Marc Webb & James Cameron Discuss Spider-Man's 3D Future

February 16, 2010
Source: MTV

Marc Webb / James Cameron

Now that we're all locked and loaded with confirmation that Marc Webb will be directing the next three Spider-Man movies in addition to the announcement that at least the first film will be presented in 3-D (with the other two films likely to follow). While of course everything is going 3-D these days, there might be some light at the end of this tunnel because MTV recently spoke to John Landau, who is the producing partner to none other than the new King of 3-D, James Cameron, who revealed that the both of them met with Webb to discuss Spider-Man's 3-D potential and also compare some notes. But why is this significant?

First, dealing just with the Spider-Man property on its own, he was the only superhero that Cameron had any real interest in directing a movie about. He revealed to MTV he had written a treatment back in 1991 because "Spider-Man was the only one I ever wanted to do. I wasn't really personally that driven to do a superhero movie per se, but I wanted to do Spider-Man because he was my guy when I was 14." When his name got tossed around for the reboot, Cameron sort of jerkishly said, "it's a little bit sloppy seconds, let's face it." But apparently, Cameron is smitten with director Marc Webb (apparently he loved 500 Days of Summer), and isn't past helping him with his first blockbuster experience. In addition, Cameron is thrilled with Webb's desire to go 3-D, and this is where things get really interesting.

Landau confirms they're ready to support a genuine 3-D Spider-Man. But what do I mean by genuine 3-D? Maybe Mr. Landau can clear it up in his confirmation that they're supporting Webb's work with Spidey:

"[Webb] wants to do the next one in 3-D, which they've announced that they want to do. So, we want to try to support that as much as possible. Other movies are turning to it now, some of which I agree with, some of which I don't agree with. Clash of The Titans is coming out in 3-D; they're converting it very hastily into 3-D. I'm not in favor of that. If you want to shoot a 3-D movie, shoot it in 3-D."

This isn't exactly official news or anything like that, but if this serious of a meeting is actually happening with between Cameron, Landau and Webb about this 3-D business, then it sounds like there's a very good chance that Spider-Man could very well be shot entirely from the ground up in 3-D and not receive the half-ass conversion treatment that, despite its intricacy and flashy demeanor, make it just a fancy pop-up book without any real depth added to the flick. This is the only way I'll ever be truly excited for a 3-D film.

Studios haven't yet caught on that Avatar wasn't simply a success because of its 3-D, but because it used a combination of technologies coming together to deliver an untapped visual experience that no one had seen before (even if the story was old trick). This is the same false pretense studios gained after The Dark Knight made boatloads of cash in IMAX, and decided to throw tons of movies onto the giant screen. But once again they failed to realize that it wasn't just the humongous screen, but the fact that Christopher Nolan actually shot tons of footage using the IMAX film and camera. Hopefully someone pulls Hollywood's head out of its ass on this 3-D imitation business and gets them on track, starting with Spider-Man. We can only hope!

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Cameron says $80 Million budget? Laughs...end of conversation.

Jake on Feb 16, 2010


What I liked about 500 Days of Summer wa the mood the scenes had, the colours and the atmosphere, I imagine a lot of it was done with a greenscreen/set hybrid, I'm not sure what all this 3d is needed for, the flying webslinger bits would be good, I suppose Cameron could use real acrobats and capture their movement so Spiderman doesn't look like an animated kid's toy. But also 500 Days of Summer had good characters, a good story and the 'quirky' filter turned onto max, which could work on it's own for Spiderman with Jimmy Smurfalumpacus adding some 3d.

Crapola on Feb 16, 2010


somewhere in the world,someone commited sucide. which perfectly describes this

Spider94 on Feb 16, 2010


i agree with the 1st comment this film is going to need about $150 million to be any good & i rather have a decent story,decent actors/actress,the right villains than filming it in 3d.



Way to kill Spiderman! Raimi eventough I was against you for Spidey 3 but you made spidey 2! I want you back now!!!!! And now I hate what Cameron was done to the world of films, and Michael Bay is the only director who is anti-3-D nowadays, wow.

Xerxex on Feb 16, 2010


i'v said it before and ill say it again, 3d will take a hit on a big release and execs will realie that only certain film really work in 3d. it just a matter of time.

v on Feb 16, 2010


@xerxes, i don't think the director who is known for gimmicks is against gimmicks, he is just trying to be an purist hipster because he knows Cameron outdid him in every way. Hopefully Webb will be able to deliver something that is as good as the first 2 spider man movies. But so far it feels like it's going to be a studio driven movie and not a film maker driven movie. Good luck to Webb in trying to retain some creative control. I think all this hate directed at Cameron and 3d technology is misdirected and uncalled for.

almartva on Feb 16, 2010


I hate 3-D plain and simple, its forcing its self on everyting, its the aids of the movie world, but I actually like Cameron, and I liked Avatar, but in 3-D it felt forced and down right unnecessary. Hate toward Cameron is uncalled for, hate for 3-D however is not. p.s. there is an X on the end of Xerxex, its not Xerxes!!! lol.

Xerxex on Feb 16, 2010


Look, I loved 500 Days of Summer and I think that Webb showed some true directing talent with that film. But I'm not really interested with the "taking it back to high school" thing, and the talk about "giving real heart to the emotion, anxiety, and recklessness of that age". I guess I'm just kind of scared that the studio wants to make some Twillight kind of thing, and make the movie all "Team Peter/Spidey or Team Eddie/Venom". And that they therefore brought in a director with only one "real" movie on his resume, and that he wont have much of a say with how the final product looks like. And that the studio already have decided how they want the movie to be. But I guess I shouldn't make up my mind about the movie before I see at least who they cast, and a little more info on the story. I have faith in Webb, just don't know if the studio has that too...

Victor on Feb 16, 2010


So much for the rumored $80 million dollar budget.

floppytall on Feb 16, 2010


They need to wait another 10-15 years before they make more spidey movies. It seems so rushed its ridiculous. Also I have no desire to see little Peter Parker in High School. I'm just very skeptical about this project

Scott McHenry on Feb 16, 2010


I think AVATAR looked fantastic in 3D! The colors translated well when seen through DLP with Polarization. It looked really really good. I also agree that films which are "ripped" into 3D like Clash of the Titans probably won't look as good. Maybe I'm just lucky I saw AVATAR with the right tech in the cinema. But I have no doubt it is the ultimate experience if it is written for it, filmed for it, finished right, and projected correctly.

SS on Feb 16, 2010


Fuck this franchise...seriously Im done even clicking on anything Spiderman related, it died after #2. I dont care if all reviewers give this next one 5/5 Im sick of hearing about it. Yes spiderman is an awesome character to translate to screen but all the hollywood moneygrubbers have spent all there time fumbling ideas around its just outright ridiculous and its killed Spiderman for me. Farewell Spiderman it was fun.

Cody on Feb 16, 2010


Thank God Sam Raimi is off the franchise.

kLO on Feb 16, 2010


This new Spidey has PR written all over it. Every new item seems consciously designed to cover up the fact that Sony alienated all the people who made the orignal films so successful. Behind it all is a calculated move by the studio to exert control and minimize costs while keeping fans interested. At some point, like Spidey's webs, it will all dissolve.

Johnny Walker on Feb 16, 2010


Man, you guys sound like Canucks fans. IF things are done right, you will have a bitter pill to swallow. My sperm.

Bauzer on Feb 16, 2010


@ 8 - Xerxes Its pretty ignorant to say that you felt Avatar was forced in 3-D... Thats how it was SHOT. The soul purpose of the film known as "Avatar" was to show the world what this tech could do. There was no great script written for a great tech. It was a script taken out of the trash, and chosen to bring the tech to life. Oh... but that's right, you actually liked the movie, and look at it as a peak in Film making history, and wishes that it wins the Oscar for best picture. I guess all there is left to say is Ignorance is Hollywood's virtue. - you can quote that

Hans L. on Feb 16, 2010


Sony/Webb wants to make a spiderman movie in 3D with an $80 million budget? I quote Dr. Evil "Rrrrrrriiiigggghhhtttt............"

dffsgf on Feb 16, 2010


@Hans L(anda) I think what Xerxes means is that 3-D was at times an obvious vehicle in which to propel and further excite the movie in a trite way as much as Cameron (amusingly) excused the movie as an excuse to do Pterodactyls VS. Helicopters. As such, with 3-D now driving Spidey more than the director it seems like one can expect a shit ton of 3-D "whoa!" tricks & gimmicks. I mean....hasn't anyone been to the Spiderman Universal ride? Expect a 2 hour version of that with the same lines. ANYWAYS, this article is about James & Webb and personal feelings about Avatar aside, the 3-D was the best ever seen on the screen to date. Visually, technically & enjoyably. If someone has made such a stride in an element of cinema that's been around since the 60s....take it. Hear it. Aknowledge it. Learn from it. And I'm sure Webb (& the studio) will. The bar has been raised and the coach is giving tips. Awesome. Pffffft......unobtanium.

Voice of Reason on Feb 16, 2010


500 days wasn't that good. 3D is not good. I'm scared.

ryderup on Feb 16, 2010


THERE IS A FREAKING X ON THE END XERXEX!!!!!! lol. well jeez hans I didn't mean to offend you, but fuck now I'm okay with it. I'll remain ignorant and keep on hating 3-D and it did indeed seem forced in Avatar. I think you miss read, the 3-D felt like it was forced, and since it felt that way to me 3-D is indeed a gimmick just to get money. I took Avatar for what it was, a fun sc-fi flick, not a serious piece of cinema gold. "I guess all there is left to say is Ignorance is Hollywood's virtue" Think of that all by yourself?

Xerxex on Feb 16, 2010


@ Xerxes is there really an X at the end of xeres? or is it just our imagination?

Spider94 on Feb 17, 2010


You people are rediculas! You are condeming a movie before it has even been cast! Personally I am a huge spidy fan, my comic book collection is stupid, but the ultimate spiderman series has been fantastic! Taking Peter Parker back to high school is a great idea, and why not? Maybe this time they will get Gwen Stacy right and make sure that she is seen as peter's first love. I was never a fan of rami's movies simply because of the cast, Toby maguire is not, nor will he ever be Peter Parker. And as for Kirsten dunse (misspelling intended) is NOT Mary-Jane, sh is an absolutely horrible actress and she never looked the part. Topher grace as Eddie Brock? He is the one thy should have played spiderman! Let's not forget, when spiderman is fighting villans he is cracking insults the whole time and that's what makes him such a fun character! I am very excited for this new direction, and very excited for the new cast!

Chris on Feb 17, 2010


It has nothing to do with Xerxes, at all...I made this up when I was like 7, there is an X but I think the one's who spell it wrong just assume is Xerxes, because I guess they think I'm a big 300 fan.

Xerxex on Feb 17, 2010


@ 24 awesome epic comment

Spider94 on Feb 17, 2010


hmm 3d 3x shitter another d grade script init

michael on Feb 17, 2010


if a movie sucks, make it 3D and it'll bring in a billion. just because it's 3D doesn't mean it's good. yawn!!

wm on Feb 17, 2010


Sweet baby Jesus! 3D AGAIN? I am tired of this crap. I don't trust these 3-d glasses that we hafta put on to 'see' a movie. Are you getting NEW 3-d glasses or are they 'cleaning' them after each use? Blech! God saw fit to bless me with eyes. I would appreciate it if I could use them the way they were intended :')

judasbarron on Aug 20, 2010

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