Must Watch: Awesome Full Trailer for Ryan Reynolds' Buried

July 21, 2010
Source: Yahoo

Buried Trailer

On the eve of Comic-Con, Lionsgate has decided to debut the official full-length trailer for Rodrigo Cortés' Buried, starring Ryan Reynolds (and only Ryan Reynolds) as an contractor buried in a coffin. Because the entire movie takes place inside of the coffin, Lionsgate had to be very creative with this trailer, because they don't want to show too much of it since there's only so much that's in the movie anyway. That said, I think this is a perfect trailer to tease audiences and provide a sense of the intensity of Buried, which I can say will probably end up as one of my favorite movies of the year. Definitely watch this trailer, it's worth it!

Watch the official theatrical trailer for Rodrigo Cortés' Buried from YouTube:

As mentioned on the poster, Lionsgate has also launched the official website:

A U.S. contractor working in Iraq awakes to find he is buried alive inside a coffin. With only a lighter and a cell phone it's a race against time to escape this claustrophobic death trap. Buried is directed by Spanish filmmaker Rodrigo Cortés, of the films 15 Days, The Contestant, and Dirt Devil previously. The screenplay was written by first-time writer Chris Sparling. This was one of my favorite films from Sundance (read my review) and I can't wait for everyone to be able to experience it! Buried hits ALL theaters on October 8th.

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um? what just happened...the video quality is so poor i can barely hear what they are saying

Darren on Jul 21, 2010


Shittiest trailer I've ever seen.

carlos on Jul 21, 2010


What are you talking about. This is going to be amazing.

Paul on Jul 21, 2010


@ 1: Uh, what does video quality have to do with audio?

geetard on Jul 21, 2010


Awful trailer, but great concept and I'm looking forward to this!

Rex on Jul 21, 2010


awful trailer? wow people are dumb

nelson on Jul 21, 2010


number quality corresponds with audio quality

Darren on Jul 21, 2010


Clever trailer bearing in mind the subject matter and what, in all likelihood, will be a short movie (90 mins). However, the music is overbearing making it difficult to make out the dialogue. Reminds me of the opening credits to The Kingdom.

Bash on Jul 21, 2010


terrible trailer. there is no footage...its just impressive flash and some VO. seeing this trailer..i dont want to see this movie. total crap trailer.

ONE on Jul 21, 2010


Im Interested!

McWilly on Jul 21, 2010


I love the concept of this film and can't wait to see it. However, while I love the design and motion graphics of this trailer, I don't like that it's for this movie. I and I didn't like the music score behind it either. Made it seem more like an action flick instead of a suspenseful thriller. So great trailer, for a different movie. I understand not wanting to give much away visually, but that could have been handled with a black screen and like a soundwave for the voices, and maybe 3-5 seconds of actual footage at the end.

michaelscottmurphy on Jul 21, 2010


Chill out One, if you've read the script like I and many others have then you'd see that this trailer suits the film very well. This trailer was clever and a nice break from all the other generic trailers we have today.

Xerxex on Jul 21, 2010


Terrible trailer. How anyone can say otherwise is not understandable to me.

whomever on Jul 21, 2010


God! I really can't wait for this one.

Nitrium on Jul 21, 2010


what kind of trailer is this... DNW.

wumbo on Jul 21, 2010


Wow, some polarizing reactions here... Can't believe people dislike this trailer? What did you want? Is the trailer not working for some people? Maybe I'll re-encode it in the regular FS format so you guys can watch it in high quality. Let me know if it's not working?

Alex Billington on Jul 21, 2010


it's decent not great not bad.

????/ on Jul 21, 2010


xerxex - are you saying "company men" and "the debt" are generic? because that's crazy talk. especially "the debt" looks as good as (or better than) anything this year. i still can't figure out how this will be a full movie........but when the buried guy asked the woman on the phone how she knew his name - i had a slight chill run down my back. - i'm IN!

beavis on Jul 21, 2010


The trailer is good quality, and I think this looks excellent. Dunno what people are upset about.

Stephen on Jul 21, 2010


@beavis minus those two trailers and some others...well jeez beavis thanks for putting holes in my comment!

Xerxex on Jul 21, 2010


This looks so good man... wow.

TripleR on Jul 21, 2010


@Alex Remember you're dealing with idiots on your site so of course most of them are going to hate it when it doesn't play out like a traditional trailer that tells you everything that will happen.

SkaOreo on Jul 21, 2010


With a movie like Buried... I don't think you can make a cool trailer. I mean, you can make a teaser but definitely not a full blown trailer.

asfss on Jul 22, 2010


what a bullshit trailer... they may as well have released this "film" as an audio book

Metatasian on Jul 22, 2010


Saw this at Sundance, highly recommended. It was an amazing 90 minutes. I enjoyed this trailer, but no promo can possibly convey the trip this film takes you on. It's crazy nuts. I suggest avoiding all and any promotional material from here on out. The less you know, the more you will enjoy this movie.

Knawx on Jul 22, 2010


Awful trailer and the movie looks bad. A guy buried in a box making a bunch of cell phone calls 12 Angry Men it's not.

Me on Jul 22, 2010


intresting shit,hopefully they don't fuck it up.

deadpool72 on Jul 22, 2010


I am so excited for this movie, but this trailer SUCKS.

Dreamer on Jul 22, 2010


I read the script and hated the ending. I hope they changed it for the film....

eric on Jul 22, 2010


I like, can't wait for October.

Fisherr on Jul 22, 2010


I like the fact that they didn't release any footage, the voice acting is what is really going to matter in this film I think since it's a one man show. If they released footage I don't think it would have enhanced the suspence that I felt just now.

Hedgehog on Jul 22, 2010



jeffrey Lamar on Jul 22, 2010


Cool as Hell.

The Man With No Name on Jul 22, 2010


There are so many trailers out there that show too much and give away all the good parts of a movie. I like that they do not show you anything in this trailer and make you wanna see more.

Dre on Jul 22, 2010


TERRIBLE TRAILER. I was so excited for this movie, i read the screenplay and everything. This trailer litterally drained all my interest in this movie.

Gary M on Jul 22, 2010


Wow...that was pretty awful. I understand the dilemna of putting together a trailer for a film that has a single actor and single set-piece but I really think the motion graphics detract from the concept. I believe the trailer could have much better served the film by using a "less is more idea." Possibly utilizing the sound bites over a black screen while building tension to a final flash of light from the flame or cellphone revealing the inside of the coffin. Just a thought....

Evo on Jul 22, 2010


Looks Terrible!!!!The Movie is Gonna Suck i Bet that is going to end in a very stupid way!!

Rawr on Jul 22, 2010


I want his cell phone company. I loose reception in the basement and his is working fine 6 feet under.

angryKid on Jul 22, 2010


I was really hoping for some explosions.

Crapola on Jul 22, 2010


I was afraid to watch that because I thought they'd spoil the film for me, but that trailer did a very good job of enticing me without revealing the secrets of the plot. I thought it was perfect, and I really don't understand what people expected.

peloquin on Jul 22, 2010


i like the way it looked, the movie not so much.

L1A on Jul 22, 2010


He's from Hastings, Michigan.....thats like 20mins from where i'm from, no body gives a shit about Hastings....he might get $20 dollar ransom....but not $5 mil.....but the movie does sound cool...

Stan Morrow on Jul 23, 2010


Stan....You say no body gives a shit about Hastings but having lived there my whole life growing up I know that any town twenty minutes from Hastings is much worse..... which is where you live

Bryans on Aug 4, 2010


Sooooo...its "phone Booth" a coffin? meh.

blah blah on Aug 7, 2010


90 mins of air??????? that not right and an open flame how can you have 90 mis of air. plus a phone that work in desert and video calls to WOW you would think he would save battery not using video calls!! MYTHBUSTERS********************** Jamie risked his own life for this myth, staying in the unburied coffin for 50 minutes; he maintained just 30 minutes when the dirt was loaded above the casket. Suffocation from the lack of outside air or lethal poisoning from increasing levels of carbon dioxide would have claimed the life of anyone buried alive. There is also the possibility of the coffin (and occupant) being crushed by the weight of the dirt pressing down on it. The risk of sudden collapse was the main reason the test was aborted after only 30 minutes. After the coffin was uncovered, it was found to have buckled significantly.

Padraig on Sep 7, 2010

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