Must Watch: Epic New Full-Length Trailer for 'I Am Number Four'

December 7, 2010
Source: Yahoo

I Am Number Four Trailer

Whoa. I'm not sure if most of you skipped right passed the very first teaser trailer for D.J. Caruso's I Am Number Four or just forgot about it soon after watching it, but this is the trailer that finally makes this movie look awesome. Yahoo has debuted a brand new, full-length theatrical trailer for I Am Number Four, the DreamWorks sci-fi adaptation of a very new novel starring Alex Pettyfer, Dianna Agron, Timothy Olyphant, Teresa Palmer and Kevin Durand. We finally get a real taste of the action and style beyond the high school-set storyline, and I'm very impressed. This new trailer is definitely worth watching - enjoy.

Watch the second theatrical trailer for D.J. Caruso's I Am Number Four from YouTube:

I Am Number Four is directed by American filmmaker D.J. Caruso, of The Salton Sea, Taking Lives, Two for the Money, Disturbia and Eagle Eye most recently. The screenplay was co-written by writing partners Alfred Gough and Miles Millar (Lethal Weapon 4, Shanghai Knights, Spider-Man 2, Herbie Fully Loaded, "Smallville") and is based on James Frey & Jobie Hughes' novel of the same name that just hit bookshelves. DreamWorks is producing and Disney is bringing I Am Number Four to theaters on February 18th, 2011.

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looks cool, but dont understand why they dont all find each other and stick together.

Micah on Dec 7, 2010


because they dont know where the other ones are so they cant find them

glove on Feb 26, 2011


well they are not even in the same country they are scattered all over the world as trailer said one was in kenya and another was in england trailer looks really good

nelson on Dec 7, 2010


Ha good point...

Cameron on Dec 7, 2010


Not to mention that if they all gathered at one place they would have been an easy target.

Mr.Cookie on Dec 7, 2010


how fitting is it that right after they show michael bay's name, there's an explosion?

Jeff on Dec 7, 2010


fucking hell, that looks good

qweqwu on Dec 7, 2010


this would be awesome if the title were to change to the likes of "X-Men: Year One". the 2:29 minutes of action in this trailer surpasses all of the special effects that Singer was able to crank out in his first two!

get to da choppa on Dec 7, 2010


If number 1 is pee and number 2 is poop, number 4 must be something like indian food. Why not call it "I am the fourth." Anyway, looks good pretty good. I see a bit of a love triangle thing going on between innocent teen girlie, number 4 and number 6... is this Twilight for manly men?

dRailer on Dec 7, 2010


"They're not in the same country" that's your excuse for them not being together, geez, you would blend right in with hollywood writers 😛 We have planes, and they have sperpowers. And if they're stronger together would they really be that easy of a target? I'll wait for "I am number six", looks far more promising. And awesome.

Ricardo on Dec 7, 2010


Ricardo LOL do they have cerebro or something lol they dont know where the rest are at

nelson on Dec 7, 2010


Looks good, but once again a trailer that gives away too much information. I did not need to know that the girl is number 6. And that #1, 2, and 3 are dead.

tatsuono on Dec 7, 2010


I am looking forward to this/

Mike McRorey on Dec 7, 2010


Fuck yes.

Robbie on Dec 7, 2010


If you're like me... you just read the title in Captain Picard's voice.

LW on Dec 7, 2010


Looks like they took the movie Jumper and changed the location to a high school and gave the dude some different powers. Meh.

JustinWhy on Dec 7, 2010


Im number 15...get it....hahahahahahaha

trey m on Dec 7, 2010



trey m on Dec 7, 2010


According to the book once they are together, they can be killed out of sequence. As long as they stay separated they must be killed in order.

kyra on Dec 7, 2010


@ trey m - LOL. FAIL.

123 on Dec 7, 2010


yeah better than the teaser cnt wait

A5J4DX on Dec 7, 2010


nice VFX.

LINKFX on Dec 7, 2010


The teaser trailer was better. Especially the music. I've read the script and have worked a bit on this. It's a crap movie and the most stupid thing about THIS trailer that left me in shock is that they show Teresa Palmer saying she's Number Six! That's supposed to be the big twist in the movie and they spoiled it. Lame.

anonymous on Dec 7, 2010


Way to spoil #6 for us - thanks Mr. Movie Trailer Editor (not like that wouldn't have been easy to figure out but oh well =/ )

Josiah Rizzo on Dec 7, 2010


imdb tells us she is number 6 lol quit bitching

nelson on Dec 7, 2010


Dragonball. The Sequel. Goku's Grandson.

Roderick on Dec 7, 2010


So this is basically "Jumper 2". And it's being released in February. Pass.

John Doe on Dec 7, 2010


I'm with #9 Ricardo...faaaarrrr more interesting, lol

ray on Dec 7, 2010


haha #26, i thought exactly the same. And i dare to say it's gonna suffer the same fate of Jumper...

leinergroove on Dec 7, 2010


yeah, i'm going with everybody else, this is Jumper 2

max s. on Dec 7, 2010


I'll see it based on the fact it has Timothy Olyphant and Kevin Durand in it.

CLAW on Dec 7, 2010


looks like fun.. hope it's not too teeny.

JayC on Dec 7, 2010


Still looks pretty stupid to me. I'll wait for more X-Men films.

Rops on Dec 7, 2010


I'm guessing an accent was a little too much for Timothy Olyphant...Henri is supposed to sound French. They should have got Jean Reno to play his part. Hell Jean Reno is who I pictured when I read the book.

Eh on Dec 7, 2010


#15 @JustinWhy, You sir took the exact words right out of my mouth...

McQueen on Dec 7, 2010


I think that this will be very bad.

Nick on Dec 7, 2010


Sorry, i think it looks really bad. Terrible cast and it seems like a very stupid plot... ill skip this one.

Carlos ( on Dec 7, 2010


This looks fun.

fem!anon on Dec 7, 2010


i'd like some #69 with #6.

xtheory on Dec 7, 2010


Olyphant and Durand I'll see it for them.

Xerxex on Dec 7, 2010


LoL at Nr. 5!

pipo on Dec 8, 2010


So his superpower is that of a lighthouse?

Sean on Dec 8, 2010


EPIC FLOP. Stop using the damn word 'epic' on everything.

Chrisbo on Dec 8, 2010


Who's number 5?

TRiP on Dec 8, 2010

45 hunting these number tards. got me hunting rifle, my rambo ..bow. with exploding arrows. got a red headband. got abs (underneath a protective layer of fat...that's protecting meh). got me glock. i like me glock. and my "yippiekayey motherfucker" ringtone on my cellphone. with a trueblood wallpaper. like the show. WHAT THE FUCK...this looks like twilight scifi..CRAP. No. fuck no. hell no. ugh ugh. gimme tron.

donnie on Dec 8, 2010


Good concept, but looks like it will have bad execution. Too much high school drama by the looks of it.

Gex on Dec 8, 2010


Jumper...I can only think of Jumper...

Ambient on Dec 8, 2010


Olyphant is in it so Ill watch it but it could be hammy

Ross on Dec 8, 2010


Olyphant is in it...So I won't watch it...he's a terrible actor and a douche...

ClerksFan on Dec 8, 2010


oooo.... not for me

DoomCanoe on Dec 8, 2010


If I were to remake the old TV series "The Powers of Matthew Star" it would be this movie. And when did Dolph Lungdren clone himself as a 20yr old pretty boy?

Duane Ferguson on Dec 9, 2010


Still looks pretty meh to me. I'll wait for it to hit Netflix.

Tenacious V on Dec 9, 2010


Twlight Sci Fi is what I got out of it too.

!5AAK on Dec 9, 2010


I saw Sparks and Flames and automatically thought: "Michael Bay" Looks awesome...

Ellsworth on Dec 9, 2010


This trailer was much better than the first one.

kidgamer on Dec 10, 2010


Looks like a fun action film to see. I'd watch it.

arjones on Dec 11, 2010


i saw the film today and it was AMAZING !!! definatley go see it, i garentee you wont regret it !!

dove on Feb 26, 2011

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