Milla Jovovich Threatens That Another Resident Evil is Coming

September 13, 2010
Source: Vulture

Resident Evil

The weekend just ended with the awful looking Resident Evil: Afterlife 3D winning the box office, so what better time for the hype machine to start rolling for another unnecessary sequel in the tired and cartoonish video game franchise adaptation. Vulture has the scoop from franchise star (and wife of director Paul W.S. Anderson) Milla Jovovich who says, "we're definitely going to make another one." Apparently Anderson already has ideas for Resident Evil 5 and if the Executioner's coin spilling body is any indicator (I don't care if Alice loaded a gun with coins previously) we're in for plenty more ridiculous shit to numb the skull.

Jovovich exclaims: "This new Resident Evil is the first one to ever open at No. 1 worldwide. It's the biggest movie in the franchise." It's not hard since literally nothing else of any spectacular quality had a wide release this weekend, and any other movies worth watching have been out for over a month now and thus past their theatrical prime. Of course, it's only the very worst part of the moviegoing (and video game lovin') audience going to see these movies and it's essentially the bastard gaming cousin of the Saw franchise at this point.

Oh, and remember how I said that Anderson already has some ideas for yet another flick? Well, Jovovich says that he wants the audience's ideas for the movie, too. Uh oh. She adds: "We've been talking to a lot of fans on Twitter and stuff, so it's probably going to be one of the first movies where we really talk to fans to see what they want, and what characters they want to see. It's going to be a more interactive process." Does anyone actually want to work with Paul W.S. Anderson (let alone via Twitter)? That's what I thought. I don't know how anyone thinks that's a good idea, but then again, I'm not even sure it matters anymore.

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Well this is a nice, objective piece of writing.

Ben on Sep 13, 2010


Ethan Anderton, one unfunny guy

Logan on Sep 13, 2010


Logan, one brainless Jovovich fanboy..go watch the Messenger...

Dorjipoo on Mar 10, 2011


I got your back, Ethan. I think these movies should die. And anyone who says I need to "relax" and just enjoy it, I say no. This is lame.

Milo on Sep 13, 2010


While the franchise is still making good money, attendance for RE4 was the lowest of the franchise (don`t be fooled by that gross since it includes 3D prenium and ticket price inflation), so it`s not like it`s gaining any fans.

Mr.Cookie on Sep 13, 2010


I like these movies for one reason Jovovich kicking ass and taking names. RE4 was a fun and silly movie so I don't mind if they make one more but they do need to wrap it up in the next one.

CLAW on Sep 13, 2010


RE: Afterlife was awesome. The next one will be awesome, same as the one after that, and the one after that, and the one after that, and so on. I will continue to see these movies until it reaches RE:50...and THEN on.

WittyRemark23 on Sep 13, 2010


I'm fascinated by people who are proud of their awful taste in movies. It's very quintessentially American, like people who are proud of being uneducated or never reading books.

hector on Sep 13, 2010


I think the reason this franchise survives is because it's always just skirting the potential of being actually really awesome. I thought 2 and 3 were awful, but 1 and 4 were bearable enough, but they all have that essential quality of a powerful sexy female hero trying to bring the world back from the brink of Armageddon. That could be fantastic, in just the idea of it. Problem is the series is marred by nonsensical writing and early 2000 MATRIX effects. But f it really REACHED for once it could really be something superb.

DRM on Sep 13, 2010


i thought it was ok, Shawn Roberts did a gret job as the infamous Wesker, while i have gotten used to seeing Milla act ok...the rest was *meh* and the slow motion kinda killed a few moods

Jericho on Sep 13, 2010


Firstly, Amazing headline. I would love to work with Paul Anderson, that way I can guarantee that the next film will actually have something to do with the games he has clearly never played.

Link1983 on Sep 13, 2010


So this site will clamor and praise garbage like A-team that flopped in theatres and was worse than this movie but when a movie does good at the box office it condemns it? It was a good cheesy action flick, not as Cheesy as Machete but still worth watching, why do people have such problems with mainstream movies? This was better than the 3rd one and was entertaining, if you didnt like the previous movies in the series why would you go to this one and then have a negative mind set from the beginning? You knew before the movie started you werent going to like it no matter what it did for you. You wasted your time and money and our time for writing up your negativity.

Chase on Sep 13, 2010


The reason is because the Movie has nothing to do with the Videogame series. Please do not compare intentional Camp in the horrendous drivel that is the Resident Evil series. It just shows how thick you are.

Dorjipoo on Mar 10, 2011


@12 I'm with you!!!

Chase on Sep 13, 2010


@6 @11 ... wow, please...not the awesome word. check your head. @12 A-team was interesting piece of crap. Afterlife wasn't as near as interesting. There's not a single scene i would like to see again in RE. And i like garbage like predators, black dynamite and machete. I even saw a B movie 2 days ago bout some aliens with cool suits chasing the last human on a planet thinking he will destroy their homeplanet (forgot the title...the trailer was shown on FS some time ago). And i found that interesting and captivating. But Afterlife? Really, you're seeing too many crap movies lately, because the subject ain;t new anymore, ain't fresh, and you get to say WOW for a piece of crap. It really was that bad. I should know i saw all RE and the first one i found interesting cos i was young i guess, like 16 years old and WOW horror matrix. ANYWAY...i pray the movie industry will have more interesting ideas, come with something new, otherwise there will be many @12 posters lobotomized with crap: like afterlife. What's more disturbing is that the guy from prison break ( who is a very talented actor imo) can't find some nice roles. wasted... but hey, i guess the money was good.

adrian on Sep 13, 2010


If i wanna watch a good drama or cheap b movie ill do it at home, when i go to the theater to see a 3d movie this is exactly what i want to see, lots of action and good effects, you couldnt possibly have expected anything else from a resident evil movie

abcdefg on Sep 13, 2010


@ #1, Ben, We're not The Wall Street Journal. We're a movie blog. Opinions are expressed here. If you don't like it then I suggest you get yourself a subscription to Variety or The Hollywood Reporter. @ #2, Logan, There's no attempt at funny in this article. It's an opinion-filled piece about another Resident Evil movie. At least you're offering some valuable discussion and detailed opinion on the real subject at hand though. Cheers! @ #13, Chase, You realize that the site doesn't have a collective opinion as one single entity right? Each writer has their own opinions and tastes, so I may not entirely agree with some Alex or Jeremy may have written. The difference between those is that Machete and A-Team know what kind of films they are, but Resident Evil has moved from taking itself seriously to a sudden embrace of silliness and it doesn't feel right at all. It's the same reason Batman Forver and Batman & Robin are pieces of garbage. And even if the previous films are terrible, there may be hope for sequels to find their way. For example, I hated Clash of the Titans, but it'd be nice if the sequel actually delivered a decent flick. If you like Resident Evil, then I guess you have one more movie to enjoy. Good news for you and bad news for the rest of us who don't want it. Mostly good discussion everyone! Keep it up!

Ethan Anderton on Sep 13, 2010


Wow...two words to describe you after reading your painfully detailed response....Mouth Breather... ^^

Dorjipoo on Mar 10, 2011


I meant Chase by the way...

Dorjipoo on Mar 10, 2011


Can we just pretend that these movies never existed? I'd like for them to reboot the franchise, with Leon Kennedy as the main character. Also, competent writers and directors would help.

Craig on Sep 13, 2010


The movies are shit, the story is shit, the acting is shit with an Exception of Wentworth miller, he was the only saving grace in this movie. I'm amazed at how dumb minded people are these days That this over the top action shit fest has succeded. I'm a true fan of the games and I've been disappointed since the first movie, I really don't know how you take an awesome story like the games and adapt it so badly but Anderson found a way. If he wants my opinion on what to do with the next movie here its...............Don't bother making one. Reboot the series with a director that has actually played more than five minutes of the game. I remember when I was a kid playing these games, I remember how scared i got when a licker would show up or how the dogs busted through the windows, wheres the horror in these movies? I wish i was a director cause i swear I would make a Resident Evil that was true to what everyone expected from a Resident Evil movie.

Rooney on Sep 13, 2010


Well at Least Jovoich is loyal to the franchise.

Xerxex on Sep 13, 2010


Ya because Spielberg and Scorcese are just waiting for the opportunity to work with her...

Dorjipoo on Mar 10, 2011


i loved it. played every game, watched every movie. as far as staying true to the game. they dropped los plagas in the film. even though they didnt call it by name, that was los plagas, from re4 --the game-. the 3d was better than any conversion thats come out in the last 9 months. i really enjoy the idea and direction the movies take. imo afterlife, piranha and inception are the only films that truly delivered this summer. peace

mgazo on Sep 13, 2010


Ethan's been the biggest joke on here since he started so this is nothing new... As for the movie. I enjoyed it. It was a total tie in movie though only building for RE5 (which if you're a moron like Ethan and had to wait for the announcement to realize there's going to be a 5) which isn't bad but I wish I knew. Still, enjoyable to the end...I take that back. The opening was a bit much but it cleaned up well although I'm very confused how Alice became human but survived a horrific plane crash and still managed to kick some ass while being tossed around. Oh well...maybe she didn't actually become human.

tra la la la la di da on Sep 13, 2010


Ethan which one do you hate more twilight saga or resident evil choose one !

sna on Sep 13, 2010


What the hell is the problem people this movie wasn't made to win any oscars it was meant to be a fun ride, killing bad guys and zombies which the movie delivered, I actually like it because I knew what it would show cheesy fun action sequence. I love all other genes of movies too like dramas, love stories, cgi kids movie, and horror movies too, I have a different mindset for each movie, sounds like you guys should chill out and enjoy movies for what they are.

hater on Sep 13, 2010


Am I the only one who finds it comical that people take themselves so seriously when blogging about films as though it ultimately matters? You either liked it or you didn't. Also, as for movie complainers, where are their stellar scripts?

OhPlease on Sep 13, 2010


@ #21, tra la la la la di da, Welcome back! I was wondering where you and your snark had gone! Your presence on the Internet is so impressive that we've all been sitting on pins and needles waiting for your return. By the way, after the success Resident Evil: Afterlife has this weekend, there was no doubt there would be a sequel. However, like with all movie news, we don't like to just assume that something will happen. So when news like this comes from an official channel like Milla Jovovich herself, we report it as news so that others can be aware that it's not just hearsay. I guess the rest of the movie news outlets/blogs who reported on this are just as much of a "moron" as I am. Either that or you're just a spiteful shrew. We'll let everyone else decide. Thanks again for your fantastic, well-rounded criticism. Always a pleasure!

Ethan Anderton on Sep 13, 2010


Spiteful shrew? That's a good way to describe #21

Haha on Sep 13, 2010


I saw the Midnight preview of the 3D and I felt robbed and manipulated when I realized that now that Jovanich (sp? so what) and Anderson are married with child...I suspect that this movie franchise will move over to Disney and it will become the best Zombie love story ever told because one thing that was movie was missing the really really gory stuff of RE #1. I would spoil it for those who haven't seen it but then again a fool is born every minute so ...I guess I can't wait for #5 As far as all the vitirol here ...what wasn't every other #4 in any other franchise just as pathetic?

Patricia on Sep 13, 2010


The only problem ive ever really had with the movie franchise is Alice doesnt exist in anywhere in one of the games and she is the star of the show in the movies. Call me a fanboy, but it shouldnt take til the 4th movie to have Chris Redfield and Wesker actually have a part in the movies. It also shouldnt take 2 movies to kill off Mike Epps in a zombie movie. With that being said I enjoyed this one just as much as the first one.

blowtorch19 on Sep 13, 2010


No sweat off my balls if they make another one. I'll rent it.

McWilly on Sep 13, 2010


Ethan, as a general rule of thumb it's considered poor taste to respond to negative criticism; especially so by throwing in your own insults/sarcasm. You write reviews, some people will agree, others won't. If you've done your job right (and I'm not saying you haven't), there should be no need for you to write anymore. If people want to argue on internet forums about which movies are good and bad, that's their business; but any writing course, job interview, professional setting will tell you not to write back/ respond to criticism or rejection.

Me on Sep 13, 2010


@ Xerxex Of course she's loyal to RE: married the director (lucky guy, pun intended) and it's a sucessfull franchise. In all it's a good adaptation (tho i haven't played any RE games since PS days) and I'll be sure to catch the next one... on dvd. 1st film was decent action/horror, good for 1st movie of a large franchise, great for video game adaptation (you all know it's true). 2nd was dissapointing. Seemed throw together at best, only plot development was to introduce more models... I mean characters. 3rd was a improvement and set the tone for an awesome 4th movie... which was dissapointing. No I was fully assuming a cheesy action zombie video game flick, but it was also marketed as "the first movie using the same true 3D camera system of Avatar". The 3D aspect was above average, the only really great parts was the shards of cement from gunfire, but I expected a bit more from it. The plot was ok, Wesker was good tho, but the last scene/buildup to RE5 was total crap. The Alice clones ploy (yes PLOY not plot) was a bit of a letdown but the situation that last bit would mean RE5 would have to start off as utter nonsense. Don't want to spoil it, so can't go into detail.

Akirakorn on Sep 14, 2010


I have never meet a single human specimen who plays RE series game loves the RE movie. Why create the Alice character in the first place? Surviving horror should be the theme of the movie, instead all we got is Ultraviolet (Wimmer, 2006) with zombie. If there is a movie need a reboot, look no more.

SowYau on Sep 14, 2010


ok, i forgot to mention this is a good post by Ethan Anderton. he has a DECENT taste in movies, unlike you RE FANBOYS that think you love the franchise but didn't play this game. You liked the movie, i get it, you're not too bright it seems if you like MINDLESS action with no story to tell, just random 3D effects and pathetic acting (Wentworth IS EXCLUDED, i forgive him only). That's how people are, some are realistic, and prefer some mind challenging films with a good story and cool action, some preffer RE. BUT what is a fact: this movie is bad, the acting was bad, the story was awfull, fuck it EVEN GOD DAMN WESKER character had such an unimportant role, and if you read the game's story, he is such a wonderfull character to develop and exploit with a very very cool history behind him. this is NOT resident evil this is a spin-off. where's the horror? where's the chills that a horror movie should give you. you say you like some mindless action movies to get your kicks even god damn van damme movies were gold compared to this 🙂 to finish this off, cos it's not going to make a difference: what you like, is what the movie industry will give you in the future. You're going to accept movies like RE afterlife, you're going to get movies like RE afterlife. Over, and over, and over again till we're going to get sick of it, download everything from the internet, cinemas will rot and guess what? EVEN MORE crap movies like RE with small budgets.

adrian on Sep 14, 2010


I loved every movie, and hope for 4 more.

Mike on Sep 14, 2010


...Ethan. I thought the way you wrote the article was entertaining, but the way you responded to supporters of the site is just rude and extremely un-professional. its just as #30 said, some people aren't going to like your reviews or article's and by how you responded to #13 you think you would understand that. instead you came back and specifically targeted MORE supporters and insulted them. honestly i would fucking fire you if i were your boss. and will no longer be reading your reviews/articles.

DoomCanoe on Sep 14, 2010


wow, some comments on here are really harsh! ha ha well i watched the movie in 3D (first time EVER to see 3D in theatres!) albeit a tad bit cheesier and less gory than I thought it would be, but it still delivered. Loved the big hammer dude!! I'd go see the fifth - How can I find out what happens to Valentine otherwise? 🙂

Julie on Sep 14, 2010


Nothing ever happens in a RE movie. Nothing. I can't even remember if there were any important or cool parts or even characters. Anderson is terrible.

nicknoran on Sep 14, 2010


@ Mike, HAHAHAHa ditto!

McWilly on Sep 15, 2010


Think I liked the first sequel best, Apocalypse. This one, Afterlife, was not bad. A bit over use of slow-mo, well just too much really. And fifth? Yeah, that was very implied, even with the extra "hidden" scene, 30sec into the credits. The RE films are just popcorn, with some Resident Evil "myhology" tossed in. Would be nice with a Silent Hill sequel soon aswell. Also found out that sitting on the first row and watching a film in 3D is horrible. Gunna stick to the middle as I have last 20 years, especially for 3D.

David Banner on Sep 19, 2010


Guys and Ladies,is only a movie....either you like it or you don't.If you don't then just move on to another new movie,if you like it then wait for the next part 5,right?hope you all do enjoy your own taste of movies coming your way,cheers!!!!!!

simon on Oct 4, 2010


Guys and Ladies,is only a movie....either you like it or you don't.If you don't then just move on to another new movie,if you like it then wait for the next part 5,right?hope you all do enjoy your own taste of movies coming your way,cheers!!!!!!Nice work,Ethan.

simon on Oct 4, 2010


They should have stopped with 2. And it's hard to be objective with aging movie stars and their douchie husbands are intent on milking every last dime out of a tired ass plot line.

Jordan on Oct 1, 2011


Just went to see the movie today I though it was going to be whatever but it was really good and hope they make another one I respect the point of vew of other ppl also but I'll say retribution was the best movie I have watch the entire year

Irving on Sep 20, 2012

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