Martin Freeman Might Still Play Bilbo Baggins in 'The Hobbit'

September 8, 2010

Martin Freeman

The initial story that precedes this bit of news didn't make it over here simply because an actor not stepping into a coveted role isn't all that newsworthy unless the actor who actually gets the role is mentioned in the same breath. But it looks like we have some fuel for the fire as EW reports Martin Freeman (Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, Love Actually) could still end up playing Bilbo Baggins in the troubled yet anticipated production of The Hobbit with Peter Jackson finally at the helm. A commitment to BBC's series "Sherlock" (where he plays Dr. Watson) initially held him back, but a new schedule proposal may allow him to do both.

No doubt it would be an exhausting run for Freeman, but it might be well worth it for a role of this caliber that will certainly make him a household name. Freeman already has made a decent name for himself in the original British version of "The Office" not to mention Hitchhiker's Guide and bit parts in films like Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz, but this would be huge. Personally, I love the choice, and if New Line and MGM want him badly enough to jockey around their production schedule to accommodate his other commitments, he's obviously impressed all the right people. Apparently a deal is currently being negotiated so this is the most official word we've heard on casting Bilbo Baggins. I really hope it happens. What do you think?

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If "If's" were fifth's we'd all be drunk! Tired of speculation! Just film it! Freeman better join.

Xerxex on Sep 8, 2010


I love Martin Freeman to pieces, but I just can't quite picture him as Bilbo. Then again, I haven't really been able to picture anyone as a young Bilbo other than James McAvoy.

Craig on Sep 8, 2010


The problem we can't accept him as much as some other American Actor ... because there is no much hype around him .. !!! For me he is a good actor and he can take that role ! ... Let's we give him a chance and we will see .. ! 😉

shero on Sep 8, 2010


At this point I'm almost ready to accept bloody Pee Wee Herman as Bilbo if that would get the damn movie started ... Enough speculations, get on with the bloody thing and then we can crucify, er, I mean discuss Jackson's choices after.

Hattori Hanzo on Sep 8, 2010


im not so hype about The Hobbit cause im not a big fan of prequels anyway i feel this project should stay dead @shero what u talking about you cant accept him as much as some other American Actor because there is no much hype around him. to me thats abit odd statement u forget that Bilbo Baggins was played by a British actor Sir Ian Holm.

tazz on Sep 8, 2010


im with xerxex i no longer care about "this's" and "that's" of this movie i just want them to film this mother fucker!

DoomCanoe on Sep 8, 2010


#5 tazz : What I meant is that having an actor in a lead role for a big movie like this must be a famous well known for the audience !!! I know Sir Ian Holm was Bilbo in LOTR ... But he was not the lead character .. isn't !?? Having Martin Freeman as a lead for Hobbit is kind a strange ... !!! But again like I said he is a good actor and we have to give him a chance !! I am not against him being in this movie ... I am just hoping they begin to shoot this movie ... Nothing ells 😉

shero on Sep 8, 2010


He's great as Watson!

xMort on Sep 8, 2010


@shero u dont need a big name famous Hollywood actor to sell a movie it has been proven over the years. even Elijah Wood who starred in LOTR would not consider a powerhouse Hollywood when he starred in the movie.

tazz on Sep 8, 2010


Michael Sheen as Bilbo would be perfect IMO, either way I dont really care I just wanna see this friggin movie already.

Cody w on Sep 8, 2010


He seems a perfect fit. Finally a casting rumour about this film that has me interested.

Mark on Sep 8, 2010


xerxex - you took the words right out of my mouth!............freeman is a perfect choice -NOW GET THESE MOVIES GOING - i'm dying to see them!

beavis on Sep 8, 2010


1 coudnt agree more this is jackson's destiny

8=D on Sep 8, 2010


Morgan Freeman as Bilbo??? lol jk lets see this movie already

Guy on Sep 9, 2010


#7 - you don't need big name stars at all! Viggo Mortensen was all completely unheard of before he played Aragorn, one of the main roles in Lord of the Rings. John Rhys Davies, Orlando Bloom, Sean Astin AND Elijah Wood were all "forgotten men" of Hollywood. For a film that is so story-centric you need good actors, not big names.

Big John on Sep 9, 2010


After watching LOTR !!! ... what will make you surprise in this movie ??? ... because there is no much to be seen in this movie !!! .. A big Dragon !!??? That is why this movie need a bigger name ... And by bigger name I mean a good actor !!! ------------------- And as for Viggo Mortensen he was not ( was all completely unheard ) ..maybe for you but not for me and I am sure not for a lot other movie audiences !!! and as for John Rhys Davies , Sean Astin and Elijah Wood they were not ( forgotten men ) ... again maybe for you but not for me and others ! ... as for Orlando Bloom he was making almost his first steps in real big movies being in LOTR and Black Hawk Down ! and I am agree with you for : (For a film that is so story-centric you need good actors, not big names.) and when I speak about a big name ,well known , famous actor ... I mean a good once ... Not Paris Hilton !!! 😉 ----------------------------- However I am almost repeating myself for the 3 time : I am not against Martin Freeman and Let's we give him a chance and we will see !!! Please do not make me repeat my self once more ! 😉

shero on Sep 9, 2010


Wow... the conversation between Tazz and Shero is fascinatingly incoherent.

Kevin on Sep 9, 2010


Perfect choice, Bilbo was always more of a smart ass, stumblingly brave character compared to Frodo and this guy can play that perfect.

Hiro on Sep 10, 2010


Please, PLEASE BE TRUE! This movie has the potential to be the most epic film in ever. Bring back the original actors where applicable.

Tolkien Freak on Sep 12, 2010

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