Marvel Hires Conan Writers for Upcoming Dr. Strange Movie

June 21, 2010
Source: Deadline

Dr. Strange

Earlier today we heard a rumor about Marvel's third tier characters making their big screen debut through 10-minute short films to play before feature length Marvel properties. Then we got our first look at the new incarnation of Conan starring Jason Momoa. Now, just like how The Planeteers combine to become Captain Planet, those two stories have combined to form an all-new story as Deadline reports that writers Thomas Donnelly and Joshua Oppenheimer (who wrote Conan) have been hired to write Dr. Strange, the first third tier character to get a feature film treatment, and likely the first Marvel production as part of Disney.

It's unclear if this means that Dr. Strange won't be introduced in one of those short films, but I don't think they'd be writing an entire movie if the studio wasn't already committed to making it. If you're unfamiliar, Dr. Strange is a brilliant but arrogant neurosurgeon who found his gift taken away from him after a terrible car accident resulted in extreme nerve damage to his hands. Pushed into obscurity, Strange traveled to the Himalayas where he was trained by a Tibetan sorcerer to hone in on psychic powers and mystical abilities, giving him the amazing mind powers, rather than pure muscle, which he uses to battle powerful villains.

Dr. Strange even has the potential to be eventually brought into an ensemble movie as the Marvel Directory points out: "When the Omegatron threatened the planet, Dr. Strange joined forces with the Hulk and Namor the Sub-Mariner to defeat the ultimate computer. Thereafter, the loose-knit band of Defenders would unite periodically, coming together to oppose threats to humanity." This is the first major step in a long-gestating process to get Dr. Strange to the big screen, as tons of big name writers and directors like Bob Gale, David S. Goyer, Guillermo Del Toro, and even Wes Craven have all been involved in various stages of development in years passed. We'll keep you posted on further developments. Any Dr. Strange fans excited for this?

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YES on a Dr Strange movie!

[A] on Jun 21, 2010


this could be pretty cool, but like every comic movie only if it is casted well. my vote is vince vaughn...haha totally jk, hes an asshole.

Spencer on Jun 21, 2010


right, if it's done well. this is the perfect character for short films though. I would kinda like to see like a series of short films about this character and then appearances in other "marvel universe" movies. like he comes in to send the hulk to another universe. just saying this isn't a staple marvel character

John Stamos on Jun 21, 2010


Love Dr.Strange

Superchyle on Jun 21, 2010


Uh Ethan ever hear of BLADE? Thats pretty damn 3rd tier junior



This would be awesome. It's taking a cue from Disney/Pixar's short films. And it would be cool to see. Just look at that Mortal Kombat trailer. It could make it somewhat similar and be shown in front of Comic Book movies? Brilliant. And then they could show up in the movie without an introduction. Save screen time. Great Idea.

NorseGodorAsskickin on Jun 22, 2010


Sean Penn as Dr. Strange

Loser on Jun 22, 2010


By the Vishanti, this could be a cool movie.

Wong on Jun 22, 2010


Who should play Clea?

WesLey on Jun 22, 2010


I thought Dr. Strange was a bad guy for some reason. ...I hope this doesn't affect the possibility of Nolan making Hugo Strange the villain in the new Batman for fear of confusing the audience.

peloquin on Jun 22, 2010


Doctor Strange is the sorcerer supreme.

tivdatsun on Jun 22, 2010


To the Loser who thought Sean Penn would make a good Dr. Strange: Sean Penn is way overrated. And personally I think he's a bit of a tool. But you are absolutely right on with that casting. I gotta admit, I like the idea.

Joshua m on Jun 22, 2010


Dr Strange..yeah why no..but who gonna be the more powerfull sorcerer on Earth... Sean penn??? Ja...but i talk seriously...hope thaye will do a good script for this..

Sakyo on Jun 22, 2010


Dr. Strange has great potential for the screen now that FX have come so will do far better than Thor, which is going to be a horrendous flop...would have been a smarter move for Brannagh to put his $$$ behind Dr. Strange...

blasphemer on Jun 23, 2010


I would cast Daniel Day Lewis as Strange. Who else?

Greenbud on Aug 3, 2010

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