Must Watch: Awesome New Full-Length Tron Legacy Trailer!

July 22, 2010
Source: Yahoo

Tron Legacy Trailer

After first debuting this trailer here in the epic panel at Comic-Con, the latest full-length official trailer for Disney's Tron Legacy has debuted online, as discovered via the latest viral. It's absolutely amazing, totally awe-inspiring, and a must watch for anyone, even if you were not initially Tron fans. Tron Legacy stars Jeff Bridges, Olivia Wilde, Garrett Hedlund and Bruce Boxleitner and will be hitting theaters in glorious, native 3D this December. Easily my most anticipated movie for the rest of 2010, hands down. Do yourself a favor, drop everything, and watch this trailer now, because you will be totally blown away. Watch this below!

Watch the second full trailer for Joe Kosinski's Tron Legacy:

[flv: 598 254]

You can also watch the Tron Legacy trailer in High Definition over on Yahoo!

Sam Flynn (Garrett Hedlund), the tech-savvy son of Kevin Flynn (Jeff Bridges), looks into his father's disappearance and is pulled into the digital world of Tron where his father has been living for 25 years.

Tron Legacy is directed by first-time filmmaker Joseph Kosinski. The screenplay was co-written by Adam Horowitz ("Lost"), Richard Jefferies (Blood Tide, Living Hell), Edward Kitsis ("Lost"), and the director of the original movie, Steven Lisberger. This first got the greenlight last year because this early teaser played well at Comic-Con. Disney is bringing Tron Legacy to theaters in 3D starting on December 17th, 2010.

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............................ whoa.............................

graffiti bandit on Jul 22, 2010


Absolutely Jaw-dropping!! What a way to kick off Comic-Con. I second that Whoa, and raise you a Holy Shit!!!

librapaj on Jul 22, 2010



cesar on Jul 22, 2010



pacelli chapa on Jul 22, 2010


Looks awesome can't wait.

chad on Jul 22, 2010



dnel on Jul 22, 2010


umm what was that; wowowowwwowowowowowowowowowowowow is all i can say . i am definitely a fan now

alan on Jul 22, 2010


Forgot to add, the score is going to ROCK!

librapaj on Jul 22, 2010


The movie looks awesome... (IMO) but jeff bridges de-aging looks a bit weird....still have full faith this movie will kick ass

JNYCE on Jul 22, 2010


#8 i agree that music hooked me just as much as the footage

nelson on Jul 22, 2010


oh me oh my.

Justin on Jul 22, 2010


Gosh, this gave me goose bumps 8o

Eliana on Jul 22, 2010


WOW! that was AWESOME!. 🙂

wrongturn687 on Jul 22, 2010


Not convinced by the younger Jeff Bridges. Hope they make that better prior to release. Otherwise, bring it on......

Marty on Jul 22, 2010


Not digging the whole ‘’fluorescent lighting’’ thing. And Jeff Bridges? Have you guys seen Crazy Heart? What an overrated movie that was! ... GUYS I'M JUST JOKING ... This movie is going to kick the monkey's balls. And the monkey is going to slap me in the face as a result of that, which will wake me up just to let me realise that this movie is really happening. Awe-some! This definitely is a movie of great production value. The designs, specials effects and cast. Because let’s be honest: Jeff Bridges is a king amongst men! Oh, and Daft Punk scoring the movie? Instant win.

Yonix on Jul 22, 2010



dRailer on Jul 22, 2010


Am I the only one who is completely underwhelmed by this? I mean it has absolutely no realism, no grit at all. Sfx feels cartoonish and it seems like a weak story too. I just don't get it...all the enthusiasm!?

L'Denis on Jul 22, 2010


@18 Read the comments dude, yeah you are the ONLY one who's completely underwhelmed by this.

librapaj on Jul 22, 2010


#18....yeah, you are the only one...its tron, its not real, even in the movie world sense...

AC on Jul 22, 2010


did anyone else see "the black hole' shout out at the beginning of the trailer? nice

dnel on Jul 22, 2010


Hmm..would watching the original make this trailer more exciting?

Wes on Jul 22, 2010


"glorious native 3-D" there is nothing glorious about 3-D Billington. other than that to quote Chris Farley "That was awesome!" I'm in, in 2-D.

Xerxex on Jul 22, 2010


Tons of uncanny valley ;( It is not next Avatar, sorry.

cicool on Jul 22, 2010



Da Man on Jul 22, 2010


The fact that young Jeff Bridges isn't totally convincing won't hold the movie back, because it looks like for the most part the younger version of him will be a computer representation of himself - IE: the program Clu. So it shouldn't really mattered that he looks a little CGI'd around the edges, since his character is a computer generated image anyway. Maybe.

Gill on Jul 22, 2010


3D sucks............... Tron looks like a good, fun fantasy romp. #25 - avatar was a VERY average movie (actually it seemed more like a demo for the graphical tech than a movie) - tron appears to be much more unique and entertaining.

beavis on Jul 22, 2010


This looks great. Olivia Wilde looks badass and the score is compelling. A pitch perfect trailer.

David on Jul 22, 2010


CAN'T WAIT!!! THIS LOOKS EPIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!

atg2040 on Jul 22, 2010


Meh... looks OK. young Jeff Bridges is weird - I don't think I'd stop thinking about how CG his face looks the whole time on screen. @25 --> Avatar wasn't that great, dude. This could definitely be as good or better with the cast and crew behind it

antioch on Jul 22, 2010



doomcanoe on Jul 22, 2010


Let's see... cutting 3-D, great effects and... oh what's that? ...a semblance of a story? are you paying attention James Cameron? I agree with @31. This trailer looks better than Avatar. I hope the entire film delivers on that promise.

Dave Lister, J.M.C. on Jul 22, 2010


wow, not into the tron thing nor a fan, but man, this looks good thru the trailer... definetly will be watching this in imax 3d.

KING on Jul 22, 2010


Incredibly promising series of images from TRON Here is probably the best trailer since INCEPTION teaser The movie should gross at lest $150 million from hype & genre alone. If the story is good, it should soar beyond $200 million

Gary the Bruce on Jul 22, 2010


jeff bridges should get more roles mainstream or indie...

Gary the Bruce on Jul 22, 2010


Not as good as the first trailer....missed the music...

Vietnamthemovie on Jul 22, 2010


I agree with 37.

Ambient on Jul 22, 2010


This is going to be bloody brilliant! Kick money balls indeed! 😉 PLANE!!!!!! 😮

Jo on Jul 22, 2010


One word: BADASS!!

Gadder4311 on Jul 22, 2010


WOW..... fucking Epic!!!!!!

xaudioprox on Jul 22, 2010


First off I'm LMAO at the guys who say this looks better than Avatar. This trailer is a lot weaker than the first trailer. The final Avatar trailer was a thing of beauty and looks better than anything we've seen from this movie. I'm a huge Tron nut but this trailer has hurt my interest...the music is worse than the other one and to be honest Tron was heavily influenced by Wendy Carlos's amazing score. This is a movie that NEEDS a killer score. Hopefully another trailer will come out this fall that gets me amped again.

Geoff on Jul 22, 2010


um...Geoff Avatar was not a good flm at all, it was like greatest hits compilation.

Xerxex on Jul 22, 2010


Not good at all...and the proof of that is the 2.7 billion at the box office, the 80+% at RottenTomatoes amongst all critics, the 90+% amongst top critics, the Golden Globe for best film, the fact that it's in the IMDB top 250. Yep...not good at all! I don't know what's more idiotic ...the Avatrolls distorted take on reality or the fact that they expect others to buy into it! LOL!

Geoff on Jul 22, 2010



Brady on Jul 22, 2010


December will not get here soon enough.

GlossGreen on Jul 22, 2010


For me, Tron was one of the most influential films of my childhood. When a sequel/reboot arises from such a successful film of days gone by, my first reaction is scepticism and my first thought is money-grab. While it seems to have some promising aspects, I'm hoping that we're not looking at another film that relies wholly on VFX to drive it but has a solid foundation of story, character, and acting. My opinion is that this is where Avatar failed miserably. Bridges involvement gives me hope but, based simply on the level of "uncanny valley" inherent in the younger Bridges, my skepticism is holding fast. If they can't reach beyond the level of Gollum or Avatar in making a humanoid character (moreover, a digital version of an extremely iconic and recognizable actor) believable and empathetic, it will destroy any suspension of disbelief and bring the rest of the film to a screeching halt. Let's hope that post-production is still in full swing....

Evo on Jul 22, 2010


Looks good... probably on the same production/SFX-level as the original (relatively speaking). I remember getting the glow-in-the-dark book and audio tape for christmas when i was 3 and cutting the bottom of pizza boxes in a circular pattern so could hurl it like "Tron." I honestly cant wait, although a small part of me thinks this movie will be effects driven (at the expense of a good plot), which is totally fine with me. I hardly rememebr the first one, but as i think about it, it makes the "Matrix" concept appear less original. Will this movie be on the same level as original matrix, or just another 'House of Mouse' reboot?

Solo Calrissian on Jul 22, 2010


@41 You've GOT to be kidding me, right? Please tell me that you're joking.

John Doe on Jul 22, 2010


:Other random comment about Avatar that doesn't relate to this trailer in the least: (seriously stop comparing everything to Avatar, it was a good film but it wasn't anything that hasn't been done before, except for the CGI, it blew up as big as it did because of the hype machines in all major cities) The de-aging of Jeff Bridges will work perfectly since it isn't Flynn at all. It's Clu. The last image of Kevin Flynn is the real one, being held captive by his own creation. The fact that it looks a bit CGI will play well with the story. The addition of new vehicles is awesome, a program can only evolve from it's old state so it makes perfect sense that all the vehicles we had in the original will now be even more awesome. OMG Lightjet for the win.

Hedgehog on Jul 22, 2010


Geoff, the reason we're saying avatar was average because it's a story we've seen about 10 times. james cameron just got ideas from pochahontas and tarzan put a whole bunch of special effects in it and made a movie. the reason it made 2.7 billion because some nut jobs said it's the greatest movie ever because they were blinded by the cgi and special effects. the reason it got those reviews, once again because of the imagery and people being blinded by it. I went out of the theatre thinking it was a ggood movie, but james just needs to get a little more talent for storytelling. reason it got the golden globe is because once again the imagery. i'm just glad that at oscar time the academy ot some sense anyways, i know this has nothing to do with it, but Inception should get highest grossing and best picture. Chris nolan completely deserves it for all the amazing things that he has done

max s. on Jul 22, 2010


WOW WOW WOW.....................SPEWACHLESDS

SHANEDAV on Jul 22, 2010


I was really blown away by the younger Jeff Bridges, and i'm very picky when it comes to these things. I never saw Tron so I'm not over excited for this. The trailer was cool, but we've seen better.

Ricardo on Jul 22, 2010


@ #49 I agree that the weak CGI for Clu can be explained because he is well...CGI within the story as well. But, personally that seems like a poor excuse for sloppy effects work. The "uncanny valley" is problematic for film in creating empathetic and believable characters. However, maybe they can use it to their advantage, but that would be a first. Contrary to my prior Avatar remark, over-coming much of that suspension of disbelief in CGI characters is where I feel Cameron actually succeeded.

Evo on Jul 22, 2010


AAAAAAAH!! OMG. awesome.

Aimee on Jul 22, 2010


@48 - was a joke...the whole world is in on it...we all conspired against you...decided to see the movie to the tune of 2.7 billion just so we could fool you....but man you saw through it all. We thought by seeing it in large numbers and getting the overwhelming majority of critics to like it we could fool you into thinking it was a good movie...heck we even paid off the Golden Globes. Our plan didn't work...John Doe saw through the the truth. LOL! You got to love Avatrolls!

Geoff on Jul 22, 2010


#50 - LMAO! That's about the only response you deserve. I'm old enough to remember people like you in 1977 who were saying something about a little film called Star Wars. They even said the same thing about it not winning an Oscar. To them it was a movie that had a ripped off story and it's only merit were it's FX. Gee...history repeating itself and just like them you look silly. News flash....Star Wars story wasn't original...Lucas deliberately took ideas from others. I guess it's OK when he does it?? LOL!!

Geoff on Jul 22, 2010


at 49 thanks for spioling the movie, the more i see of this film the better it looks wich at least is a good thing however tron without wendy carlos is like the karate kid movie remake without bill conti's music for 1 and 2. its music that helps make a movie (at least 89%) a good movie has 3 elements story+music+actors, visual effects are last because even old star trek shows or the twilight zone classic are terrific and werent made with a 200 million special effects budget. the original star wars movie a new hope was made without computer effects, most were model shots. people that see tv to movies and remakes that are less than 50 years old do so out of nostolgia. sacrificing trons huge fanbase for a pitance few new ones is not a good move. I only hope that bridges isnt in 12 minutes of the film and this is a reboot disguised as a sequel. Ive not been overwealmed by daft punk and dont get the hype. trons music was cool and unique because it sounded like an 80s arcade but also sounded like a mainstream music soundtrack, one of the shinning gem elements of the original tron movie. Im waiting in dreaded anticipation for this as tron is one of my favorite films growing up. I at least wish theyd make an alternative wendy carlos score for the dvd release and appease old school fans. franchises that drop music tend to suck, look at terminator series that dropped fidels score after 2 and has watered down or the terrible star trek reboot music or bonds music (no having the original score in 2 minutes of the final film doesnt count as having original music. sequel making isnt rocket science, one of the key things at making great sequels is the sequel feels connected to the original and like an extra 2 hours of the original. changing music disconnects that. i have a very bad feeling about this, made a little better by the preview but not much.

johnny on Jul 22, 2010


Mind = Blown!

eCAL on Jul 22, 2010


@57 Well said and I agree with you. This trailer leaves a lot to be desired.

gshauger on Jul 22, 2010


The people bitching about Clu's CG are forgetting that the stuff being shown right now is early stuff. None of this crap is final. Effects movies are always like this. Remember the Hulk trailer? They totally changed several of the effects shots from the trailer for that one. ID4 used the Whitehouse explosion shot without any of the foreground elements in place. Some of the early Watchmen trailer stuff was missing a lot of elements and had just stand-in effects (the disintegration sequence, etc). They do that with a lot of movies. They're still working on all of these shots. No worries. Looks bad-ass.

Squiggly_P on Jul 22, 2010


@johnny #57: 1) What 49 said about the plot isn't a spoiler - it's all in the synopsis that was released about the film. You're going to figure all of that out probably in the first 15 minutes of the film. 2) I agree up to a certain point about sequels, but I think that taking on a sequel or a reboot to a franchise that is so old allows you to do things that the original could not have done. There's opportunity there. If you want the sequel to be exactly like the original in every way, then just watch the original. Sequels don't detract at all from the original films, so if you don't like this one, you've always got the old one. I personally don't consider the new Star Wars films to actually be Star Wars films. I just ignore them. I've still got the originals, and those flicks are great. I think the Star Wars sequels and the new Indiana Jones flick are good examples why you should NEVER try to redo a film with the original style. You end up becoming to reverential or referential and it cripples your ability to tell a decent story or it distracts too much. It becomes a huge pile of fan service instead of a film that can stand on it's own merits. Making this film look and sound more like the original might sound like a good idea, but it's really really not at all. If you try to make it look more like the original then younger audiences will hate it becaus eit looks "old" or "retro", while the original fans will be disappointed that it doesn't look EXACTLY like the original. I think the director is being a LOT smarter about this sequel than a lot of others. It's been a long time since the original. While you may not believe it, this new film is doing almost exactly what the original film did. It's pushing the envelope in effects while also using a contemporary electronica soundtrack. And remember that none of this music is actually going to be in the movie either. The music in the two trailers was created specifically for the trailers. It's trailer music, and probably not representative of the sound throughout the film. And you never know if they're going to use some of the themes from the original film. I guess we'll all find out when they release it.

Squiggly_P on Jul 22, 2010


This could end up being the 2nd best movie of the year behind Inception of course. Let's be honest nothing is going to touch Inception anytime soon. And my two cents on Avatar it was a good movie but not a great movie. Most people love it for its technical brilliance not the story, characters and dialogue which were just okay at best. You can't take away its achievements which are pretty impressive but it's no The Dark Knight or Inception. Yeah Yeah I'm a Nolan fanboy go cry me a river.

CLAW on Jul 22, 2010

62 was less intense than the first trailer.......i feel like the trailers got less trailer intense first trailer pretty intense...this one...not so much...still looks good though

Darren on Jul 22, 2010


#18 Me too

T on Jul 22, 2010


I don't get all of the anti "young Jeff Bridges" comments. That actor looks EXACTLY like Bridges. So much so, it's pretting effin creepy.

Film Fan on Jul 22, 2010


I'm in it for Olivia Wilde... she's just so damn sexy here!

Sean on Jul 22, 2010


This sweet eye candy of a film will continue the trend for rebooting every classic for many more years to come.

Mir on Jul 23, 2010


This movie is looking pretty damn good. If the story and script are as polished as the visual effects, this will be a winner for Xmas.

enter your initials _ _ _ on Jul 23, 2010


Love how they de-cragged an aged Bridges. And the attention to effects looks awesome, from the slight fluff of the hair when Flynns mask opens up to the faux lens flare to accentuate the glow and lights. Looks good, but fear a potentially predictable Howard-Hughes-bent-on-his-own-madness-and-grandeur role coming from the aged Creator....we'll see!!!!

Voice of Reason on Jul 23, 2010


2D > 3D tron me up!!!! even more excited for PF Chang!!

chilin on Jul 23, 2010


There's still 6 months to tinker with the CGI

Greedo on Jul 23, 2010


as for "Native 3d" - i've seen the first trailer in IMAX and 3d sucked tbh

CookieMonster on Jul 23, 2010


and younger Bridges looks CG tbh

CookieMonster on Jul 23, 2010


Holy god I can't wait!

Nick Sears on Jul 23, 2010


Okay, despite what everyone has said this looks bad ass and that is fact. I'm usually not up for the cgi packed funhouse films but this looks incredible and with a pretty decent story. I have to see the original though.

Eli on Jul 23, 2010


This is cool!!

Ralph on Jul 23, 2010


#22 - YEAH MAN! I saw that too

Conrad on Jul 23, 2010


What a rush! Can't wait for December.

Fisherr on Jul 24, 2010


My God. Those of you still blathering on about Avatar need to go back to your therapists and put mom on the back burner for a while...You've got a whole new bag of issues. This trailer looks good. Although it gives a path to the storyline, it feels as if it doesn't reveal it completely, which is good.

ModernAmericanMan on Jul 24, 2010


The CG Clu looks uncanny, way in the valley!

John on Jul 24, 2010


Daft Punk was decent already...but they have literally blown my mind with what I've heard so far.

Luminaire on Jul 24, 2010


Imo, that CG program needs to look either worse or much better. Right now, I get the "tried but failed to look real", uncanny valley type vibe.

Nathaniel on Aug 2, 2010


For anyone who just got the e-mail from the soundtrack site: The sections are base 64 encoded. Copy/paste individual sections into that and it will decode them for you. Easy peasy.

Jason on Sep 26, 2010


I am so excited for this show! I really need to watch the original, I haven't yet. But this looks too good. Not one of the original fans, but by the looks of it, this could be one of my favorite films yet. Watching it in IMAX 3D will be so amazing.

Tron Legacy on Oct 27, 2010

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