Watch: Badass Theatrical Trailer for Nic Cage's 'Drive Angry 3D'

October 14, 2010
Source: Yahoo

Drive Angry 3D

He broke out of hell… to make things right. C'mon, really, that's the voiceover they're using in this? Summit has debuted the theatrical trailer on Yahoo for Patrick Lussier's Drive Angry 3D starring a nasty Nicolas Cage and sexy Amber Heard and it's pretty much a must watch, for better or worse. This actually doesn't look that bad, pretty much just a crazy, explosive revenge flick with a lot of guns, fast cars, sexy babes, huge explosions, supernatural fight scenes, and apparently the devil, too. It really does get better when William Fichtner shows up. I really want to hear everyone's opinion on this, it's totally frickin' crazy, so fire it up.

Watch the new theatrical trailer for Patrick Lussier's Drive Angry 3D from YouTube:

Cage stars as Milton, a tough felon who has broken out of hell for one last chance at redemption. Intent on stopping a vicious cult who murdered his daughter, he has 3 days to find them before they kill her baby.

Drive Angry 3D is directed by former editor Patrick Lussier, who has also previously directed Dracula 2000 (as well as Dracula II & III), White Noise 2: The Light and My Bloody Valentine 3D. The script was written by Lussier and writing partner Todd Farmer, of Jason X, The Messengers and also My Bloody Valentine 3D previously. Summit Entertainment is bringing Drive Angry 3D to theaters February 11th, 2011 next year.

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I'm sorry, what?

Mark on Oct 14, 2010


Ha... I'm asking for YOUR opinion on this! If you think it sucks, then please say what's so bad about it. So far both of you have said nothing...

Alex Billington on Oct 14, 2010


ive never been a nic cage fan. hes had a couple good ones but has an overrated career. i just can never see him being a badass

jordan on Oct 14, 2010


yaaaaaa i'm gonna have to disagree with you on that one....

croniccris on Oct 14, 2010


I have a certain soft spot for Nic Cage movies (my brain HA HA, beat you all to it!) and while this looks a little on the cheese with a healthy dose of camp, I'm willing to give it a shot. It looks like a good popcorn flick to see with a group of like minded friends who just wanna turn their brain off for a little while.

Tether on Oct 15, 2010


It's just cheap entertainment, good for a few laughs and hopefully some good death scenes. Enjoy it for what it is...or not.

Shane on Oct 15, 2010


i think it looks good, im not seeing why that needed to be shot in 3D though, please tell me its not going to spend half the time shooting bullets and cars at my face

brian on Oct 15, 2010


smells cheap

twipious on Oct 15, 2010


Looks straight to DVD to me...Oi Cage....remember Bad Lieutenant...more of that and less of this.

Vietnamthemovie on Oct 15, 2010


Great to see Nic's hair plugs still intact after some of those action scenes. You know, there are just some directors in Hollywood who shouldn't be getting bankrolled at all - Uwe Boll, McG, Tony Scott, Michael Bay, Paul WS Anderson, etc. And this guy can also join the countless ranks of Hollywood Hacks. Did you actually see My Bloody Valentine 3D? Absolutely terrible. This will be too. Guaranteed!

Tank on Oct 15, 2010


started off pretty good then just went down hill 🙁

filmfan111 on Oct 15, 2010


#10, smells cheap but looks fun

ocp on Oct 15, 2010


AWESOME! Amber Heard is so badass and the movie looks totally cool. Could have been the ultimate Michael Bay film!

Lincoln on Oct 15, 2010


Honestly, this movie does not look very good. Come on now seriously guys. I will check it out only for the 3D, when a movie is actually shot in 3D the visuals are unbeatable, albiet it's still just a niche market and I would never reccomend it for every film. Nic cage has definitely had better roles but i've been waiting for a good Fitchner role, he doesn't get too many anyone remember him in Ultraviolet, man his character was awful in that.

LINKFX on Oct 15, 2010


I'm with number 12...

pipo on Oct 15, 2010


The FX are sub par. Since 3D technology isn't perfected, yet, I believe this will be a headache to watch. Thumbs down.

Alex O on Oct 15, 2010


Positives: It looks better than Ghost Rider, William Fichtner Negatives: Nic Cage's Hair, cheesy one-liners, boring villain/cult, shot in 3D, the director (My Bloody Valentine) If it was more like Death Proof (without the self self-congratulatory script) then it would be better. At the moment I'm more interested 'Faster'. (Both films have someone driving a car looking for revenge, the difference is Faster looks less ridiculous)

harv on Oct 15, 2010


I totally agree #6&7. It looks cheesy but it looks fun. Although I think for me personally, I could do without the 3D. The trailer was a little too long. From some interviews I've seen of Cage he's a little on the crazy side and I kinda like that in an actor.

arjones on Oct 15, 2010


I kinda liked it.

Dee on Oct 15, 2010


it reminds me of machete......... and i'm into that. it's got lots of violence and some black comedy and it looks like a crazy-fun watch. i know i won't see it in 3D since i HATE that medium, but i'm definitely going to see this.

beavis on Oct 15, 2010


Looks cool. William Fichtner is freakin' awesome.

Robbie on Oct 15, 2010


this reminded of Grind House

will on Oct 15, 2010


Filter in some grime and dirt on the screen and you'll have another bang up grindhouse flick. However, would someone please tell Hollywood to put 3D out to pasture? The title reminds me of the scene in Groundhog Day when Bill Murray steals the groundhog and drives off a cliff into a ravine. "Don't drive angry!"

Delvis Crasho on Oct 15, 2010


I am sorry, it looks and sounds boring too! What's happening with these casting of women? No curves????? 1st Kiera ... , then Olivia Wilde then her...seriously what's happening to the ladies with curves. I want my money back. The southern or midwest accent is terrible too! She should try again! Seriously, someone escaped from hell and the devil sends someone to catch him? Why? The devil who is so powerful with an entire kingdom can't just deal with the soul directly? What a waste of time!!! Even if there is no chance of me watching this, I want some money regardless because the story is an insult in itself . loll!

I am... on Oct 15, 2010


ghost rider 2 is out already 🙂 wow!

Spider94 on Oct 15, 2010


Om nom nom nom nom...Eating popcorn

CookieMonster on Oct 15, 2010


Looks fun - I'm there!

Lars on Oct 15, 2010


...a bit cheesy but hey, i like nic cage even if it's a crappy action movie.

tony on Oct 15, 2010


Eh its netflix material

Dravas on Oct 15, 2010


...The teaser trailer looked badasss...sold it to be a revenge i find out he is from hell and blah blah religious crap...Pass

Darren on Oct 15, 2010


Its written by the guy who wrote jason x and my bloddy valentine and diredcted by the guy who did dracula 2000 white noise 2 and my bloody valentine. Nuff said

Hale18 on Oct 15, 2010


It could rock! This flick looks and seems along the lines of, "The Expendables". A throwback to the slam bang, action flicks with the big explosions and funny, corny one-liners (aka. cheesy dialogue); the flicks I grew up watching and love. Nothing wrong with a little cheese here and there! Nic Cage has done the 'bad-ass' roles like: "Face/Off" (one his best), "Con_Air", "Bangkok Dangerous"- just to name a few. He CAN pull off 'bad-ass'! I won't knock this flick without checkin' it out 1st. This could be a rockin' good time at the movies- just like, "The Expendables". 🙂

Spider on Oct 15, 2010


This looks like fun, I like mindless silly films from time to time and I agree Fichtner is an awesome dude.

CLAW on Oct 15, 2010


I must say this looks like a fun movie. Amber Heard is hot.

tivdatsun on Oct 15, 2010


Rule of thumb for a Nic Cage movie: If the trailer looks bad, the movie is usually pretty enjoyable. This looks like a typical "bad Nic Cage trailer so should be fun. On a side note, Nic Cage has been here in town for some time now, filming like his third film. He's a regular at the comic shop and is a pretty cool guy!

Randol on Oct 15, 2010


what the hell did i just watch.......reaaallly

AngryMan#3 on Oct 15, 2010


The only parts I liked was with William Fichtner, he is a badass! I will prob net flix.

McWilly on Oct 15, 2010


Looks great. Perfect movie for when me and a few buddies are about three beer in.

gonnarentit on Oct 16, 2010


the dialogue is a bit corny, it's a popcorn flick.

Cineprog on Oct 18, 2010


Trailer tries to cram too much into it. If it had been half the length it would have been a lot better at selling the flick. Personally, I love Nic Cage, but I don't like a lot of his newer stuff. I mean, some if his more recent shit is good. Lord of War, Adaptation, Bad Lieutenant, The Weatherman... It seems like after he made The Wicker Man he went a little loopy or something. There's a nice long stream of crap after that flick. Maybe the bees in his eyes fucked with his ability to read a script... I mean, if I were to make a top twenty list of favorite flicks from the last couple decades or so, more than a couple of his flicks would be on it.

Squiggly_P on Oct 18, 2010


It looks a lot different to the teaser trailer, that looked a lot more straight forward, now it seems a little bit like the tv show 'Supernatural', which to me is no bad thing.

Crapola on Oct 18, 2010


looks so bad but so good

Kenji on Oct 19, 2010


ghostrider with a car!. Prison Break with Agent Mahone with supernatural powers! ... Im IN!

more expendables pls on Oct 23, 2010


never expected oscar winning performance from Nic just wanted to have a good two hours watch (and he had great performances such as Matchstickmen, Raising Arizona, Wild at Heart, Con-Air, Leaving Las Vegas and recently Kick-Asss etc.) and i usually got what i bargained for. and this one doesnt look different either. its an action flick with some supernatural (ok lots of supernatural since breaking out of hell and being chased by the devils right hand man is the main course 🙂 ) this is gonna be fun to watch. 'though i cant understand the 3D... why the do you guys at millenium have this in 3D????? at least this looks more like Ghostrider than Ghostrider did itself... cheers

Burak "D'aequitas" on Oct 25, 2010


I've been a mediocre fan of cage for awhile. His earlier work has been better. But this movie does look interesting...the plot isn't amazing but it's different. And yes, i think the main reason i may see this alone, is to see william fichtner as the devil's right hand man

Jake on Dec 10, 2010

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