Marc Webb Might Take Over Sony's Spider-Man Franchise?

January 13, 2010
Source: Deadline Hollywood

Marc Webb / Spider-Man

This could be awesome! In an update on the Spider-Man situation today, Nikki Finke reported that she's heard that 500 Days of Summer director Marc Webb is at the very top of Sony's short list of directors that they want for the Spider-Man reboot. This is all very likely, especially because he's already had meetings with Sony about another project, Moneyball, and I'm sure someone there really liked 500 Days of Summer. Finke says "Webb met about the Spidey reboot with the pic's producers and executives looking to get the picture into production later this year for a Summer 2012 release." So he's not officially on board just yet.

They also say that they're starting shooting so early because "it's likely to be shot in 3-D, and Sony Pictures plans to make an announcement about that 'at the appropriate time.'" Of course! But let's get back to Webb, since there's more on him. Sony likes Webb a lot because 500DOS showed that he had a "grasp of how to depict the way young people think and feel. This is critical because the Jamie Vanderbilt script covers the formative years of a high school-aged Peter Parker, and that POV is as important as the action sequences." Plus they like getting some "new blood" in to take over instead of delivering the same old with Raimi again.

And speaking of the cast, if they do get Webb, can we hope that he casts Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Peter Parker? Because that would be perfect! And then I think even Brandon would like the Spider-Man movies! We'll definitely keep you updated on this situation. And if Marc Webb does get the job, I may even be more excited than I was for Raimi to come back for Spider-Man 4. We'll let you know what happens - stay tuned!

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You know who would be a great director for a spiderman movie? Sam Raimi.

PJ H on Jan 13, 2010


lol that sucks... just means it will be another fail and a stupid teenager movie about drama and not SPIDERMAN ugh

ripthejacker on Jan 13, 2010



movie mike on Jan 13, 2010


@#1 Brilliant. I'm fine with it. As long as it keeps them busy from remaking Star Wars.

Daniel on Jan 13, 2010


Okay, as much as i liked Raimi's Spider-man, and believe me, I liked them. They are STILL not only my favorite superhero movies of all time (well 1 and 2, but that goes without saying), but they are in my top ten movies of all time. And I love Spider-man and everything about one and two and it pains me to see a good franchise go, but I think it was long gone as soon as 3 hit theaters. But let's not judge a director based on prior works. He did a kickass job with 500DOS by rocking it for what it was. It had nothing to do with him "putting a teenage angsty drama spin" on it or anything. He simply gets the script and did a good job directing a vision that correlated with the script and story. Saying that he is gonna make this a stupid teenager movie would've been like assuming that when Raimi was first hired that he would make a Spider-man that was overly corny and only had villains like Morbius the living vampire because he has previously done Evil Dead movies. And frankly I think Jason GL may indeed be a good choice. a) he looks young and when it comes down to it, spider-man is thought of as a kid more than other superheroes. he gets into way younger and thats a fact. b) he is talented. not just in 500DOS, but he can do a variety of styles. Raimi is gone and that is inevitable at this point, but sometimes new directors and reboots aren't terrible. People loved the JN Joker, and I'm sure there were plenty ignorant people who didn't like the Brokeback Mountain guy becoming the new joker, but look what happened there. you NEVER know.

Pricetag on Jan 13, 2010


the last thing sm movies need is more HS love stories this guy has 1 film he is not suited for a huge blockbuster in his 2nd film ever

nelson on Jan 13, 2010


Has this guy done anything well? Or anything with superheroes or comics?

jake the snake on Jan 13, 2010


#7 Marc Webb has made 1 Film which was a comedy/Romance/ film 500 days of summer so no he has zero superhero experience and zero action/cgi experience

nelson on Jan 13, 2010


Why do people think hiring an "independent" type director automatically means the movie will be good? Case in point GAVIN HOOD- WOLVERINE ANG LEE- HULK

ShriekoftheVulture on Jan 13, 2010


No they need Christopher Nolan. Make him direct that shit itll be awesome!!!!

John on Jan 13, 2010


@6 You're right. He can't pull off a big hit after only his second movie ever. Quentin Tarantino shouldn't have been allowed to make Pulp Fiction, arguably his MOST FAMOUS AND SUCCESSFUL AND RENOWNED MOVIE after only making Reservoir Dogs...

Pricetag on Jan 13, 2010


Let us no assassinate this movie any further, Sony. You've done enough. Have you no sense of decency, Sony? At long last, have you left no sense of decency?

The Man With No Name on Jan 13, 2010


#11 did not know pulp fiction was a superhero blockbuster oh did i forget pulp fiction is A QT story he made it because it was his story and his script horrible comparison

nelson on Jan 13, 2010


This could be good and bad. I mean he has a good sense of perspective on the human condition I would say from what he did iN 500DOS, buttttt with all this new technology and situations of filming in 3D is he up to par? Plus he hasn't really been in depth with really any film experience and just directing music videos. Not saying that's a bad thing, but with a big budget superhero movie, sounds a little intimidating, but I'm sure he would be up to the task.

Tyler S on Jan 13, 2010


#13 Okay, maybe the QT comparison wasn't the best ever. But when it comes to special effects and superhero franchises, I'd say Raimi had HUGE differences in directorial style between Evil Dead and Spider-man. Evil Dead rocked no doubt, but it was totally different, special effects-wise and scope/plot-wise, when compared with Spider-man. I don't think 500DOS to Spider-man will be that much of a stretch either. I bet plenty of people thought the guy who directed those "horror cult films" wouldn't be a good fit for the web slinger, but he was obviously capable of making that leap. We shouldn't be so quick to judge here.

Pricetag on Jan 13, 2010


we must remain cautious last time we had indie film makers we got Ang Lee's"HULK" X-Men Origins:WOLVERINE

nelson on Jan 13, 2010


#16 yeah, i see your point there, but you also gotta admit that a lot, if not most, of the fault there was the writers. They kind of gave shitty material to work with. James Vanderbilt was good enough to be considered a part of the Raimi franchise if 4 went through. Also, I think Sony realizes that they will be walking for YEARS with their tail between their legs if they deliver a bomb.

Pricetag on Jan 13, 2010


JJ Abrams for director and Joseph Gordon Levitt as Spiderman and I would jizz in my pants.

Cmurder on Jan 13, 2010


JGL is too old they said HS years Logan Lerman for Parker he is the star of Percy Jackson The Lightening Thief

nelson on Jan 13, 2010


Lewitt is too old for the damn part, have some casting sensibility! Marc Webb is a very odd choice, Spiderman is a larger than life character that does larger than life things, and is involved in larger than life stories against larger than life villains. Peter Parker is half the character, but people go in there to see Spiderman not Peter Parker, even if Peter Parker is what connects the audience to the events at hand. Point being, Spiderman is an effects filled, action filled movie that requires a director that can put a 200 million budget to good use which Sam Raimi showed he couldn't anymore with Spiderman 3. 500 days of Summer is FAR FAR from being the required background for a movie like this. Studios think it's very smart to try odd balls like this, but just because Nolan worked, it doesn't mean shit. Sony tried that with marc foster for Bond and look at the mess that Quantum of Solace was vs the brilliance that Casino Royale was, which was directed by an action director. This is not the way to go. There has to be a better balance.

Darunia on Jan 13, 2010


Funny how all of a sudden everyone is a producer. I say before we count the dude out give him a shot.

Dude on Jan 13, 2010


"And speaking of the cast, if they do get Webb, can we hope that he casts Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Peter Parker? Because that would be perfect!" Nah Alex, we need JGL to be the Joker.

Ian Melton on Jan 13, 2010


Haha reckon, Levitt for spider-man, you realise the guy will be 30 when this film rolls right? Yeah, that's a real great casting choice for a highschooler (eyes roll to the back of my head). It's not like he's even a manchild like Shia Lebouf, Levitt actually looks late 20s. Bring in a good unknown and kickstart some new kid's career.

Shikaka on Jan 13, 2010


Logan Lerman of Percy Jackson Lightening Thief for SM

nelson on Jan 13, 2010


I liked 500 Days of Summer. However, that and then Spider Man, no. Doesn't do it for me. Raimi had the Evil Dead trilogy. Yes, the 3rd one was awful, but the first two were the best comic book movies made. And watch Taylor Lautner be Peter Parker.

notes on Jan 13, 2010


I hope he (Mark Webb) fails, miserably!!!

Dan on Jan 13, 2010


@1 wow what a novel concept, I agree. As for Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Peter Parker/Spider-Man, give me a break. Just because Webb might direct doesn't mean Gordon-Levitt has to be his leading man again.

Alf on Jan 13, 2010


This will all end in tears, I just know it.....

Victor on Jan 13, 2010


Not excited about this announcement at all, I think its too big a risk for the movie thats meant to reintroduce a franchise! And i seriously don't understand why people would want Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Spiderman A) He's too old for a teenage Peter. B) We need someone who isn't going to look like a weed for the rest of the franchise, Spiderman is meant get stronger, somewhat larger and waaay more physically fit. Joseph would be in the frame of a teen throughout every movie because hes a small guy. There's a lot of focus on finding the right peter but come on, the actor they choose has to grow into a real superhero.

Ken on Jan 13, 2010


I dont get it...he has 0 experience with this type of movie. He made one indie flick and now hes up to start probably one of the most anticipated reboots ever? I mean I know this is more possible than a sealed deal already but this just seems very stupid to me. O yeah and btw I saw 500 days of summer and personally I thought it sucked. Also echoing #27 here but the new reboot is going to be a total disaster...Im pretty much 99.9% sure about that.

Cody on Jan 13, 2010


I hate to say it, but this will be a tremendously horrible film. Because Sam Rami started having issues out of Sony on the third film, they forced him to include Venom, He wasn't ready to do Venom yet witch made sense the stories were way to early on for venom, but they made him do it. and we've all seen that result. Now they have more arguments as to what & who so now Sony says ah we don't need you we'll start over again and bring in a guy with very little experience, someone more controllable who no one knows and they will remind him of that as they go im sure. So in affect its gonna be sonys vision of Spiderman now his suit will be green with dollar signs on it.

Jimmy Love on Jan 13, 2010


I was thinking more along the lines of Peter Berg (Very Bad Things, The Rundown, The Kingdom, Hancock) - someone with great comedic timing (since Spidey's supposed to be funny, remember?) who can direct really cool and visually stunning action scenes as well. And if the new franchise takes place in high school again, why would you want to cast a nearly 30 year old actor to play him? Why not just find someone age appropriate with some serious acting chops who we haven't seen in a million other movies. It worked for Daniel Radcliff. There's talent out there if you go looking for it and don't rely solely on star status. You don't need a big name actor to sell a Spider-Man film. You could have someone's mentally challenged cousin in it and it would still probably break 300 mil. And please don't cast anyone who looks like a nerd. Peter Parker hasn't looked like a nerd since the day after the spider bit him (he's the comic equivalent of that shy girl with glasses that takes them off and lets her hair down and suddenly she's a hottie). Parker was so charming and good looking in the books that he had Gwen Stacey, Mary Jane Watson (a supermodel), and Betty Brant all fighting over him at the same time, so cut the guy some slack.

Pete the Geek on Jan 13, 2010


If Webb does the Spider-Man movies, I'm sure they will be something like Nolan's Batman movies. Awesome characters, dark villains and a very good storyline.

Robbie on Jan 14, 2010


peter Beg would be a good choice. I also think the Disturbia/Eagle Eye guy could do it, good looking films and he can handle action.

ryderup on Jan 14, 2010


So a guy named Mark "Webb" is in talks of directing a "Spider-man" movie....and no one's going to make a joke about his name? What are we here? Adults?!

DRM on Jan 14, 2010


new trilogy means new set of villians the first film GREEN GOBLIN & DR OCTOPUS,the second film KRAVEN THE HUNTER & THE LIZARD & FINALLY THE THIRD FILM VENOM & THE KINGPIN (WHITE).THEN BY THE THIRD FILM YOU HAVE THE SINISTER SIX FORMED,what with the currant trend of everyone showing up in someone else's film,how cool would it be to see spider-man team with deadpool & ironman to do do battle with the sinister six.

tobi,leader of the akatsuki on Jan 14, 2010


Great, another unnecessary fucking reboot telling the same old origin story in 3-D. Who gives a shit?

Sam Shadey on Jan 14, 2010


Levitt would be perfect for the part. Don't kid yourself. Do you want an actual high school student to portray the young Peter Parker? Like that kid from H.S. musical? NOOOOo. Give it to an actor w/ some depth, who is also capable of rage & all the other colors of excaggerated adolescent emotions. I personally was not a big fan of 500 Days of Summer, but it had everything to do w/ my distaste for what's her name's acting skills. Levitt was pitch perfect. Give Parker to Levitt. But please oh please don't rush this film. That's what killed Spidey3, and that's what will kill this franchise, not Sam Raimi. The STUDIOS getting to involved with the film's getting made properly.

Django on Jan 14, 2010


3 words, WHAT THE FUCK! If Sam Raimi hadn't done the first Spider Man movie and done a very good job with it, we would have all these other Marvell Comics movies. Raimi got the ball rolling, if the first SM movie hadn't been such a big hit we wouldn't be having these talks! Sony, Pull Your Heads Out! that's more than 3 words.

Adam on Jan 14, 2010


"Hey, Stewie - read this about Sony and Spiderman!" "What the deuce!!"

Sleepykid on Jan 14, 2010


#1 ftw agreed original cast and crew is desperately needed

zach on Jan 14, 2010


#39 is absolutely right, spiderman started this wave of GOOD superhero movies. Not that i love it, but most people do. And Marc Webb to direct doesn't seem good at all. Yes, the guy as made an awesome flick, but it was a comedy/romantic indie, lets not rush things just because someone has done something good. The same argument goes do Levitt. He's an awesome actor and was great on (500) but does he need to be on every single movie from now on?

Ricardo on Jan 14, 2010


There's only 2 things that could make this situation better. A) Raimi gives sony another chance and starts production on spidy 4 or.... B) Sony finally realizes that nobody wants this reboot and pulls funding. I mean 75% of the feedback on this whole affair is negative. If I was a studio exec I would kill it, all the hype for this is bad and no one wants to see this be made. I really REALLY hope one of those comes true.

PJ H on Jan 14, 2010


Unfortunately Joseph Gordon-Levitt can't play Spider-Man... he's too old. Yeah, he could play a teenager and it wouldn't be outside the realm of believability, however the idea is for him to continue playing Spider-Man in subsequent films. We already saw what happened to Tobey Maguire. He started to look older than the character, and that makes the character just look worn down by life. If it was a one off film, I'm all for Joseph Gordon-Levitt, but as a series, Sony would probably do their best to find a 17 year-old that can act.

Mark on Jan 14, 2010


Ya know its funny how when rumors and news about Spider man 4 were circulating, people were dissing Sam Raimi as a bad director, and bad mouthing Tobey Maguire as a horrible actor, but now that the reboot is on its way, people seem to jump on the band-wagon about how Raimi was the perfect director all along. Interesting. Agreed with #1.

Julian on Jan 14, 2010


Gordon-Levitt is a decent enough actor, and turning into a fine one actually, but he isn't THAT much younger than Tobey Maguire so what would be the point of that move? But umm, I'm seeing reports of that Twilight guy getting the role. If that turns out to be the case... Spidey who?

kevjohn on Jan 14, 2010


Hah. Webb.

Merc on Jan 14, 2010


If that little bitchboy from twilight gets the part of Parker/Spidey it would horrifying and I would never watch it. I think a lot of fans would agree he does not fit the part. ?Sony?

Adam on Jan 15, 2010

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