Mark Wahlberg Offered the Lead Role in Remake of 'The Crow'

October 19, 2010
Source: Bloody Disgusting

The Crow / Mark Wahlberg

Straight out of left field comes a wholly interesting development regarding the remake, or rather all-new adaptation, of James O'Barr's comic book The Crow. Last time we updated you on the forthcoming reboot of the comic book adaptation, producer Edward Pressman said an offer was out to a major actor and things were moving ahead "very aggressively" with an eye towards shooting this year. With the end of the year on the horizon, it's unlikely the film will take off before 2011, but Bloody Disgusting is reporting that Mark Wahlberg has been offered the lead role of Eric Draven, a man brutally murdered who comes back to life as an undead avenger.

It seems like a bit of a longshot since big name actors are offered roles like this all the time, but the prospect is certainly enticing. It would certainly be a great redemption from doing a similarly toned flick like Max Payne. Remember writer Nick Cave is behind the script for this new iteration on The Crow with Stephen Norrington (Blade, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen) onboard to direct. Combine all these talents and we're in for quite an interesting take on The Crow. Would you like to see Mark Wahlberg as The Crow?

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I like Marky Mark as much as the next person I guess, but I can't seen anyone living up to Lee's performance.

Jasn on Oct 19, 2010


It was a wish of Brandon' for the movie/s to be finished, Mark Wahlberg will be an excellent choice to take on the role of the crow.

Speedywheelsau on Jun 25, 2011


i'm going to agree with #1 on this...until i see an actually good performance that is.....

Jericho on Oct 19, 2010


I like mark waulberg also but i dont think he fits this role at all. I actually think someone like tom hardy would be good in this. Although I dont think they should remake it at all in the first place.

cmo on Oct 19, 2010


wel I'm not too keen on this, just re-release the original.

Xerxex on Oct 19, 2010


Nah. Just nah.

Crapola on Oct 19, 2010


Hey goat, how's your mother?

Jesus on Oct 19, 2010


No no no. No. No. No no no no no no no no no. No way. No.

Johnny Crow on Oct 19, 2010



David Banner on Oct 19, 2010


Brandon Lee will roll over in his grave !!!

Kevin on Oct 19, 2010


man way to kill an awesome movie...say no to marky mark on this one

Ray on Oct 19, 2010


This is NOT a good idea! The original is awesome and NO ONE can top the late, great Brandon Lee!

Spider on Oct 19, 2010


are you kidding me. Can you really see Marky Mark all gothed out! NO! Brandon Lee is rolling over in his grave!

happy camper on Oct 19, 2010


oops and i forgot! It will be PG-13 and in 3D

happy camper on Oct 19, 2010


i'm with everybody else brandon lee WAS eric draven and i dont think i would like to see marky mark in that role he's to built the actor playin the role has to have a very slim body....there is a couple other actors that would be waaaay better at that role

croniccris on Oct 19, 2010


ABSO FUCKING LUTELY NOT! No no no no no no no no! Mark Wahlberg shouldn't be in ANYTHING let alone THE CROW. The movie's going to blow as it is.. do they have to make it worse?

Dresden on Oct 19, 2010


interesting, you usually at least see one person go against everyone else in the boards, but 17 comments so far and I totally agree with them all: NO NO NO. At the same time, I will wait to see test footage or anything...who knows, we have been surprised before.

Mike McRorey on Oct 19, 2010


I like Wahlberg, but this is not a movie I want to see remade, rebooted, or whatever. They should leave it the way it is, if only for the memory of the late Brandon Lee.

Kalt on Oct 19, 2010


No, just no. Please God in heaven, if your there, you better not let this shit happen.

Cruzer on Oct 19, 2010



sig on Oct 19, 2010


They should do Avatar remake. After all it's already 8 months old.

Bender on Oct 19, 2010


I would like to see someone like Cillian Murphy take on a role like that. He is a bit unknown but I just see him in that type of role. He was in both Batman begins an The Dark knight (as Scarecrowe), Red eye and Inception. He just looks the part and he CAN act.

Shade on Oct 19, 2010


I have some advice - LEAVE IT THE FUCK ALONE!!! They've already remade it with the crap sequels. And Mark Wahlberg? Oh please, I'd rather have a pine cone shoved up my ass than watch this John Cena clone desecrate a fine film.

Carlin on Oct 19, 2010


alors pourquoi nous imposé un remake laissé reposé en paix brandon !!

maddog on Oct 20, 2010

25 about the same response i gave, only a bit louder

Eric on Oct 20, 2010


WOW. there is no way this would be good for anyone involved. especially not us. unless they are planning to do a dark and gritty version (with the director and writer they have now it's obvious they're not) WITHOUT markymark, then this will be hated by all Crow fans. ....but may be loved by the tweenie demographic they're probably after anyway. HOT TOPIC will make a billion dollars.

Jimbone on Oct 20, 2010


Seriously guys, the Crow TV show wasn't that bad. It's the only one that felt like a worthy sequel, and wasn't terrible. Okay so City of Angels had badass villains (Yellow Power Ranger, the Punisher, Iggy Pop... and Mateo from Anaconda)... okay everyone but Mateo. Was Badass. Sort of. oh and @24, Carlin.... Mark Wahlberg is a John Cena clone? REALLY? First off it's the other way around, especially considering Marky Mark predates The Franchise by over a decade. Second off Wahlberg has done some really good movies. And a bunch of meh. Finally... Good Vibrations is waaay better than My Time Is Now. And yes I'm ashamed I know that. Oh yeah. Mark Wahlberg. The Crow. Only way I can see it The Happening is if he was a Rock Star killed by plants n shit, then comes back all Invincible from the dead to avenge himself and his Four Brothers, murdered because they know The Truth About Charlie and The Italian Job, by dishing out a A Perfect Storm of Max Payne to The Three Kings and the Shooter and The Other Guys they hired down by The Yards.

Akirakorn on Oct 20, 2010


I don't know, this could make his career an absolute and bring something out in him we never was there. The trailers for The Fighter already blow anything he's ever done out of the water, so hopefully after that we can recognise him as a stellar actor. To those complaining about remakes, watch the original. They don't go away. they aren't rendered obsolete and a poor remake can only go so far as to make the original better.

Joseph on Oct 20, 2010


This is just a dumb ploy to get some media attention. Obviously Marky Wahlberg isn't going to do a B-Movie at the height of his career. I'm going to offer Mark Wahlberg a lead role in the puppet show I'm filming in my kitchen.

RJ McReady on Oct 20, 2010


Can I cry now? The original Crow is The Crow. Brandon Lee is Eric Draven, period, the fucking end. With all due respect to James O'Barr and his needs and or possible debts, let it go man. Seriously out of respect for yourself, the material and all of us who have appreciate the movie and your work.

Johnny Neat on Oct 20, 2010


No no no no!!! Please leave this one alone!!! There is no remake that can replace the original...EVER!!!

Warren on Oct 20, 2010


lolWUT!!?! Hey... wanna cry? Guess who would've made a pretty epic & acceptable Crow... Heath fucking Ledger. Gawddam you Heath. Gawddam you. (but not rly)

bozo on Oct 20, 2010


I used to think no one could ever top Jack's performance as the Joker.. Especially when I heard it was gonna be Brokeback Joker.. Needlessly to say, I was very wrong. My point: you never fucking know.

Treidon on Oct 20, 2010


The pic you used had me on the floor!! ...Marky Mark as a broody, Emo Goth??? *through gritted teeth* not so much...

Solo Calrissian on Oct 20, 2010



Henry Jones Sr. on Oct 20, 2010


My choose is Charlie Hunnam. yeah. look him up.

Renny on Oct 20, 2010


What? Nooo!

Six! on Oct 20, 2010


See guys, just look how great of an actor Marky Mark is!!!

Sean on Oct 20, 2010


Just say no. Please. Get Jackson Rathbone or someone in that role, if you must remake it. But, better yet, LEAVE IT ALONE 🙂

tati on Oct 20, 2010


To his credit, he's better and tolerable in bit parts like Three Kings and I Heart Huckabees. He's just not suited for star material; never was for that matter. Further as far as The Crow goes, look how terrible Max Payne failed. Don't think a darker more brooding film will play to his limited range. Although I do have one parting word for Wahlberg..."Say hi to your mother for me"

Marc on Oct 20, 2010


Could Brandon Lee kick Mark Wahlberg's ass? I'm not a martial arts expert, so I'm curious how everyone thinks the fight would go.

Mallory on Oct 20, 2010


Normally i just read this site, and never post, but this is a no no. I think this is a very bad idea to remake this movie. It has become a cult classic you can't remake this movie. It would be like remaking Blade Runner or something (not comparing the two movie understand). Brandon Lee's death at the end of filming moved the movie to a new level of caring for many people. To remake it is wrong. To think that Wahlberg could live up to Lee's on screen talent (as the Crow) is a mistake. I like Walhberg's movies for the most part. He's a good actor, but this is a bad idea. Not just him as the Crow, but the whole idea of remaking a classic film. It will fail end of story. Hollywood should stop looking to the past for things to remake, and look into new ideas from fresh minds. thanks

muddgutts on Oct 20, 2010


Doesn't need to be remade. Where are all the fucking writers, still on strike?!?

The Captain on Oct 20, 2010


WTF... who in the hell approves these things? NO on the remake!!!!

DJ SID on Oct 21, 2010


no please no.... there other roles for him ! not the crow. i agree with no. 46!

more expendables pls on Oct 22, 2010


Oh no please no, marky mark. Did u see him in max payne? He's too old anyway. you want him in the crow...THE CROW! The crow is too good a role and it really doesn't need a remake, especially if you're gonna tend to the mainstream wishes which are more action less plot. Please dont. Honestly everyone I can immediately think of is too old, too young, are typecast, can't act...just stop plz we don't need it.

Nuika Omitsu on Oct 25, 2010


Another pointless remake...

Adam on Oct 25, 2010


Just no. He has NOTHING of the Crow about him.

MK24 on Oct 30, 2010


just re-release the original. I can't bare the thought of someone else than brandon lee playing as eric draven

rachel on Oct 31, 2010


NO NO NO NO NO NO NO Keep you're dirty hands of of The Crow. Who's dumb idea was it to remake this classic movie. You can NOT let this loser play the part of Eric Draven. Brandon Lee IS The Crow. The Crow is unique on it's own. It marked something totally new and different. And for me it is the best and greatest movie ever. Brandon Lee owns the role and movie. He made Eric Draven and The Crow to what it is today. He DIED for this part people if you let someone else play this part now it's gonna look like they don't care about what Brandon Lee died for nothing A remake of this classic film is not necessary. Please leave it the way it is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Amy on Nov 3, 2010


How about instead of yet another lousy remake, reimagining, rewhatever the hell you want to call it ... You take the BRILLIANT original, and give it to us on Blu-Ray!!!!

Rick on Nov 3, 2010


Nobody will ever replace Brandon Lee do not touch this movie leave this one alone. Brandon Lee will always be Eric Draven RIP The Crow ~ IT CANT RAIN ALL THE TIME ~ don't do remake this movie.

darth Impreus on Nov 4, 2010


Please don't do it. I have great time for Mark W's movies but this role is not suited to him. If they must remake this classic then it would have been more suited imo to the late Heath Ledger. He was brilliant as the dark and complicated charactor, The Joker. The only actor who is still with us who I could possibly see doing credit to the role would be maybe Johnny Depp but I'm not 100% sold on that idea either.

bazz on Nov 6, 2010


I Like Mark Wahlberg, especially when he goes street smart psycho like his roles in The Basket Ball diaries, Four Brothers and also his role in The Departed that was made only for him and nobody else do better. But, seriously, NO, not for the remake of The Crow. I despise the idea of the remake of The Crow, I rather wished that the studios re-released the original movie, so that everybody ll know how well Brondon Lee acted in that movie and will eventually make many people realize why this movie got its cult following from.

smathews on Nov 9, 2010


STOP REMAKING MOVIES DAMMIT!!!!!!!! the sequels already sucked balls as it is, and as if that wasnt enough they decide to remake a movie that marked its spot in the lives of its many many (yet unheard) audience. these remakes are for the hot topic generation.. (ohhh i am sooo metalheadbannging metalhead where are my pink fishnets..? and daaad have you seen the keys to my hummer? I hate you! you dont understand me!!! ) ....why not make a twilight remake???:D its the same with more makeup and strawberry juice instead of blood.. and lots of glitter!! someone should burn hollywood down. and i agree with 56#smathews. we need a re-release not a remake!!!!

Eva on Dec 19, 2010


Benedict Cumberbatch.

jael on Oct 20, 2011


As much as I enjoyed the film version, I'm eager to see this new one. Hopefully it'll follow the graphic novel (which is, no matter how much you love Brandon Lee, the ORIGINAL Crow) instead of turning into an extended MTV video. Draven was just a guy, not some moody, emo, aspiring rocker. That being said, I find a hard time picturing Wahlberg as Eric Draven. He's too old (IMHO), though I suppose the graphic novel really kinda leaves that open for interpretation. All we know from that is Draven practices martial arts and loves Shelley. No allusions to employment, age (though he LOOKS young), etc.

Allentc2 on Nov 2, 2011

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