Must Watch: Epic, Hilarious Red Band Trailer for 'Your Highness'

November 16, 2010
Source: IGN

Your Highness Trailer

Ohhhh yes! Now this is one of my most highly anticipated comedies of 2011! Universal has debuted the first hilarious red band trailer for David Gordon Green's Your Highness, the brilliant medieval stoner comedy starring James Franco, Danny McBride, Natalie Portman, Zooey Deschanel and Justin Theroux as the evil wizard. There's just something amazingly refreshing about seeing an R-rated totally off-the-walls insane comedy that mixes medieval elements, awesome action, stoner jokes and much more. It reminds me of my youth and the movies I used to love, can't wait to see it. Dive in and watch the 3-minute trailer below!

Watch the first red band trailer for David Gordon Green's Your Highness from YouTube:

You can also watch this hilarious new Your Highness trailer in High Definition on IGN

Your Highness is a hilarious new fantasy movie about an arrogant, lazy prince (Danny McBride) and his more heroic brother (James Franco) who must complete a quest in order to save their father's kingdom.

Your Highness is directed by filmmaker David Gordon Green, who started indie with George Washington, All the Real Girls and Snow Angels, then went comedic with Pineapple Express and hasn't turned back (he's also currently shooting The Sitter). The screenplay was written by Danny McBride and "Eastbound & Down" creator Ben Best. Universal is bringing Your Highness to theaters everywhere April 8th, 2011 next year.

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I'll wait for the DVD....

Christopher on Nov 16, 2010


This trailer is amazing!

David on Nov 16, 2010


what if he butt f***ed her, would you still like her??? Hilarious...

triangle face V on Nov 16, 2010


Danny McBride is annoying. This movie isn't even a little funny. After a while movies that live off "sexual humor" to get laughs, aren't funny any more. Try to be a little original. Same jokes, different movie.

Me on Nov 16, 2010


That was really good. Natalie Portman is officially taking over!

Day on Nov 16, 2010


give me my Damian Lewis

silver on Nov 16, 2010


I was laughing the whole time and blown away by this trailer. I'm very impressed.

Zac on Nov 16, 2010


"Handle your shit..." haha

tristan on Nov 16, 2010


The language for medieval times always throws me off, but I loved that trailer. Just felt a bit long to me. I'm totally in.

Rops on Nov 16, 2010


Obviously not for everyone, but this looks awesome.

Andrew K on Nov 16, 2010


HILARIOUS through & through... Cheers Alex!

McQueen on Nov 16, 2010


haha my mates an extra in this!

dave on Nov 16, 2010


dunno what anyones problem is. the actors are amazing and it looks mad funny. Natalie Portman and zooey deschanel? YES PLEASE!!!! EPIC WIN! Can't wait!

Roderick on Nov 16, 2010


3 min! are they insane?

movie mike on Nov 16, 2010


Sold, and I love the shitty attempts at an English accent by McBride and Franco. So yeah I'm in. "If your vagina is anything like my hand, I see no problem." epic line. plus Portman in Medieval thong attire.

Xerxex on Nov 16, 2010


That was great. And DAMN Natalie is looking good!!

Kevin on Nov 16, 2010


Wow Natalie Portman.......amazing.

Micah on Nov 16, 2010


LMAO! Damn Natalie looks amazing!

dave on Nov 16, 2010


something about the pipe smoking muppet just cracks me up. Yeah, this will be a wonderful 'mind on vacation' flick through and though.

Tether on Nov 16, 2010


Looks like absolute shit. What the fuck was Natalie Portman thinking doing this movie..? Is she that desperate to get some face time on the big screen? Straight to DVD please. Actually, burn the that shit. Yet another movie about pot and swearing, woopdee-fucking-doo.

nem on Nov 16, 2010


#4 and #20, what's it like not having a sense of humor? is it as shitty as you make it seem? if you don't want to see it, then move along and stfu.

Colt on Nov 16, 2010


This just jumped to the top of my must see list!

Tenacious V on Nov 16, 2010


this looks so awesome, the trailer cracked me up

memz on Nov 16, 2010


This is like a Hard R version of Princess Bride. GENIUS.

Guy on Nov 16, 2010


That was: Magic... muthafucka.

gonnarentit on Nov 16, 2010


Portman win Rest of movie fail

filmfan111 on Nov 16, 2010


I get the concept, but the execution seems pretty flawed. Princess Bride + Men in Tights + some stupid, vulgar, "intentionally" poorly acted movie = this? I'm not interested.

Mark on Nov 16, 2010


hell yeah, with magic. Motherfucka! if this will be as entertaining as pineapple express...oh yes! i will dig it

andi on Nov 16, 2010


handle your shit!!!

Kenji on Nov 16, 2010


well that was the greatest thing of all time

DoomCanoe on Nov 16, 2010


Natalie Portman's booty....hell yea

Dan W on Nov 16, 2010


WOW!!! Cant wait

Levo on Nov 16, 2010


This COULD have been epic! But of course, they take a cool idea and rub a little dumba$$ on it.

Typhoon on Nov 17, 2010


Rasmus Hardiker rules!

Dan on Nov 17, 2010


I think i just saw the whole movie, and who knew that Portman had a smokin' body like that!

L on Nov 17, 2010


Exactly my thoughts #24.

Cody w on Nov 17, 2010


This looks awesome.

JimD on Nov 17, 2010


Looks pretty funny, pretty much watched the whole thing now though. It might actually be worth going to the flicks for.

Crapola on Nov 17, 2010


SUCK IT!!!!!!!!!that was awesome!!hehe....amazing trailer:)

splinter on Nov 17, 2010


that was movie looks unbelieveably awful. and i thought portman had a very flat ass - you drooling guys above need to get out and date more.

beavis on Nov 17, 2010


Maybe I missed the part where this movie was about smoking pot. Maybe... OR people are just blindly making it that way since it's from the guys who brought us Pineapple Express. To all the people saying No to this, get a sense of humor. This looks hilarious. I watched this at work and could not stop laughing. My whole office thinks this will be great.

Ariel on Nov 17, 2010


"Handle your $h!!, fabious, please," hahaha ... freaking hilarious.

writebrained on Nov 17, 2010


@Ariel: Where the pot comes in is about 15 minutes before the movie starts 😉

writebrained on Nov 17, 2010


haha nice 🙂

DaftPUNKFAN on Nov 17, 2010


ok i want to hate this...but then i wanted to hat Pineapple express

Jericho on Nov 17, 2010


OMG! Nat is soooo friggin sexy!!! Magic... MF! Hahaha! DVD only though.

KB on Nov 17, 2010


This movie needs to come out now hahaha man thats so awesome everything about that trailer kicked ass.

CLAW on Nov 17, 2010


What the heck is Portman doing in this?

Lars on Nov 17, 2010


shes probably earning a paycheck and havin a fun time......

croniccris on Nov 17, 2010


I didn't even can so many talented people make such a huge mistake, wasn't funny....on the other hand it was crass and cannot see it appealing to anyone who isn't A: still in school B: still giggles when they fart D: will probably use up quite a lot of tissue watching certain scenes over and over again I left C out just in case it makes too many of y'all giggle

barry on Nov 17, 2010


Hey Barry The Big Bang Theory is pretty great right?!

carlos on Nov 17, 2010


I can't believe so much people have no sense of humor! does this film look like its trying to be the next godfather or ben hur, no its supposed to be a COMEDY, lighten up, u pack of boring old ball sacks

dave on Nov 17, 2010


funniest part of trailer is at the beginning with danny mcbride and that dude making faces. “No never Triangle Face! I hate Triangle Face. It scares me.”

rblitz7 on Nov 17, 2010


barry, really no need for that.

Xerxex on Nov 17, 2010


Dirtier version of Year One in my opinion.

Moon on Nov 17, 2010


Except year one sucked, and this one actually seems funny.

Xerxex on Nov 17, 2010


This looks freaking funny, Danny Mcbride is awesome! and Natalie all I can say is DAAAYYYUUUMM!

Jimmy Love on Nov 17, 2010


looks good, best part is at 1:33 in though

harrison on Nov 17, 2010


@57 Year One was funny. Not a Academy Award winner, but damn funny.

LW on Nov 17, 2010


"If your vagina is anything like my hand, then there will be no problem" loll that's deep ; no pun intended Anyway, Portman is superhot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Have you seen her undress with a superhot assssssss!DAMN! I kneew of her talent and pretty face but with this it's something else!!!!!!! She is another on my list! Whoa!!! this movie has a lot that I like! Hot chics,magic...

I am... on Nov 18, 2010


Magic. Muthafucker

Adrian Garcia on Nov 18, 2010


Well, it's not Stardust, but... NATALIE PORTMAN IN G-STRING? SOLD!!!!!

JL on Nov 18, 2010


I agree with Dave

Duck on Nov 19, 2010


This looks really funny to me. And the accents make it funnier, as well. Lol I'm in.

Cracky on Nov 19, 2010


Hahaha I'll see this. Also Natalie Portman is hot.

Neal on Nov 20, 2010


they could do without the language cause it is medieval times. kind of odd placement if you ask me. it looked pretty intereesting though. I honestly don't see this failing.

Eli on Nov 20, 2010


ok. Natalie Portman is hot... very hot. But that's it, nothing new under the sun... but i guess this is a movie for horny teenagers.

Gregor Eisenhorn on Dec 2, 2010


Danny looks amazing in armor! lol

Eva on Dec 16, 2010


damn, natalie portman's doing alot nowadays...

sharktopus on Dec 23, 2010


Danny McBride is funny at cussing. One day Zooey D will lose her hipster bangs and look like a human being, and that will be a fine day. I'm off to go finish thinking about Natalie Portman's ass now.

Stutz on Dec 28, 2010


Danny McBride sucks. I'm not going to see this movie. People will flock to it because of Natalie Portman being hot, but Natalie Portman's sweet ass is not enough to make me want to see this garbage. Just like Megan Fox wasn't enough to make me want to see Transformers 2.

Me on Mar 14, 2011


What the hell is Dropkick Murphys' song doing in this crap?

Cofused on Mar 18, 2011

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