Microsoft Says Halo Movie Will Happen 'When the Time is Right'

April 8, 2010


This is pretty much more of the same, but oh well. Although IGN (via ComingSoon) was able to get a new quote out of Microsoft Game Studios' Franchise Development Director Frank O'Connor about the Halo movie, it's not exactly what we were hoping to hear. Our last update (appropriately titled "No Surprise") from late last year confirmed that a cinematic adaptation of the video game is still on hold, which still seems to be the case. However, O'Connor did address the "issue" at the MI6 Conference in San Francisco last week and basically said that it will happen, just not anytime soon, as they've still got a lot of planning to do first.

"We're going to make a movie when the time is right," he said. "We own the IP. If we want to make a movie, the scale of all the other stuff that we do changes dramatically. We make tens and tens of millions of dollars on ancillary stuff, toys, apparel, music and publishing. If we do a movie all of that will grow exponentially. We have some numbers if we do a movie, but it changes everything. It also changes our target and age demographic."

Like I said, not that much of an update, pretty much the same stuff we've been hearing for a while. I'd love to one day see a Halo movie get made the same as I'd love to see Robert Zemeckis return to live-action and Ridley Scott direct that Alien prequel (or a Blade Runner sequel), but as is always the case with Hollywood, anything can happen. IGN also says that this confirms that Microsoft does at least see the financial value in making a movie, but is still waiting. So, while this isn't news that a Halo movie is coming anytime soon, it is at least news to counter everyone who still believes that it won't ever happen - it's just a matter of time!

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eric on Apr 8, 2010


With the release of a video game later this year, I wouldn't be surprised if Microsoft push the production of a Halo movie in high gear by early next year. It would be the opportune time to start production, with the buzz surrounding Halo being high. We've been waiting too long, this is a video game movie that needs to be made.

Master Chief is a Stud Muffin on Apr 8, 2010


The time was right about 6 years ago. Halo is a stale fish

L on Apr 8, 2010


any1 see the Halo 10min shrot tht peter jackson and neil bockcamp made mow tht was good then peter jackson sighed off of it suck tht was 3 years ago

Jason on Apr 8, 2010


any1 see the Halo 10min shrot tht peter jackson and neil bockcamp made mow tht was good then peter jackson sighed off of it suck tht was 3 years ago.

Jason on Apr 8, 2010


it should be made by the guy who done that shit hot halo odst advert,the dropship pod scene that lands in the thick of the battle is fucking awesome. thats exactly how it should be made.mircosoft are probably waiting for the launch of their next console & halo 4.

DEADPOOL 72 on Apr 8, 2010


1st off.....Someone teach #2/3, Jason, how to type. his spelling is bad (even in txt!) Now, I agree, this is a film that should have already been made. However, taking a look at the state of CG as it is now (the DETAILING in Avatar, for example) then Halo is due to be born any time now. Possibly a Tie in to REACH? Or a Master Chief Origin storyline? Even, (Dare I suggest) 3D? WETA DIGITAL are the Worlds Masters at CG work. ILM even shop out TO WETA for stuff they can't handle! If you can combine the levels of life-like CG that they have at their disposal AND the technical superiority of WETA STUDIOS (LOTR trilogy, D9, Blomkamp's Halo short), then this has potential to OWN!

ultim8 on Apr 8, 2010


sorry, #2, I meant to say #3/4 Jason!

ultim8 on Apr 8, 2010


They better hurry, Halo is starting to die. The hype is already gone.

MoviePorch on Apr 8, 2010


Just like we'll see a Modern Warfare movie anytime soon. Pisses me off that Microsoft shafted Blomkamp.

harm on Apr 8, 2010


I'm still down to see a Gears of war and Halo movie made, just make it right and not rush it or derive from the game's storylines.

Chase on Apr 8, 2010


Neil Blonkamp was perfect for this material, I'm a huge Halo fan and anyone who has seen the Halo Legends movies knows it has an in depth and interesting back story.....after hearing Gears of War falling apart I am find it less likely Halo movie gets going any time soon.

monal on Apr 8, 2010


They missed the boat already.

Classified on Apr 8, 2010


why wont they please just make it? i like halo games! come on! Everybody has been waiting for over 5 years. At least Jackson has remained noble to the project. Peter Jackson is the best!

yumyumfish on Apr 8, 2010


They need to take their time with it.

Xerxex on Apr 8, 2010


Missed the bota,should be on the third fiilm by now,shame,huge potential.With the money the game made they could have paid any director to do it.

tir na nog on Apr 8, 2010


[in Dr. Evil voice] "Our plan is to follow the example of the Simpsons. We'll simply wait until the property has lost much of its buzz and excitement so that our eventual movie release will only make a fraction of the money we could have potentially made by capitalizing on its initial popularity with a more timely release. What?"

Outlaw on Apr 8, 2010


i hate how Microsoft only thinks about money but the amount of cash they are going to drop to make this movie, and the scale it will be is going to be so awesome i wont be able to resist.

DoomCanoe on Apr 8, 2010


Just watch Halo Legengs on DVD. Its pretty good and sticks close to the game

D on Apr 8, 2010


Halo Legends that is

D on Apr 8, 2010


I believe Neill Blomkamp would do exceptionally well directing the Halo movies. Ijust hope whoever does it, just do it right. The movie might not be ready to be made yet. Cameron knew what he wanted to do with Avatar back in the '90s, but he knew it wasn't the time yet. I agree, the technology is out there to do a good Halo movie...the ODST commercial was a great clip! But maybe they're trying to find the right people to fill the rolls. I'm just a firm believer in waiting until the time is right instead of rushing to put something out if it isn't ready yet. One thing I really hope they do is don't show the MC's face. I'd be really excited if all voice actors for the aliens, Cortana, Guilty Spark, the MC, etc did the same for the movie.

Lee on Apr 8, 2010


Just splice together alternating clips from Verhoeven's Starship Troopers and Cameron's Aliens. Add a few Boba Fett clips for the Chief and you have yourself the Halo movie. It's pretty simple stuff people. Halo was based on so many other things that came before it including the films I mentioned above. It doesn't need its own movie. That would just be redundant.

Alex T. on Apr 8, 2010


Halo for sure will be a big bang in gaming world... I myself will surely play it. another thing they consider for multi-platform release.

koboland on Apr 8, 2010


Bah Halo. For those of you old gamers. You know we still want Tribes 3.

JimD on Apr 8, 2010


At this point, they're risking waiting too long and they might lose their pop culture popularity in the same way that Simpsons did.

peloquin on Apr 9, 2010


Does anyone even want to see it anymore? Granted, there's always a small subculture who will, but they're waited way too long for most people to care. Their relevancy has been lost. Add that to the general disappointment found in Halo 3, Halo 3 ODST, and failure in the case of Halo Wars, and the demographics severely decline. The ideal time would've been after Halo 2, when the game was most widely played and sought after. Microsoft and Bungie's once-great hold over 1st Person shooter games is long-gone. With the likes of Battlefield, Call of Duty, MAG, and countless others sprouting up all over, it's not looking like they're going to ever regain it.

Jackson on Apr 9, 2010


Why don't they just make it? Why are they taking the risk of making the movie when it's past it's popularity? Now's the time. This could make an epic sci-fi trilogy if Microsoft would stop sitting on it.

SlashBeast on Apr 9, 2010


#7 - ultim8 LOL! WETA's CGI is cartoony. Better than ILM? Not in a million years! Even WETA's BEST work can't match up to ILM's best. Hell, WETA's best work looks horribly outdated only years after their movies came out.

1-7 on Apr 9, 2010


#22 - Alex T. You cut to the heart of the matter. As a game, Halo is unique. As a movie, it's derivativeness becomes obvious as it's based on numerous existing films. Video games just don't work as movies.

Governor on Apr 9, 2010


im sorry but they have time for all this short live action bullshit, but they push preduction, im sorry but microsoft u need to read this, halo is getting old and fast, why do u think u came up with halo reach, its so not halo, u needed a diffrent platform something that could run with other games out there, that is a sign that halo is getting fucking old and out dated, i know, i use to be sponcered and played halo2 in MLG tournaments, and now that i hear the word halo, i don't have that desire to care, and many more by the day, there sick of halo this and halo that, what ur doing is wrong and heading in the wrong direction. if ur trying to make it as an elite movie and make it a good video game movie rather than a shitty one like most have been over the years i could have seen that years ago, but not now no. and what is this shit about activision? bungie signs up with activision, i might have to say that could be very good news, aka something new and eventful, rather than (halo) or this could be bad, as of not knowing what to expect, but forrealz you all are fuckin yourselfs over big, if you cared at all about the people like us that made you where u are and stand today, u might respect what all thses fans have to say.P.S u lost most respect when u created ODST, that was the biggest rip off ever, that hurt you guys bad, and now ur trying to redeem yourself with halo-reach, i can honestly say that they have no more ideaas and that halo is terrible now, its a hasbeen, first off halo-reach u have executions now aka assainations or some shit, hmmm gears of war maybe, and the sprinting hmmmmmmm modern warefare im sorry but u need to come out with this movie end of story your careers are hurtin, u might not see it, but fuck did SEGA see it coming, so im done i could keep going but fuck it, its just a comment 😛 i bet ima get alot of people disagreeing with me, o well,

arjones on May 1, 2010


I crave a halo move, I love everything halo and have since that day I bought my first xbox (that cost me $849 + $80 for the game). I dont get people who say halo Is getting old, I could play halo forever. for me its the sci-fi theme with the action that is the attraction that I dont get in modern warfare; that said.... the campaign that I enjoyed the most was Halo Combat evolved, it was truely epic and inovative, the halo games produced since have been great, but I feel the focus has been more on the multiplayer aspect. In regards to a halo move, I would love to see it, but I doubt it will be worthy of the series. I believe the movie will be made for the largest halo demagraphic i.e. people under 18 which means it won't be as hardcore as the actual game.....I would puke if they put some kinda love story in there too, The movie needs to be raw, it should be scripted like a campaign, i.e. an overall goal with an ever present threat, but divided into sections that flow into the the campaign. If they went for a totally pure approach such as following the first combat evolved campaign, that would be awesome.

Reddogg on Aug 8, 2010


P.s. how can we have 4 lethal weapon, 4 rambo, 6 alien, 5 preadator, 3 resident evil and an infinate amount of rocky moves ....but still not a halo movie, even if it was shit id still go see it.

Reddogg on Aug 8, 2010


The best time is next year but they have a big game coming up (Halo Reach) For The times they get payed from the halo fans and how much money they get thats the time the halo movie will come

Austin on Sep 12, 2010


Theyre postponing the halo movie till after all the videogaes have been completed. So halo 4 in 2012, halo 5 in 2014 and the last one, halo 6 in 2016, says 343industries

Caguilar14221 on Jan 14, 2012


The halo movie should be a trilogy if not more.  like star wars with 6 movies. The beginning, reach, halo ce, halo 2, halo 3 and halo 4 if it ties in with the original story line.  It shouldnt just be one movie unlesss its long as hell.

Joe on Jan 29, 2012

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