Mark Millar Thinks Wanted 2 Can Still Happen Without Jolie

March 1, 2010
Source: STV

Fox / Mark Millar

Though Angelina Jolie has a couple options for new projects coming up, one thing that isn't up in the air is the fact that she's not coming back for Wanted 2. In an interview with STV, Wanted co-creator Mark Millar reveals exactly why she wasn't too interested in coming back (if you've seen the film, you know it's not exactly easy or believable to bring her character Fox back for a sequel), but thinks that it wouldn't be all that hard to move ahead with the sequel without Jolie. However, we're talking about a story that, as Millar puts it, "changes everyday" and will need some re-working to bring in a new character to fill her vacant spot.

As someone who wasn't exactly enthralled with the first Wanted, I don't have too much of an investment in actually seeing this come to fruition. When you have a film that ends the way the first one did, you kind of wish it would just exist as a single entity. However, like Millar says, it makes more sense to bring in a new character to take Jolie's spot with some plot modifications rather than bringing back that original character. Apparently the film is still supposed to shoot this year aiming to release sometime in 2011, so we'll see who steps up for the sequel and if it actually comes to fruition. How many of you out there want a sequel?

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I'd be a paying customer the first weekend "Wanted 2" opens up. I LOVED the first movie -- totally brutal fun, like a crazy car out of control with plenty of good twists. The story is not about Angelina Jolie at all. She's an entertaining character with charisma, but she's not the story's centerpiece. It's about the poor wimpy schnook who finds out he's going to be a raging assassin over the course of the film. I say go for it.

PlasticMoonRain on Mar 1, 2010


why is Jolie the catalyst? She died in the first one.

Xerxex on Mar 1, 2010


^ Because she's the biggest star and is, arguably, the one that made the first one as big of a success as it was. They want her back because they think it won't be a success without her.

Alex Billington on Mar 1, 2010


Man this movie was horrible. I have no idea why so many people like this movie, but I hope that it never gets mades. The story had an interesting concept, but it totally fell flat. The acting was horrible and the story worse. Maybe part two can be better than the first, but it definitely sounds like a blockbuster rental and not a blockbuster. ..............And why this is on my mind. Can anyone tell me why hollywood has not made a Robotech movie. I believe that it truely has the potential to be the next Avatar or better.

livingword on Mar 1, 2010


The first movie was, "OK." Not great by any means and I was actually disappointed after NightWatch and Daywatch. Honestly I am really confused as to why Hollywood is so enamored of Mark Millar right now. The guy is a parasite who literally destroys icons. I am reasonably entertained with his original work, but I really loathe what he's done to other franchises and story lines he's been handed. As to Wanted 2, I'd much rather see another Dozer movie.

harm on Mar 1, 2010


I also hope that they don't make a second one. However, I really hope that the director (i believe he was responsible for day/nightwatch) moves on to something else, i love his work.

Dan on Mar 1, 2010


Wanted wasn't even a good action movie, let alone an adaptation of the excellent comic. It's almost as if they took a completely different movie, slapped the same names on it, and then called it Wanted. I won't shed a tear if they don't make a bad sequel to a bad movie.

Pete the Geek on Mar 1, 2010


I am right there with you #1!! Wanted was sheer fanboy entertainment and I loved the first film and can not wait for the second one! Alex.....calm down....I really don't think the success of Wanted was based on Angelina Jolie! It was a comic book action movie that was released in the middle of the summer...that is what made it a hit. Nobody saw her on the poster and said..."Wow I HAVE to see this now" If that were the case "The Changeling" would have made a 100 million dollars. I am very happy to see this news as I thought the return of her character sounded very forced. There are a million other hot actressess out there who could replace Angeline in the sequel. So hopefully this means the sequel will have a bit more integrity!

JAY on Mar 1, 2010


Alex if that is indeed the case, then the director and screenwriter are pitiful, if they only think it will be good based on Jolie alone then to hell with the sequel.

Xerxex on Mar 1, 2010


The first movie was garbage why do they need a second one. I hope she is not in it! I still dont know why her and moragn freman were in that crappy movie.

Davor on Mar 1, 2010


Wanted was released the same day as WALL-E, and I was hoping WALL-E would be the box office winner, which it was. I was surprised that Wanted ended up with a domestic gross of $134 Million (I thought it made only around $75 Million). I didn't see Wanted until it came on the pay TV channel, and I actually enjoyed it a lot. But the Fox character wasn't the focus of the movie, Wesley Gibson was. And since Angie took at bullet to the head, I don't know how they could have ever considered bringing her back.

EJP on Mar 1, 2010


As much as I like Jolie, I'm more likely to see a Wanted sequel without unnecessary ' plot modifications ' why not bring Freeman back too? He was surely intergral to the first films success also?

Smiley on Mar 2, 2010


I didn't see Wanted, but I read a spoiler (and forgot some of the details). I read their plans for "logically" bringing Jolie's character back for 2, but it sounded really dumb to me. The best thing to do would be to bring in another female lead altogether--which is what they have to do now, anyway. So this is good news.

Nada Nuff on Mar 2, 2010


#4: A Robotech movie has been in development for years, with Toby Maguire's company and others. Drafts have been written by Larry Kasdan (yes, him) as well as Al Gough and Miles Millar (Smallville). Not sure where it currently stands, however, although it's such a rich world let's hope it gets made at some point.

Johnnie Walker on Mar 2, 2010


Thanks for the good news Johnnie Walker. I hope that it is developed into a movie and given the showcase that it deserves

livingword on Mar 2, 2010


if they could make the first one without a solid plot, they may be able to make the second without solid actors

Sarah Chino on Mar 2, 2010


Mark Millar is a shameless self-promoter and a terrible writer to boot. Nobody's going to give a shit about Wanted 2, 90% of the reason anyone went to see the first piece of trash is because of Jolie.

SlashBeast on Mar 3, 2010


first of all jolie is annoying, i dont know why there is a big fuss , 2nd of all wanted kinda sucked, so part will share its doom.

splinter on Mar 3, 2010


The more he sells out the more I'm beginning to despise Millar. Wanted sucked horrible monkey balls compared to the source material. This is bullshit.

Johnny Neat on Mar 3, 2010


I totally agree, you can have this movie with someone else!

Sandra on May 13, 2010


I would buy the comics, or get them from my library, but as it's not readily available in NZ are there any sites I could read it at for free?

Mandy on May 23, 2010


If i am not wrong, then i think at the end of the movie jolie died. Now i think it is easier for the director and producer to make a sequel without jolie. Why they are even thinking about a sequel with jolie? I think Mark Miller is thinking in the right way.

Julie on May 27, 2010


Millar seems like a cool dude. How did you not like jolie, Err? It was pretty freaking sweet.

Katie on May 28, 2010


I also think its not that if jolie don't act in the next sequel they can't make another one. She is not mandatory or obvious for the plot. It can be easily done Millar.

Jackie on Jun 3, 2010


Angelina Jolie has a couple options for new projects coming up, one thing that isn't up in the air is the fact that she's not coming back for Wanted 2.

Monica on Jun 5, 2010


Natalie Portman would be a good choice, she did an impressive role on V for Vengeance.

Molly on Jun 30, 2010


I am very happy to see this news as I thought the return of her character sounded very forced. There are a million other hot actressess out there who could replace Angeline in the sequel. So hopefully this means the sequel will have a bit more integrity.

Christine on Jul 29, 2010


Oh, I wonder though what's Jolie's reason why not proceeding with Wanted 2. I do like Jolie a lot, her wanted movie may not be as good as her other films but she still acts so well in the movie, was even expecting a lot that she'll still the lead character in part 2.

Allison Clark on Mar 12, 2011

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