Mel Gibson's Cameo in 'The Hangover 2' Has Been Thrown Out

October 21, 2010
Source: The Wrap, Deadline

Mel Gibson

You may be surprised to learn that the rumor we'd heard earlier this week concerning a cameo from Mel Gibson in the eagerly anticipated sequel to The Hangover was actually true. Multiple sources confirmed that the struggling actor was indeed making a small appearance in the comedy. However, reports from TMZ indicated that some members of the cast weren't as pleased with the hilarious potential and Gibson's cameo had been cut. Now Deadline and The Wrap confirm the gossip site's report complete with a short statement from director Todd Phillips explaining that it's a tough decision to make, but ultimately a necessary one.

Here's what Phillips had to say about the somewhat disappointing news, "I thought Mel would have been great in the movie and I had the full backing of Jeff Robinov and his team. But I realize filmmaking is a collaborative effort, and this decision ultimately did not have the full support of my entire cast and crew." It's not clear which members of the cast had issues with Gibson's cameo, but I'm sure there are plenty of people in the industry that aren't too pleased with the actor after his offensive remarks that have been made public. It's at least good to hear that this isn't the result of studio interference. Of course, this could all be a diversionary tactic to make the cameo a surprise all over again. Phillips previously flat out lied about the film taking place in Thailand before, so it wouldn't be a surprise.

However, coincidentally enough, earlier this week Vulture noticed that actor Zach Galifianakis was frustrated about some happenings on the set of The Hangover 2, but his grievances weren't fully explained. In speaking with Comedy Death Ray podcast host Scott Aukerman, Galifianakis said, "I'm in a deep protest right now with a movie I'm working on, up in arms about something. But I can't get the guys to [listen]. I'm not making any leeway." I can't imagine an innovative comic like Galifianakis being up in arms about the cameo, so maybe he was trying to convince the naysayers to let the cameo happen? We may never know. Anyone disappointed?

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movie mike on Oct 21, 2010


that sucks, but whats what about Polanski guy rapes a child and people still clamour to work for the guy? gotta love Hollyweird and ass backwards morale, Gibson throws some negative statements about the Jews and he gets that shaft, Polaski throws some pills into glass of wine and he's called a genius.

Xerxex on Oct 21, 2010


except that the french protected polanski and have no love loss for gibson. i guess he could escape to austrailia if he really wanted to

David (uk) on Oct 21, 2010


Hopefully it's just a lie and Gibson can keep his cameo, I feel it would've somewhat re-ignited his career, and if it didn't it just would've been sweet! I guess they're just gonna go out and have to get Gary Busey or something... I say we all pull to have Clint Eastwood cameo as a creeper old guy looking at hookers...

el_rey on Oct 21, 2010


Polanski rapes - hollywood loves and forgives. Spike Lee makes daily off the wall comments about anyone who isn't black/ doesn't agree with him - hollywood loves and forgives. Woody Allen marries stepdaughter - hollywood loves and forgives Mel Gibson yells at his wife - loses representation by agents, no one wants to work with him. Yes, the man said some nasty things while drunk. Thats what alcohol does to people. But is all this backlash really deserved? I don't think so.

Al on Oct 21, 2010


Wow, so no one had a problem with Mike Tyson? who served time for Rape, but Mel talks racist nonsense, and people are upset. I couldn't agree more w/Xerxes, friggin Hollywood. I don't condone what Mel did, but his cameo could've been funny.

theotherbluth on Oct 21, 2010


What a crock!! The Gibson tapes were never authenticated and even so, everybody 'rants' about something at one point or another! It just happened to be a rant of a Billionaire star! I agree with the posts above with the Polanski and Tyson debacles! The hypocrisy in Hollywood does trip on it's own legs from time to time, though! I am a Mel Gibson fan and would have loved to have seen the cameo! If Galifinakis did have something to do with this, he's just freakin' jealous of Gibson. Zach is so overrated and he sucks! ......It would be awesome if Stallone gives Gibson a cameo in the upcoming, "The Expendables 2"......that would be inspired casting and a slap in the face to, "The Hangover" crew!

Blue Silver on Oct 21, 2010


#6 - Totally with you there. It's amazing too, how one persons comments can be taken out of context and used to demonise them to the nth degree. Coincidentally those who do all the demonising (the CORPORATE media) are also controlled by the same elite wealthy people who dominate the world. Dominate the world in ways which characters like Benjamin Martin from The Patriot try to overcome. Oh and who plays that character... Oh yeah, Mel Gibson. Hmm... What's another classic movie with a bit of meaning, regarding overthrowing the corrupt establishments so to speak.... Oh yeah, Braveheart... Wait a minute... That too starred Mel Gibson didn't it!? Strange coincidence. So strange it even makes it strange to think back to the time when Charlie Sheen was demonised all over the corporate media, when he simply asked a few questions regarding the "official 9/11 story" since to him and anybody with any intellect, it just doesn't make sense... Hmm... Coincidences are a fascinating thing aren't they...

Higher IQ than You on Oct 21, 2010


Struggling actor????? The guy owns a fucking island.

Klo on Oct 21, 2010


Very dissapointed with their decision. I love Mel Gibson as an actor.

LINKFX on Oct 21, 2010


In my opinion it isn't about the things he's done being worse than Tyson, but that it's so soon afterward. I still think it should be in there. If it was funny, it was funny. This is a comedy, a raunchy one at that. This isn't a Disney production.

Audioout on Oct 21, 2010


I just want to apologize for my numerous mistakes in my previous comments, my keyboard is on the fritz!

Xerxex on Oct 21, 2010


Maybe there was a jew in the cast. In all seriousness, this shouldn't hurt the movie. It's gonna be funny as hell.

Connor on Oct 21, 2010


This sucks.

That Awesome Norwegian Dude on Oct 21, 2010


this sucks. i was looking forward to seeing him. come on people, that's Mad Max ! he can do whatever the hell he wants in my book.

Astroboy3000 on Oct 21, 2010


should call it "get over" the guy is Amazing give him a break. Chris fucker says lots of racist "jokes" and no one complain.

none134 on Oct 21, 2010


The way I see it, this is just more ammo for Mel. The guy gets pulled over by the cops a few years ago, and goes on a well publicized tirade about how the jews run / ruin everything. Now he gets pulled from a movie because of his racist remarks, likely because of a pissed off jew. Self fulfilling prophecy? Karma? or maybe, just maybe, he's right. Perhaps Mel is being opressed by the opressed. Braveheart is likely spinning in his various graves.

gonnarentit on Oct 21, 2010


I can overlook what an actor does for the most part. It's their personal life that doesn't concern me. Who is the guy/girl taking my order at Taco Bell? Are they abusive to their significant other? Are they burning flags in their back yard? As long as my Taco didn't have tomatoes on it I don't care what they do. I overlook Tom Cruises choice of cults (his cameo in Tropic Thunder was truly the stuff of awesome sauce). Alec Baldwin said what to his kid (love me some 30 Rock)? Who had a dog fighting ring set up in his living room? Okay that last one I can't really overlook. My point is, these celebrities have their own demons to work out like my alcoholic father did. I hope they get their act together but if they are doing their job (which I would classify as entertaining) and they are actually entertaining me on some level, I can separate their personal life from their professional one.

Tether on Oct 21, 2010


Sucked in. This is only happening to make you think Gibson is no longer in the film. This is a farce. Imagine with tropic thunder if everyone knew Cruise was in it? It would have lost it's surprise.

Pat on Oct 21, 2010


Tyson's cameo in The Hangover was great because he was playing it straight and wasn't afraid to poke fun at himself. He didn't just jump in and go crazy laughing it up, he humanized himself by being the victim of a prank and forgiving the guys. Yeah people do crazy s*#t when their f($*#d up. I'm assuming Gibson just did something zany and ranty, like Cruize in Tropic Thunder, and it didn't come off as planned. Personally I thought Cruise's cameo was funny for 1 segment, and REALLY didn't like it when he did it at the MTV Movie Awards (or was it VMAs?). A guy publicized for being an overbearing douche bag making a cameo as an foul mouthed overbearing douche bag is not funny. I commend him for breaking form and swearing like a drunken sailor and (trying) negatively portray his character, but in the end it was just him beating his own chest. and @ el_rey... I'll see your Gary Busey cameo and raise you a Jake. Both Buseys on screen together would be classic.

Akirakorn on Oct 21, 2010


Ethan you have moved up a few notches in my book if you listen to CDR. Great podcast with awesome guests and hilarious bit characters.

carlos on Oct 21, 2010


So many people love Gibson, Hollywood doesn't even have a clue.

True Story on Oct 21, 2010


Stupid hypocrites, they think they are perfect. Fuck them all Mel. I am 100% with you.

var2apo on Oct 22, 2010


Somewhat on topic, I can see where Zach Galifiinaiuanakuansius is unhappy with not being able to make a movie his way. I mean, he's been relevant for 2 years playing the same straight faced bearded midget, why wouldn't he deserve the world.

L on Oct 22, 2010


Wow, lets get this out of the way. To gonnarentit and anyone else who may feel this way, the Jewish community in America does NOT have any coordinated influence over Hollywood. Ignoring the fact that an entire ethnic group acting out a singular ideology is absurd and logistically impossible, people in prominent positions of the media are all subject to their own individual values and ideologies. If there is a disproportionate number of Jews working in media, it is no different from the disproportionate representation of other ethnic groups in any number of industries resulting from immigration and intra-community networking. Are Jews more likely to be offended by anti-semitism and to retaliate against it? Perhaps. But with the vastly WHITE controlled media, how do you explain movies that attack the white patriarchy being allowed to exist? I'm really don't want to start a flame war about racism, especially since I rarely post here anyway, but these age old notions of Jewish power are wrong and a blatant attack on such a tiny group that it's ridiculously offensive. Mel Gibson's comments didn't cause an outcry because they offended a few people in power; they caused an outcry because they offended the decency of us all. And as another poster noted, for God's sake, Mel Gibson is not being oppressed. Such a statement offends people who HAVE been oppressed by things like, I don't know, systematic rape and slaughter? Alright, as for the issue at hand, I for one have no problem with Mel Gibson being cut from the movie. My problem with his cameo was not because he said racist things in the past, although that doesn't help. My problem with it is that it seems to be trivializing and making fun of the fact that he is an alcoholic and allegedly a violent dangerous one. Why else put Mel Gibson in a movie called the Hangover? I don't care WHO he plays. It's ridiculous. And for people saying that "Hollywood "forgave" Roman Polanski for worse... you're right. I've always been critical of people rushing to the defense of Polanski. If the two of them want to continue working in the film industry I don't care. But I don't support people rallying to their cause as if their victims. Please.

Boiler Bro Joe on Oct 22, 2010


Mel is the man!!I'll be glad when all of this just moves on...I mean c'mon guys, who haven't dealt with a crazy broad in their life?I'd be calling her all kinds of names too! Hollywood is being run by a bunch of C@#*S!!

jah p on Oct 22, 2010


I say good. Screw Mel Gibson and his anti-Semitism, overall general racism, misogyny and wife-beating. This scumbag has had too good a life, and I fully support him being ostracised.

NYF on Oct 22, 2010


Its just a movie.Who gives a f..k?,Mel can wipe his tears with his three houndred million. If you go to a whorehouse expect to get f..ked;Richard Harris.

tir na nog on Oct 22, 2010


It just goes to show you that you can be forgiven by Hollywood for raping women, but don't you EVER say anything bad about Jews.

Willy Wonka Balls on Oct 22, 2010


"Maybe there was a Jew in the cast..." Connor, that was funny! đŸ˜€

McQueen on Oct 22, 2010


"It just goes to show you that you can be forgiven by Hollywood for raping women, but don't you EVER say anything bad about Jews." Actually, it could very much have to do with wishing rape "by a pack of n**gers," going on about "wetbacks," and punching the teeth out of the head of one's spouse. Way to be passive-aggressively anti-Semitic yourself though.

NYF on Oct 23, 2010


Jews controlling the media!? Who said anything about that? It's the elite people behind the curtains of the government. Some people call them the shadow government. Others call them the New World Order. This group of people doesn't like Mel Gibson because of his opinions and attitudes towards things that actually matter, such as human rights. When he stars in movies like "The Patriot" for example, a movie about the U.S. revolution, fighting for the rights which the U.S. is having stripped away, the men behind the curtain don't like it because they dont like the general public to think about stuff like their rights of the constitution and about the history of how their rights came about. The shadow government just wants the general public to be dumbed down not thinking about anything and just doing as they're routinely taught to do (almost no better than slaves - but without even realising it). So once an opportunity came up to demonise Mel when he said something out of line, the shadow government took full advantage of it by getting the media (which many members of the shadow government control) to demonise him so he loses credibility and so that people dislike him. The more people who dislike him, the less people that will watch his movies and listen to his opinions and therefore the less people that will wake up and see the truth about how they are being manipulated by the corporate media which is controlled by the shadow government. It has nothing to do with Jews at all! It's just one enemy taking advantage of a bad situation the other enemy is in. And just the same happened with Charlie Sheen. Surely you all remember when Charlie Sheen was all over the news a few years ago again being demonised to an even bigger degree than Mel Gibson has been. And the reason was because he asked for a further investigation into 9/11. He didn't bring forth any theories about 9/11 or anything like that, he just said that upon a bit of research and upon reading reports from engineers and hearing firefighters testomonies, he believed that the official story didn't add up, so a further investigation to discover the REAL facts should be considered. For this, the corporate media demonised him. And why? Because the corporate media is controlled by the shadow government, the same shadow government which was probably responsible for the 9/11 attacks to begin with. If parts of the government weren't involved, all they need do is answer a few questions which don't add up and allow some independent investigations. But the government (actually controlled by the financers behind the curtain) won't have a bar of it at all. Which only makes them seem guilty, as would anybody who refuses to assist in discovering the truth. Especially when the excuse is that they're too busy gaining oil resources by killing civilians in Iraq. I don't want to believe that the government was behind the attacks, but they sure as hell act in a way which gives the impression they were. And this whole demonising of people like Mel Gibson and Charlie Sheen only further pushes the feeling. Again, the Jews have NOTHING to do with ANYTHING!

Me on Oct 24, 2010


Umm .. "Struggling Actor" ?? I would HARDLY call Mel Gibson a struggling anything!! He's made so much money from acting, even MORE from directing, and his movies are almost always successful, weather he is acting, directing or producing! "Gibson can keep his cameo, I feel it would've somewhat re-ignited his career" Are you freagin' kidding me?? You think Mel Gibson can't find a job?? loool

Etch on Oct 25, 2010


I love it when all you ignorant unsophisticated dumb anti-Semites are all up in arms about the most famous anti-Semite of this decade. Why are you always reminding us that the Jews control Hollywood? Why are you numb-nuts not realizing that the Jews in fact lead every aspect in life that requires brains? The Jews lead in the medical field, you all know that when you hear of a good doctor he is most likely Jewish, most good attorneys are Jewish, and Jews have earned the most Nobel prizes in the area that requires brains. So, get over it, the Jews are dam smart and you come in second or third….

David Jewson on Nov 13, 2010

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