McQuarrie Writing Top Gun 2 with Smaller Role for Tom Cruise?

October 14, 2010
Source: Vulture

Tom Cruise

It may finally be time to kick the tires and light the fires again with some interesting developments that may bring new life to a long rumored Top Gun sequel. Vulture reports Paramount Pictures has offered producer Jerry Bruckheimer and director Tony Scott to return for a sequel, and apparently writer Christopher McQuarrie (Valkyrie, Usual Suspects) is in line to update the script. Why the new interest? Apparently this new script update has a smaller role for Tom Cruise to return as Maverick, and the actor has agreed to take it as long as it's not too "obvious," like having him play some grumpy Air Force instructor. Read on!

Interestingly enough, there seems to be another driving force behind the re-ignition of the sequel. Apparently David Ellison, the son of Oracle Corp. founder Larry Ellison is quite the fan of Top Gun and high flying in general. As a kid he wrote out his copy on VHS and found himself so inspired that be became an aerobatic pilot and instrument-rated commercial pilot. After that, he decided to go to film school at USC, launched his own production company (Skydance) and made his first feature Flyboys. Though it didn't fare well at the box office, Skydance is still in the movie business and just recently raised $350 million to co-finance films for Paramount. The first film in that deal is the next Mission Impossible sequel starring Tom Cruise. And we've gone full circle!

Honestly, there couldn't be a better time for this project to come together in my opinion. What better move for Tom Cruise (who has apparently lost some of his star power) to return to one of his fans' favorite roles? In addition, Bruckheimer's films at Disney lately (Pirates of the Caribbean aside) haven't been all that impressive, and this may be just what he needs to get his groove back. With the talent mentioned behind the script and Cruise returning in at least some capacity, I'd be interested in taking the action back to the sky again. How about you?

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Lets kick the tires and light the fires!

Cmurder on Oct 14, 2010


Sweet action. I'd pay to watch Maverick go inverted again.

jjlives on Oct 14, 2010


Is it going to be CGI fighters? The Navy doesn't have F-22s and F-35s aren't in the Navy's hand just yet. Then what is the enemy going to fly? Flankers? Are they going to get F-15s to fly as Flankers? Too bad you can't get a Russian T-50. To make it realistic, they propbably are going to have to use CGI which is not good.

Singular on Oct 14, 2010


#3...they'll def use F-35s. The Navy version of the F-35 has foldable wings in order to make room for more on an aircraft carrier. The F-35 was still years from being mass produced when they used it in the latest Die-Hard but that didn't stop them from using it for a major action scene. They might also use the Marine version of the F-35 which was also the one seen in Die-Hard (vertical take off and landing capabilities). The might also use the F-18 Super Hornet.....bad ass jet! They used the F-14 Tomcat in the original Top Gun which has since been decommssioned.

Cmurder on Oct 14, 2010


Cruise in a small cameo?! No Cruise, no show.

Johnny Neat on Oct 14, 2010


It's highly unlikely that Tom Cruise will play an Air Force instructor since his character Maverick was in the Navy. #3...There's no reason to have to use CGI fighters. The F-18 Super Hornet is highly capable of doing whatever Tony Scott wants it to. And why would they get F-15s to fly as Flankers when the SU-27 and SU-33 are highly operational as is the Mig-29 and countless other airframes that other countries use?

Michael on Oct 14, 2010


Hahaahahahah!!! This is hilarious!

Telltale Twin on Oct 14, 2010


Excellent. I'm in. I really hope there is little to no CGI in this movie. Take me to bed, or lose me forever!

Cracky on Oct 14, 2010


#6, because if you want it to be realistic... Who's country is going to allow them to use their Flankers. Countries would probably have to get permission from the Russians just like any country that has Western fighters has to get permission from them. You think they're going to allow it to happen when they know what the outcome in the movie is going to be? Maybe in the US Americans can't tell the difference but a Flanker or Mig 29 is not going to be passed off as a stealth fighter. So if the Americans have F-35s then it won't be at all realistic. Yeah so they'll probably have to go with Hornets.

Singular on Oct 14, 2010


Singular, my apologies. I reread your first post and realized that you were referring to the F-5s used as Migs in the first film. I guess a F-15 could pass off as a Flanker to a lot of folks but it would really drive me crazy! The Eurofighter might make another good adversary. They'll have to fabricate a story to some degree due to the fact that other than the Russians, no other country really has the capability to go up against US airpower.

Michael on Oct 14, 2010


I would only watch it if Cruise wasn't in it, that guy gives me the creeps, not for me

Kaiser on Oct 14, 2010


Glad to see you are possibly going to do this. I had the idea along time ago that the sequel should pick up where Top Gun 1 left off. Follow Maverick through his naval career. He becomes flight instructor in F-18's. He moves up in rank. Various duty stations, and ships. As commander he becomes squadron commander, aboard a nuclear carrier. Along the way, he is such a good pilot that he's chosen for a 2 year stint as a Blue Angel (Boss) Flight Demonstration Aquadron pilot. WOW, you can get some great footage in of the Blue's. (That can be a whole story in itself). The Navy would love it. From there he moves on to being in command of a carrier, as captain. Along the way he goes to Naval War College and other required schools for career advancement. And of course also, along the way, his squadron gets involved in the Iraq War and other areas of combat going on. Maybe throw in some terrorist stuff. Also, it might be a stretch, but how about if he gets married (right after Miramar - flashback) - maybe to Julia Roberts or Hilary Swank! They have a boy (or maybe even a daughter) who grows up wanting to be like dad. He (or she) attends Annapolis, goes on to Pensacola to become a pilot. Maybe he (or she) gets chosen by the Blue Angels lower level!!. Anyway, the possibilities are endless but I definately agree this is the prime tme for the sequel. Just don't make it "Cheesy" or unrealistic. The more acurate it is the more people will like it. DONE RIGHT ... BIG SUCCESS Bob Kuenne, Indio California P.S. Another cool thing would be to have Val Kilmer (Ice Man) make a cameo as a hot shot attorney defending a bad guy at Guantanamo!!

Bob Kuenne on Oct 14, 2010


YEA! This sounds AWESOME. Can't wait to see Tom Cruise and that oh-so-sexy Kelly McGillis.... mmm. Yeah. Oh... wait. ew.

Rufus Kitchmer on Oct 14, 2010


@13 -- You know Mav's heart belonged to Iceman.

i've lost that loving feeling on Oct 14, 2010


Tom Cruise to return as Maverick, and the actor has agreed to take it as long as it's not too "obvious," like having him play some grumpy Air Force instructor. It is obvious Ethan has not seen the film. TOP GUN was at Miramar Naval Air Station when I was there. 'Maverick' was a Navy fighter pilot and 'Goose' an NFO, a Navy navigational flight officer. There is a distinct difference between Air Force and Navy...........

Rosalee on Oct 16, 2010


Great balls of fire!!! Awesome, this news has made my day. If they get the soundtrack right and some great fast jet footage who cares about the storyline, a bit like the original really 😉

Gav on Oct 16, 2010


You can be my wingman anytime. If there is ANY CGI I'm not watching this movie in theaters....DVD maybe. Top Gun was a great movie because they used ACTUAL jets in the action scenes.....we've just been toooo dependent on the CGI for so long....I miss 80's action movies.

Julius on Dec 5, 2010

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