Marvel Planning Lower Scale Films with Third Tier Characters

April 22, 2010
Source: CHUD

Dr. Strange

Obviously superheroes are going full tilt in the Marvel camp as we slowly but surely lead into the highly anticipated, larger than life, superhero ensemble flick The Avengers. So what else does Marvel have to do? Luckily they have a plethora of other characters, though maybe not as well known as Iron Man or Captain America, who have a future on the big screen as CHUD says they've discovered Marvel Studios is meeting with various writers and directors to work on smaller scale movies based on their third tier characters like Dr. Strange (seen above), Luke Cage and another superhero ensemble known as the Power Pack.

Other characters mentioned include Dazzler and Ka-Zar (who are these guys?), but apparently Marvel is open to bringing any of their characters to the big screen (it's said that filmmakers essentially can pick whatever they want) as long as the price is right. As of now it looks like the price range for these small scale hero flicks is somewhere between $20 and $40 million, which still seems like a lot, but when it comes to studio films, these are definitely still considered small scale. This way Marvel can appease fans by making films based on some of its less iconic, though still loved characters, and not take a huge $100 million+ risk at the box office. In addition, the lower cost means less interference from the suits who would otherwise be extensively worried about making their bank back, and with everyone worried about the dumbing down of Marvel properties because of Disney's purchase of the studio, this is absolutely some great news to hear.

However, these plans are still in the very early stages of development and there's no telling when we might see the first film from this new initiative from Marvel Studios, but hot damn is this studio revolutionizing motion pictures and comic book properties. I can't wait to see how Marvel continues to sprint into the future of the film industry. While DC Entertainment is just warming up, Marvel seems to be on fire, and it doesn't look like they're going anywhere soon. So what third tier characters do you want to see adapted?

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Would love to see a Nova, Ms. Marvel or Falcon flick. Seems like Elektra, Ghost Rider and Punisher would make for great movies too - oh, wait...

Justin on Apr 22, 2010


Squirrel Girl. Really. She kicked Doom's ass once.

Luis M on Apr 22, 2010



Cmurder on Apr 22, 2010


Awe come on! Why'd you have to take off She-Hulk and Spider-Woman. No love! lol

Cmurder on Apr 22, 2010


Dazzler is very hot too. If they did it right, it could be very nice little film. Black Cat is very hot, but kinda ditzy. She Hulk is definitely hot, love the She Hulk, but they need another Hulk film and the Avengers out first. Ms. Marvel is definitely hot, would love to see her made into a movie. Tigra...I would love to see Tigra, rowr! Dr. Strange would be good. Black Panther.

Zantorian on Apr 22, 2010


I like your style Zantorian!

Cmurder on Apr 22, 2010


Dazzler movie could be a great grind-house movie lol. A Luke cage has feature Ironfist and be a buddie cop(hero) movie. hawkeye, Namor (Aquaman with balls and a bad attitude), black panther Nick Fury howling commandos movie set in WW2. Unlikely due to Sam Jackson but it could be his dad or something. A Shield movie that was more espionage than superhero

bigchrisystyle on Apr 22, 2010


Moon Knight. i know...too much like Batman, but why not?

GET TO DA CHOPPAAAAAA! on Apr 22, 2010


maybe a future xmen storyline with cable and bishop,that could work out nice

Spider94 on Apr 22, 2010


The world is now ready for a Cloak and Dagger movie. Loved that comic. So dark. Also, let's throw some serious love towards Canada's answer to the X-Men. We need an Alpha Flight movie and we need that sumbitch now! But of course, if we're going to go back to the tentpoles, then I humbly suggest Secret Wars. The first series of 12, not the 8 million comic crossover madness. I would also love to see Black Cat in just about anything. She doesn't have to do anything, I'm just happy to watch.

DLM Entertainment on Apr 22, 2010


A superhero team-up movie with Shang-Chi, Luke Cage and Iron Fist all together would be sweet. It should contain plenty of crazy martial arts goodness. I see potential in a Dr Strange movie on a big budget for the mystical effects and perhaps have Morbius as the villain. Ka-Zar. Why you ask? It has dinosaurs. Being a Canadian myself, I will entertain the idea of a Alpha Flight movie. The team has a Sasquatch and dwarf named Puck. Sounds cool, eh? **sarcasm**

Allan on Apr 22, 2010


I would definitely be all over a Ms. Marvel movie. Though i wouldn't be surprised if her non-costumed identity made an appearence in "Avengers".

DRM on Apr 22, 2010


Dr Strange that cheap? Still...nice to know if it actually happens.

tra la la la la di da on Apr 22, 2010


Omega Red versus anyone

bucker96 on Apr 22, 2010


longshot and mojo

jebstuart on Apr 22, 2010


Inhumans. Angelina Jolie as Medusa with CGI hair...oh yeah.

Nick on Apr 22, 2010


Dr Strange could be so awesome. There was a rumor awhile ago Del Toro was interested in it .. that would be amazing .. eventually. Especially since you know he can make a high budget looking movie with a low budget (Hellboy).

Kyle on Apr 22, 2010


too many to list.

People's Champ on Apr 22, 2010


thanx to #15. I thought I was the only one who remembered Longshot.

jasonmd2020 on Apr 22, 2010


#9 i was thinking the same exact thing! a time traveling/future storyline with Cable and Bishop would be awesome. Does anyone remember the Fox X-men cartoon two-part episodes where Cable and Bishop both travel back to the present to stop the plague, but both had different solutions. In the end, Cable let Wolverine be infected by Apocalypse's plague so that his healing factor could produce a cure for the rest of mutant kind.

GET TO DA CHOPPAAAAAA! on Apr 22, 2010



pixelblink on Apr 22, 2010


Power Pack??? Nooooo....

Ralph on Apr 22, 2010


"third tier characters" ? Hmm... Excalibur New Mutants Maybe not really third tier characters, more like groups. Could do a Captain Britain that would lead up to Excalibur, but this one might be in the works? A new Elektra, with someone of similar physique like Anne Parillaud in Innocent Blood ( ) Or introduce Cable And ofc LONGSHOT!

David Banner on Apr 23, 2010


My vote goes for Captain Britain.

Jon on Apr 23, 2010


I third the Cable/Bishop idea... Pretty sure fanboys would flock to that one.

Mike on Apr 23, 2010


Alpha Flight

james on Apr 23, 2010


I'll just re-watch Blade I

JMoney on Apr 23, 2010


Iron Fist! Maybe a Hawkeye flick.

Grichmer on Apr 23, 2010


a cable movie in future to the past than a crossover with deadpool or xmen

jester on Apr 23, 2010


"SWEET CHRISTMAS!" I'd love to see a Luke Cage movie! Could do a Black Dynamite 70's vibe with Powerman and Iron Fist - Heroes for Hire. Why not have a little laughter with your ass whoopin'?

DarkRaven18599 on Apr 23, 2010


I agree with most of the previous choices so repeating isn't necessary. so let me get my geek on! Marvel needs to get off planet earth (616) and into da multiverse Deatklok - cyborg, time traveling assassin Machine Man - military robot / android looking for his humanity Adam Warlok - artificially created life form defender of universe + Thanos, Draxx the Destroyer Rom - Space Knight, banishing evil shapeshifting Dire Wraiths to limbo Captain Marvel - white skin Kree warrior bonded With Rick Jones battling Skrulls (maybe Super Skrull?) Vision & Scarlet Witch - android and mutant love couple Cloak and Dagger - ebony and ivory street urchins turned mutant vigilantes Dr. Strange, Namor, Silver Surfer + Hulk = Defenders movie Micronauts - miniture space adventurers/Star Wars rip off (toy line already succesful once) Guardians of the Galaxy - guarding the galaxy Star Jammers - Cyclops pops with motley crew of space pirates battline th Shi' ar (think"Ice Pirates") Shield - Nick Fury, maybe Thunderbolts story line? Hulk offshoots - Skarr son of Hulk, Prof. Hulk(Smart Hulk), Mr Fix It Hulk, Rulk(Red Hulk) from a villian poit of view Spiderman offshoots - Scarlett Spider (Peter Parkers clone), Spiderman Unlimited + (Man Wolf/High Evolutionary/Carnage/Venom), Spiderman 2099 Captain America offshoots - Invaders, Winter Soldier Ironman offshoot- WarMachine

karl on Apr 23, 2010


Unfortunately Im pretty sure the deal Marvel has with Fox means no characters from the X-Men side can appear in other movies . Thus meaning Cable and Bishop or New Mutants or anybody else from that line could be in Marvel movies . And I'm pretty sure the same deal for Spider-Man thus ruling out Black Cat . Namor would be the best a big underwater epic . Cloak and Dagger would be sweet . What about Nova in a space setting fighting Annahilihus. Mind you some of these movies would be well over the budget lol.

Superchyle on Apr 24, 2010


Since the studios like the X-Men: Origins franchise, why not make another one about Cyclops. Except this time let the movie writers screw up the history and have them show a time in Scott's history after joining the X-Men but before Wolverine came to Xavier mansion. I say a plot where the Starjammers come to Xavier mansion looking for Scott because his dad Corsair needs a transfusion or something that only a family member can give him. Then this fills in the history of how Xavier gets the Danger Room technology and why Scott has to wear red lense glasses. It would be cool to have a superhero movie set in space. You could see Cyclops and Professor X travel with the Starjammers to fight the Shi'ar. Plus you can introduce a great villainous character like Deathbird, a conflicted warrior of duty in Gladiator and a love story with Professor X and Lilandra.

Patrick on Apr 26, 2010


@10 - dude you pried the words from my mouth 😀 Definetely a Cloak and Dagger movie would be nice along with > Namor The Submariner > An honest to God Punisher (and as a fan i liked the latest try the most) > She-Hulk would be nice to see our fav gamma radiated gorgeous cousin 😛 with light hearted and an insanely action packed script. > an intense cat and mouse heist movie with Black Cat (maybe a swinging spidey cameo in the background and her lusting eyes and drooling mouth over as her favorite wallcrawler swings away :D) > Inhumans..such potential and definetely adult material > Sentry it has more potential than Superman. he is darker and more complex as a character > Iron Fist and Luke Cage and all those previous not so succesfull attempts for Elektra Daredevil Ghostrider to have better adaptations would be nice Comics are really a vast pool of great ideas and they need really a lot less effort to make a movie out off them.. they are picturised most of the storyboarding is already done... so the suits should let the directors do what they do a bit more freely a wisely chosen good story, a visionary director with a good sense and familarity of the characters and casting ... those make a hard to fail ingredient. relax guys (the suits!) oh one last note: Please let there be another studio other than FOX 🙁 cheers

Burak "D'aequitas" on Apr 27, 2010


- The Immortal Iron Fist - Luke Cage - Darkhawk - Nova - Doctor Strange - Black Panther - Deathlok - Namor The Submariner - Spider-Woman - Moon Knight - Runaways

Marius665 on Apr 29, 2010


Dr. Strange should be top draw but it will b a pg12 pantomime staring an actor who looks like he can't tie his own shoes let alone be a doctor. not that a film has to be an 18 or anything but it could be adult and complex and subtle. Flowers any one?

cart on May 5, 2010

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