Michael Caine Says 'The Dark Knight Rises' Starts Filming in May

November 19, 2010
Source: Empire

Michael Caine and Christian Bale

If there's one person who hasn't been all that shy when speaking about the highly anticipated sequel The Dark Knight Rises, it's the great Michael Caine. Whether it's simply his best guess or wildly inaccurate information, Caine usually has something to say that gets the online community in a tizzy. However, with the timeline leading up to the release of the sequel, combined with the casting rumors we've heard, this time it sounds like he might be right. Caine recently told Empire he's expecting to have the script by January and is under the impression they'll be shooting the film in May. Hopefully we'll get some official word on casting sooner than later. Read on.

As for Caine's comments, he attributes this timeline to director Christopher Nolan and producer Emma Thomas. The actor states: "Emma [Thomas], the producer, said we'd get the script in January. Christopher said: 'Script in January, shoot in May, finish in November.'" That sounds about right to me. That gives them about 8 months of post-production and that roughly follows the same schedule when The Dark Knight was heading into production. Remember, Tom Hardy is supposed to have a major role alongside franchise stars like Caine, Christian Bale, Morgan Freeman and Gary Oldman. In addition, we've heard some rumors about female casting for a couple roles, and now we're just waiting for some real character and story details. More news for The Dark Knight Rises can't come soon enough. Commence with your excitement below.

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Hugo Strange!

quaked2023 on Nov 19, 2010



Jericho on Nov 19, 2010


go caine! awesome!

A5J4DX on Nov 19, 2010


tu nu nu nu nu nu nu nu .....Leader!!...I Mean BATMAN!!!

Raul on Nov 19, 2010


Hopefully he's right this time because Michael Caine has seemed to Always have alot to say about the Batman movies and seemed to usually turn out wrong

Corey on Nov 19, 2010


Just watched Harry Potter and realised the cream of british acting talent have all pretty much appeared in the series, apart from that is Michael Caine, why has he never appeared in the harry potter films

Nadir on Nov 20, 2010


This movie is gonna suck! Just like batman begins. Nolan can't make superhero movies. He does w.e the hell he wants with them when all he has to do is read a few damn comics! Why on earth was raj al gu in batman begins?? That made no sence what's so ever. Terrible movie, and this one will even be worse. The dark night was good but everyone knows heath ledger's performance stole the show. He couldn't even stick with the read reason two face became what he is! ( that being acid ) he had to go and do w.e he wants with that also! This movie is gonna blow!

jonathan on Nov 20, 2010


Lol @ 7

get_rad on Nov 20, 2010


@7 You're lucky my 2 paragraph response of ripping you a new one got deleted and I don't feel like writing it again, though I'll sum it up... Ra's al Ghul was great because he was a relatively unknown villian unless you were a true Batman fan. And how did it make no sense? YOU make no sense. Batman Begins was a great movie. The Dark Knight was just alright though. Two-Face- Falling into acid and surviving vs. Being burned and surviving...being burned a lot more likely. It's suppose to be a realistic movie. He's making his own world of Batman, and not just straight up copying from comic books or other movies, and I applaud him for his originality. I believe the next movie will be the best in the trilogy.

Peace Love & GaGa on Nov 21, 2010


W.e...batman under the hood was better than batman begins will ever be. Why is the batmobile a freaking tank? That's corny!...hopefully after the trilogy WB will be smart and finally let someone make batman beyond!!. I'm not bashing nolan, because inception was incredible, and so was his first film. But I just don't like his batman films. Gotham looks so crappy in both films. Can't wait to see what crappy villan is gonna be in the 3rd one. I thought JGL was gonna play riddler, that would've made me a happy camper. Tom hardy isn't even that good of an actor. Did you know nolan approuched singer cher to be catwomen a while back? Thankfully she said no...but that goes to prove how " awesome " he is at batman movies

jonathan on Nov 21, 2010


As a long-time fan of the comic, I have to chime in here... Batman Begins was an awesome piece of storytelling, and a great reintroduction to the characters for the masses. For me, as a fan, it took elements of several great story-lines and wove them together with new ideas...enough to surprise. The Dark Knight went beyond all expectations for the same reasons mentioned above...about the only thing that would have made it even better would have been Katie Holmes coming back for the death of Rachel Dawes...(no offense meant to Maggie Gyllenhaal...she was good, but Holmes was better). For me, after the current project is completed, I would love to see Nolan tackle The Dark Knight Returns... BTW...Gotham is supposed to look crappy. There's a reason it needs a masked protector...

The Credenza Kid on Nov 21, 2010


Bane is a Modern English word meaning "that which causes ruin or woe", from the Old English bana ("slayer", "murderer"), from the Proto-Germanic *banon, cognate with *banja ("wound"). At the ending scene of The Dark Knight, Batman requests of Gordon that he be labled the murderer responsible of Dent's crimes to keep Gotham's criminals at Arkham and Blackgate. Further Disambiguation is that Bane is also the name of a genus of plant that is highly venomous (Henbane, Wolfsbane, Leopard's Bane, ect.) Possible allusion directly to Bane and indirectly Ivy? Tom Hardy I hear was cast as having a major role and has played in exceptional films like Nolan's Inception and a British movie about Britain's most violent inmate, a Charles Bronson, entitled respectively as Bronson. Bane is a most exclusively violent and highly calculating and ingenious character from the comics, as he was able to deduce Batman's identity as well as nearly "breaking" him to death and in the BTAS as well as TNBA he did come quite close to killing him. But it is plausible that maybe Hardy could be cast as Black Mask? I can see that. I kinda can also picture this: Theron as a expert cat-burgler named Catwomen respectively (thinking Aeon Flux) as some anti-hero love interest. Bane (due to background in prison life, drug involvement with Venom, South American heritage, physical prowess and genius) could be in Nolan's universe a very powerful South American Drug Lord of the top Cartel machine, his latest product "Venom" is concocted by a scientist (possibly kidnapped and held hostage) Pamala Isely (will she become Poison Ivy in some way? Maybe, maybe not how we've seen her portrayed, maybe it could be a pseudonym) who could be Farmiga. The Venom has it's respective properties and attributes with it being sold as a steroid to first military for super soldiers and then somehow to athletes, which soon get's discovered for it's often hazardous and dangerous side effects. Or maybe Black Mask (I could totally see Daniel Day Lewis play this character and will cite most spectacular and phenominal performances in Gangs of New York and There Will be Blood) is Kingpin of this large operation over Bane and other Cartels and can use him as a hitman (Like the Montana and Sosa relationship in Scarface). I can also picture this occuring much like how I described and have it mixed with the The New Batman Adventures episode "Over the Edge" and the "Knightfall" comic story. But this is just my own speculation and take. We all saw in Batman Begins the ending was a clear allusion to the Joker however the Dark Knight was not so clear. We'll just wait and see. on Nov 22, 2010


P.S. I think johnny's a schumacker fan.....(snicker)HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! XD on Nov 22, 2010

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