Marvel's Captain America & Thor Go 3D + The Gods First Look

July 14, 2010
Source: Hero Complex

Marvel's Thor

With Comic-Con only one week away from kicking off, things are starting to get pretty exciting around here. In the first of what's sure to be many, many first look reveals, LA Times' Hero Complex blog has unveiled a photo of "the gods" from Marvel's Thor - Chris Hemsworth as Thor (left), Anthony Hopkins as Odin (front 'n center), and Tom Hiddleston as Thor's evil brother Loki (right). In addition to that photo, Hero Complex also reveals that Thor and Captain America: The First Avenger will officially be going 3D, and to prove that it's a good decision, they've got some extravagant new quotes from the directors of both movies.

Before we get into the meat of this story, talking about 3D and what everyone thinks of Marvel's decision to venture into the third dimension, we should take a look at the new Thor photo. You can certainly bet there will be a lot more where this came from, but read on below for their quotes, until more Thor photos arrive!

Marvel's Thor - The Gods

After making that announcement, Geoff Boucher goes on to talk with Marvel's Kevin Feige, Thor director Kenneth Branagh, and Captain America director Joe Johnston. All three speak exhaustively about why they think going 3D is the right choice, despite the fact that both movies will NOT be shot in 3D (they even tested it on Captain America, but Johnston said it was "a nightmare" to shoot in 3D). "It's another draft of the story that can reveal itself in a different way. I had a healthy degree of skepticism up front," Branagh explains. "I've become somebody extremely excited about working with possibilities of doing it this way."

Branagh adds: "Is it led by story? Can this offer a different type of experience and exploit what we have in the story? It absolutely can… we travel very long distances in the movie and the opportunity to export and exploit the journey of the hero is really offered up as a great potential enhancement here." Uh, that sounds like a James Cameron speech, but I'm okay with that. Marvel's Kevin Feige pledges that "an unprecedented amount of time" will be devoted to the conversion process. He also says the films will benefit from the fact that the 3D choice was made early on "with passion and planning" and not in post-production. Why not just shoot with 3D cameras from the start? Come on, Marvel! When has converted 3D EVER looked good?

Feige makes another plea: "In being able to think in 3D from the start -- and having every bit of our special effects rendered in true 3D -- we have the opportunity to do it right," he says. "When you're working with a director like Ken Branagh or Joe Johnston, they're not going to settle for less than perfect image. They're not going to settle for something that isn't up to the artistry of everything else they've done on the film. They're not going to put on some overlay in the last 10/12 weeks of post-production for a fiscal reason." I'll hold him to that. Let's hope they turn out amazing, as I don't want these two movies ruined by shitty 3D.

So, all you Marvel fans, what say you? Was it a good idea for Marvel to finally go 3D with Thor and Captain America? Will you watch in 2D or 3D? Concerned about converting? Read the full story on Hero Complex!

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I like the picture....hope the 3D works out...

ray on Jul 14, 2010


I hope this looks better on the big screen because right now it looks like pure cheddar. I'm having Flash Gordon flashbacks and it looks like the costumes were made by the creators of The Power Rangers. Hope I'm wrong.

Fat Baby on Jul 14, 2010


Hopkins looks kinda funny. I just think that by the time these are released, 99% of movies will be in 3-D and Marvel is keeping in pace with what is the current trend and can possibly bring in more revenue. Simple as that. I dont know how long-distances-traveled translates into successful 3-D and using the term "exploit" in movies generally seems like a bad sign, but I'll still be in line anyways. Shiny costumes.

Voice of Reason on Jul 14, 2010


And here I thought Thor's costume was for battle only. Here I see both Odin and Loki sporting the exact same "threads". Looks less like mythological Asgardians and more like Tron.

Nada Nuff on Jul 14, 2010


Please no shitty 3D. goddamnit. but otherwise psyched for the movie cant wait. will probably see it in 2D first.

Logan on Jul 14, 2010


Hate those plates..and the patch...everything looks very fake...damn I had many hopes about this one but looks awfull...

Sakyo on Jul 14, 2010


I will only consider a 3D film if it was planned from the beginning to be 3D and was filmed as such. So, in this case, that means I'll be seeing it in glorious 2D.

Brandon on Jul 14, 2010


Looks awful.

That Awesome Norwegian Dude on Jul 14, 2010


MEGA UGGGGGGG! and the pic looks bad

movie mike on Jul 14, 2010


I'm on the fence with this pic. Hopkins is too cheery for me in this pic. Who knows, they might have more post effects like they did with Liam Neeson and the rest of the gods in Clash of the Titans.

Nick Sears on Jul 14, 2010


Y'know, I've been trying to give this movie the benefit of the doubt but with this? Yeah, this movie has gone from "looks...ehh...okay" to "you couldn't pay me to see this in theaters". Rubber-looking metal suits? Post-conversion 3D (and it doesn't matter how much time they spend on it in post - you can't convincingly fake 3D without either recapturing the actors performance, or without EXTENSIVE CGI modeling)? It looks like sci-fi tech pirates, and is it just me or does Anthony Hopkins look a bit like the poster for 40 Year Old Virgin there?

Pete the Geek on Jul 14, 2010


Looks like Power Rangers. Yet again, Marvel will take another L. Bring on Batman 3, Green Lantern, and The Flash.

Red Eye on Jul 14, 2010


It looks like they got the costumes at party city!

movie mike on Jul 14, 2010


WTF!? 3D aside - if they are going to spend the time and money on the conversion MAYBE it'll be ok. Just release it in 2D as well so those of us who don't give a rats ass about 3D can enjoy it. But speaking of enjoying it DOUBLE WTF!? The costumes aside - they just look BAD. And not in a good/bad way. But just AWFUL! And then look at the set they are standing in. That just looks like SHIT. Seriously bad, bad awful craptacular SHIT! I've seen high school plays with better looking sets than the one pictured here~! Damnit Brannaugh I supported you making this movie! WTH!?

harm on Jul 14, 2010


This pic makes me NOT want to see or hear anything about this movie

branden on Jul 14, 2010


I don't care much for the whole 3D buzz anymore, 2D does it's job.

Robbie on Jul 14, 2010


Bleh. This looks like crap. I love Thor and all, but these costumes are a bit phoned in.

Angry Chief on Jul 14, 2010


Nice to see that the costume designer for Batman & Robin could find work in this economy, ugh.

Craig on Jul 14, 2010


3D + bad costumes, I am not sure I want to see this movie anymore. The costumes look like they are from a made-for-tv movie. Totally weak!

terenced on Jul 14, 2010


oh dear god... what have they done?!

Nick S. on Jul 14, 2010


This looks... like... shit...

ryderup on Jul 14, 2010


They should have like rugged old armors so there is a contrast to Iron Man etc. This looks like cheap Power Rangers suits...

ryderup on Jul 14, 2010


Good grief. Marvel is full of fail.

graffiti bandit on Jul 14, 2010


Got to admit, those costumes look terrible! They went sci-fi when they should have gone fantasy with it. Shame.

Ron on Jul 14, 2010


one day the 2-D option will be removed, and 3-D will reign supreme...and I will be epically annoyed. As for the pic...I need a trailer before I can judge. But I will say this; I was hoping for more olden days...not this.

Xerxex on Jul 14, 2010


Xerxex, just admit it - it looks 100% like cheap shit.

ryderup on Jul 14, 2010


Imagine..... all the thousands of wonderful images of Asgard and the gods therein (courtesy of Marvel and fab artists they use) and the movie goes for squeaky clean plastic panel suits and a laboratory setting!!!!! When I read the comics I always used to think about how Asgard and the people in it looked like they stink!!!!! They were Vikings FFS!!!!!!!!!!

FOOM on Jul 14, 2010


i really do not like 3D movies they are more expensive and at the end there isnt much 3D in them i would choose a 2D movie anytime before 3D movies. So yeah all this 3D movies they are very annoying but as long as we the viewers still have a chance to see the movies in 2D i do not mind.

luis leon on Jul 14, 2010


The whole Ed Norton thing kinda turned me off Marvel. The 3d thing may be the nail in the coffin. I'll put it on my Netflix queue.

bozo on Jul 14, 2010


@11 My Words exactly!!!

ayindi on Jul 14, 2010


The costumes look bad. The patch looks bad. Should have been gritty and organic looking.

VOLD on Jul 14, 2010


And is that supposesed to be Thors hammer? Looks like he's holding a box.

VOLD on Jul 14, 2010


I'm not really a fan of Thor, or even Marvel, but I think this looks terrible. They completely went the wrong direction with the costume design. The only reason I would see this is for Natalie Portman. I don't think there is even hope for Captain America since their mediocre casting of Chris Evans. How are they even going to make The Avengers movie work out? Marvel needs to get their stuff together. And enough with 3D, I'm sick of it.

Chris Q. on Jul 14, 2010


@ryderup it does! Dammit!

Xerxex on Jul 14, 2010


if 3D is the new black....glad I'm white.

Left hook on Jul 14, 2010


So far Thor looks pretty corny. I'm not looking forward to it thus far.

Dan W on Jul 14, 2010


This truly looks awful, it just looks cheap and like Batman & Robin, Marvel has lost it's was since they moved to the House of Mouse..

Dandooo on Jul 14, 2010


This is starting to remind me of "Batman with nipples" (aka Batman and Robin) ... Total interest loss in the Avengers franchise now - especially after loosing Norton as Hulk / Banner. Wake me up when we have solid news on Batman 3.

LetterJ13 on Jul 14, 2010


They look waaaay to polished. Thor should be dark and gritty. tz

Michael on Jul 14, 2010


How do we convey this to Marvel? Oh yeah, forgot Disney doesn't give a mouses ass...

harm on Jul 14, 2010


Uh.... Um... "Release the Kracken!!" Their armor look's corny-er than the gods from the Titans. In all seriousness, WHY does GONDOR's armor look and translate as more "Norse" than what we've seen so far?? Less is more sometimes. Even for Gods.... I don't like where this is headed, but like Xerx, I'm gonna wait for the trailer.

Solo Calrissian on Jul 14, 2010


3D is either over used, in which case its unbelievable and throws me out of the film, or used subtly - to the point where $5 extra is not worth it. Thats one reason 3D sucks. 3D has never/will never be used the way we actually see. Only if everything jumps out in proportion to the other items or backgrounds in the room. Another reason 3D sucks. The screen becomes much darker. Yet again, 3D sucks. Everything can suddenly become blurry with fast paced action (yes even Avatar). Do I even need to say it? Roger Ebert's and Christopher Nolan's thoughts on 3D make a lot of sense to me. Roger says images hurly off the screen defeat the illusion that whats happening on screen is actually happening. While Nolan says 2D is actually closer to how we see than 3D. I agree with both of them. Marvel, you let your audience down because you want more money. Avatar had the same attendance state side as Dark Knight. But the extra money came from those damn glasses. Thats why all the studios pretend they think we like 3D. Those assholes just want more mula. Rant: Over.

Al on Jul 14, 2010


This movie is looking... bad, it won't even look as good as Clash of the Titans

Richard on Jul 14, 2010


Funny! 😀

SillySil on Jul 14, 2010


I think they should avoid releasing pictures like this at all... Let the costumes and everything be a surprise, not a silly photoshoot.

az on Jul 14, 2010


ha! this pic makes the movie look like a musical

DoomCanoe on Jul 14, 2010


OK, those costumes are terrible. They look so cheap

antioch on Jul 14, 2010


My God What is with all the hate with 3D?????If don't want to see it in 3D then go in 2D!!!!!PPL Don't you understand that 3D is the NOW thing..thats in Style NOW!!!!!!And it will be for a couple of more Years>>Just stick with it

Zack on Jul 14, 2010


3d only sucks when the movie wasnt made for 3D..i mean look at Clash of the Titans!!

Zack on Jul 14, 2010


@49 hence why we hate it, its a useless film gimmick that should be removed from the field of film for ever!

Xerxex on Jul 14, 2010


Ohhh Please!!!It's not that bad

Zack on Jul 14, 2010


It's that their making a mess out of it..thats their using it with every movie

Zack on Jul 14, 2010


I wonder what's in Thor's metallic lunchbox? This looks awful. I'm totally turned off by these plastic halloween costumes. What were the costume designers thinking??? Is this a made for TV movie? Kill me now!

Warren on Jul 14, 2010


100% will not be seeing this in 3D...

David on Jul 14, 2010


that stuff looks like source material you bitchin bunch of douchebags, thats odin armor is screamin "jack kirby"

kirbymaniac on Jul 14, 2010


Man, this looks terrible. My enthusiasm for the Avengers is rapidly diminishing.

Vet4Peace on Jul 14, 2010


Is it rustproof ?

Kevin on Jul 14, 2010


I'm wasn't really into the costume designs from the start, they don't look like what we'd consider to be the ancient armor of Gods. I was hoping for something that looked and felt like a crossover between 300 and Lord of the Rings, which is how they were describing the movie. It certainly doesn't look that way. Then again, it's just a photo. Let's see what the actual film looks like. Maybe the armor will look better.

Chris H. on Jul 14, 2010


#56. Well too bad it doesn't translate at all to the media called film.

ryderup on Jul 14, 2010


@Chris I hope so!

ayindi on Jul 14, 2010


Lmao @ 15. "I've seen better sets at a high school play."

Fat Baby on Jul 14, 2010


@56: No disrespect to the great Kirby, IMO the armor itself just doesn't translate well to the big screen based off of what we see like what ryder notes. I'm ALL about Kirby's work, but i just dont see Nolan Running with Cole or Infantino's Batman designs (blue & black briefs over Grey tights). Definately stays in the spirit of the look, but doesn't borrow so much that it looks out of sorts like these pictures do.

Solo Calrissian on Jul 14, 2010


@Zack it IS that bad. I'll quote Bale (I know again!) "Hey, its fucking distracting!"

Xerxex on Jul 14, 2010


looks like crap

moviefan111 on Jul 14, 2010


if its not shot in 3d i wont see it in 3d

dac_fan on Jul 14, 2010


This looks terrible.

Lewis Walker on Jul 14, 2010


Looks great to me. You will all be jumping for joy when the movie finally hits.

Patrick on Jul 14, 2010


Hey you can't judge a movie by only One Picture@64..IT IS NOT THAT BAD!!!!!!!!!!!I will definetly see it in 3d but it depends until i see the trailer

Zack on Jul 14, 2010


Why is everyone complaining, It doesn't look cheap, it's armor, They have mostly wore armor in the comics, Odin has an eye patch I've seen that in the comics, What do you expect, I think the armor looks amazing, you want them to have a bunch of rugged cloths, and crappy helmets, No, didn't think so, and it's not to sci-fy looking, it's not like there's lasers and crap going on, it looks quite majestic to me, it's not like they are straying away from the source material, Thor has a red cape, and black outfit, Loki has a green outfit with gold lining, odin has a red cape and armor, so quit bitching, please, I don't care about 3D, but this is just fine with me, looks promising.

Nick on Jul 14, 2010


enjoy you're gimmick filled day at the movies Zack, I hope you have fun. I will wait for a trailer before I judge this film, but right now color me unimpressed.

Xerxex on Jul 14, 2010


It looks a bit odd, borderline bad and borderline good. Guess it just depends on actually watching the movie. The costumes remind me of the watchmen costumes, it was just there; flashy, cheesy, classy all that and I like it.

Nuika on Jul 14, 2010


and the sets, as far as I've seen in the comis, it pretty much matches the look, huge walls, extravagant designs,ect, I don't see nothing in this pic that looks Science looking, just gods in their armor, just wait until you see footage then judge, it's not like it's looking like batman and robin, neon lighting, and nipples on the suits, so please just Shut up, matches the source material, I don't get sdome people, you complain if it looks like the source material, and you complain if they try to do something original, just take it as it is, and respect the fact that they are making the movie, no if this picture had Thor in blue jeans, and wearing a construction helmet, holding a sledgehammer, than you have the right to bitch, but until than, quit complaining, Nuff Said!!!

Nick on Jul 14, 2010


this pic makes it look so bad! like a Saturday morning live action cartoon

D on Jul 14, 2010


I can't think of worse news. Oh, except for finding out the sun just exploded, but at least then I wouldn't have to wait over a year to be overwhelmingly disappointed. Note to Marvel, blatant money-grabs with no artistic or story merit based on fads rarely work out well. I'm just sayin'. Also, Thor does not wear leather chaps. You should have asked me about this. My girlfriend want's to know if they are assless. It's a fair point.

Matt on Jul 14, 2010


if it looked like a live action cartton the suits and armor would look rubber, that armor looks metal too me, and plus this is just a promo pic, it's not like everything is finished, I guarantee, with proper lighting, it would look better to some of you!

Nick on Jul 14, 2010


WTF? those outfits look worse than most of the 70's and 80's schlock I grew up with. How is it that a movie that came out in '77 had characters with better looking battle armor, yes I'm talking about Star Wars. Stormtroopers and Vader still hold up better than this shit. Give me the armor from Excalibur any day over this ridiculous looking crap!

mconner666 on Jul 14, 2010


this was taken on set, this can not be from the film itself. Maybe in post production it will look better, look at Transformers , I remember when people saw the robots they all said it looked like SHIT LOL

NeoSlyfer on Jul 14, 2010


Man-oh-man, I cannot lie, this looks like total doodoo pie!

Black Dynamite on Jul 14, 2010


I honestly expected Thor to look a little, I don't know, gritty. They all look too damn clean. They'd better not mess this up. Incredible Hulk and Iron Man have gotten it right so far. Thor and Cap MUST live up to expectations. it!

JudasBarron on Jul 14, 2010


Oh dear, that looks bad... But least Anthony Hopkins has a big cheesy grin thinking about the fat pay check he's going to cash for this clunker.

by grabthar's hammer... on Jul 14, 2010


I hope this fails tremendously so Marvel learns its lesson.

Leo on Jul 14, 2010


Odin's eye patch is the only thing they got right.... Odin "sold" an eye for ultimate knowledge according to the Norse myth. I am glad to see a lot of people agree with me... George Lucas talked about the "used future" and in the old Thor comics Asgard always appeared as "viking"! Surely if we all embraced the used future we ought to be supporting a used past? As others have said, there is much post production work yet to do no doubt...and the plastic appearence may well change, but I hope we see muddy shoes and bad hair days to give at least some sense of realism 🙂

FOOM on Jul 15, 2010


this looks terrible

Cody w on Jul 15, 2010


Oh dear oh dear - Nice to see they don't always get it right! These shots look super terrible! I'm out.

dom on Jul 15, 2010


#84. No they did not get it "right". It's the worst looking thing in the picture. I think it fairly obvious that Odin in a movie would have just one eye... But they could have made it alot cooler looking... and sort of rugged, gritty and real... Now it looks like chinese Iron Man rip offs.

ryderup on Jul 15, 2010


they look like a gay band...hehe....awful

splinter on Jul 15, 2010


Let's wait for a trailer....but the 3-D treatment news and Mr. Norton's departure from Marvel have left me pissed.

Clover on Jul 15, 2010


Ha, Ha, ha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Look a Thor hammer!! It looks like made out of foam and painted silver! No weight to it.

Ben on Jul 15, 2010


the picture just proves my point...nothing more than a live action cartoon...will probably make great Saturday morning fare for the children though...

blasphemer on Jul 15, 2010


I'm getting less excited with every leaked picture. The costume/set design should be more... dare I say... Clash of the Titans. And less... Chrysler Building.

Lana on Jul 15, 2010


When is it said that the teaser trailer will come? Heard rumours of july.

Nils on Jul 16, 2010


Those costumes look so fucked up im really thinkin not botherin to c it all together. Costumes look like sumfin play school cooked up! And to make it worse 3D no 1 cares anymore 4 3D its just money makin bullshit. Rather watch movies normal way THANX!

Donza on Jul 17, 2010


wow, hopkins, what soul have you sold??? this looks like one helluva pile...jesus.

concerned on Jul 19, 2010


They get Kenneth Branagh to direct Thor, one of the most prominent Shakespearean actors/directors in the last 30 years, and they populate a movie about a Norse god with plastic looking futuristic armor wearers? Ugh. Why didn't they just make it look realistic? Chainmail tunic with belt, real leather boots with fold, disc plates that look as if they've been forged on the chest and some authentic looking brass wrist bands. No polish, no plastic. Keep the cap,e but fasten it with a chain like a real cape and then give him a metal helmet (that he can obviously take off) with wings "cast" into the metal. What they have here looks terrible. At least the Captain America suit looks like a mix between soldier/CA costume, this looks like cheesy garbage.

Ugh on Jul 25, 2010


#97 Ugh: I couldn't have said it better myself, you took the words right out of my mouth. We've all heard the spiel about how Odin/Thor in the Marvel universe are not Gods but were just perceived as such by the Norse, but that doesn't change the facts that a) The characters already had a strongly established mythos in western culture we are all familiar with, and b) whether or not they were Gods or not, it makes a lot more sense to identify them with Viking imagery from a sales perspective. Anyone who goes to see Thor and isn't a hardcore comic fan will be expecting Viking related themes and undercurrents, not some power ranger, twilight airbrushed cheesy ass bullcrap. As for the eye patch, I think it looks god awful and totally ridiculous on Hopkins.

yeismeload on Jul 26, 2010


3D sucks! And where are the real costumes. I've seen better at comicon! Its happening all over again....the 80's. Do you remember the made for tv movies of thor,hulk,and spiderman? That's what they are doing all over again but trying to sell it off on the big screen! Looking at the costumes makes me think of those old campy movies! Cheesiness but in 3D!

deadpool33 on Aug 13, 2010



The Oct8pus on Oct 29, 2010


@The Oct8pus What a great vocabulary. Let's try to make this world even more ignorant and insensitive. As for the movie, they could have made it much more realistic and still keep elements of Kirby in it. I mean, these don't necessarily even look Kirby as high school production trying to be Kirby added to bad cosplay and cheap "realism" for the movie. No doubt they'll look better than here but not by much. Don't even get me started on Loki. Although I'm happy they're incorporating the mythology to be extraterrestrial and not actual gods, the Norse myths in the "real world" would have then fashioned their culture in part because they literally saw their "gods". If in movies we see uniforms such as Batman or X-Men in their respective forms to be more realistic for a mainstream audience, why not Thor? It would have been far cooler to have an effort Norse feel to it. Perhaps they wanted to shy away from "realism" and make it more "super hero-ish" like Batman Forever but with more of an edge to keep people from thinking it was just another "epic movie". In any case, looking at the action figures, it doesn't seem to be a helmet with the works which is ridiculous if they don't; that's a trademark! I'm not a fan of Marvel/ Disney these days, so I'm sort of happy that I won't be disappointed in not seeing this.

Amy Grayson on Nov 9, 2010

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