More Photos for Ralph Fiennes' Shakespeare Film Coriolanus

June 1, 2010
Source: KinoGallery

Coriolanus Photos

You may remember a couple of months ago seeing some pretty wild first photos from the upcoming Ralph Fiennes directed Shakespeare adaptation Coriolanus. They were striking because it looks as is Fiennes is setting the film in more modern times - during the Iraq war - as the photos look more like they're from The Hurt Locker than any Shakespeare movie. Anyway, a few brand new photos were discovered on KinoGallery today (via JoBlo) featuring both Gerard Butler and Fiennes, who stars as Coriolanus. I'm not sure which scene this is, but it looks pretty frickin' gritty and intense for Shakespeare. And that's why I want to see this!

Ralph Fiennes' Coriolanus

Ralph Fiennes' Coriolanus

Ralph Fiennes' Coriolanus

Ralph Fiennes' Coriolanus

The story in William Shakespeare's Coriolanus follows Roman military leader Caius Martius, who returns home from a war against the Volscans as a war hero with a new last name, Coriolanus, given for the city he conquered. However, he is banished from Rome as a traitor. Coriolanus then allies with a sworn enemy to take his revenge on the city of Rome. I don't really know how Fiennes has tweaked that to work during the Iraq war, or maybe a fictional modern war, but I suppose we'll find out soon. I'm hoping this shows at the Toronto Film Festival in September as I'd love to see it there. We'll keep an eye out for more on Coriolanus.

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Seems cool.

Daniel Felts on Jun 1, 2010


im becoming a fan of Gerard Butler

chris Eubank on Jun 1, 2010


I love the way this looks. And I'm a huge fan of Fiennes's (sp?)

Cracky on Jun 1, 2010



Maxx on Jun 1, 2010


Sold, sold, sold.

Xerxex on Jun 1, 2010


lol to #4! this sounds interesting. would love to watch the trailer when released.



Coriolanus is one of my favorite Shakespeare works! Loved it since high school when not even my teacher was aware of it. It is a true action epic in th most classical sense, like Spartacus or Gladiator. Perfect for modern adaptation. Cannot wait to see this movie!

Linkfx on Jun 1, 2010


too much SPARTA in those shots.

dave on Jun 1, 2010


It's being set in Belgrade, Serbia, where political unrest, riots, and civil wars have not been uncommon. In other words, it's perfect for Coriolanus. The visual similarity to "The Hurt Locker" is no accident, either. The two movies share Cinematographers and Makeup Designers.

Kevin Klawitter on Jun 1, 2010


really looking forward to this

jebstuart on Jun 1, 2010


#9, Kevin Klawitter, thanks for that info.

LINKFX on Jun 1, 2010


#9 Oh, give me a break with that crap. In an interview, Ralph Fiennes, said that the decision to film it in Belgrade and surrounding towns is because it is the perfect place for him. He was fully supported by Serbian government and Belgrade. Serbian military and police gave him all the equipment he needed for the film. M-84 tanks were used in filming. He spent several days with Special Anti-terrorist Unit in their training camp. "Serbia and Belgrade fit us a perfectly in a creative and financial terms. Also, the cost of shooting in Serbia is relatively low, and we have a great deal of help and support from the Serbian authorities. But more important than this is a Serbian persistence and interesting sites. For example, in Belgrade, there is the contrast between the Austro-Hungarian architecture, the old communist style and neoclassicism of the twentieth century. All of these styles and layers created a world that is modern, but also full of history. I want people to ask, "Where is it?" They can think that the film is happening in Germany, Russia, Argentina ... Belgrade has the weight of the capital. It is a powerful city, but it also could be any other city. Immersed in a very unique history and culture, but also may represent the whole world. That is why Belgrade is the perfect location for a modern adaptation of the play."

Vladimir on Jun 2, 2010


"It looks pretty gritty and intense for Shakespeare", Alex - have you even read Shakespeare? Oh, I forgot, you probably thought "Shakespeare in Love" was an autobiography. All Shakespeare is gritty and intense, with more blood letting than any contemporary horror film. This actually looks tame by comparison to what Shakespeare wrote.

Cisco on Jun 2, 2010


isn't gerard butler a little out of his league here?

kate on Jun 19, 2010


@Cisco: THANK YOU! 'intense for Shakespeare' my ass...Titus Andronicus is just as gory as any of the SAW movies. @Kate: I find it interesting that you say this. I have spoken to others of my mean my admiration of Gerry Butler and the response I get is 'you mean the dude who can't act?'. Though the films of his that have been picked up by mainstream media have mostly been action films with perhaps not as much 'real' 'acting' as other movies, he has done a few things that show he is a good actor, not just a Bruce Willis-type action film actor. He gave a very good performance in a recent film called Dear Frankie, was a good Yasha in a '99 film version of Chekov's The Cherry Orchard, and in a '99 production of Tennessee William's Suddenly Last Summer. So he's not a shoddy actor...he just fits well into action-type roles. That ruggedly handsome look, y'know. ^_^

catarine on Jul 9, 2010


It ia shame people are not more familar with Gerard Butler's career. He started on stage in London doing shakespear and had done some really amazing work before arriving in Hollywood. He is a very talented and gifted actor. I am really saddened when I hear these ignorant remarks that he is out of his league. He is in a league of his on. He can do all types of acting, including..stage, musicals, dramas, actions, thrillers, comedies, voice in animated movies and producer with his own company. Not too many other actors out there like him.

Linda on Aug 8, 2010


Its not set during the Iraq war nor in fact during any real war! Its set in Rome a modern Rome and nothing to do with the country of Italy. In other words its shakespere at his very best. The language has been morderised with shakespere set speaches staying. The film is wonderful and should win awards especially for Vanessa Redgrave

John Smith on Oct 5, 2010

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