MGM Wants James Bond Back in Theaters By November 2012

November 4, 2010
Source: MovieWeb, Bloomberg

James Bond

Though MGM just recently filed for bankruptcy, that's actually a huge step in the studio finally getting on its feet (along with the previous news of Spyglass Entertainment executives stepping in to manage the studio). Along with MGM finally waking up from its coma, so are their most precious commodities. Many fans who were disappointed that MGM had postponed the next installment in the James Bond franchise was delayed indefinitely can breathe a sigh of relief as Bloomberg reports (via MovieWeb) that MGM plans to have Agent 007 back in theaters by November of 2012 and every two years after that. Here's where Neo says, "Whoa!"

While July brought worries of Daniel Craig and director Sam Mendes stepping away completely from the franchise, but the project was simply on hold and it's believed that both the film's star and director will return for the next sequel. However, the timetable for a November 2012 release might create some problems since Craig is also signed for the American adaptation of all three installments of Steig Larsson's Millennium Trilogy which begins with The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo currently in production. I'm sure a schedule can be worked out to compensate Craig's schedule, and I doubt MGM wants to lose Craig, arguably one of the best actors to put on the tuxedo, so easily.

As for MGM's recovery with the franchise, the studio plans to own 50 percent of the new film upon its release with an equal partner paying for all production costs. Later films released every other year, following what will be the 23rd James Bond film in November of 2012, will be fully owned and funded by MGM. Frankly, I'm just excited about the prospect of James Bond finally getting back on track, and hopefully these plans actually come to fruition. Anyone glad to hear the plans for the return of James Bond?

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Bond is worth the wait. Loved the direction of the Craig adapted franchise.

LetterJ13 on Nov 4, 2010


Nice to see it's back on track.

That Awesome Norwegian Dude on Nov 4, 2010


Mendes and Craig will give us one of the best Bond films ever! as #1 said its worth the wait.

Xerxex on Nov 4, 2010



Neo on Nov 4, 2010


When the great craig steps down from the role of Bond I suggest that Tom Hardy fills his shoes as Bond

loser on Nov 4, 2010



A5J4DX on Nov 4, 2010


whew! good news finally.

cyn on Nov 4, 2010


nice, i will go with 1 and 2 on this and be happy to wait...

Jericho on Nov 4, 2010


Honestly, I'd be up for a new Bond. Craig was on an OK roll back there, but I was never attached nor thought he brought much to the franchise aside from simply being something new. To me, Craig never really transformed into James Bond as easily and as enjoyable as other actors have....or maybe I just wasnt all too impressed with QoS. We'll see.......

Voice of Reason on Nov 4, 2010


You are correct, Craig never transformed into the Bond we all know and love. This is because they were starting from square one if you remember correctly, and at first I really did not enjoy QoS because it didn’t feel like a Bond film. Then I remembered "This is Bond PRIOR to Dr.No, I have to remember that!!!" and then looking at it from a new light I rather enjoyed it. I really enjoyed Casino Royale; it is my second favorite Bond film under From Russia with Love/Goldfinger. I also like Daniel Craig so I hope he is on board.

Jacob Crim on Nov 4, 2010


I think it's time for a black james bond or an indian one, just to add some diversity to the roll. I'd like to see Idris Elba get a crack at james bond next and possibly some of the better english indian actors too.

jah p on Nov 4, 2010


Excellent news. This waiting for a new Bond is terrible...

RPD on Nov 4, 2010


The nightmare continues.

sylvain from Paris on Nov 4, 2010


PLEASE keep Craig. He is a GREAT Bond. and so damn cute.

Jesus on Nov 4, 2010


jah p will never happen, Bond is a white guy accept it.

Xerxex on Nov 4, 2010


Finally the return of a British actor who can act!

Jezza on Nov 4, 2010


none of my comments are going through!

Jesus on Nov 4, 2010


Yay!!! Loved QoS!!! Fuck the haters

LINKFX on Nov 4, 2010


Why not xerxes? I think it would make for an interesting change. Why can't we have two? They did two back in the early 80's with Octopussy and the Sean Connery one and they both came out the same year, so tell me again xerxes, why can't they do both? Don't give me that white shit either because I'm sure in England they are alot of smooth non-white guys that could play the role of 007!Nothing against Craig though, he's a good Bond, but they could do two, all I'm saying.

jah p on Nov 4, 2010


Bonds White, that's it that's just the way it is and always has been, there's plenty of none White guys who could pull it off but there's just no need. If it's not broke don't fix it. And I don't think it's broke with Craig yet. I'm happy to wait and I hope he stays on for at least one more altho I can't see him staying to do o e every tow years.

Dandoo on Nov 4, 2010


@19 -- So why not a white John Shaft? Bond is a white dude, get over it. And the two Bonds back in 1983 was to do with Kevin McClory's legal beef with the Thunderball story, which is why Never Say... got made.

shaken, not stirred on Nov 4, 2010


Changing James Bond, to a black character, is too gimmicky. I think there are black actors that could carry an action franchise. I'd pay to see Denzel Washington play that kind of a role, in a series of films; but come up, with an original character.

Dave Lister, J.M.C. on Nov 4, 2010


Just recently watched the previous Bond casino royale, all i could say is that previous Bond are worth the watch. Hope that they would could push through with this one.

BuyWoWDruid on Nov 4, 2010


007 Is white guy Jah, I'd much rather a series made soley for a black character, not flipping a current character.

Xerxex on Nov 4, 2010


hell ya about time but why would they wanna rush things and try to fit it in 2012? wait a year so it not in between batman and the avengers otherwise it aint gonna make shit!

croniccris on Nov 4, 2010


I agree xerxex, I bet none of you even remember that before Craig was announced as the newest Bond after Brosnan left the franchise, they even considered adding some color to the James Bond franchise, but it's been years ago. I'd watch them either way, regardless, but just for once I'd like to see a different take on the character, all I'm saying...

jah p on Nov 5, 2010


@11 I'm Indian and no, I don't want an Indian Bond. Or a black Bond. I don't even want an American James Bond. Bond is British, he always should be! If you want a black spy, make one up.

MithunOnThe.Net on Nov 7, 2010


@27, Maybe one day MGM will sucka!!who asked you anyway?

jah p on Nov 7, 2010

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