More Tron Legacy Viral 'Bits' Were Delivered All Day Today

February 16, 2010

Tron Legacy Viral Bit

Yesterday we discovered a new viral site as part of the Tron Legacy viral game that's been running since Comic-Con last year. A box was delivered in Puerto Rico that contained a little red star, or a bit, from Tron, as well as a link to this website: That site contains a binary countdown timer that expires at 8AM PST on February 24th next week. However, throughout the day, various websites and fans around the world have started receiving more of these bits pieces, but in different shapes and sizes. One is a red star, another is a yellow diamond shape, and one is a blue ball shape. You can see photos of them below.

In fact, I just received my own red star (seen in the photo above) today. The other photos below come from our friends at It looks like the Flynn Lives organization (still based out of San Diego) has been sending these out to tons of different people around the world. It might've been because they signed up at Comic-Con, but I'm not sure. They're about 2-1/2 inches in diameter and made out of plastic material.

Tron Legacy Viral - Blue Bit

Tron Legacy Viral - Yellow Bit

Tron Legacy Viral - Red Bit

For those smart enough to remember, this is indeed a bit from the original Tron. You can find more info on them via Tron Wiki. The blue shape is its neutral shape when its value is nothing. The red star means "no", while the yellow diamond means "yes" or, essentially, 0 and 1. These bits makes up the binary countdown on the zero hour site. As any programmer should know, a bit is the very basic element of computing, sort of the building block of programming. We're not sure if these bits have any more importance (besides being a collectible item), but I have feeling they'll come in handy later, so hold on to them if you got one in the mail.

We're not sure what exactly will happen when the countdown timer runs out next week, but I feel like we're going to have to do a bit of work to get whatever prize awaits us. A lot of people think the trailer will debut, and I believe they may be right, but we're going to have to solve another game before we get it, that's usually how this works. So stick around here next Wednesday morning, we might get to see the Tron Legacy trailer!

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Check the packing paper for strips that contain text. Lay them out and snap a pic. and go to: Could be additional clues!!!

VanGoghX on Feb 16, 2010


is it heavy? should you break it open?

alex Schollar on Feb 16, 2010


intresting shit,i can't wait for a better trailer.



I'm sure it's a trailer =D

Robbie on Feb 17, 2010


#2 - Nah it feels fragile, very light, definitely won't be breaking it open.

Alex Billington on Feb 17, 2010


Look at the fingers on the pic with the yellow diamond! FAT Sausage fingers make me sick!

ChaosEnthusiast on Feb 17, 2010


neat, they should reveal some daftpunk music video with a newer tron preview now that would be something :), i want a red star 😀

DaftPUNKFAN on Feb 17, 2010


Hope its a new trailer! #6 get over yourself.

1544K on Feb 17, 2010

9 comment got taken down.

jeffrey on Feb 17, 2010


On Zero Hour there's a secret message beneath the countdown now.

Joe Ho on Feb 18, 2010

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