Mark Wahlberg Reteaming with David O. Russell for 'Uncharted'

November 24, 2010
Source: MTV

Nathan Drake / Mark Wahlberg

Though he may not be lined up to star in the impending remake of The Crow any longer, it looks like Mark Wahlberg will be the hero of another proposed franchise coming from a video game adaptation. We already know that David O. Russell is writing and directing the video game adaptation of Uncharted: Drake's Fortune for Columbia Pictures, so it's not entirely surprising that Wahlberg recently revealed to MTV that he'll be re-teaming with Russell for a fourth time and leading the adaptation as Nathan Drake. In addition, the actor also adds some weight to some wild casting rumors of a couple interesting actors coming aboard the project as well.

As for the confirmation itself, here's what Wahlberg said,"David is one of the best writer/directors I've ever worked with. The idea that he has is just insane. So hopefully we'll be making that movie this summer." Previously Russell and Wahlberg collaborated on Three Kings, I Heart Huckabees and most recently The Fighter, but this will likely be the biggest film they've ever done together. As far as the wild rumors that have been circulating online about Robert De Niro and Joe Pesci being sought for a couple roles, well apparently that's true. Wahlberg says:

"That's who he wants to write the parts for. I talked to Pesci about it and I know David's people have talked to [Robert De Niro]. I'm obviously in whatever David wants to do but the idea of it is so off the charts: De Niro being my father, Pesci being my uncle. It's not going to be the watered-down version, that's for sure."

I'm not sure why having De Niro and Pesci in the film would mean that this isn't going to be a "watered-down version" of the story unless he's referring to all the violence and cursing they've done in their past movies. In addition, the movie seems to be exploring, shall we say, uncharted areas of the game's backstory since none of Nathan Drake's family members ever make an appearance in the video game franchise. Getting De Niro aboard something like this doesn't seem to hard, but Pesci is probably the harder one to be sold on it. I guess we shouldn't be surprised that a video game adaptation from David O. Russell is already sounding a little off-the-wall. As for Wahlberg's casting, well, our apologies go out to Nathan Fillion. Thoughts?

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One of the worst actors ever...

Ambient on Nov 24, 2010


This is easily the worst news I've heard all day.

AutoTuneRobot on Nov 24, 2010



ryderup on Nov 24, 2010


The Fighter link goes to Ang Lees Taking Woodstock trailer. The first two links go nowhere. But besides that I find Wahlberg to be good in Russell films and I love Uncharted but who knows it might just be another shitty video game movie.

bWack on Nov 24, 2010


Wahlberg??? O cmon >.< thats a horrible choice. I mean least pick someone that has a decent sense of humor. U will never be Nolan North Wahlberg.

John on Nov 24, 2010


@ #4, bWack, Thanks. Looks like we had some strange issues in our HTML code, but they've all been fixed now.

Ethan Anderton on Nov 24, 2010


Ugh! i'll stick to the games thank you very much!

ray on Nov 24, 2010


this is so stupid. mark wahlberg cannot play drake. they are the complete opposites.

dre on Nov 24, 2010


everyone knows this character should be played by Nathan Fillion.

drew on Nov 24, 2010


We all know how well the last videogame adaptation with Markie Mark went. Seriously, Nathan Fillion practically is Drake or the otherway around.

Harry on Nov 24, 2010


I like Marky Mark but I really wanted the dude from Bones for this role. Why didn't anyone ask me first? on Nov 24, 2010


Drake has a every-man/dead-pan attitude and while Whalberg can be funny he's just not Drake. Fillion is the perfect match but he's pushing the perfect guy for Drake is Nolan North, you know why because Drake is based solely on North! He does both the Motion Cap and Voice! I love Whalberg and all but this isn't for him.

Xerxex on Nov 24, 2010


I think Eddie Cibrian would have been a much better choice.

Nick on Nov 24, 2010


this is horrible mark does not have the range for drake drake is not a bad ass tough guy who cusses drake has to be funny and sarcastic and witty mark is none of those

nelson on Nov 24, 2010


No, just no. This guy already ruined Max Payne dammit.

Cruzer on Nov 24, 2010


actually cruzer the the failure of Max Payne belongs to the entire studio production.

Xerxex on Nov 24, 2010


I couldn't agree more with Nathan Fillion as Drake or if they want someone a little younger I think Jensen Ackles would also be close to perfect for the role.

CLAW on Nov 24, 2010


brendan fraiser !! the guy who plays ted mosby of how i met your mother fuckin... sam worthington, am ok whalberg will do

dave on Nov 24, 2010


I want Nathan Fillion as Drake it would be better

Colin on Nov 24, 2010


Nathan Fillion as Drake!!! I refuse to see this movie with Wahlberg.

Lance Chapman on Nov 24, 2010


Why not Bradley Cooper? He has the same physical stature as Drake and he has the comedic chops to pull off Drake's sarcasm but can still be serious. We know he can do action after the ridiculous scenes of A-Team too.

Anthony on Nov 24, 2010


David Boreanz would've owned this role. If only they cared what we, the people of internet message boards, thought about their choice in casting.

MrKelly on Nov 24, 2010


Oh jesus noooo!!! This SO should have been Fillion. This movie is doomed to be a piece of garbage with Wahlberg. It is such a shame to have to say that something you want to see happen should NOT happen because you see it is headed down the wrong road. It is the way Drake delivers his lines in dialogue scenes for the game that you can't fake. You can't hire a stunt actor to deliver those lines. Agreed with #20, I won't be seeing this film with Wahlberg.

dRailer on Nov 24, 2010


Nolan North people! Nolan North is perfect!

Xerxex on Nov 24, 2010


Nolan North is never going to be cast to carry a major movie. Outside of videogamers, no one knows who he is. I agree that Fillion is perfect but a little too old. Personally, I think Sam Rockwell is rough enough around the edge to make a decent Nathan Drake. IMO.

Steven M on Nov 24, 2010


Sad face.

Jertown on Nov 24, 2010


Steven the fans demand it!

Xerxex on Nov 24, 2010


I HATE Mark Wahlberg! and Xerxex, in my opinion he helped ruin Max Payne. I mean he is quoted saying he never played the game and wasn't going to because he didn't have the time. what a hack

DoomCanoe on Nov 24, 2010



Chris on Nov 24, 2010


Mr. Kelly I agree. Or Timothy Olyphant even, but Whalberg? This really is bad news. He's good in a lot of his roles but here, he has a standard that fans know in and out to live up to. This is a bad choice for the lead. The guy from bones has the perfect forehead for drake too. Jenna Fischer from the office could pull off a pretty good Eleana. As long as there's no Meg Ryan type actress playing the part I'm fine with Fischer. But yea, Whalberg isn't really that good of a sleaze. He's a pretty boy. He'd need to tan too. lol. Nathan Fillon is a little dated for this role. I'd love to see Dave borenz in the role. Just a glance at him even in a suit and you just know he was meant for the role. It's annoying sometimes when actors team up with writers/directors to bring to life something that already has a strong fanbase and it gets ruined because they wanted to do it their way. There's still time for this to all change though.

Eli on Nov 24, 2010


Are you kidding me? Really? REALLY? R E A L L Y ? ? Look, Mark Wahlberg, I have no problem with you, just stay the hell away from movies I want to see. Correction: WANTED to see. Well, at least you just saved me a $10 ticket. I'm so sick of these ridiculous casting choices for properties way better than the crap studios put out with their name on it. To quote Theory of a Deadman, I'm hatin' Hollywood.

Outlaw on Nov 24, 2010


First Maky Mark wants to destroy a MASTERPIECE (THE CROW) if you haven't seen this movie this movie is beautiful BRANDON LEE is that movie UNCHARTED Gamers know he destroyed MAx Payne and movie goers know hes best movie is The Big Hit....Please we need to create a Facebook page STOP WALBERG FROM BEING UNCHARTED ....Drake has personality Walberg doesn't....stop the remakes and madnesss.....

Mac on Nov 24, 2010


I should have said everyone was accountable for Max Payne's failure Doomcanoe.

Xerxex on Nov 24, 2010


This is so sad. Nathan Fillon is perfect. Just have Nolan North voiceover his lines!

naveto on Nov 24, 2010


One of the better games out there with a plot to follow so ruining it wouldn't be hard unless they made it familiar to the game but not copy it. I have some faith in this and I'm not sure why but they may pull it off. I never have much hope for game adaptations but I like Marky Mark.

tra la la la la di da on Nov 25, 2010


Well that's a good sign that the movie will suck. Should of cast Chris Pine, at least he can pull off the humor aspect. I like the idea about Nathan Fillon as well.

fancypants on Nov 25, 2010


Couldnt agree more as soon as I started playing uncharted I was instantly struck by how similar drake was to Nathan Fillon in just about everything ive seen him in. I was acutaly looking forward to this when there was so much fan petitions online for him the play drake. Now Im going to steer so far away from the movie. This HAD the potential to be an amazing franchise!

cable on Nov 25, 2010



dRailer on Nov 25, 2010


No no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no this Role shoulda Went to Jensen Ackles hands down. The guys the same age, looks exactly the same and pretty much are the exact same people when it comes to personality's. Don't get me wrong I like Wahlberg and all but c'mon, this is ridiculous.

Rooney on Nov 25, 2010


Isn't David O. Russell the guy who got pummeled by George Clunny?

I have no name on Nov 25, 2010


Not played the games but is Nathan Drake a rather wooden character with limited emotional range (perhaps only managing frustration/disinterest)? If so, I think Wahlberg would be perfect for the role.

Chris on Nov 26, 2010


This is going to hell in a hand basket and fast.

Eli on Nov 26, 2010


Jeremy Renner would be a better pick

Leo on Nov 27, 2010


They should get Wahlberg to do the action, then just CGI Fillion's face over the top 😉

Surgeon on Nov 27, 2010


I think James Roday, of Psych would be a good choice for Drake. He would need to pack on a little more muscle, but he's got the smart assery and comedic personality to pull it off.

Jonathan on Nov 27, 2010


I don't know about Whalberg being Nathan, i loved the game especially the sequel and i had that good image for Nathan, Nathan Fillion or someone that can truly fit the character.

Fisherr on Nov 29, 2010


I really want to hold judgment but this guy is the LAST person I would've picked to play Nathan Drake. Really? Mark Wahlberg? I'm just not seeing it. Sigh.

JustinWhy on Nov 30, 2010


Okay. Nathan Fillion wins. I've been watching Firefly and he seems even more fit for the part than i thought. He definately needs to tan though.

Eli on Dec 14, 2010


I honestly think that having Wahlberg in this movie is a great idea. He has a great sense of humor (The Other Guys/The Oceans movies) and he is a great action star (Bourne Movies) thus making him the ultimate choice for the part of Nathan Drake. Stop hating.

Myles on Mar 20, 2011


...That was Matt Damon.

Jackson on Apr 5, 2011


Though James Roday would also be a very good choice @Jonathan

Myles on Mar 20, 2011

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