Matt Damon Talks About Bourne & Soderbergh's Liberace Biopic

October 27, 2010
Source: EW

Matt Damon

Lately there's been a lot of chatter surrounding the new offshoot of the Bourne franchise that Matt Damon helped build with directors Tony Gilroy and Paul Greengrass. Though Damon and the latter director stepped away from another sequel, recently it was revealed Gilroy would both direct and write the next installment, The Bourne Legacy, but without the focus on amnesiac operative Jason Bourne. In an interview with EW, Damon cleared the air about recent comments that made him seem a bit out of the loop and bitter about the Bourne-less feature and even has news on the gestating Liberace biopic from director Steven Soderbergh.

First with Bourne, when the actor mentions that, "Nobody bothered to call me," he wasn't saying that he hadn't been aware of project and the franchise continuing without him. Here's what Damon had to say about his comments and his future with the Bourne franchise:

"I was in a roundtable and they were, like, badgering me about the next Bourne movie. And I was like, 'I don’t know, guys, they didn’t call me. They’re doing another movie with Tony.' I think it’s a smart thing to do. It doesn’t interfere with Paul [Greengrass] and me doing a movie. As I understand it, if you think of X-Men and then Wolverine, it’s just that process in reverse. Tony doesn’t want to hurt the Bourne story. So as I understand it, Jason Bourne is alive in the world that Tony’s going to create. I don’t appear in it, but it’s very much that world. As far as Paul and I are concerned, as long as there’s room for us to come in and do another one, we’re thrilled."

So though Damon isn't doing another Bourne sequel now, apparently he and Greengrass aren't adverse to coming back to the series down the road, and that's definitely some good news. The real question will be whether audiences want to follow another character in the Bourne universe, with a Bourne title, but no Jason Bourne in the story. I guess we'll have to wait and find out.

On the Liberace biopic front, we've heard intermittent updates from director Steven Soderbergh since the project was announced years ago with Michael Douglas attached to star as the iconic pianist. Since Damon is still lined up to play Scott Thorson, one of Liberace's bitter companions, the actor had some relieving news about the gestating project which has had an uncertain future since Douglas recently revealed he was diagnosed with Stage 4 throat cancer. Well apparently Douglas is recovering just fine, is primed to get back to work, and has cleared his schedule to shoot the Liberace biopic next summer. Here's what Damon had to say about that and his upcoming slate:

"I’m doing a few weeks on Contagion with [Steven] Soderbergh, and then I’m doing Cameron Crowe’s movie [We Built A Zoo] in the spring. And then we’re planning on doing Liberace in the summer with Michael [Douglas]. And I’ve talked to Michael and everything’s on schedule for him, which is great. So we’ve all cleared our schedules and are all really excited about that happening. And then the fall’s wide open. So I’d love to do something with Paul, whether we do Bourne or something else. I know he’s been looking for something."

So there you have it. Bourne isn't entirely out of the question for Damon or Greengrass sometime down the road and Soderbergh's Liberace biopic is on track to shoot next year. It's great to hear that Douglas has recovered so quickly and is eager to get back on screen. Meanwhile, Damon has quite an impressive variety in the films on his future slate, and I honestly can't wait to see every single one of them. How about you?

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I hope he and Greengrass come back for another film, if not then oh well.

Xerxex on Oct 27, 2010


I'm glad Matt Damon know how badass the Jason Bourne character is and is open to keep making them. With the right writing and directing it could be like a badass Bond movie.

carlos on Oct 27, 2010


sorry, guys.......i've had enough borne to last me. the movies were great - but i don't think we need more. i'd rather have some ORIGINAL content.

beavis on Oct 28, 2010


oh, and i'm glad to hear about the liberace movie - that might be very interesting.

beavis on Oct 28, 2010


Sounds to me like he figured they'd be stuck w/o him and beg him and Greengrass to come back, at some point, and didn't. He heard about the plans for a new film, one he wasn't asked about, and took offense. Now it sounds like he's changed his tune about doing another one.. and maybe Paul Greengrass has, as well. That's what it sounds like to me, anyway. It might be a matter of ego or maybe he really does like the character, and the world he's helped to build, but he better get his head on straight and realize the Bourne movies are the coolest thing he's done in his career...

RPD on Oct 28, 2010


If they come back and make the fifth (?) "the coolest fucking Bourne movie ever" they can count me in.

ryderup on Oct 28, 2010


RPD there is no ego or going back and forth. Damon has said for years that he would be willing to do another Bourne if the story and script were good and if Greengrass directed it. Nothing has changed. I could careless about a faux Bourne movie.

amanda on Oct 28, 2010


#7 - Damon said that after the second one but he's known since Paul's comments coming off of doing Green Zone that the director had no plans to do another Bourne. If he knew Greengrass wasn't doing another one, and knew he himself wasn't w/o his director, why make these comments? I'm guessing either Damon thinks Paul would do another one, and was just being pissy over Green Zone, or wasn't as against the idea of doing one w/o Greengrass as he let on.. or maybe was against it until he heard there was gonna be one he wasn't involved with. People like to think they are more important than they actually are and I'm sure actors are no exception...

RPD on Oct 28, 2010


Glad to know that Liberace will finally start filming next year and very good to know that Douglas is recovering well.

leo on Oct 28, 2010


RPD Paul said he had no plans to do another bourne movie NOW, he has said if enough time passes then he would be willing to do one. Just like Damon has said. or you can just say you hate Damon and we can just move on, cause you keep trying to make him an ass.

amanda on Oct 28, 2010


Liberace movie? With Michael Douglas and Matt Damon? I smell an Oscar!

Jedibilly on Oct 28, 2010


#7 - Me too! LOL

JohnDoe on Oct 28, 2010


I love love loved the Bourne trilogy. Matt Damon and Paul Greengrass MADE is though. Any other collaboration will not reach their bar. I really want to see where Jason Bourne is now. What happened to him after he disappeared in New York?????

edf on Nov 24, 2010


I magine.............................. A shirtlass MattAdore, poolside by moonlight, twirling a red silk shirt around his motorcycle helmet-for bull, doing a mock ballet..... to Liberace playing Malaguena !!!

Richie D Lirious on Dec 15, 2010



Kojak on Dec 15, 2010


I wont watch that unless Damon is in it. he is incredable and is Jason Borne.

Jeremy Peck on Apr 25, 2011


There is no Jason Bourne without Matt Damon. Matt Damon is Jason Bourne. It will not be watching if the real Jason is not in it please whoever is responsible for the making and writing of Jason Bourne must see the truth.Lets get on with it im ready to jump out of my seat.

Johnson Ruby91 on Jul 14, 2011

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