Must Watch: A Nightmare on Elm Street Final Official Trailer

February 25, 2010
Source: MySpace

A Nightmare on Elm Street Trailer

Warner Bros has debuted the final trailer for Platinum Dunes' A Nightmare on Elm Street remake starring Jackie Earle Haley as Freddy Krueger as well as Rooney Mara, Kyle Gallner, Kellan Lutz, Thomas Dekker and Clancy Brown. The first teaser trailer debuted last September, so we haven't seen anything new for a while, and it's great to see a really well put together trailer like this. I'm not a die hard Nightmare on Elm Street fan, but I can say I like the look of this new one and I'm definitely interested in checking in out, in hopes that it's a good restart of a legendary horror franchise. I think it will be. So how does it look?

Watch the final theatrical trailer for Samuel Bayer's A Nightmare on Elm Street:

[flv: 596 248]

You can also watch the final A Nightmare on Elm Street trailer in High Definition on MySpace

A new reimagining of the horror icon Freddy Krueger, a serial-killer who wields a glove with four blades embedded in the fingers and kills people inside their dreams, resulting in their real death in reality, too.

A Nightmare on Elm Street is directed by first-time filmmaker Samuel Bayer, who got his start directing commercials. The screenplay was co-written by Eric Heisserer and Wesley Strick (The Saint, Doom). This is a remake of Wes Craven's original Nightmare on Elm Street horror classic from 1984. New Line / Warner Brothers is bringing A Nightmare on Elm Street to theaters on April 30th just before the summer arrives.

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Wow... That looks so much better then anyone could have thought. The actors are decent, the plot is dead serious, JEH looks and sounds amazing as freddy, the style is great. Everything about this screams the best horror remake of all time.

movie mike on Feb 25, 2010


Oh God... That looks amazing! They made the right choice to star JEH as Freddy. So far, I will see it 🙂

Toni on Feb 25, 2010


fuck me that looks good

qweqwu on Feb 25, 2010


Look good and interesting but to not see Robert Englund a character he made famous is ludicrous, i'll pass

Blue & Orange NY on Feb 25, 2010


oh, just me.. dammnn.....

lego on Feb 25, 2010


Michael Bay huh? Well it doesnt look that bad

Scott McHenry on Feb 25, 2010


are you jokeing? IT DOESNT LOOK GOOD AT ALL... its going to be pg-13, there are few reviews already and all says the same... do you even know its supposed to be a horror movie? all i've seen in this trailer is all the same boring teen horrors movies freddie looks un scary AT ALL, his voice is flat and boooring, are you all blind and def? ffs.. There is a concept trailer for new version of Nightmare and this is how it SHOULD look like:

GOD on Feb 25, 2010


WOW! Cant wait for this. Hey Alex, this is what i would call a BAD ASS trailer. 😉

xaudioprox on Feb 25, 2010


JEH is using his Rorschach voice, hilarious... It'll be good if the blonde gets naked!

Hmmm on Feb 25, 2010


Loving it! Never thought i'd say this, but this looks more interesting than the original. Can't wait to find out.

dex on Feb 25, 2010


@ GOD ....are you kidding me.... That youtube shit was retarded. always on fire? what? That'd get old. Here lets make Freddy's claws glow red hot the whole time. dumb dumb... dumb de dumb dumb DUMB!!!!

travis on Feb 25, 2010


#7 That link looks ok, but I think you're a cock. This trailer is fantastic stuff.

Big John on Feb 25, 2010


Can't watch the video on my slow connection. Damn. Anywher else to watch it, like youtube or something :/

ryderup on Feb 25, 2010


#6 It is only produced by Bay moron.

Garrett on Feb 25, 2010


#7 is dumb. Why would you think it would be PG13 when it's the same studio that put out Friday the 13th which was a hard R? Your comments clearly expose you as a "hater."

Shaun on Feb 25, 2010


Will Kyle Gallner ever stop playing the creepy schoolboy outsider? Trailer looks good.

captain subtext on Feb 25, 2010


Trailer looks pretty cool, but will they pull it off? Hopefully Jackie does as good a job as he did in Watchmen. Hasnt been a hell intense horror movie for a while so bring it.

Darius I of Persia on Feb 25, 2010


It looks good, but I'm not completely sold. I like Haley, but his voice is throwing me off a little. He seems very monotone, but maybe that will change after seeing the whole thing. I think the movie will come down to how well the creepy visuals work, and the kills need to be very good and original. That is where Friday 13th failed for me. It looked so good, then the kills were all kinda meh. Also, I know they are trying to be darker, but I hope there is still some sick, twisted, dark humor. Either way, I will see this and give it a shot. I love Elm St.

Shaun on Feb 25, 2010


He sounds a little like Batman...

Trip on Feb 25, 2010


This is what a remake should be in my mind. Pretty much the same film but updated visually, this trailer looks pretty much like the original just very polished. I like that Freddy is a lot darker and actually looks like a REAL burn victim and not a can of spam, yes I love Englunds Freddy but its 2010 I would prefer not having corny jokes. Acting isnt really that needed in horror films just needs to be decent but if JEH can bring it like he did in Watchmen it will rule the only part I did not like was the wooden delivery on "Dont fall asleep" lol

Jacob Crim on Feb 25, 2010


@ 19 too true

Dave on Feb 25, 2010


did anybody notice that freddy looks different from the original films i know its a remake and all but i like the old freddy look but this will do i like it so far i mean if u seen the old ones i think u can see the difference

Walker on Feb 25, 2010


this computer is slow just like yah bisness

nilya bailey on Feb 25, 2010


What was the name of the movie this is remaking or is this sort of a sequel?

Valerie Atherton on Feb 25, 2010


Doesn't look scary... but it looks entertaining.

Frame on Feb 25, 2010


Surprisingly, looks good. Glad to see they've kept the song as well.

Bash on Feb 25, 2010



Branden on Feb 25, 2010


THis looks way better than I expected. Looks like definitely one of the best remakes. They look like they're really going all out with the style and the kills. And I actually like the voice JEH is using for Krueger. It sounds a little Baman-y at first but then it actually seems more like its just distorted to a crazy extent. Totally bitchin'. Prolly won';t top Robert Englund, but it still looks balls nasty.

Da Man on Feb 25, 2010


here's the problem i have: THIS HAS BEEN DONE BEFORE. it's not original. if the original NoES hadn't been made, this would probably seem better to me. don't get me wrong- it looks ok........i'm just not interested in seeing a remake/reboot of this series.

beavis on Feb 25, 2010


well Jackie Earl Haley is the only saving grace so far. The rest of the cast seems very forgettable in the long run...and I for one was hoping for a psychological mind fuck but I didn't get that from this trailer.

Xerxex on Feb 25, 2010


SHIT!!!!! altough JEH make an amazing, mind blowing, shit causing interpretation... Krueger will only have one face in my heart forevere, the face that gave life to the burned man witha the old hat and the claws, the face which made me shiever when I was young, the face of my childhood, the master personification of evil, the cause of laughs, nightmares and unmemorable moments, the very ORIGINAL nad trademark Krueger... Englund... and although they could make a dozen new movies, each one worst than the last, they could adapt the story into a broadway musical, an anime or a young krueger reboot...none of them affect what Englund gave us, what it represents and what it will always be to future generations, cause beneath all that nasty make up the only dark soul which can carry Freddy's glove belongs to a man born June 6, 1947 and that´s everything that matters. DON´T EVER LET YOURSELF FORGET THAT! and Freddy will live forever. R.I.P. ORIGINAL and UNIQUE Freddy Krueger P.S. WELCOME TO PRIME TIME BITCH!!!!!! 2.p.s....even tough... CAN´T WAIT TO SEE JEH ON ACTION!!!

godius333 on Feb 25, 2010


it looks good but i will always like the original ones still wish they had Robert Englund

Said on Feb 25, 2010


Lame trailer. Bad editing. I wanted to like it, but it looks too generic and corny, not as dark as I thought. I like the new make up and think JEH will be a good Fred Krueger... but still won't fill in Englund's shoes. As a Nightmare fan, I'm sure gonna watch it but I'm pretty sure I'm gonna feel disappointed.

Christ on Feb 25, 2010


so that's what Rorschach really looks like. can't wait!!!



I dunno, I don't mind remakes if a little thought and creativity goes into it, making it stand on its own without detracting from the main themes or characters but this, THIS looks like an EXACT remake. Scene for scene are ripped straight from the original but with better effects. I mean what's the point other than cashing in on a cult icon from 25 years ago?

twittwit on Feb 25, 2010


Ummmm this is PG-13....All my hope for this movie was just destroyed. Looks like a netflix

Cody on Feb 25, 2010


Wow! That actually looked scary! I can't remember the last time I saw a movie preview that scared me, this is so cool. I can't wait to see it!

Eric on Feb 25, 2010


Being a long time fan of the series, I approach this remake with some caution. JEH sounds the part, and to a lesser extent, looks the part, but can he actually make the part his? Or will he be forever living in Englund's shadow? NOES has the opposite trait of the Star Trek movies. Star Trek the even numbers were the best, NOES the odd numbers are the best. If anyone says they loved Freddy 2 or Freddy's Dead, you deserve to be beaten within an inch of your life and stuffed inside your own ass. On a side note, the original NOES was the first movie I copied using two VCRs! You kids out there, ask your parents what a VCR is. Still, I'll give it a go. Can't suck too bad right? Oh yeah, the You Tube thing was okay, but Freddy doesn't work as a fat bastard.

DLM Entertainment on Feb 25, 2010


Was that Freddy or Rorschach? Half way through the trailer I shouted "I Knew It" when Executive Producer Michael Bay popped up on screen. You forgot to mention that. This will be mediocre at best, don't get to hopeful. It's just a nice gimmick to make a quick buck off an already successful franchise. It'll probably get my money too, but... Always John Stamos

John Stamos on Feb 25, 2010


Loved this trailer way more than the first that came out. I do agree the JEH sounds like Batman...but I don't care, I'll probably see it anyways.

Lahirry on Feb 25, 2010


It is all things that we have seen before. I think I will pass.

crabby on Feb 25, 2010


A thought springs to mind - what the hell is the point? I'll stick with the original. At least it was made in an era where people cared about film-making, rather than a clueless, self-absorbed society pouncing on anything with a Michael Bay filter.

Mr Drebin's Extended Wallet on Feb 25, 2010


#42 You're an idiot. Too quick to judge. It was only PRODUCED by Michael Bay...... lmfao. learn something.

danielvutran on Feb 25, 2010


I used to love the Freddy's of past... the BEST PART... you could laugh and then get the crap scared out of you... This seems to be in line with that and not just a nasty slasher like the so-called horror we have seen the last couple years.... I may actually go see this... SWEET

Dusty on Feb 25, 2010


looks like a download to me, did they even try to do anything different or original, looks like they just copied the old one, but made it for the kiddies. but its got to be better than that crap Friday the 13th

Jimmy Love on Feb 25, 2010


This looks terrible, they have done nothing new with this series. If you're going to remake it at least do it from a new perspective. Plus JEH looks more like a bunny than he does scary.

bubba b on Feb 25, 2010


looks good for the most part, except the writing seems pretty weak... I'm looking forward to it regardless

-Peter- on Feb 25, 2010


xerex at #30 - you nailed what i was trying to say..........i was expecting the "psychological mindfuck" fromt the trailer - but all i got was standard teeny-bopper fair. it's a pass.

beavis on Feb 25, 2010


beavis lets just hope if a new Hellraiser in made they make it a mindfuck and give us what we deserve.

Xerxex on Feb 25, 2010


Hating the make-up so far... Freddy looks like he just covered his face in Silly Putty.

Kevin on Feb 25, 2010


I'm not 100% sold on this remake yet, but Jackie Earl Haley is doing a pretty good job so far - his voice is especially awesome.

Hey Wowza on Feb 25, 2010


Is that Christian Bale voicing Freddy? 🙂 I thought it looked cheap, will play out as bad as the F13th remake but makea lot of money.

ryderup on Feb 25, 2010


Roarshak lives lol seems good 🙂

DaftPUNKFAN on Feb 25, 2010


i think his voice is quite dissopointing, he dosnt sound freaky enough IMO

dave on Feb 26, 2010


Wow, this actually looks promising! Shame it's only one week before Iron Man 2, I hope it does well, but only if it's worth something, of course...

m4st4 on Feb 26, 2010


#30, has anyone besides Depp done anything outside the Freddy series?? The cast is not supposed to be big names or even memorable, just good at screaming/being scared. And FYI there are actually a lot of up and coming actors in this one.

Branden on Feb 26, 2010


I love how all the complaints are about technical aspects...guys it's a horror movie not an Oscar contender. And I saw a comment that the new make up looks like silly putty, then what in the fuck did the original look like? Lol

Jacob Crim on Feb 26, 2010


so are they gonna have trent from transformers be the douch boyfriend he was like in transformers and friday the 13th? or how bout the old hag from the texas chainsaw remakes , how many cameos will she be in ? she was in friday too. i already saw the chinese dude from friday the 13 in this trailer. lol if your gonna bring in alot of the same actors from the other remakes it just shows the lack of creativity and origonality. I know bring in Gunny, i bet hes like the town sherriff or gas pump guy.

subcelsious5g on Feb 26, 2010


They should remake filmseries that are dead, NOT that are a sleep (piun intended...). Platinum Dead has the idea that every filmseries that was made in the 70/80 are dead and "should" be remaked. And also, remaking a filmseries isn't a way to bring the characters back - it's just a quick moneymaking fix for the companies, remaking is never longlasting! They will make money off the "remake-event" but will not create a new quality filmseries - and this is damaging the horror genre in the long run. They should have woken Freddy up and jumpstarted the series in the spirit of the original one. Just because Freddy was too "funny" in the later films doesn't mean you can't continue on and have Englund play him more like the first 2 films (yeah he was dark in part 2, and had great makeup) And also FvJ was a hit and shows that Englund still had it. I'm pissed at Platinum Dunes and their remake high. It's bad in so many ways. And also, first off - a remake looking the same as the original is pointless. If they were to remake something go back to the core and re-imagine - I bet even the amount of stripes on Freddys shirt is the same as in the original films. And for all of you who says "the effects are better", using CGI isn't equal to being better. The effects in the first one looked good for the most part (even though the DVD editions have been to bright) AND when Freddy pushes himself through the wall looks alot creepier in the original film than in this trailer.

ryderup on Feb 26, 2010


#59 I do agree Freddy coming through the wall does look pretty weak in this film, but the make up is not CGI and I do like the fact that he looks like a real burn victim now. I also like that they are cutting back on the corny humor, the first film is my favorite slasher film of all time but as the kills got cooler the humor got more /facepalm worthy 🙁

Jacob Crim on Feb 26, 2010


#56 Branden that's the major flaw with young actors today none of them are making a lasting impression, and as the viewer we are supposed to be on their side...but if the actors give lackluster perfromances then all we are gonna care about in JEH not the kids being hunted. I recently watched the video for marilyn manson's cover of Sweet Dreams and I think if a director is gonna make a film like this, maybe they shoud consult Manson on creepy scenery.

Xerxex on Feb 26, 2010


#60 The makeup looks OK, but looks like an insect to me... I buy the way Freddy looks in original 1984 film and then especially in part 2. His skull is sort of exposed through the skin in that movie. It's the best look Freddy has had, crappy movie but Freddy looks really good in it. I don't understand why they made the makeup look more and more like a mask throughout the series - it should be dark, wet and bloody. And I'm not worried about the makeup - but I bet there is going to be some bad CGI in this film, hopefully not as bad as FvJ. And him coming through the wall seems to be proof of that, in the first film that scen was so beautiful. And about Freddy being corny. I dig that they are cutting back on it, but they could have done that without remaking. I don't think the image of Englunds Freddy as being scary was destroyed by the crappy sequels. And about the dreams. What was so good about the first NOES-films that got lost with the later sequals was how the dreams was portayed. In the first 2 films the characters and audience don't know if the teenagers are asleep or awake. The dreams looks like the real world but with surreal touches (the lamb in the first on etc). That is how they should do it - make the audience wonder if the characters is asleep or not. But than with part 3 and onward the dreams became like events - like "what kind of theme could this characters dream have" and I think that was the wrong way to go. The outlandish dreams was also a part in what destroyed the series. The first film with Depps death or Tinas are so cool because they are happening in the "real world" -- not on a sunny beach, space or in a cartoon black and white world. You understand what I mean? Hopefully this movie will keep the dreams with a real-world look with surreal touches and NOT fantastic CGI/Special effects dreams. I don't know if you understand, but hopefully you agree 🙂

ryderup on Feb 26, 2010


I understand what you mean and you make good points, the first NMoES is still truly terrifying considering they pretty much turned the series into a horror/comedy by the end of its run. I know that this remake will not even be on par with the original but I think it looks like a decent remake, will it be as good as The Crazies? I dont know maybe maybe not, but I think JEH will be a fantastic freddy because he is a fantastic actor. Like I said NMoES is my favorite slasher but I am not like a fanboy? I generally denounce horror as a genre all together because it seems that more films suck than conquer but I am hoping the reboot of the series will at least be legit because I think I read they are already workign on a sequel.

Jacob Crim on Feb 26, 2010


"Why are you screaming? I haven't even cut you yet!" They had me at that line! Movie looks great! There are three reasons I'm going to see this film. Reason 1. "Jackie" Reason 2. "Earle" Reason 3. "Haley"...

JCal on Feb 26, 2010


michael bay can make a good transformers 1 other than that i've yet to be impressed. everything else i've seen has been a channel clicker.

subcelsious5g on Feb 26, 2010


Oh please! This looks like another piece of Michael Bay shit! MAKE IT STOP!

Sharkboy on Feb 28, 2010


Jackie has a much darker voice tone than Robert. I am gonna watch the movie on release.

Fisherr on Feb 28, 2010


Guys Bay produced it, not directed...two different things

Jacob Crim on Feb 28, 2010


Looks like its staying faithful to the original, but putting a 21st century horror spin on things (see the reboots of 13th and Chainsaw). I like the look of Freddy, what you see of him and overall the trailer gives a good feel of what we are going to see. Was never a big NoES fan, but i'll be interested in seeing this.

Trailer Talk on Feb 28, 2010


looks good lets hope michael bay don't do what he did with Transformers

max s. on Feb 28, 2010


Freddy didn't talk much in the old versions. I guess I'll check it out.... on dvd.

Ells on Mar 1, 2010


#71 did you even watch the old ones? Freddy Talkd! he kept cracking jokes i dnt like the way Freddy looks in this one, hes face looks like its made of clay, like it just melted off. i prefer the old ones, classic and Robert Englund kicked ass as Freddy and if someone says they prefer the old ones to the new ones, then you gotta be F*cking stupid! in movies its not about the effects , the year the movie was made, its about the look and the story!

Said on Mar 1, 2010


"I keep having these dreams, and there is this man, and he's burnt." Robert Englund has done Freddy on every movie, even on Freddy vs Jason. It will be weird to see a new Freddy Kruegger, but hey lets see how Jackie Earle Haley does it and good luck to him!

Voice123 - Trailer Voice Over on Mar 3, 2010


"Robert Englund has done Freddy on every movie, even on Freddy vs Jason. It will be weird to see a new Freddy Kruegger, but hey lets see how Jackie Earle Haley does it and good luck to him!" I really dont understand this mentality at all, its not like Englund is even half the actor Jackie Earle is.

Jacob Crim on Mar 3, 2010


For those of you who dont understand, no offence but kinda like #74 When the first Batman movie came out, everyone one said that Jack Nicholson "was the Joker", now they say that Heath Ledger is the Joker The Joker is a comic book character in DC Comics, played by many actors.. even when you read about him in the comics, you probably imagine his voice in your own way Freddy is not a comic book character, he was first played by Robert Englund, not only movies but there was the show too, and not even then did they change the actor when most people think of Robert Englund, they think of Freddy Robert Englund is Freddy, he gave Freddy a voice and his look Robert Englund was and forever will be remembered as Freddy

Said on Mar 3, 2010


I understand that RE will forever be remembered as Freddy because he was the first but it shouldn't be a damn roadblock for the reboot.

Jacob Crim on Mar 3, 2010


he should have been a bigger oradblock so this didn't get made...

ryderup on Mar 3, 2010


Robert Englund probably doesnt have much power in hollywood, what has he done OTHER than the Freddy Series? out of all 100 of them only 3 were good.

Jacob Crim on Mar 4, 2010


More gore with no nipples

wikiriwhi on Mar 6, 2010


This movie looks "scchlooooww f**kin Scchwweeeeettt! dude" Theres such an amazing lack of quality horror these days, let alone quality bad guys to root for. So a rehash of the old era is much appreciated. Rock on Freddie Kruger.

Caveman3k on Mar 10, 2010


OH!! how that could be scare off... sequel 212123... blah

ebeba on Apr 4, 2010


This movie looks gay. It going to have the same story line but a lot goreyer just like My Bloody Valentine, Friday the 13th, and both the Halloweens. It's also going to have stars in it that you and me both haven't heard of.

King Aweasome on Apr 7, 2010


OH!! how that could be scare off… sequel 212123… blah

dresses1 on Apr 20, 2010


A little late to make a comment haha but better late then never This movie looks EPIC! Better than Friday the 13th! Definitely better than Halloween (the remake)!

Peace Love & GaGa on Apr 22, 2010


@King Aweasome, Are you stupid? Wait, why am i asking cause you obviously are. You know remakes are about taking a movie and REBOOTING's supposed to have the same storyline or it wouldn't be considered a remake. And if you look back at all the old slasher movies, even though some actors who are famous now (Jamie Lee Curtis-Halloween, Johnny Depp-Nightmare on Elm Street, Robert Englund-Nightmare on Elm Street) were in them, they were NOBODIES back then, hense they had never been heard of, they got their start in those movies. If you want to make a slasher movie you have to use no-names if you want it to be a hit. So "King Aweasome" (idk if you meant to spell AWESOME incorrectly or not, but) you have just been served BITCH!

Peace Love & GaGa on Apr 22, 2010


@85 the word is spelled HENCE. Judge not yet least ye f'n be pal. Zing!

DLM Entertainment on Apr 22, 2010


@ Peace Love & GaGa you are very right lots of horror movies had nobodies then who are stars now as you stated Jamie Lee Curtis-Halloween Johnny Depp-Nightmare on Elm St. & Feddy's Dead Robert Englund-Nightmare on Elm St. Patricia Arquette-Nightmare on Elm St. 3 Laurence Fishburne-Nightmare on Elm St. 3 Jennifer Aniston-Leprechaun ( Which is her first feature film ) Corey Feldman-Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter (Even tho he's not a super star you still know who he is) Justin Long was pretty much unknown when he was in Jeepers Creepers Katherine Heigl when she was in Bride of Chucky Rose McGowan-Scream One of Josh Hartnett's first films was Halloween:H20 A big one is Charlize Theron-Children of the Corn III: Urban Harvest Renee Zellweger & Matthew McConaughey were in Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Next Generation before they were really known Kevin Bacon in the first Friday the 13th This could go on for awhile but KING AWEASOME your wrong just because you don't know who they are doesn't mean nobody knows who they are nor does it mean that they won't become big stars in the future.

JDW on Apr 30, 2010


Hey Peace love and gaga. Go see the movie and don't tell me that it wasn't a piece of shit.

King Aweasome on May 1, 2010

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