent an email over this morning informing us that actor John Malkovich had appeared on an Italian TV show called "Quelli Che il Calcio" and spoke about his involvement in Spider-Man 4. Nearly a month ago, it was discovered that Malkovich was Sam Raimi's top choice for the role of the villain Vulture. While we don't have a complete transcript from the show, it sounds like he did confirm that he's on-board.

"When conductor Simona Ventura asked him about his role of Vulture in the movie, he not only didn't deny his involvement, but confermed [sic] that he's waiting for the final script to be sent to him, and that the movie has been delayed. He also hopes that shooting will begin as soon as possible."

There isn't a clip of this available online yet, but I do have a feeling it's accurate. And beyond that, when we first heard about Malkovich, it fit with exactly what I was hearing from a few people on the inside anyway. Obviously Sony won't confirm that he's cast or that Vulture is even the villain and they probably won't even mention Spider-Man 4 for a few more months. If this is indeed the case, I'm still very excited. I'd love to see Malkovich in a Spidey movie and I think this is as inspired casting as Alfred Molina was for Spider-Man 2. And if you're still unhappy with Vulture, go read this article again from our resident Spider-Man expert.

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I don't know if I like Malkavich for the Vulture but I'm willing to give him a shot.

jake the snake on Jan 10, 2010


My all-star lineup spread over multiple movies: The Vulture – Patrick Stewart Morbius – Benicio Del Toro Kraven – Bruce Campbell or Mickey Rourke (I know he’s Whiplash) Electro – Viggo Mortensen Carnage – Hugo Weaving Green Goblin – Willem Dafoe (great casting) Doc Ock – Alfred Molina (great casting again) Venom – horrible casting choice for Spiderman 3 – I would have cast Vin Diesel (say what you will but he’s not a bad actor) It will never happen but I can dream.

jake the snake on Jan 10, 2010


He makes sense for the role, much like Dafoe made sense as the Goblin. Now, if they could only get the costume right.

Denver on Jan 10, 2010


Malkavich is a great choice, but I dont think Vulture is going to be a big threat against Spidey. They definitely need another villian, Go ahead a bring in Lizard and get him over with. Then for Spidey 5, "Electro and Mysterio"

Frightened Inmate #2 on Jan 10, 2010


sorry about the multiple posts, having some trouble today.

jake the snake on Jan 10, 2010


YA!! we get a lackluster villian for a spidey movie!

Xerxex on Jan 10, 2010


I really don't care for this movie. I've been a Spidey fan all my life and in my opinion they should forget about this franchise and maybe do a respectable reboot after The Avengers comes out

Victor on Jan 10, 2010


I like Malkovich, but the Vulture is one lame villain. This franchise should be put to sleep.

Genghis Gonz on Jan 10, 2010


I agree with Jake the Snake on Vin Diesel as Venom he woulda been great. But I do like John Malkovich so I'd like to see him involved in a spidey Film

Jimmy Love on Jan 10, 2010


The Vulture is a super lame character...I definitely won't pay money for this. I don't care who's playing the Vulture. Not cool.

GET TO DA CHOPPAAAAAA! on Jan 10, 2010


I agree that we need to let Raimi take this movie where he wants it to go. Just one more chance to not mess things up. He wants Vulture and Malkovich is a good choice for the character. I was for Morbius and Lizard in the fourth film, but if he thinks he can make vulture work, go for it. What interests me is B. Del Toro as Morbius (as suggested by #2, kudos by the way). That is something that would definitely be worth looking more into.

wideguy on Jan 10, 2010


anyone forgetting sam raimi's idea for the vultress? if this is true a vulture and vultress team in spiderman 4 the movie is gonna suck bad.and there are many other choices other than the vultress and vulture,electro morbius kraven chameleon rhino?why not them instead

SpiderFan94 on Jan 10, 2010


#1 not tryn to be an ass, but whats wrong with Malkovich? hes an amazing actor!

Said on Jan 10, 2010


Lets put this Spiderman business behind us. The studio will ram something horrible down to Raimi, like they did with Venom. Lets just wait for the next installment of Nolan's Batman

WB EXEC on Jan 10, 2010


#13 Said John is a great actor but it's just hard for me to see him in a comic book villian role for some reason.

Jake the snake on Jan 10, 2010


I was really hoping that Raimi would go back to having only one villian in the next film, and I was hoping that the villian would be The Lizard. Though I think they should also have the Vulture, but I truly believe they should hold off using him until Spider-man 5. Apparently Bruce Campbell is going to have a bigger role in the next film. I wonder who he will be playing?

Last Son on Jan 10, 2010


I'm still hesitant about accepting this news when everything at Sony is still so up in the air. To me, all this says is that Malkovich is willing to do it, not that it's gotten any kind of official go ahead. Either way, I think Vulture is a horrible horrible idea, and that both Raimi AND the studio have no idea what audiences want. And this is coming from a huge Spider-man comic book fan.

DRM on Jan 10, 2010


Spiderman 3 was painful to watch. How can you go wrong with Venom? Sandman wasn't the most brilliant idea either. Kraven, Lizard, Shocker, Electro, Scorpion and Rhino; all would have been better choices for Spidey Villains. Now Raimi wants to use the Vulture? What the hell is he thinking? The fourth time out for any franchise is risky business to begin with. Why continue with another Spiderman film at all? Consider Indiana Jones 4, Lethal Weapon 4, Rocky IV, Batman 4 (& Robin), Superman 4 (The Quest for Peace), Jaws 4, Alien 4 (Resurrection), Terminator 4 (Salvation), Star Wars IV (The Phantom Menace.) Will they ever learn?

Jack Novelli on Jan 10, 2010


Vulture is not a "A-list" villiain. Seems they have used up all of those already.

ryderup on Jan 10, 2010


I think the Hobgoblin and Lizard should be in #4.

Dan on Jan 10, 2010


spiderman is dead to me this next movie will suck balls

Madnezz344 on Jan 10, 2010


Why on earth would they consider rebooting spiderman?! It's one of the most successful franchises ever. One o-k ish movie and you want a reboot? That's just stupid. Malkovich is great. Vulture's ok but what do you want? They've only got the source material to work with...

Annoyed at reboots on Jan 11, 2010


Ben Kingsley is the ultimate Vulture.

ryderup on Jan 11, 2010


what about Sir Ian McKellen as Vulture

cineprog on Jan 11, 2010


I like Malkovich as The Vulture.

Fisherr on Jan 11, 2010


If this is true... i think he's perfect for the role. However, I was hoping to see either Electro or The Lizard. Personally I can't wait for SP4, I think Raimi will bring Spidie back to greatness. Can't wait to hear more...

K on Jan 11, 2010


Fuck it, Danny Glover as Vulture! Or, just in case you wake the fuck up, here are a list of Villians that us, the viewing public would prefer Mr. Raimi Morbius Shocker Lizard Chameleon Scorpion Mysterio Kraven Rhino Carnage Venom (done properly this time) Electro Kingpin

Metatasian on Jan 11, 2010


I just read on IGN that Raimi has dropped out cause he couldnt agree with sony....and so has maguire. Sony says there going to reboot spidey back to his high school days in 2012. So basically the Spiderman franchise is over.

Cody on Jan 11, 2010


#15 "jake the snake" true, i never saw it that way

Said on Jan 16, 2010


I like to watch John Malkovich in every of his movies. In each of the movie he is very different and amazing . In his movies roles he is always a little odd and that what makes him unique. I am mesmerized when I watch him. My favorite actor . Amira

Amira on Jul 6, 2010

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