Must Watch: Depp & Jolie Star in 'The Tourist' Official Trailer

September 15, 2010
Source: Yahoo

The Tourist Trailer

Sony has finally debuted the official trailer (on Yahoo) for their highly anticipated winter film The Tourist starring both Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp as two "mysterious" individuals, as well as Paul Bettany, Rufus Sewell and Timothy Dalton. This is Sony's sneaky sleeper hit release that they recently scheduled for December, but it looks like it might be quite good, even though it does look like a Hollywood blockbuster. I like the look of the whole film, Depp looks like he might be better than ever before, and I know there's going to be some interesting twists and turns. Should be a great film to watch, can't wait to see it! Check this out.

Watch the official trailer for Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck's The Tourist from YouTube:

An action thriller that revolves around Frank Taylor (Johnny Depp), an American tourist visiting Italy to mend a broken heart. Elise (Angelina Jolie) is an extraordinary woman who deliberately crosses his path.

The Tourist is directed by acclaimed German director Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck, of only the Oscar winning film The Lives of Others previously. The screenplay was written by Julian Fellowes (Gosford Park, Vanity Fair, Young Victoria), Christopher McQuarrie (Usual Suspects, Valkyrie) and Jeffrey Nachmanoff (The Day After Tomorrow, Traitor). This is a total remake of the 2005 French film Anthony Zimmer. Sony Pictures is bringing The Tourist to theaters everywhere on December 10th later this year. Look good?

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Looks great. Definitely excited!

zzz on Sep 15, 2010


Been waiting to see this trailer. Depp and Jolie together...that's a sick combo. Angelina Jolie looking hot for Esquire:

ProMovieBlogger on Sep 15, 2010


only so so for me

niwa on Sep 15, 2010


i'm digging the MUSE. depp looks to be excellent in this. Depp + Muse = WIN

lego on Sep 15, 2010


This is a sign of a change of trends here. American cinema is done remaking their own movies. Now they must remake great foreign films. Lets see, Let the right one in, Girl with the dragon tattoo, the dinner game and now Anthony Zimmer. Am I the only one seeing the pattern?

Almartva on Sep 15, 2010


Depp is such an amazing actor. He's so physical and alive, and always reacts to the tiniest details. Him, Heath, and Tom Hardy are the best at that

talli on Sep 15, 2010


good stuff.

Eli on Sep 15, 2010


This is a comedy right? It looks pretty funny.

Crapola on Sep 15, 2010


muse makes any trailer epic imo

nelson on Sep 15, 2010


Eh.. I got bored with it after a minute or so.

jay on Sep 15, 2010


LoL @ "Not when you downgrade it from murder... but, when you upgrade it from room service, it's quite serious."

Vet4Peace on Sep 15, 2010


Looks awful. No life in this trailer.

Gmorra on Sep 15, 2010


depp has trouble sounding american... Captain Jack comes through everything he does

indyjack86 on Sep 15, 2010


This looks fun and smart. Love that JD's taking the part of an everyday Joe in today's vain, plastic-surgery world.

Fergie on Sep 15, 2010


#13 ?... both things you said in your comment are completely wrong

DoomCanoe on Sep 15, 2010


i didn't like it...........i can make a leap of faith to enjoy a film - but NOBODY would be so gullible as to be led around/manipulated by the jolie character like depps character allowed himself to be. and #2 - i'm not insulting your taste; but, jolie is NOT hot - actually, she looks homely to me.....ok body -but VERY homely.

beavis on Sep 15, 2010


yeah, it's the Muse making this trailer. it's funny, they were really cool until that Stephenie Meyer. but the movie looks fun. Depp always entertaining and Jolie is hit and miss. I like this one For The Win.

John Stamos on Sep 15, 2010


I like the trailer but I like the song just as good

Jaf on Sep 15, 2010


Sorry, I just don't see the chemistry between both these amazing actors. Also, I LOVE "Map of the Problematique" -- it's my favourite song by Muse, but I felt it just didn't work for this trailer. I'll wait for the reviews for this. Definitely not a first-weekend-watch on my radar.

MithunOnThe.Net on Sep 15, 2010


Got my attention.

jjboldt on Sep 15, 2010


Who's better....... Depp or Muse?

Clover on Sep 15, 2010


Muse are better. Also, Depp looks like shit.

Film Fan on Sep 15, 2010


First time Depp looks fat to me. Anyhow this looks sort of bad.

Johnny Neat on Sep 15, 2010


What kind of comment it's "Depp looks fat to me"? And 13#, he is american. And he's a great actor, one of the best. I'll definitly watch this. And Angelina (why muse?) is really hot (check Tom Raider).

D. on Sep 15, 2010


Fuck both of them! im tired of his accents that everyone thinks he has and Angelina Jolie isnt hot anymore! She needs to stick to buying kids!

Ray on Sep 15, 2010


I am not too sure. I am not seeing any chemistry between Depp and Jolie. I guess I have to see more clips or a better trailer. Till then I am not convinced.

Ron on Sep 15, 2010



filmfan111 on Sep 15, 2010


I was not interested, cause I am tired of both Jolie and Depp. Now I kinda am.

Lar on Sep 15, 2010


Hmm it looks like harmless fun and I would deffentiaaly see something like this instead of The Chronicles Of Narnia. I really like both of the lead actors especially since they don't do movies like this often. It's kinda refreshing to see JD play something besides another hollywood pop cuture icon.

wrongturn687 on Sep 15, 2010


Hmm it looks like harmless fun and I would deffentially see something like this first over something like The Chronicles Of Narnia. I really like both of the lead actors especially since they don't do movies like this often. It's kinda refreshing to see JD play something besides another big, hollywood, pop culture icon.

wrongturn687 on Sep 15, 2010


I like it, seems like a fun ride.

M on Sep 15, 2010


So this is every other Angelina Jolie movie, only they stuck Johnny Depp in it this time around.

norm on Sep 15, 2010


Looks tight. I like it.

tEDDY bESS on Sep 15, 2010


North By Northwest?

sam on Sep 15, 2010


Another remake? Jesus christ! when will they stop making remakes and create something original? It looks terrible I like Depp but he has been doing pretty terrible these last few years and this isn't a way to comeback and as for Jolie she hasn't done much either this is a miss and a fail.

I have no name on Sep 15, 2010


Only interest I have is in that it takes place in Venice. I miss Venice.

Matthew on Sep 15, 2010


Looks much funnier that I expected,very witty dialouge. I think Jolie looks much better without makeup, though. I like that Depp does look a little chubby, it's very realistic. Looking forward to it! Which movie is this a re-make of?

kitano0 on Sep 15, 2010


Did Depp have an American and English accent in this trailer??

MeohMe on Sep 15, 2010


That looked HORRIBLE.. Contrived dialog and (mostly) boring visuals. "Depp looks like he might be better than ever before" ----------- seriously? Have you not seen many of his films?

Mark on Sep 15, 2010


Both actors look like cartoon versions of themselves. Especially Jolie. That's all I could think about during this trailer. That and, "Oohh Muse." But no really, what happened to her head? It looks weird.

Traveler on Sep 15, 2010


Depp looks fat...

Victor on Sep 16, 2010


Are her lips CGI?

ConnachtFan on Sep 16, 2010


What the hell is up with Johnny Depp's accent here? I mean, is he supposed to be playing a American or Englishman? I know he's supposed to be playing an American tourist, but what the hell's up with that accent? LOL

John Doe on Sep 16, 2010


Maybe it's a Madonna thing.

John Doe on Sep 16, 2010


Did someone say Johnny Depp, Angelina Jolie and Alfonso Cuaron?? Its like the stars have aligned for the first time.....

Heather on Sep 16, 2010


write this down: she's the guy everybody thinks he is. this will be funny.

Paulo Gabriel on Sep 16, 2010


@16 beavis, i much as i like Depp, i didn't like it...maybe cuz jolie's in it...she's overrated.

chilin on Sep 16, 2010


@Ray, best damn comment!

McQueen on Sep 16, 2010


Is it over yet! I feel like I have seen this movie a hundred times.

eric b. on Sep 16, 2010


. meh.. shoulda been a comedy, looks kinda dumb.

mochonko on Sep 16, 2010


Agree with 34. This is North by Northwest, which is a great movie. So, hopefully, this will match up with that all time classic.

N on Sep 19, 2010


Too slow for my taste buds.

Ellsworth on Sep 20, 2010


Love old Johnny boy. I think it looks entertaining and fun.

arjones on Sep 22, 2010


Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie, these two actors are always fun to watch. It was just a matter of time before hollywood teamed these two together. Hopefully the movie has a few entertaining twists because this trailer looks a little boring.

underdog on Sep 23, 2010


Love Johnny Depp(no homo) but my only question is "When Is Angelina Gonna Stop Making The Same Movie Over And Over Again?"

.............. on Sep 23, 2010


Are people just in love with Johnny Depp because he is Johnny Depp ? This movie just looks terrible. My family laughed at the trailer, my 17 year old daughter begged us to turn it off, and she does like Depp. He is playing a character that must be truly truly gullible or is just an idiot. Besides that there is absolutely no chemistry between the two at all - no spark at all, not even a sexual glace or smile. They just talk matter of factly to each other. From this trailer, they are acting like "Oh well, let's film this stupid scene and get it over with people." Johnny just looks terrible. Looks like he is alot heavier than normal and the hair etc. just gross me out. None of the clothes he wears in this trailer even fit him. So, I am assuming his character is some sort of slob or something? This is just a terrible pairing of to stars who have no chemistry between them and no spark. They act like they are bored. Johnny does have 2 accents going on - sometimes studios don't figure that matters, but it does to some of us. As, for Angelinas's lips ahs has had collegine injections - she has lips 'big enough to French kiss a moose' ! The should have let Johnny make a sexy, interesting movie with a good actress he had great chemistry with. Most people will probably go see this just because -it says Johnny Depp's name on it though.

Annonymous on Sep 27, 2010


Johnny Depp looks horrible! He looks like he doesn't even want to get near Angelina! I just watched him in Public Enemy #1, he looked fantastic as always. What did Angie do to him? Did he deliberetly gain weight for this movie so she'd keep her hands off him? There is no chemistry between these too what soever. Had no interest in seeing an Angelina movie any ways, can't stand her, but I love Johnny Depp's acting so I checked out the trailer. Won't be seeing! Even my 8 year granddaughter wanted to know why Johnny Depp looked so bad.

Tiger on Oct 6, 2010


Movies looks terrible. as for the acting though,(Johnny Depp's), it's pretty good. Wasn't paying to Angelina because I never liked any of her movies except Changeling.

Peterson on Oct 9, 2010


"you look ravenous. you mean ravishing?" nice...

neonblue120 on Oct 9, 2010


why did write Angie's name the first? does she leading role?why? that's wrong

jack on Oct 10, 2010


This should be called: "Don Juan de Marco and Mrs. Smith go to Italy" Just sucks!

JAVIERQ on Oct 11, 2010


@5 no you are not. a friend in Holland says it has become de riguer, as of late, for Hollywood to filch on European films. one argument suggests that they don't think American audiences can buy into unknowns if they simply show the original films. so good business requires a remake using American actors... plus, Hollywood loves tried and true work. and if it works in Europe, it should work in the US, all you need to do is downgrade the quality of everything...

dwbl on Oct 11, 2010

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