Michael Caine Says Batman 3 Will Begin Shooting Next April

July 9, 2010
Source: YouTube

Michael Caine - The Dark Knight

Though we're not anywhere near starting principal photography and we do not have any word on new cast members or story details, there's no doubt that Chris Nolan's follow-up to The Dark Knight is already one of the most anticipated films ever. Still operating under the guise of Batman 3, we know that the sequel is set for release on July 20th, 2012, and Nolan has firmly said that he does not intend to bring back The Joker. Well, it looks like we have a bit more info as Michael Caine, who plays Bruce Wayne's loyal butler Alfred Pennyworth, revealed in an DigitalSpy interview that Batman 3 could start shooting as early as April 2011.

SuperHeroHype found the clip in a red carpet interview at London's premiere for Inception. You can tell that it's either too early in production for him to know, or he's just playing coy very well, but Caine doesn't seem to be certain in what capacity he'll be returning, saying simply: "I think they're gonna do it in April, but that's about as much as I know." Well, we know Jonah Nolan (and maybe David Goyer) are hard at work on the script. Of course, with a flick this big, all of the principal actors are probably being notified of a start date sometime in the late spring, or what could also turn into early summer since start dates aren't always written in stone. Surely there will be plenty of casting rumors and more news on the horizon, so stay tuned.

In the meantime, you can check out the full interview with Michael Caine embedded below from YouTube.

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i think this will be better than the dark knight or at least as good . i think Batman Begins is still one of the best superhero movies second to TDK . Patience is a virtue and i'd rather wait then have a rushed movie . Nolan is god !

B Realistic on Jul 9, 2010


Yeah... whatever... I'll wait till the first on-set photos arrive. Hopefully it's as dark as the first two but not as dull and dry.

ryderup on Jul 9, 2010


i thought it was common knowledge that this would start shooting march/april in time for its release date in 2012....any batman 3 news is good for me though 🙂

dee8 on Jul 9, 2010


How/why would Nolan not bring back Alfred? He's pretty important in the Batman mythology...

Peloquin on Jul 9, 2010


Oh yeah. That means the script should be finalized well before then. Let some details out, Nolan.

Nada Nuff on Jul 9, 2010


i just want the mansion/bat cave to come back i liked the underground thing in TDK but it just not the mansion/ bat cave

maxwell on Jul 9, 2010


We've had a drug pushing Scarecrow (Cillian Murphy), an anarchist terrorist Joker (Heath Ledger) terrorize Gotham City. If Nolan and his screenwriting brother are smart and still want the villains of Gotham to be realistic, then either bring on a master thief for hire, Catwoman (Angelina Jolie), a cannibalistic serial killer, Killer Croc (Tom Hardy) or my favorite, a media attention serial killer, Riddler (Joseph Gordon Levitt).

Rob on Jul 9, 2010


^surely you jest, Croc? Do you really think a man who is half crocodile will fit into Nolans batman? Catwoman and the Riddler have already been done so I doubt he'll use them either. I think it should either be Zsaz or Hugo Strange. Maybe The Ventriloquist would fit too now that Gotham is looking for a new mob boss. A villain with a split personality would definitely fit into Nolan's realistic Batman.

Peloquin on Jul 9, 2010


Bane for the villain. Next April? That's too far away. What is he doing in the meantime?

jake the snake on Jul 9, 2010


Bane could be cool, but I'm hesitant to the idea that a character who doesn't speak would have the personality to carry a film. Anyone know what villain created the drug that made Bane into a monster? I believe the substance was called Venom...

Peloquin on Jul 9, 2010


I think it was Doc Savage but I'm not positive. Ironically, the character of Bane was created by a couple guys and a guy named Graham Nolan. lol

jake the snake on Jul 9, 2010


Sorry, not by Doc Savage but supposed to be like Doc Savage I think. It was some guys in prison (I think) that gave him the "venom" serum.

jake the snake on Jul 9, 2010


@9 In the meantime? It's called pre-production

Flrsi on Jul 10, 2010


no angie plisss everybody that actually reads the comics theres no way angelina jolie can play catwomen

Luis Garcia on Jul 10, 2010


Less dark next time, please!

Dan on Jul 10, 2010


@ 15 But Batman's a DARK character. I'll take that over Batman Forever's colrful lights. Could you see Batman in a sunny fair city like ...Metroplolis? Ew. Anyway, your opinion. I just figured Batman works as a DARK character since he is also called the DARK knight in the comics in a DARK city corrupted by crime.

Judasbarron on Jul 10, 2010


@6 it probably will. @7 Joesph would be a good riddler. The film was as dark as it needed to be. I dont know why you all want it to be gruesomely dark. Still, if they wait this long to make the film, I will have moved on with my life by then and not really care.

Eli on Jul 10, 2010


9. I hate to point out that The Joker and Two Face were previously used as well. Also in the same movie. Considering that The Riddler is the the third out of the three main villains Nolan would be a fool to not bring him in. However we also need the secondary character. Scarecrow+Raz Al Ghul, Joker+Two Face, Riddler+The Ventriloquist would be an interesting concept but I doubt that will play out. He won't introduce Catwoman due to the fact that afterwards shes one of those villains that rarely gets caught and therefore people would be screaming for a 4th but Nolan wants this to be the end to the series.

Sroe on Jul 10, 2010


Who's azriel? Could you elaborate on the storyline you're talking about please?

Peloquin on Jul 10, 2010


Thanks Jono, a genetically engineered computer hacker who was raised by apes and has swords attached to his arms?! Sign me up, that's the best idea for Nolan's Batman I've heard yet. It would give them a chance to introduce Nightwing too. Throw Bane in and you've got quite the story to tell.

Peloquin on Jul 10, 2010


Catwoman! They teased me with Michelle Pfeiffer- and now that CGI and this new Nolan Batman series is here, I want a fully realized, dark, bitchy, murderous, over-the-top-sexy Catwoman.

jONES on Jul 10, 2010


Philip Seymour Hoffman as the penguin!!! PLZ

meatcarnage on Jul 10, 2010


will batman 3 out do batman 2: the dark knight ? hmmm?? if it does then bravo 🙂

DaftPUNKFAN on Jul 11, 2010


Guy pearce - Riddler?

napoleonblownapart on Jul 11, 2010


Croc will be a good villain but not the main villain. He could be african with tribal scars resembling croc skin.

ed on Jul 11, 2010


this is gonna sink like a rock...Ledger's Joker stole the thunder from the entire franchise....face it kids, Batman is really a BORE...

blasphemer on Jul 13, 2010


Vincent Cassel as the Riddler and Philip Seymour Hoffman as penguin.

rt on Aug 8, 2010

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