Must Watch: Amazing First Trailer for 'Battle: Los Angeles' Hits!

November 12, 2010
Source: Apple

Battle: Los Angeles

Wow - now this is a frickin' fantastic teaser trailer. Sony has unveiled the first trailer via Apple for Jonathan Liebesman's Battle: Los Angeles, an epic, energetic action movie about an alien invasion in Los Angeles. That may sound a bit familiar, but give it a chance, this trailer seriously kicks ass. Aaron Eckhart leads an ensemble cast of young Marines who are brought in to fight of the enemy aliens. It has a very Black Hawk Down-plus-aliens feel to, but this trailer is beautiful, such a perfect teaser for this. I seriously can't frickin' wait to see it! I definitely know where I'll be on March 11th - at the theater watching Battle: Los Angeles!

Watch the first teaser trailer for Jonathan Liebesman's Battle: Los Angeles:

[flv: 598 282]

You can also watch the Battle: Los Angeles teaser trailer in High Definition on Apple

A young Marine platoon, lead by Aaron Eckhart, faces off against a surprise alien invasion in Los Angeles.

Battle: Los Angeles is directed by South African-born director Jonathan Liebesman, of Darkness Falls, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning and The Killing Room previously, but he is really breaking out in a good way with this. The screenplay credit, according to IMDb, goes solely to Christopher Bertolini, of only The General's Daughter and Madso's War previously. Sony / Columbia Pictures will be bringing Battle: Los Angeles to theaters everywhere starting on March 11th, 2011 next year! Does that look awesome or what?

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I agree completely. I say in my blog that this is probably the best trailer since the first Social Network trailer. I'm way more excited about this movie now.

Chris on Nov 12, 2010



John Doe on Nov 12, 2010


HOLY CRAP! This surprised the shit out of me. I was not expecting such amazingness.

Gadder4311 on Nov 12, 2010


What the hell was that annoying "song"? Made the trailer almost unwatchable.

Kevin on Nov 12, 2010


Something tells me this one won't end well...

Delvis Crasho on Nov 12, 2010


Yeah!!! Loved the trailer!!! A great tease, very weird and tense and action packed!!! Just how I love my sci fi!!!

LINKFX on Nov 12, 2010


Seriously ... we're being invaded again? I bet that in this film the aliens come close to destroying the human race and just when you thought we we're all but done for, a small hybrid team of everyday citizens, military officers and scientists discover the one thing that can defeat the aliens. I'll pass.

LetterJ13 on Nov 12, 2010


they missed the opportunity to go viral with this.there's so much that's incoherent in the trailer,the way the film's being presented in so many formats,and from whose POV.The title is kind of odd,why single out LA? They'll issue a second trailer in a fortnight,it'll be much sharper.

twipious on Nov 12, 2010


weird music, cinematography looks good though and i like Eckhart hopefully it will be a decent story too

Ross on Nov 12, 2010


Like we need ANOTHER alien invasion movie? How is this much different than Skyline, which opens today?

Drew on Nov 12, 2010


that was soooo sick!!! the only thing . . if Michelle Rodriguez dies in this one im going to hollywood and kickin someones ass!!! i mean she is WAAAAAAAAAAY too hot to just be killing off! LET HER LIVE, LET HER LIVE!!!!

james on Nov 12, 2010


Instead of aliens invading us how about we invade them, then we find out in the middle of the movie that its just the US taking over the world let by resurrected General Patton

andrew on Nov 12, 2010


I like that it is a normal bunch of Marines, not "space marines." This is going to sound like an odd comment - but I'd like to see a realistic alien invasion movie -- perhaps this is it. It doesn't take much more than "I hacked into the mothership with my macbook" to destroy a sci-fi movie for me.

dRailer on Nov 12, 2010


one of the best teasers ever!!you people(haters) are iditos,looks waaaaay better than skyline and all other invasion movies(i say it LOOKS)-give it a chance. is amazing!!!!it gave me the chills...

splinter on Nov 12, 2010


This took me by surprise but it did have my interest from the beginning which is why I watched it. Guesss I'll go finish darkness falls now. Is there a plot at all otehr than following the marines? @ 12, I wrote a story about an alien invasion if you're interested. This is what I want it to look like, and I'm glad it's not speilberg behind it. The only thing that will stop this from being a huge succsess is the acting which from the looks of things seems to be great.

Eli on Nov 12, 2010


Skyline is going to blow despite the numbers it may make. I'd Choose this over that crap.

Eli on Nov 12, 2010


oh wow. man. that was intense... it really does look good as hell. ima definitely see this when it comes out.

KING on Nov 12, 2010


Three Thumbs Up!!

Tom Collins on Nov 12, 2010


The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning is great, I'm kinda pumped for this too, the guy from Hidden Palms is in the cast.

Lincoln on Nov 12, 2010


Gorgeous trailer.

Emma on Nov 12, 2010


Two reasons i need to go see this: 1. It looks amazing. 2. It's in my own backyard. also i like how it seems some people believe that the movie industry planned for the invasion movies to come out near each other lol

Duck on Nov 12, 2010


Look for me at the :49 mark!

IKE on Nov 12, 2010


I like the fact that this looks the War Of the Worlds that i've imagined at first. Bring It on!

Dave on Nov 12, 2010


I mean, the marketing team behind this should be very proud because their trailer is awesome. But, I really don't think this is going to be anything special, only rehashed plots, themes, and visuals. It just looks like another invasion movie. Maybe this time with a bit more "found-footage" shots. I'll give it a try, but expectations are low.

Jackson on Nov 12, 2010


I think I just wet myself (in anticipation). Anyone know the name of the track/artist in the trailer?

Bash on Nov 12, 2010


Interesting timing on the release of this trailer... Released the day Skyline is released in the theaters to so far some pretty awful reviews. As far as the trailer, other than horrid Michelle Rodriguez ( sorry #11, cant stand her ), it looks and sounds kick ass !!!

Tester on Nov 12, 2010


ya that song was horrible , they should fire the sound mixer lol

Chris5g on Nov 12, 2010


Now this is what all trailers should be like: thrilling without giving every god damned thing away. Looks fantastic.

YK on Nov 12, 2010


We need to loose to the super advanced intergalactic space-faring aliens for a change. I bet the find the Mysterious Omnitrix of Gayskull and give it to Chuck Norris and he'll makes all the aliens realize that they were wrong and that it was all just a misunderstanding or he could kick some Alien but with his cowboy boots. My predictions are usualy spot on. It does look like it'll be good for a bag O' popcorn. We'll see which runs out first my patience or my appetite.

JayC on Nov 12, 2010


About time! Awesome. Private Ryan and War of the Worlds just had their baby.

Johnny Neat on Nov 12, 2010


Avatar received crap about being a recycled story. Obviously this one is as well. Big time. But if it's a good story and if it's done well, I say bring it on. I'd like to see Skyline, but to be honest, what dialogue we've heard from the trailers for it is bland. There was nothing bland in this trailer for Battle: LA. That was impressive. It did have more a "realistic" look and feel if you will (like #13 talks about). I'm more excited for this one than about any other alien invasion movie.

jjboldt on Nov 12, 2010


#7 I agree. Granted the trailer does looks great, but I'm seriously tired of seeing this story again, and again. Next.

Cruzer on Nov 12, 2010


Photography and edit wise, the trailer is wonderful, great work there. It's just that I'm with #7, because I think that the "realistic take" on an alien invasion isn't' real at all. If the american native civilizations (of north, south and central america) didn't had a chance against the superior firepower (literally) of the european countries, and one country couldn't do anything about two nukes in WWII, how could we possibly win a war against a civilization capable of traveling between stars ? Those marine's weapons would be less than arrows and stones against armored tanks. It's not that we wouldn't have a chance -- we wouldn't even know it happened, in the first place. Then again, I'm curious to see this movie and Skyline, just because these stories might surprise me.

Fox on Nov 12, 2010


The song in the trailer is "The Sun’s Gone Dim And The Sky’s Turned Black" by Jóhann Jóhannsson -

Pendy Sixteen on Nov 12, 2010


Hmm I read the comments first, and then watched the trailer - wasn't quite as manic and war like as I was expecting - not sure this really compares to Black Hawk Down at all other than men in desert warfare. Not sure that trailer soundtrack works either.

RUSE on Nov 12, 2010


is that a song? what is he saying? chilly

tye on Nov 12, 2010


It may have a realistic look and feel, but let's here the characters talk first. The dialogue could be a big fail - see Skyline.

jamdolin on Nov 12, 2010


I really hope everybody dies. Not because I am a dick or because I think the trailer sucks; the trailer was amazing, but it would make the most sense to me. I'm sorry, but if tons of other big cities already got wiped out, then L.A. really shouldn't stand a chance, either, no matter how loud people scream that the USA are "the greatest country in the world, you guys!!!" Plus, I'm a total sucker for movies without happy endings.

SuicidalOptimist on Nov 12, 2010


This is an action movie while skyline looks more like a thriller, personally i would much rather see this, trailer kicked ass

abcdefg on Nov 12, 2010


OOOOOhhhh Yah! I pitty the fool that talks shit about this movie!

Mr.T on Nov 12, 2010


Surprised no one noticed/mentioned that the title of the film is not in the trailer.

Red on Nov 12, 2010


#37, From what I'm seeing, I think this will be realistic to the point where dialogue is a luxury-- and what we DO hear from the characters will be good clean cuts of appropriate, believable dialogue and conversation. It's what I'm hoping. And with the action on screen it will surely be more military talk then anything. Groovy.

Cracky on Nov 12, 2010


Had low expectations for this, but the tone, the look, the grit...this looks like a fer sure must see. Looks like it could be great even!

uberman on Nov 12, 2010


This is easily one of (if not the) best trailers of the year. The music and visuals combine for a beautifully haunting experience unlike pretty much anything I've ever seen before.

deltavoyage on Nov 12, 2010


I don't think they could've made this trailer any better. flawless.

David 123 on Nov 12, 2010


For all those saying the music sucks, shove it. The music worked fantastic in it and brought a real sense of drama to the trailer. Plus it was creepy as shit! This looks awesome, but let's see how the actual movie is. Been there before when a trailer looks GREAT but the movie is "eh?"

ryan_34 on Nov 12, 2010


What was that music sound!?

ambiguish on Nov 12, 2010


i like the new approach, not focusing on the Aliens but More on it being a War movie

Darren on Nov 12, 2010


Perfect Tease. Pumped.

Sota-POP on Nov 12, 2010


Fire in the Skyline with Communion on Independence Day: Hyper Battle L.A. Turbo Edition. Seriously, how many times does this story have to be told? District 9 was the only time in ages it's been told in a unique way.

Mark D on Nov 12, 2010



RICH on Nov 12, 2010


the songs is: Johann Johannsson - Sun's Gone Dim

Ivanhoe Martin on Nov 12, 2010



McWilly on Nov 12, 2010


Trailer was great. Liebesman is a decent director, he really did what he could with Darkness Falls but Chainsaw Massacre was kinda bad...haven't seen The Killing Room which looks to be pretty bland...we'll see the trailer was extremely well done.

Xerxex on Nov 12, 2010


xerxex - don't waste your time on "killing room". it's not terrible; but, you're missing NOTHING by not seeing it. as far as this movie goes? march 11 can't come soon enough! i'll be there opening night.

beavis on Nov 12, 2010


Its your typical "Alien takes over the planet" with the beginning half of the movie building up with cross viral videos and the typical great effects. Unfortunately, the 2nd & 3rd act will prove to be the typical B.S. Rediculous "Star Wars" and outrageous alien creature subplots that kill the movies authentic feel. Already, looks like Transformers 2 with more extras in the each scene. I wish Hollywood would come up with something fresh. Enough of this garbage.

marion on Nov 12, 2010


I agree with you that hollywood needs to come up with new ideas. But some ideas need to be rehashed and made even BETTER!! (not like the marvel series) - lol. But I do think this film will show this common story in a different light, and the cinematography so far looks amazing. Especially in the second trail. Ideas will always be the same, however the story and how it unfolds will be different.

Reasons on Jan 20, 2011


That song absolutely ruined the trailer for me , sounded like Justin Bieber singing a close encounters of the 3rd kind song remixed on a casio keyboard. The movie looks cool though, looks gritty.

Chris5g on Nov 12, 2010


marion is it fun to have the power of foresight? @Chris5g do yourself a favor and click this link:

Xerxex on Nov 12, 2010


my bad chris posted it wrong, well just copy and paste. 🙂 Johann Johannsson is a brilliant artist, and bieber holds no ground against him.

Xerxex on Nov 12, 2010


Trailer and song were ABSOLUTELY AMAZING - best teaser I've seen in a long time....

tms on Nov 12, 2010


LMAO at the haters...

Geoff on Nov 12, 2010


wait chris link is good, jeez I'm having some major typing problems today! will do beavis!

Xerxex on Nov 12, 2010


always Aliens, its becoming boring... I would prefer to see a movie where US soldiers starts a war against the own american people in a big american city like New York. Americans against Americans. Like the Civil War but harder and darker. Big Drama and war just with humans.

Millus on Nov 12, 2010


That has already been done. Plenty of times already. Don't you watch the news? War - humans, against humans is played out.

Reasons on Jan 20, 2011


I actually thought the music was perfect. Great trailer.

kidgamer on Nov 12, 2010


Hmm its not too bad Xerxex, the videos actually kinda cool, maybe it was the song takin away from the trailer for me at first or maybe its growing on me now but it does have a sense of hopelessness that fits with the theme kinda. alls i know when i first watched this the song was kinda taking away from the scenes, just my first impression. thx for the link.

Chris5g on Nov 12, 2010


@Chris5g You gave it a chance that's all one can ask for. Just don't ever compare to Bieber, bad things happen with those kinda comparisons.

Xerxex on Nov 12, 2010


The music is The Sun´s Gone Dim and the Sky´s Turned Black by Jóhann Jóhannsson from the IBM 1401 a User´s Manual album. Here´s more info on the artist:

Bernardo on Nov 12, 2010


Freaky, off tempo music creating an unsettling, discordant vibe, building tension, minimal reveal on the aliens…now that’s a hot trailer.

kidgamer on Nov 12, 2010


I gotta say Noel Fisher (I believe he's featured in the photo) is really moving forward in his career. I always get him confused with Ashton Holmes especially in The Pacific, and I don't know why.

Xerxex on Nov 12, 2010


Are you people kidding re: the song? That's Johann Johannsson. He's one of the most well respected composers in the world.

Matt on Nov 12, 2010


WOW! this looks AWESOME. Hopefully this will show the Strause brothers how a alien invasion epic is done.

wrongturn687 on Nov 12, 2010


I remember this being filmed in New Orleans awhile back. They were blowing up alot of stuff on the freeways on the westbank for some of the scenes.

DJSNOLA` on Nov 12, 2010


well i know where i'll be on the weekend of march 11th

max s. on Nov 12, 2010


Cory hardrict is in this movie he's the real deal possibly the next will smith!!!!!!!!!!! I love him

armashy on Nov 12, 2010


It looks like the first Transformers on MUTE with experimental neo-techno blaring from a stereo instead. Sorry, I am not excited at all about this one.

Louis on Nov 12, 2010


Read the comments Hahaha every Trailer/movie info... always the same comments. lol You guys need some depression pills. Dude alien invasion has been a concept since the beginning of mankind,. Get used to the alien concept of entertainment cuz it will still be here when you are cynical old men....oh, too late. I want them to make movie about an alien invasion turning us into zombies and the only chance humanity has is teenage vampires and huge f'n robots, staring Sam worthington, directed by Michael Bay, music by Justin Bieber(most played out joke) or Linkin Park, shot in 3d, by a Cam, based off a comic, and it make Millions!!. I want this just so your heads would spontaniously explode. Oh I thought the song was perfect 🙂

McWilly on Nov 12, 2010


I have a feeling that it is all downhill from here. Good trailer none-the-less....

Mortuus on Nov 13, 2010


Song is called "The Sun's gone dim - Johann Johannson"

Roberto on Nov 13, 2010


wow gave me chills, great choice of music

Dave on Nov 13, 2010


the trailer isn't "best". to me a great trailer or teaser, is the kind that can make me feel goosebumps or gets my heart pumping fast. This didn't do it for me. I'm still greatly looking forward to it - I think the second trailer is the kind that'll do the job, this teaser was a bit meh.

zed on Nov 13, 2010



Ambient on Nov 13, 2010


Whoa!!!! Excellent teaser...liked all of it especially the part when the alien comes out of water!! the CGI look awesome!The voice is perfect and fits to the theme!!! Since the Dark Knight, I would watch anything with Aaron Eckhart in it!!!!! hopes it gets a sequel already!!! let's watch it again!!! Thanks Roberto @ 78 for the song!!

I am... on Nov 13, 2010


oh this just spanked skyline right in the ass

pulp fiction 212 on Nov 13, 2010


The trailer was very well done--it definitely brought on the chills (the first trailer with "Sun's Gone Dim"). Granted, it's only the trailer, but it grabbed my attention, and I am interested in seeing the film. Will the completed film be any good? Well...we won't know until March 2011. It could be an epic film, or it could be a pile of s@*%. The fact that Aaron Eckhart is in it bodes well. It's interesting to see the discussions contrasting this and SKYLINE--which one is better (or will be better)? @Louis: "Looks like the first TRANSFORMERS"--whatever gave you that idea? It sure as hell didn't look that way to me, but I guess that's just my opinion... @56 marion: I guess you've just proved that time travel is possible. You went into the future, saw the film, and have returned to the present knowing exactly what the heck will happen in the film. Lord, how do you do it?

Marc McKenzie on Nov 13, 2010


Bring forth the alien invasions!!!!! I'm gonna get me some serious downtime and support the cause.....its just pure entertainment at the end of the day...nothing to read into...sod the weak awards to be long as the effects hold up and aliens and marines kick ass I couldn't give a flying toss for anything else!

roxsta on Nov 13, 2010


This looks frickin epic. This is what all the transformer/skyline movies need to understand. Tons of "neon" colors do not make for bad ass battle scenes.

JimD on Nov 13, 2010


Hey Millus, you should check out the comic DMZ by Brian Wood, kindo that story you asked for.

Crapola on Nov 13, 2010


Excellent. Alien invasion movies. Just love them.

Vladimir on Nov 13, 2010


Finally got to see this trailer...this looks AWESOME. Oh and the song was perfect for this...

Atrus4 on Nov 13, 2010


who or what was that behind the chick in the last clip with the close up?

Eli on Nov 13, 2010


the song was terrible not sure what the fuck they were thinking when they chose it but, the movie looks good.

I have no name on Nov 13, 2010


Anyone whos hating on this can and will burn in hell, seriously how thick and full of yourself do you have to be not to think this is gonna kick some serious ass....SOLD!!!!!!@NREU@#BRU( BN#$TU({N#$Y

Cody w on Nov 13, 2010


Outstanding 😀

DaftPUNKFAN on Nov 13, 2010


Hey 91 go and listen to the whole song.

Xerxex on Nov 13, 2010


This trailer is literally immense. I do think that the music used in the trailer helps build up the feel and atmosphere of the trailer but the film does look good. If they used the same method in the film to build feeling and tension, then this film is going to rule the school!

Paul-82 on Nov 14, 2010


@83, you said it! the "Skyline" makers should have saved their money for something bigger! This is so huge!

I am... on Nov 14, 2010


GOOSEBUMPS never lie

NeoSLyfer on Nov 14, 2010


This is probably my favorite trailer i've seen in a long while.. get's me super jacked up. Movie looks crazy good.

casey on Nov 14, 2010


Yup, looks good, may pass on Skyline and go for this (when it comes out). Also, autotune? In a trailer? :-p

Mike Kingscott on Nov 14, 2010


100! YAY!!!!!!

Xerxex on Nov 15, 2010


The trailer looks great. I love the use of the music in it. The fact it's so NOT bombastic really gives a sense of gravitas and that this is serious. After the silliness of the second half of ID4 and the constant need to inject humour, I've always wished for a kick arse, backs against the wall alien invasion film. This could be it. I'll try not to watch any other trailers for this until I sit down to watch it in March. I remember doing the same for District 9. The teaser trailer (along with the work Blomkamp had done on the Halo short films) was enough to tell me I'd want to see it so I managed to avoid everything, which I think really added to my enjoyment of what has gone on to become my favourite film.

Payne by name on Nov 16, 2010


@99 that's not autotune, that's just a vocoder. Think "California Love" by Tupac. Fantastic trailer. I can't believe people here are bagging on it, but whatever floats your boat (or sinks your ship, in this case I guess). I am really excited for this movie.

jim on Nov 16, 2010


You build spaceships that can traverse the universe with, to humans, hitherto unknown propulsion methods. You pack them with weapons that resembles magic. You invade L.A and discover that a band of marines equipped with M16 rifles and Chinooks kicks your ass like nothing. It's just a bummer being alien, ain't it?

Kage on Nov 25, 2010


Looking forward to this movie!! The music gave me goosebumps!!

monte on Dec 7, 2010


I like the look of this, or are we're going to be cond again by very carefully sellected trailers. Has everyone forgotten SKYLINE! Brilliant looking trailer, but the film was CRAP! I've yet to see a film come out of the US to give me the WOW!! factor.

Cineprog on Dec 9, 2010


Holy DAMN on a water fountain!!!

judasbarron on Dec 15, 2010


There are no aliens. You stupid fucking idiot. There are demonic beings that will kick the unbelieving remnants asses during the tribulation. You better wake up and smell the roses and get your fucking heads out of those movies. Jesus Christ will win in the end when he stomps satans ass and all his human and demonic forces. God night you idiots.

Jamknapp on Mar 7, 2011

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