Must Watch: Epic Final Full-Length Trailer for Robin Hood!

March 10, 2010
Source: Yahoo

Robin Hood Trailer

"Rise and rise again until lambs become lions." Universal just debuted a brand new, full-length theatrical trailer for Ridley Scott's Robin Hood and it looks incredible. The first trailer for this in December with a couple of other follow-up trailers and TV spots. But this is the trailer you've all been waiting to see from the start. We finally find out what the story is all about and we also get to see more Robin Hood-specific action, which looks quite awesome (like when they're sneaking through the woods) and not as much like Gladiator any more. I'm still excited for this - I love seeing Ridley and Russell Crowe work together. Watch & enjoy!

Watch the theatrical trailer for Ridley Scott's Robin Hood:

[flv: 598 248]

You can also watch the new trailer for Robin Hood in High Definition on Yahoo

Follows Robin (Russell Crowe) from his early days in King Richard's army to his return to Nottingham to his creation of a band of mercenaries who challenge the sheriff and eventually try to prevent civil war.

Robin Hood is directed by British filmmaker Ridley Scott, of many classics like Alien, Blade Runner, Black Rain, G.I. Jane, Gladiator, Hannibal, Black Hawk Down, American Gangster, and many more. The script is written by Oscar winner Brian Helgeland, of L.A. Confidential, Conspiracy Theory, Mystic River, Man on Fire, Green Zone, and more. Universal is bringing Robin Hood to theaters starting on May 14th, 2010.

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Still not sold. It seems like it wants to be Braveheart, 300, and Van Wilder all at the same time.

pj on Mar 10, 2010


Less of a gladiator feel this time round but it still doesn't excite me. I'll probably check it out though.

Ravster on Mar 10, 2010


Finally, a proper score. Definitely the best of the Robin Hood trailers, but I'm still a bit hesitant. Will still check it out, though.

Shane on Mar 10, 2010


Looks awesome....and Ill see it solely for Mark Strong/

Cody w on Mar 10, 2010


It isn't 1998. This movie will bomb hard.

sean on Mar 10, 2010


Gladiator was awesome but this just looks average. And it comes out right around Iron Man 2 so it will probably get slaughtered in the box office.

jake the snake on Mar 10, 2010


Is the music at the end actually from the score? (it's very good.) Well, I don't like the trailer, but the movie *could* be good.

Timothy on Mar 10, 2010


nah. sorry, this looks too familiar Mr. Scott. you didn't try very hard to challenge yourself

davey into savory on Mar 10, 2010


How can you not like that? This is Ridley Scott at his best.

Xerxex on Mar 10, 2010


The best trailer for Robin Hood so far. But still feels like Gladiator with bows and arrows. But I wouldn't mind checking it out. Acting is looks solid (obviously, when you have Russell Crowe, Cate Blanchett, and Mark Strong, you can never go wrong). And you got a great director. I am worried about the screenplay. Hopefully it is well paced and interesting.

Ron on Mar 10, 2010


Looks great, the cast is solid.

dex on Mar 10, 2010


this looks way too much like a bastard child between braveheart and gladiator.

hien lam on Mar 10, 2010


crowe is annoying. and gladiator wasnt all that great. rental.

Mark D on Mar 10, 2010


oh look, it's CHUBBY HOOD!

bltzie on Mar 10, 2010


I agree with xerx, the reasons for you guys not liking this are shallow and freaking rediculous. Id see a masterful Scott film over Iron man 2 anyday. It looks too much like gladiator or braveheart?! Are you guys serious? Why because it has swords in it too? This is gonna be another overlooked awesome period piece just like Kingdom of heaven (the directors cut) because people judge off of the trailer and dont realize true awesomeness.

Cody w on Mar 10, 2010


so is the movie going to be pg13?

Nate on Mar 10, 2010


i'm really laughing at the haters above......... it's classic ridley scott and this movie has "epic" written all over it. just because it doesn't have a superhero in it DOES NOT mean it can't be good. i'll be there opening night for sure!

beavis on Mar 10, 2010


nate, at #17 - great question! i kind of took for granted that it'd be "R". if it's dumbed down to pg-13 then i have to take back my "epic" comment at #18. come on ridley, don't hold back!.......those were not "pg-13" times.

beavis on Mar 10, 2010


It looks interesting. I might just check it out.

Mony on Mar 10, 2010


Haha whatever beavis

Jake the snake on Mar 10, 2010


Liberty by Law Our republic is founded on this principle. God bless America.

Phantom on Mar 10, 2010


@19 haha Beavis that's exactly what i was thinking.

Nate on Mar 10, 2010


I must say, although I am really looking forward to this movie, the mst exciting thing about that trailer was the music. That's not a bad thing, either. It just really got me hyped up to watch this. I just hope the music in the actual fim is as exciting, is it just me, or do you all get more into a scene if there is just some epic "shit is about to go down" music, and not just some crazy Sum-41 instrumental going on??? Maybe.......or better yet's just me. But yea, looks good 🙂

Perseus on Mar 10, 2010


I agree w/ #13!!!

Conrad on Mar 10, 2010


Looks good... You can see Ridley Scott's branding on it though from a mile away. It was just so.. "Kingdom of Heaven" "Gladiator". I mean, it's good.... but looks like it was made straight after Kingdom of Heaven and Gladiator.

SS on Mar 10, 2010


Father of a murdered son, husband to a murdered wife and I shall have my vengeance in this life or the NEXT............ sriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiik............... ROBIN HOOD....Maximus Ressurected!!! Dun dun duuuuuuuun! The next life, the man who stole from the Rich and gave to the Poor. He will have his Vengance!

Spider Man on Mar 10, 2010


Guys guys guys...... Great movies these days dont have to be rated R. The Dark Knight already set that bar, a really HIGH bar to be exact. If you need violence and blood, sex, etc or whatever to make your movie epic then s/he isnt trying hard enough. Just think of it like video games. The in game graphics dont need to be pretty all 3-D bunp mapping, 16X AA, 16XAF etc etc. Look at StarCraft, Counter Strike etc. Games that stand the test of time. Same goes for movies that dont bother with ratings. If its good its good. Thats all I gotta say. If you can make a good movie at PG-13, it would be extremely be difficult to get a movie at best picture oscar quality in a PG rating. On a last note... Forrest Gump PG-13. One of the most epic movies of "MY" lifetime.

The movie man on Mar 10, 2010


I think it looks good. 🙂 Cate's voice kind of bothered me though.

Sabes on Mar 10, 2010


Looks good, I'll see two movies in one month to get this one in.

Staatz on Mar 10, 2010


#13 seriously what the? Gladiator was a fantastic film. This trailer might not look like Gladiator but Crowe still looks and acts like Maximus. I'll have to pass on this film.

last son on Mar 10, 2010


Booooooooooooooooooooooooooooring. Don't get me wrong, there is a lot of talent in the mix here. Too bad it's been done and done and done again.

Mark on Mar 10, 2010


movie LOOKS good, BUT, robin hood story is OLD, and Many saw Many movies, series, cartons, about that "hero" and its just nothing new for those peps, just solid movie about something you have seen maaaaaany times, but for newbies that film can be interesting, and about pg-13... nvm

GOD on Mar 10, 2010


It looks fairly good, but... Landing craft?????

moif on Mar 11, 2010


The best trailor released so far. But im pretty sure everyone is just expecting an above average movie here. Nothing great but still will but worth watching. I dont even think anyone needs to go out and see this movie unfortunetly as the story is 1000 year old told 10000times. And this doesnt really look much different then what everyone has seen before. No Awesomeness of braveheart or gladiator here. By the way is this planning to be a PG13 or R movie? Trailor seems like PG13 but im hoping its R.

filmfan111 on Mar 11, 2010


did anyone notice the goof?

Michael P. Shipley on Mar 11, 2010


I'm not sure why there is even criticism for this. Compare Gladiator and Kingdom of Heaven to the awful recent Historical epics of Troy, King Arthur and 300. The only film that comes close is the deeply flawed but ambitious Alexander: Final Cut. In ten or say twenty years time I'll be re-visiting films such as Kingdom of Heaven and they will still be what they are, great films. Can I say the same thing about films such as Avatar or Iron Man 2? no

harv on Mar 11, 2010


movie man at #28 - i do agree that a great movie DOES NOT need to be rated "R". and i agree wholeheartedly that sex in movies isn't needed at all (it's just a hook for the teen crowd). but this movie does need an "R" rating. i wasn't kidding when i said those times were NOT pg-13 times. forest gump didn't need to be "R" and neither did the dark knight. but period movies that try to capture the era can't ignore part of that particular era. take "gettysburg" for instance. it was kind of laughable due to how sanitized they made the war look. those were three of the bloodiest days in american history and the movie didn't reflect it..........which i felt hurt the overall experience. again - a movie DOES NOT need to be "R" rated to be great/epic. but in this case, it does.

beavis on Mar 11, 2010


This is going to be one of the biggest hits of the year; no doubt about it.

I Made Marion on Mar 11, 2010


LOL @14 Looks a bit boring to me, but great production design!

pipo on Mar 11, 2010


Absolutly F'in Brilliant!!! Epic for sure! As I've been saying all along, my most anticipated movie of 2010. Another Ridley/Crowe classic! Agreed #15. Screw all you haters, you can't even appreciated one of our times greatest directors and actors! Looks nothing like Gladiator, Braveheart, etc, etc. Why must people always do comparisons? This is Ridley's vision of Robin Hood. Can't F'in wait!

KB on Mar 11, 2010


It's a new view, but how far can go a history already told? Maybe, just maybe this could be a vision without the bow and arrow focus. Russel could make this a exciting movie, and Scott a great director. At least this is what i hope for.

D. on Mar 11, 2010


Although I truly admire Ridley Scott this still looks too much like gladiator. This isn't the movie he wanted to make, it was originally called Nottingham and it wasn't suppose to center so much on Robin hood but instead the sheriff of Nottingham and how the country was the true villain. I smell sell out. Plus, is it me or Russel Crow looks kind of fat on this one?

almartva on Mar 11, 2010


Looks good, but it's not Robin Hood. Call it something else.

Chris on Mar 11, 2010


it literally looks nothing like gladiator besides that crowe is in it. you people are morons. out of all the shitty corny movies coming out, this one is actually made well and looks mature and finally not directed are homo-sexual teens. sorry its not twilight. go back to your teenie movies, and leave movies like this to real men.

chickenpotpie on Mar 11, 2010


Looks worth watching to me. Ridley Scott is dang good at making period movies. I do see similarities, but this is a completely different movie. Rise and rise again until lambs become lions!! Nice line.

Brandon on Mar 11, 2010


@46 - Period movies? Gross. Also, anything remotely resembling Gladiator gives me a chub. I'm 1000% in.

Matty on Mar 11, 2010


Although I'm a huge fan of Scott's work, at first, this one couldn't enjoy me that much. But this trailer changes a lot. I suddenly NEED to see it. Scott did it again.

Robbie on Mar 11, 2010


Ridley Scott will always get my money,he's a storyteller,this is just a two/three-minute trailer guys and personally I really liked it.Cant wait.

tir na nog on Mar 11, 2010


I'm still waiting for the song by Bryan Adams to start up...

Delvis on Mar 11, 2010


this movie will be awesome.

Vold on Mar 11, 2010


The only resemblances between movies is that it takes place in similar time periods, has similar weapons and has the same director and actor. You could say Braveheart and Gladiator are similar yet they are both great and different from each other. This is Ridley Scott we're talking about. A director that has given us great movies over the years and he should get the benefit of the doubt. Like #49 said, this is a trailer. A trailer in fact that doesn't do what almost every single trailer does now a days. It doesn't give away all it's secrets! It doesn't tell us everything. Ridley Scott knows what he's doing and most likely will give us a movie to remember. I hope.

Phontsolo on Mar 11, 2010


fucking wicked,this going to be great. sir ridley scott & russell crowe you guys are legends.

DEADPOOL 72 on Mar 11, 2010


Looks good, I'm just tired of seeing the same movies over and over. This feels like the biggest pastiche in history--literally every popular war movie is represented (even Saving Private Ryan, unbelievably). C'mon guys--you're all brilliant. Show me SOMETHING NEW.

Johnnie Walker on Mar 11, 2010


Ridley Scott's movies all look the same even if he does do a good job Russell Crowe is a stuck up jerk and I would never pay $10 or $11 to see his garbage already saw this on DVD. It's called gladiator with bows and arrows I'll spend my money on plenty of the other awesome movies coming out around the same time and I already saw this a second time. It's called braveheart

Jake the snake on Mar 11, 2010


and I saw this a third time. It's called Kingdom of Heaven. Oh and it's coming out twice this year as also called Centurion.

Jake the snake on Mar 11, 2010


Meh...done with Ridley Scott movies. They all look and sound the same. Time for a change Mr. Scott.

Ad on Mar 11, 2010


Wow! Some of these comments indicate some very bored and not too sharp moviewatchers. Yah know that this story takes place in medieval England not ancient Rome? There are no tigers , no gladiators, no coliseum, no Commodus, and Sherwood Forest is not in Italy. Duh!! Robin Hood is a legendary figure, which is why he is familiar to us. Probably a lot of you are super hero fans, waiting for some more CGI ,fantasy, gimmicks. Guys in metal, or latex suits flying around to some heavy metal rock music. Now that is repetitious and hardly new.

JUDITH PRESSMAN on Mar 11, 2010


Nobody does EPIC like Ridley Scott. Well, nobody except James Cameron. But still, this looks good. I'll be there.

dUPE on Mar 11, 2010


good job Beavis........looks so much better than TRON!

Clover on Mar 11, 2010


Wow, tough crowd. But I agree with #41 and #58. Yeah, so many people just so damned bored with excellence. So what's a director to do? Indeed, Gladiator and Braveheart were just that, excellent Oscar worthy films, and Kingdom of Heaven was in the same league and too often underrated. And so now we must endure a beautifully filmed and richly crafted yarn about one of the most beloved mythical heroes in the history of the English speaking people, fleshed out in more original detail than we have every seen before, and acted out by a stellar cast. And oh dear, Robin and Marion actually look and talk like real people. No Ken and Barbie there. And yet why put up with credibility? And big surprise, in the Middle Ages, they still used swords and arrows, like in Roman times, and even boats on a beach to disembark an invasion fleet. Now that is just too much, because epic realism is just too dull, right? Good Lord, gimmee a break! This trailer is just great and Ridley's latest masterpiece will likely be even better. The reason the Robin Hood tale deserves to be retold is that it simply works on a deliciously timeless level.

Wendy WLM on Mar 11, 2010


judith pressman # 58 I need comic book heroes to enjoy a moive? I'd rather watch Shutter Island or The Ghost Writer over this Robin Hood.

jake the snake on Mar 11, 2010


OMG i jus want an original movie!!! whats next a remake of "Driving Miss Daisy" im jus gona go find a btahtub and kill myself....across the tracks not down the road! everyone who thinks its gonna b "epic" should join me!

NY til I die on Mar 11, 2010


People are so hard to impress these days. This looks real and serious. I can tell it probably has a great story to tell which is the all important thing. The music at the end was awesome. Anyone know what it is?

Sharlto on Mar 11, 2010


What my grandfather would say if he were still alive," This is not the story of Robin Hood!"

Dan on Mar 11, 2010


Braveheart in Britain I don't thin... oh Mark Strong, why didn't you say so..

silver on Mar 11, 2010


Movie looks great, but if I was to be picky I'd say there is quite alot of footage in this trailer. Giving away too much.

SLee on Mar 12, 2010


Awesome - this is going to be great!!!!

Ramon on Mar 12, 2010


Looks absolutely incredible! And who cares if it looks like Gladiator, that film was incredible and one of Scott's best so i'm hoping it is like Gladiator! Can I get an amen...

Kinks! on Mar 12, 2010


FANTASTIC..... To all those detractors (that means people who have written negative remarks) go and be thrilled by the dross overblown crap that makes millions and leave these films for grown ups who appreciate well crafted and acted films by artists with real talent. Ridley is the man

macatae on Mar 12, 2010


Wow, looks awesome! Much better trailer than the past one, I see more of Kingdom of Heaven than Gladiator, the thing is an epic "warrior-like" character for Rusell Crow will always be associated with Maximus.

Voice123 - Trailer Voice Over on Mar 16, 2010



daniel felts on Mar 19, 2010


What the hell kind of accent was Crowe trying to put on? A bit like Worthington trying (and failing) to put on an American accent.

WaNkFiSt on Mar 20, 2010


people people this is ridley's version of robin hood and i love this one far more than the other robin hoods that were made and stop the fucking comparisons ok shit man honestly how the fuck do u see gladiator in this or any of his other movies. just go watch it for ridely ok cuz i think we all know what the man is capable of .!!!!!!!! ohh and i totally fucking agree with # 61 !!!!!!

alan on May 1, 2010


I can't wait for this to see Mark Strong - He's the real drawcard here. Cate Blanchett too, as she can't help but be awesome. Chubby Rusty though, as Robin Pudding? No. Perhaps he should have been Little John. Maybe even Friar Tuck. Sorry but the time of Crowe as a megastar seems drawing to an end. And they did wear tights (hose) back then, BTW. Historical fact.

Maz on May 2, 2010


Can't wait till tomorrow!

Voice123 - Trailer Voice Over on May 13, 2010


I just came back from the theater and I must say I was pleasantly surprised. This new take has great actors, nice costume, great camera direction and a solid story. The acting is very good and especially Cate Blanchet shines. Max von Sydow's English is getting better with every movie and he can finally portray someone without a Swedish accent. The costume is well done and almost as historically accurate as one can ask from a movie that tells a mostly fictional story. There are a few issues of course, that makes me lower the score. Comical relief is avoided mostly, but could have been left out altogether in my opinion. Luckily the people used for comic relief are not the ones you'd expect. And the final battle which is a big part of the movie annoys me greatly in it's composition, and you will see why when you watch the movie. And what in the world *is* that weapon that Little John is wielding? Could they not come up with something more appropriate? Reviews at MooMovie Best + Latest Online Movies (

moomovie on May 14, 2010


everyone should read #61's post Thank you # 61. I agree completely and could not have said it better!

Sharon on May 23, 2010

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