Must Watch: Brand New Trailer for 'The Complete Metropolis'

April 26, 2010
Source: Apple

The Complete Metropolis

A few months ago, we brought you word that a full restored version of Fritz Lang's 1927 sci-fi masterpiece Metropolis would actually be hitting theaters this summer before arriving on glorious Blu-Ray at the end of the year. In honor of this restored re-released, Kino Int. has put together a trailer for what they're calling The Complete Metropolis, a new 147-minute version of the movie. There's nothing like seeing a trailer in high def for a movie from 1927 that just so happens to be one of the greatest movies of all-time. I encourage anyone, even those who haven't seen Metropolis, to watch this trailer and see the movie itself this summer.

Watch the official trailer for The Complete Metropolis re-release:

[flv: 598 338]

You can also watch The Complete Metropolis trailer in High Definition on Apple

For more info on The Complete Metropolis, visit the official website at: There they have info on the restored cut and the 25 minutes of footage that was added. You can also find out info about which theaters it will be playing in. As of this moment, not too many are listed outside of New York and Los Angeles, but more will be added as time goes on. I should also point out the fantastic series of articles on CHUD (also read Part 2) about the "long road to Metropolis" and this re-release. The Complete Metropolis hits theaters on May 7th and will continue to show "in all major markets throughout the US and Canada."

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this looks really cool.

sickdoghats on Apr 26, 2010


This is so fantastic! I cannot wait to see this! Also, the best thing...idiots aren't going to know/understand this, so the theater will only be filled with fans! This is good news.

Angry Chief on Apr 26, 2010


To date possibly the greatest sci fi movie ever made. Can't wait to see those extra 25 minutes. It's like discovering the Dead Sea Scrolls or somethin'. Does anybody else feel that way?

My Eyes ... MY EYES !!! on Apr 26, 2010


I am disappointed with the amount of theaters its being shown in. Currently its 4. 2 in LA...1 in NY...and 1 in Cleveland???

Heckle0 on Apr 26, 2010


I've loved this film since the first time I saw it back in the 70's and when I heard that it was being restored with a new orchestra doing the original score, I thought wow! I can understand the significance with using the original score but I was kind of hoping for a score that was more in tune with today. I'm sure I will love this version regardless.

Steve on Apr 26, 2010


@ dude who said "Booooorrrriiing" You might as well admit it. Old stuff is just way better than new stuff.

My Eyes ... MY EYES !!! on Apr 26, 2010


I never thought I'd ever see a complete version of Metropolis. I'm in movie-geek heaven!!

Kevin on Apr 26, 2010


I just want to know is going to be in 3D????

Baron the Curse on Apr 26, 2010


O.o Cool.

Frank N. Stein on Apr 26, 2010


LOL @ Baron I've never seen this film, but now I must. I love classics, and this looks like it must have been the inspiration for a TON of sci-fi films that came later.

Bob Dylan on Apr 26, 2010


no 3D??!!! ...just kidding~ looking forward to this.

Major Kusanagi on Apr 26, 2010


That would almost be a funny rape of a movie, to make Metropolis in 3D 😀 Cant wait for the BluRay, i doubt its coming to theaters in Finland.

max on Apr 26, 2010


We're doing a live soundtrack to this, this summer, with a band I play with. Looks like we're gonna have to come up with another 25 minutes of "bonus" music.

Django3000 on Apr 27, 2010


i loved the movie it was unbelievably ahead of its time in every way but swore i would never watch it again. and I'm stickin to that

DoomCanoe on Apr 27, 2010


at 44 seconds, the lady up in the top left looks like flavor flav

AC on Apr 27, 2010


I know this movie is a classic but man does a lot of it look silly. The over acting makes me laugh. The pants? Half the movie looks like a deranged take on Willy Wonkas chocolate factory. Some movies age better than others...this looks hopelessly dated and goofy.

Geoff on Apr 27, 2010


I was outstanding for the time it came out in 1927, nobody had seen anything like it, it may look outdated now but it is still abit of SFI history, or film history deff woth another watch.

Cineprog on Apr 27, 2010


I hear ya 16. It's just way too dramatic

Sharlto on Apr 27, 2010


This movie is OLD.. sure it was good at the time but now: no thanks.. It looks ridiculous and stupid

jaja on Apr 27, 2010


Okay, I'm putting the foot down. Anybody who cruises through this site and "disses" Fritz Lang based on today's horrendous aesthetic standards really needs an ego check. Do you not realize, o' modern laptop addicts that you are standing on the shoulders of Giants? This is not pretentiousness I speak of. It's Greatness, in the truest sense of the word. A single director, changing the course of film for nearly a century, within one lifetime. Jame Cameron, for example, is NO Fritz Lang. But to say Metropolis is the Sci Fi equivalent of Citizen Kane - in that it achieved leaps and bounds that we would be well advised to still continue learning from - Is NO understatement. Then again, if there is one word emblematic of the Michael Bay, James Cameron period of filmmaking: I think "Overstatement" would fit perfectly! (Thumbing my nose at you - yes. YOU.) Commence backlash. Don't expect to learn anything till you pipe down, though.

Django3000 on Apr 27, 2010


#20 - correct....James Cameron actually makes movies worth watching and that don't contain goofy pants and HORRIBLE acting. Yes this movie has it's place in history but this is 2010 and we aren't able to forget all of the other movies we've seen that makes this one look goofy and outdated in comparison. Maybe you can somehow purge all of your prior experience and pretend like you're back in 1927 seeing it for the first time...well I can't. This looks silly.

Geoff on Apr 27, 2010


@ 21 You're wonderful. Please, keep going. I can't wait to see your children throw you in a retirement clinic , to die alone because your life experiences are already that worthless to them.

Django3000 on Apr 27, 2010


That's not to say anything personal, it's just to point out the reality of your existence - because you're right. You and everything you know are the best of anything and all that's ever existed - because you are the apex. I rest my case.

Django3000 on Apr 27, 2010


Sorry guys all that came to mind when i saw this was WTF?

Thirsty on Apr 27, 2010


Let's put it this way. Even world renowned DJ's make time to learn & understand the basic history of electronic music, from Moog to Kraftwerk to Delia Derbyshire (Dr. Who theme) to understand where they get their sounds , and what innovation looks like when it sweeps an Art Form. Videogame makers, similarly, look to gaming & film history to research their cues on how to innovate and progress their form. Filmmakers are no different. And once upon a time, all films were black & white and silent. There were "GASP" no such thing as video games, CGI - nor was there much in terms of special FX. Actors used their training from the stage to express wordless dialogue w/ their bodies. And to adjust for inflation, these FX cost at the time as much as the development of a Metropolitan City neighborhood. Or say, the initial capital to create Google. That , to answer you , is WTF.

Kid 606 on Apr 27, 2010


@ Geoff: Dude - your boy James Cameron? He LOVES this film. And he'd tell you - "You're stupid. Go see this flick!" That's what makes him great. He borrows mercilessly from peeps who're flat out better than he'll eva be!

Jehosophat on Apr 27, 2010


All you boys who can't get down w/ the classics, jeez. You're officially out of the club. This film is amazing, I can't wait!

Lisa Sterling on Apr 27, 2010


First of all, this looks WAY better than whatever shitty print they used to make the DVD version I have, or they spent a LONG time cleaning it up this pretty. For all the other people commenting various things: 1) This film might look silly to you - and yeah, if you compare it to contemporary film it obviously would look different to you, since you're not used to seeing anything but modern stuff with modern film trends - but if you put the acting and some of the aesthetic aside and look at the visuals, the compositions, the use of light and shadow, etc, etc, this film actually looks quite spectacular and deserves to be held up there with the best work the medium has produced. It's really amazing to behold, and some of the effects are mind-blowing even today. 2) Even today, this film is a favorite among film makers, concept artists and effects nerds. Many many elements of this film pop up in modern film, art, games, etc all the time. It's one of the most referenced films ever made. Star Wars, The Terminator, V for Vendetta, The Matrix and fuckloads of other films have various references to this film - both obvious references such as C3P0 and more subtle ones. You'll be surprised after watching it at how many other films reference, homage and steal elements of Metropolis 3) This is a favorite film of a hell of a lot of modern film makers. Maybe the guys making films know more about film than you do... just a guess... 4) While I will admit to being a James Cameron fan, I don't think he makes the best films ever. The Abyss was pretty fucking great, tho, you have to admit. That said, I would hesitate to include him among the likes of Mickeal Bay or Roland Emmerich. Cameron might dumb-down his films a bit, but his stuff isn't nearly as insulting and just flat-out made for morons as Bay and Emmerich's stuff. Those guys aim REALLY low. While Fritz Lang was a great director, he was effectively the Cameron of his day. Metropolis may not be comparable thematically to Avatar, but it was definitely up there in terms of budget and state-of-the-art-ness. 5) as for the acting comments... This was at a time when film was a brand new medium. No one really knew how to act for film. People were stage acting. Film actors came from theater and vaudeville. In those mediums one has to exaggerate one's actions and expressions for the audience to get the message. This is coupled with the silent nature of film at the time. All emotion and action had to be displayed without the use of voice or sound. To not exaggerate actually ends up being boring, especially in a long-format film such as this. Modern-day film acting might seem more natural, but you go outside in public and interact with people 'in-character' as some random film character. Hell, just do it in the mirror. Their gestures, inflections and tone are actually quite exaggerated compared to your average joe's normal behavior - especially when you start talking about films by people like Cameron or Bay. Modern-day acting was born and raised from this sort of acting. Just thought I'd throw my two cents out there. I can't wait to see this, and I really really hope more theaters get it, cause it's one of the films I've wanted to see in a theater forever. As it is I'll definitely be getting it on blu-ray. Now if they'd just release Seven Samurai, Citizen Kane, On The Waterfront, The Sound Of Music, La Strada, and the other ten billion films that came out before 1995 on bluray I'd start buying more bluray.

Squiggly_P on Apr 27, 2010


I think what you're all overlooking in regards to the "over the top acting" is the fact that this is a SILENT FILM. The acting needs to be over done in order to portray the affects of the characters and to lead the story into the necessary direction. Since we dont have voices as the normal form of communication, we need to be able to pick up on body language and facial expressions in order to be able to connect with the characters. This would be difficult to do if they acted in a lesser manner.

Crystal on Apr 29, 2010


obviously... i didnt read peoples comments properly and have suddenly realised some people with brains have already pointed out the silent film part. Meh.

Crystal on Apr 29, 2010


"Meh": the official response of generation unimpressed. Also known as generation "hasn't done anything important or noteworthy yet". Except perhaps seeing Avatar in 3-D (?). Oh, and consuming facebook! Golf. Clap. This movie is an undeniable masterpiece. Anyone who doesn't understand that should be humbled to have a peek into film history, and what brings us to where we are today. Very well worded, Squiggly_P . Makes me wonder if you could do workshops for middle schoolers, explain the roots of their beloved entertainment industrial complex a little bit.

Django (Healthy Skeptic) on Apr 29, 2010


Although I should commend you, Crystal for pointing out the misreading. It's always a good sign of character when a person is willing to own up to a mistake. I'll admit, for example - I was over-reacting to your "meh", and I apologize for railing into your post. I admit knowing little about you. I hope you take time to see this film at some point. It's truly a gem worth revisiting, if it didn't impress you the first time.

Django on Apr 29, 2010


This movie is visually stunning and gorgeous. I love the "over acting" in silent movies because they are different, artistic and you have to exercise your imagination differently than with current films.

arjones on Apr 29, 2010


cant wait to see this with the original soundtrack, and I cant wait to make my own soundtrack to it as well! this cut looks amazingly smooth and crisp, beautiful!!!

Lando is a system not a man on Apr 30, 2010


fanboys ... they're everywhere ... ;-)))

fanboy on May 1, 2010

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