Michael Bay Shooting Transformers 3 with PACE 3D Cameras

July 2, 2010
Source: MarketSaw

Michael Bay Director

In the world of 3D these days, there are only a few productions that actually usually the groundbreaking technology invented for Avatar. As in, there are incredible 3D cameras out there, but not many people use them. Good news though for Transformers fans, as Michael Bay's Transformers 3, which already started shooting, is definitely using those innovative 3D cameras. Our friends at MarketSaw got a big update from Vince Pace, the co-found of PACE, the company that makes the 3D cameras. He confirms that Transformers 3 is being shot in "native" 3D (not converted) and is using the PACE cameras. So far so good on this sequel!

From Pace: "Trying to lay low and do what I do best. We took delivery of the first Alexa cameras for [Martin Scorsese's Hugo Cabret] and have 23 more on the way. Transformers has also signed on to shoot 3D throughout the film. I am working on a big Disney film but can’t mention the name and are lining up five more films. Just wrapped on additional photography for Resident Evil and Tron. Currently in Hawaii and flying out to London for Hugo."

It's kind of funny to see Michael Bay actually going all out shooting this in 3D when we quoted him last year saying that 3D "might be a gimmick." He then went through a test process to see if it was worth going 3D on Transformers 3 and obviously he must have been sold on something, as he's now fully into this. Anyone who has seen M. Night Shyamalan's The Last Airbender know was terrible 3D looks like, so it's good to hear that Bay is shooting this one the ground up in 3D. This will be one movie I might actually look forward to seeing in 3D! Is everyone else just as interested in seeing a movie in 3D if they know it was actually shot in 3D?

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cant wait t hear this shit talking fest lol

Dustin Fuston on Jul 2, 2010


"Is everyone else more interested in seeing a movie in 3D if they know it was actually shot in 3D?" Nope, I'll still go see it in 2-D! I already like ILM's digital effects just the way they are.

The_Phantom on Jul 2, 2010


I'm not going to see it at all. I'd rather see him do Pearl Harbor 2.

Daniel Felts on Jul 2, 2010


The cinematic turds will be flying right at you!

Dave Lister, J.M.C. on Jul 2, 2010


Bring it on, Bay! Can't wait to see the movie.

Josh on Jul 2, 2010


It would be nice if 3-d didnt burn the shit out of my eyes, but it does. So 3-D, go fuck yourself.

L on Jul 2, 2010


Whatever Michael Bay decide to do, I support him!

me on Jul 2, 2010


Nice can't wait to see a trailer for it

Duck on Jul 2, 2010


Yes as long Shia labeouf is involve in it im so going to see it! Haha

Danni on Jul 2, 2010


well one upside to transformers 3 is gonna be seeing huge robots poppin' out at mme thhat's gonna be pretty awesome

max s. on Jul 2, 2010


@#3 why would michael bay do pearl harbor 2? what will the japanese attack pearl harbor again? wow you're real smart, learn your history moron

max s. on Jul 2, 2010


@#11 It could be a remake...

JT on Jul 2, 2010


So let me get this straight. I nearly could have had a chance to see Megan Fox in 3D?

DuirMan on Jul 2, 2010


So I will have the opportunity to see Decepticon genitalia in 3-D?!!! Fucking Awsome!

twittwit on Jul 2, 2010


The greedy bastards that convert to 3D instead of having the balls to hold off and actually shoot it from the ground up should be punched in the face for every dollar they cheat out of their customers. It pisses me off to know end to pay the kind of money they ask us to pay and to see such an unbelievably, disturbingly piss poor result of millions of dollars 'at work'. I simply don't understand how the public can continue to go to these things and not feel cheated. Did they not see the beauty in Avatar? And even THAT movie lost so much detail when you had to throw on the 3D glasses. RIDICULOUS! Man up studios! Put up or shut up.

zejester on Jul 2, 2010


No amount of 3D can save a crappy story. Lets hope they got the script into shape this time around.

Poontoong on Jul 2, 2010


well lets see....great movies, with great cast, great features,and hopefully a great story, i love transformers as it is, not really kept up with all the news on megan fox but from what i heard shes not gonna be in this transformers for whatever reason! so thats a shame i would have loved to see her in 3D but oh well i trust Mr. Bay on all his decisions so he must have something big in store 3D or not im gonna see this movie But i like his decision on not converting it after seeing some terrible 3D movies on conversions it will be nice to have Transformers as my first GOOD 3D movie seeing as i only saw avatar in 2D.. still amazing but ya thats my thoughts

jacob on Jul 3, 2010


I love you Michael Bay! This is good news, I'm so pumped for Transformers 3!!!

Lincoln on Jul 3, 2010


I am counting the days, this will be awesome.

Loser on Jul 3, 2010


I think he lost all credibility by talking trash on 3d first and now shooting in 3d, what a poser.

almartva on Jul 3, 2010


It looks as if Fox knew how to get off a sinking ship at the right moment. I agree with almartva on this one Bay talked a lot of shit about 3-d and now he's using the usless technology? yeah I'm done with him.

Xerxex on Jul 3, 2010


Who gives a fuck what cameras he's using, the only thing he should be concentrating on is PLOT!!!!!!!

Ghostdog on Jul 4, 2010


Bay is a commercial-whore. He'll spend his time acting like a maverick, firing actors and pissing on 3D, but as soon as the box-office receipts start piling up the allure is too much for him.

1-7 on Jul 5, 2010


ok, so this has nothing to do with it being shot in 3D, but its still interesting. I live in Milwaukee and they are filming part of the movie here, at the art museum. The museum looks like a giant bird, so me and my pals are all assuming it probably going to come to like and be a new robot.

dove89 on Jul 5, 2010


3D = digital = shit not 3D = 35mm possible = great

ryderup on Jul 6, 2010


i think this is great for the film. story is the story, and im really not expecting a bunch of story out of bay. but i can really expect action and tf3 in 3d will be great i think

KING on Jul 6, 2010


I'd like it if Bay did a remake of Steel Magnolias in 3D. That film touched me as much as Transformers 2. Just imagine Dolly Parton popping right out at ya'll!

Olive on Jul 7, 2010


Can't wait to see it!!!... in... 2D!!!! Idiots.

bozo on Jul 7, 2010

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