Marvel's Infinity Gauntlet Revealed at Comic-Con - Now What?

July 26, 2010

Infinity Gauntlet

Holy sh*t this is a hell of a tease. As I was walking around the Comic-Con showfloor yesterday (Sunday), I stopped by Marvel's booth to snap some shots of the gigantic Thor throne on display. I also wanted to find the helmets from Thor that I heard were out, but I only came across a display case containing this beast of a glove (seen below). I took a quick photo and moved on, not thinking too much about it. Well, turns out this thing is something incredible. It's called the Infinity Gauntlet, essentially (and I'm not exaggerating) it's the most powerful weapon in the Marvel Universe, worn by the most ultimate villain (Thanos) in one series.

So wait - you're telling me Marvel just hinted that the most powerful weapon ever will probably show up in Thor? I doubt it will appear in the Captain America movie, just because they've only been shooting that for five days and this thing seems like it was a prop that was already used in Thor more than anything else. That said, this brings up so many questions, so many ideas, so many different theories as to when/how it will be used. Will Loki, the villain in Thor, use some of its infinite power? Will we see Thanos appear as a villain in The Avengers movie (or one of its sequels)? But how the heck could they ever top something like that?!

Before we go on with additional speculation, check out our photo of the Infinity Gauntlet on display below:

Marvel's Infinity Gauntlet - Comic-Con

For those of you who aren't too familiar with Marvel stories, I suggest reading up on the Infinity Gauntlet for more info. Essentially, the wearer must collect six gems that when combined, give him ultimate power. Different combinations of the gems can allow them to do insanely epic things like warping and re-arranging space, accessing every mind in the entire universe in existence, or trapping entire worlds in un-ending loops of time. However, that seems a little insane to see in any one movie, even though we can clearly see that the Gauntlet on display (above) has all six gems in place, although only the blue one in the middle is glowing.

So, at least in the immediate future, how might we see the Infinity Gauntlet put to use? Our guess (and this is all speculation) is that it might show up in Thor to start. Maybe it's being stored at Asgard (without all of the gems) for safekeeping and Loki, the evil brother of Thor who (from the footage we saw at Comic-Con) becomes the ruler of Asgard after Odin dies, uses it in a limited capacity. If he just uses it with the blue gem (currently in the middle) he can get a boost in mental power and access the thoughts and dreams of other beings, which seems a lot more reasonable to see in this first movie (rather than altering space and time).

Beyond that, we have no clue what will happen. Even potentially seeing the Gauntlet picked up by Thanos (a mutant member of the race of superhumans, creator of the Gauntlet) at some point is almost too crazy to even imagine, because he can pretty much destroy the entire universe with it, Earth would be nothing at all. And to tie things together even further (damn you Marvel!) the very early, raw footage we saw of Red Skull (pre-mask) in Captain America shows him finding the Cosmic Cube, which is another mystical object that Loki (aforementioned) attempts to find and use. Wow - Marvel is bringing out the big guns very early on.

We'd love to hear some of your thoughts about the Infinity Gauntlet and how it may be (one day) used in the cinematic Marvel Universe. But for now, we definitely know it exists and that it'll most likely be at least seen somewhere in Thor, or it probably wouldn't have even been constructed to begin with. So any thoughts?

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Looks sweet. Can't wait to see what Marvel has in mind for it.

Daniel Felts on Jul 26, 2010


The Infinity Gauntlet books were a series of crossover books of a majority of the characters in the Marvel Universe. I would assume that's what the movies would be. The Gauntlet could be introduced in one of the forthcoming films, but the endgame would have to be an Infinity Gauntlet film.

Jonah on Jul 26, 2010


Coolest prop ever...!

Dreckent on Jul 26, 2010


That is one cheesy-looking glove.

ryderup on Jul 26, 2010


Extremely cheesy looking just like the rest of Thor. Fuggit.

Barfy mcbarfly on Jul 26, 2010


Briiing it oooon! This HAS to be in The Avengers.

f on Jul 26, 2010


The helmets were out on saturday. They looked great-especially Loki's.

cyn on Jul 26, 2010


Not wild about the design but the idea of Thanos in any way shape or form makes me very very interested (the Thanos Quest mini-series was once cool story line). Although, the last time Marvel they tried to deal with such a substantial and powerful plot device, they turned Galactus into a cloud of gas in that p.o.s. Silver Surfer movie:( Let's hope this fares better than that and I'll stay cautiously optimistic for now...thanks for these awesome pics and extensive coverage Alex!!

Marc on Jul 26, 2010


I am sorry the Avengers wouldn't stand a snowballs chance in hell against anyone wearing this this. The only reason Thanos go taken down is because he allowed Adam Warlok to do so. Seriously your above god status with this thing.

Dan on Jul 26, 2010


Galactus was owned by fox, this will be a marvel movie not fox so you know they will stay true to comic Thanos

Nick on Jul 26, 2010


cheesy? LOL yeah we need more edgy black and gray lol

nelson on Jul 26, 2010


Not everything that's shown at the convention will necessarily make it into movies. It could be as simple as Marvel saying, "Hey, look what we made... well, see you later!" That being said, I actually hope they never introduce this in any movies because the scope would simply be too large. They would have to incorporate every Marvel character, including the likes of Galactus (and not just some cloud), and even Eternity (the embodiment of the universe) and all for everything after 2+ hours to just reverse itself and go back to normal. It would be to weak and watered-down of a story (even for people who have never read the series) and it would probably just piss everyone off.

Me on Jul 26, 2010


I don't get the costume hate. Yes, there was that really disgusting photo with Anthony Hopkins. But everything else I've seen since seems to apologize for it.

Al on Jul 26, 2010


marvel comics are due to release a comic on the 18th august 2010 a comic........the avengers & the infinity gauntlet. maybe thanos will be the villain in the avengers.

deadpool72 on Jul 26, 2010


Thor is quickly becoming a movie I expect less and less of. Everything I've seen about it up until this point (including the teaser after the credits of Iron Man 2) has just let me down more than I could've imagined. And if this corny glove makes it into it, I don't know how much I could take. Don't get me wrong, I'll reserve pre-judgement until I see footage, and I'll give it a shot if it looks worthy of my money. But right now that doesn't appear to be the case.

Jackson on Jul 26, 2010


@14: That's a rewrite basically. Atomic Robo creator Brian Clevinger is writing it. By the way Brian Clevinger is also writing a Captain America comic book for marvel, perhaps he's just been hired on to work awesomeness into the hype.

John I.G> on Jul 26, 2010


OK, here is my take on the glove. If you've read the books, Thanos's glove was more like a (large) work glove, not a metal one. You have to wonder "why" Thanos chose to put the gems on a glove to begin with. He could have just put them in his pocket. So, maybe, someone else used the gems, in this way before. ALSO, if you'll notice (no one has yet), the pic is of a right handed glove. Thanos used his on his left hand. So, my guess may not be that far off. Your thoughts....?

Typhoon on Jul 26, 2010


MARVEL is literally pulling no punches here, the mere fact that they have the glove and YES it will be in the movie is phenomenal, did Odin take the Glove from Thanos, did Odin assemble the infinity gems and for what purpose, could we see the Celestials in this. Man I am so psyched . Why would Odin even have one of the gems much less all 6 at ONCE ??? Man this is insane. each Gem controls one faucet of our reality. They are the embodiment of the fundamental forces of the Marvel Universe. Heck will we see the One above All ? Because if MARVEL is carrying out the Gloves. The REAL heavy hitters better be present! This is insane!

NeoSlyfer on Jul 26, 2010



Richard on Jul 26, 2010


The Infinity Gauntlet is the single best classic comic ever made. THEY BETTER NOT F^$K IT UP!!!

Angry Chief on Jul 26, 2010


They should not go there with the Gauntlet. Beware Marvel!! The Infinity Gauntlet and its story is way too out there for conventional audience. I can already see that by some of the comments posted here. The concept of Thanos and how he puts the Gauntlet together (the gems are first owned individually by several different and very powerful beings) and why he does it in the first place (he has an undying love for the being known as Lady Death - no pun here) is just too much to squeeze into a film without half-ass-ing it. Yes very cool that this thing exists but really hope it is not put into the movies.

Scared S-less!!! on Jul 26, 2010


Loved this series as a kid......but I think it's a huge tasking to shove in a movie. Looks pretty cool though!

mcwilly on Jul 26, 2010


loki could use it with the gem to control the hulk in avengers

PaulT on Jul 26, 2010


What would happen if the HULK used its powers. that would be the end of us all.

dac_fan on Jul 26, 2010


SO many spoilers already and they haven't even begun filming for the Avengers nor have we seen a trailer for Thor. Marvel needs to hide its major plot lines better. I'm starting to be converted over to DC just for the pure fact that Nolan and Campbell can keep a secret.

peloquin on Jul 26, 2010


@#21, it would be the greatest undertaking in comic movie history. Not just forming an ensemble cast for a superhero teamup, but to unveil a whole new UNIVERSE (pun sort of intended) of stories, characters, and possibilities. It's something that CAN be done, but not in the first movie. Avengers should have a teaser of what's possible for future sequels and characters spinoffs. It'll make Green Lantern look like a child's singalong compared to stories of Galactus, Thanos, Kree, Skrull, Shi'ar, Nova, Drax, etc. But as I've said it would be the greatest undertaking in comic movie history. It would take an incredibly delicate hand to fully coordinate and bring to life these worlds and characters. Unfortunately unless Marvel Studios/Disney keeps EVERYBODY under their studio umbrella with a solid plan of strategy it can fall apart too easily. It does make sense to move in that direction since Marvel hopes to continue with these movies for decades to come.

Chris H. on Jul 26, 2010


WTF!? Am I the only one that cares that Alex ended the story with the heads up that Red Skull gets the COSMIC CUBE!?! HOLY CRAP!?

harm on Jul 26, 2010


Everyone is jumping to conclusions already. No one knows what Marvel has in store yet. Maybe the glove is used in a flashback detailing how it came into being and only setting it up for the future. And for those that are so scared, you're probably the same that said that LOTR or Avengers could not be done in film. If you're scared get a dog. I love that Marvel has the balls and confidence to finally go ahead with their vision. At least unlike DC Marvel isn't scared to take action and only after Marvel made their intentions known did DC get the balls to try and follow I love Marvel and I like DC so I want both to succeed but much more props to Marvel right now

wise on Jul 26, 2010


Thanos sucks in Marvel Vs Capcom 2 that's all I'm sayin

DoomCanoe on Jul 26, 2010


I don't get why people so this looks cheesy. Everything so far aside from the first pic of Odin looks great and true to the source

Rashad on Jul 26, 2010


holy shit, holy shit, holy shit

donald on Jul 26, 2010


Thanos rocks 😀 in Marvel Vs Capcom 2, for those who really know how to play unlike #29 it would be bad ass if he is a villan for any marvel movie 😀

DaftPUNKFAN on Jul 27, 2010


They will sum up the whole The Infinity Gauntlet series in the teaser scene following the credits of the Thor Movie. That way they can pave the way to make the Marvel Civil War into a 90 min movie and rate it PG. Marvel movies rock.

decaffeinated redbull on Jul 27, 2010


#32 i still play daily! on a Dreamcast bitch!

DoomCanoe on Jul 27, 2010


i think its a possibility they could use the infinity gauntlet without even including thanos. which would suck, but i think its fairly likely. and then if they do use thanos, they could butcher the character. i really hope not though! but i think those two possibilities are very likely..

megalodon on Jul 27, 2010



EQ on Jul 27, 2010


Doesn't Iron Man get Ripped in half in the infinity gauntlet series?

PJH on Jul 27, 2010


^^^He gets his head ripped off, Spiderman gets his head bashed in with a rock. It was a very brutal fight, but lets not forget that ALL of Marvels Gods made an appearance in the series. This would be more epic then the Avengers if done correctly, with Thanos wielding the gauntlet.

Nyarl on Jul 27, 2010


Each gem is a small, smooth oblong, and known by their respective powers: Name Color Abilities Prior Owners Soul Green This gem is sentient and has a hunger for souls. Allows the user to steal, manipulate and alter souls, living or dead. The gem is the gateway to an idyllic, pocket-universe. Adam Warlock; Gardener; In-Betweener; Thanos; Nebula; Count Abyss; Magus; Rune; Gemini; Loki; Doctor Strange Time Orange Allows the user total control over the past, present and future. Allows time travel, can age and deage beings and also be used as a weapon by trapping enemies or entire worlds in unending loops of time. Gardener; Thanos; Nebula; Adam Warlock; Gamora; Maxam; Magus; Rune; Hardcase; Loki; Namor;Longshot Space Purple Allows the user to exist in any location (or all locations), move any object anywhere throughout the universe and warp or rearrange space. Runner; Thanos; Nebula; Adam Warlock; Pip the Troll; Magus; Rune; Loki; Black Bolt Mind Blue Allows the user to boost mental power and access the thoughts and dreams of other beings. Backed by the Power Gem, the Mind Gem can access all minds in existence simultaneously. Grandmaster; Thanos; Nebula; Adam Warlock; Moondragon; Magus; Rune; Primevil; Loki; Charles Xavier Reality Yellow Allows the user to fulfill wishes, even if the wish is in direct contradiction with scientific laws. Stranger; Collector; Thanos; Nebula; Adam Warlock; Rune; Night Man; Loki; Iron Man Power Red Accesses all power and energy that ever has or will exist, and can back the other gems and boost their effects. Allows the user to duplicate almost any physical superhuman ability and become invincible. Champion of the Universe; Thanos; Nebula; Adam Warlock; Drax the Destroyer; Thor; Magus; Rune; Lord Pumpkin; Loki; She-Hulk; Titania; Reed Richards That should explain it, its Lokis glove, he at one time had possession of the gems.

Nyarl on Jul 27, 2010


Dr Doom will end up with the Gauntlet

Somebody with actual intelligence on Jul 28, 2010


ooh ooh...thats the glove Bruce Campbell wore in Army of Darkness...

blasphemer on Jul 28, 2010


Wow, you'd think Marvel would have gotten the Gauntlet right. Wrong hand, gems are wrong shape and size and in the wrong places. These gems have NOTHING to do with Thor and Asgard, why destroy such a great concept for what may be another in a long line of bad comic book based movies? I still hope Thor is at least watchable but I'm not getting my hopes up to high...Avengers and Captain America are going to suck really bad eggs though.

Zarathos81 on Jul 29, 2010


i believe their gonna show the glovve at the end of thor as a way to tease u about thanos in the avengers.....their probably gonna show the glove at the a battlefield on the floor and someone picks it up probably at the end of the credits

jeffrey on Aug 1, 2010


why is the soul gem not in the middle of the gauntlet?strange..

gilbert on Aug 27, 2010


I think the "thanos quest" (2 book story of how thanos acquired the gems) would make for a better movie. But they would just mess that up. Keep making bad movies about shitty earth based characters & leave the cosmics in comics where they belong.

Krill on Sep 17, 2010


I read this series as a kid. It was an epic battle. It could be a 5 part film. All super heroes from Marvel joined together to take on Thanos. Wolverine's skeleton became rubber, the Hulk got bitch slapped. In the end I believe the Silver Surfer saved the day. This would destroy Lord of the Rings and I am a fan...

Mike Daou on Dec 30, 2011


I went to see the marvel movie marathon yesterday and found out that Thanos will be in avengers 2 due to the fact that he is shown at the end of the avengers. So that means that this gauntlet will probably be in the avengers 2

Bill on May 4, 2012


You had no idea how right you were 2 years ago, sir.

Meggery on May 7, 2012

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