Mel Gibson Comeback Begins with a Cameo in The Hangover 2?

October 18, 2010
Source: NY Post

Mel Gibson

After losing agency representation a few months back for some racist and threatening remarks, Mel Gibson and his career in this industry certainly seemed to be in jeopardy. However, it looks like the once-respected actor and filmmaker is looking to get his groove back in a hurry and he may have found the role to start his uphill battle to get on everyone's good side again. The New York Post reports Gibson has landed a cameo in the anticipated comedy sequel The Hangover 2 which was recently confirmed to take place in Thailand. While this seems like just a rumor, it does jive with some information revealed over the weekend. Read on!

In addition to noticing a report from E! Online stating Heather Graham would not return for The Hangover 2, Latino Review also took note of a mysterious male cameo mentioned last year. Back in December, director Todd Phillips said, "We are going to try and get Tiger Woods for the second one. Yeah, help him regain his image." The cameo would obviously be in the same vein as Mike Tyson's role in the first film and Woods' public infidelities with his marriage would make for some good self-mocking material. However, Gibson's turn in the sequel would be a little more timely, and seems more fitting as Sasha Barrese (who plays Justin Bartha's wife in the film) said the cameo is "unbelievable" and is "the best cameo you've ever seen in your entire life." Mel Gibson could certainly fit the bill.

The source of Gibson's cameo says: "It's a done deal. Mel will make a cameo as a tattoo artist. Filming is taking place on the Warner Bros. lot, where a Bangkok set has been built, and Mel is expected to film his role in two weeks. Then the production moves to Thailand at the end of October." The character details help make it a little more believable and could easily fits in with the recent rumored storyline which apparently sees all the guys re-tracing their steps after a hard night of partying leads to a drunk Stu (Ed Helms) sleeping with a Thai tranny. For now consider this just a rumor, but the prospect certainly has the potential to trump Bill Murray's cameo in Zombieland as arguably the best cameo in the past decade. What do you think?

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I hate these kinds of news stories.....when this is going to end up being true...then I´m going to be pissed. The reason (partially) why the cameo in Zombieland was great was that I had no clue who it was going to be beforehand. Internet should sometimes learn to hold don´t have to report every single tidbit of news (or rumors).

Mart on Oct 18, 2010


It can't trump Murray's cameo b/c Bill's was kept under wraps until the movie premiered. This is just a sad attempt to get publicity for a sequel that should not be made.

blester01 on Oct 18, 2010


Murray's cameo was fantastic, this could be good too. Long live Mel Gibson, keep making movies you hateful mofo!

LINKFX on Oct 18, 2010


Nothing will ever beat the Zombieland Bill Murray cameo. Best cameo in movie history IMHO.

Lucas on Oct 18, 2010


#5 I agree. Just because he's a celebrity it shouldn't matter when he talks shit about people, which they deserve if you ask me. The media makes it such a big fucking deal that even Jesus himself would have to say the guys an asshole, which makes them look like the tards they really are... I can't wait to see him back!!!

Cruzer on Oct 18, 2010


Agreed #6 and #5.. im so sick of everyone bashing Mel.. although he needs to be a little smarter in his decesion making, he is easily my favorite actor and what hes said isnt the worst of what many other celebrities say/do

John on Oct 18, 2010


Ethan Anderton: Dude Braveheart is my fave film. Where did you get that pic of Mel with the William Wallace sword? It's sick!

raddestnerd on Oct 18, 2010


Most of what Mel says is true. People are just to big of cowards to say that sh . Give the old G a break.

Tyrese on Oct 18, 2010


Can everyone please shut up about the Zombieland cameo, btw. Sometimes I feel like the majority of you have only started watching movies over the last 2-3 years or have severe ADD. Celeb cameos are nothing new, but I will say, his was incredibly well done, on par with the great cameos of cinematic history. Quentin Tarantino in Pulp Fiction was epic! Not to mention his cameo in Sleep With Me! Or what about Scorcese's Taxi Driver cameo(creepiest fucking cameo of all time) or perhaps the best cameo of all time, Roman Polanski in Chinatown? That was insanely good. So there are many to chose from when making your pop culture references, k Chill'n?

LINKFX on Oct 18, 2010


"once-respected actor and filmmaker is looking to get his groove back in a hurry" Once respected? Im sorry he can say all the racist things he wants and I wont lose respect for the man who gave us Braveheart.

Cody w on Oct 18, 2010


@ cody w, damn straight. the guy is a genius, no matter what his emotional and baby mama problems are. We need to keep his professional life seperate from his personal life. He'll always be a true bad ass in my book.

LINKFX on Oct 18, 2010


I love Mel Gibson. Seriously, I must have been the only person who did not give shit about his insanity. I support the man. BUT-- The Hangover 2? Come on.

Cracky on Oct 18, 2010


I like Mel. The things hes done to get excommunicated aren't as bad as the things Spike Lee or Roman Polanski have done, and hollywood loves them.

Al on Oct 18, 2010


Cameos in movies are supposed to be little surprises for people to discover.. not broadcasted as big news.. this story is on a lot of websites now and its wierd. Used to be you were watching a movie and you saw a sruprising cameo and it was like a little gift. so now its come to Hangover 2 With Cameos from <> "No Sir, I dont Like it..." *** my post contained a cameo from the horse from ren and stimpy *** see how much better a post it was...

goliad on Oct 18, 2010



That Awesome Norwegian Dude on Oct 18, 2010


This is a bold move from the producers. People LOVE The Hangover, and people HATE Mel Gibson...

leinergroove on Oct 18, 2010


#2, Couldn't have said it better. I hate that SH*T too... almost as much as trailers that reveal too much. I can't stand being able to piece the major plot points together from trailers & info about the movie. If i knew they'd reveal the plot, I wouldn't have read this. On a side note, my favorite Cameo was Chris Rock in 'Jay & Silent Bob.' Blues Bros has the best collection of Cameos tho.

Solo Calrissian on Oct 18, 2010


Bill Murray's cameo was great, but i feel like Will Ferrel's cameo in The Wedding Crashers was a bit better. That was one that i wasn't expecting as well!

el_rey on Oct 18, 2010


@ goliad, check out Toon Wolf Ep 1 & 2 for another ren & stimpy cameo in an awesome web cartoon.

LINKFX on Oct 18, 2010


Great news for the sequel! Mel Gibson! Awesome! I'm looking forward to this. All that Mel supposedly said, 'whatever'..... and the so-called 'rant' tapes were never authenticated--at least, to my knowledge, so this will be a huge slap in the face to all the 'haters', and especially the 'gold digging' Oksana! I've always been a huge Mel Gibson and always will be!! 🙂

Spider on Oct 18, 2010


...a huge Mel Gibson fan and always will be! .....This is awesome and exciting news!

Spider on Oct 18, 2010


the hangover was great. now the studio jus wanna cash in on the unexpected success with a second film as we all kno. i'll give it a watch tho. and i love mel gibson's acting and directing. guy is great at wat he does. he'll bounce back. and a cameo from tiger woods, now that i would love to see

KING on Oct 18, 2010


Gibson insane? duh, but that is one loony I love! were all a little crazy, Gibson just imbraces his lunacy.

Xerxex on Oct 18, 2010


I feel out of touch. The Hangover was awful and unfunny.

he hits oksana with that sword (good) on Oct 18, 2010


People in Hollywood live in there bubble that "everyone hates Mel" the truth is so many people still know he is a genius, and love him as a director and actor. People just like jumping on a bandwagon to destroy someone that makes successful films even when hollywood says they are gonna bomb. Hollywood doesn't do well with getting there asses handed to them.

True Story on Oct 18, 2010


@8 / raddestnerd I think the picture is from the recent Empire 20th anniversary issue. They also had another awesome shot of him again in the suit but with the blue face-paint from Braveheart! If you go to Empireonline I'm sure you will find them

Sumit on Oct 19, 2010


How many times have we seen "Mel Gibson" and "comeback" in the same sentence over the years?

Tom on Oct 19, 2010


Didn't anyone see Mel Gibson's cameo on PAPARAZZI!? Loved it!!!

lara on Oct 19, 2010


@lara loved that part so...random.

Xerxex on Oct 19, 2010


What he needs to do in future is just take it easy, otherwise he is going to say stupid things like he did.

DiR3cT on Oct 20, 2010


@26/Sumit Thanks!

raddestnerd on Oct 27, 2010

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