Must Watch: First Awesome Trailer for Hobo With a Shotgun!

September 3, 2010
Source: AICN

Hobo With a Shotgun Trailer

Ohhhhhh hell yes, this looks awesome! Ain't It Cool News has just debuted the first teaser trailer for Jason Eisener's Hobo With a Shotgun, the first feature-length film from the guys behind Treevenge. We ran a first look at some early footage back in April, but this is the trailer you've been waiting for. I know this kind of style isn't for everyone, but I love it. I love what these guys are doing, I can't believe they pulled this off, and with Rutger Hauer no less, such a badass! This also features our friend Gregory Smith as the bad guy "Slick" with the shades. Can't wait to see this! Machete and Hobo With a Shotgun double feature, maybe?

Watch the unrated teaser trailer for Jason Eisener's Hobo With a Shotgun:

The production quality in this looks fantastic so far, I'm glad Eisener got the financing and money they need to make this as their first feature film. As a reminder, Hobo With a Shotgun is based on a "fake" trailer that Eisener and his Halifax, Nova Scotia-based crew made for a Grindhouse contest during the release of Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino's double feature. The trailer won the top prize and was included as part of the three-hour film in Canada (but not in the US). I don't think I really need to explain the plot (it's about a hobo with a shotgun damnit!) but this is being directed by filmmaker Jason Eisener. It's an indie, so expect it to hit some film festivals first, but we're not sure how soon it will be ready to premiere. Awesome, yea?

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Hobo-Will watch on Video 🙂

XXX BLK on Sep 3, 2010


wtf is this shit, there's blood(red paint) everywhere, too bad, i like the first part of the trailer, than it became a mess

qweqwu on Sep 3, 2010


This movie looks insanely awesome! A must for an exploitation fan like me!

Lincoln on Sep 3, 2010


This is one sick movie. Fucking amazing!

Robbie on Sep 3, 2010


Well, I'm not really into this type of movies, but the trailer is really twisted, and I end up liking it. This might become some kind of cult movie. Just because his speech to the babies in a way hits the truth. The day we are born, we really don't know what lies ahead of us. Likely, there is less blood involved in reality, but drugs, rape, violence, etc. : it could happen to you some day.

Peter on Sep 3, 2010


When I was watching the start I was thinking this could be great like Taxi Driver or Falling Down, a man pushed over the edge. Then the second half of the trailer kicked in .

harv on Sep 3, 2010


Robin Williams at 1.51 🙂

Marty on Sep 3, 2010


NOT awesome.

beavis on Sep 3, 2010



Ambient on Sep 3, 2010


High school filmmaking with a college budget.

Trip on Sep 3, 2010


I have to say, going into this I was like whatever, but the very sad truth is that this is the real future. People won't know good from bad. There is no hope for humanity no matter how you look at it.

Eli on Sep 3, 2010


amazing. simply amazing. i love rutger hauer.

LINKFX on Sep 3, 2010


I want to be excited about this but it doesn't look very good I hope I'm wrong.

CLAW on Sep 3, 2010


Hauer is a legend...great looks cool too,good debut for Eisener.

tir na nog on Sep 3, 2010


I wasnt expecting to like this but... Hlyfck!!!! This guys... they pulled it off... and they had such a difficult task. And Hauer has one of the best monologues ever! Best trailer ive seen in a while...

Dreckent on Sep 3, 2010


This is what they should have done to the guys who produced Bumfights, sent Rutger round with a shotgun. Looks amusing enough and doesn't seem too far from reality, not far from me the other night some guys crashed into some dudes car, pulled him out and drilled into his skull with powertools, you couldn't make that shit up. Fun times.

Crapola on Sep 3, 2010


So, no Farmer with a Shotgun movie? oh wait...

Sean on Sep 3, 2010



Victor Diaz on Sep 3, 2010


This looks Dead Alive good.

tivdatsun on Sep 3, 2010


wow this looks like crap - like a really bad late 70s B movie. @20- Dead Alive was awesome, but I can't see the correlation between this heap and that

antioch on Sep 3, 2010


Looks awesome to me.

goudos on Sep 3, 2010


waste of time. can't believe you thought this was a good trailer Alex. Looks like total crap.

one on Sep 3, 2010


This looks sick and twisted! It's great to see Rutger Hauer in the lead and kickin' ass! I'm checkin' this flick out! 🙂

Spider on Sep 3, 2010


Holy hell. The first half of the trailer was extremely well done. Then they just decided to show us everything. At once. With too much blood. So dumb. Still looks good.

Cracky on Sep 3, 2010


Yah I'm sorry dude this is dogsh*t. The only good thing about this is how the industry is now eying trailers and shorts vs traditional scripts for future green lights. Now that I like..

RJ on Sep 3, 2010


wanna get high.. mr hobo?

Jeff Spicoli on Sep 3, 2010



Josef on Sep 3, 2010


looks like a made for tv movie :/

DaftPUNKFAN on Sep 3, 2010


looks kinda bad...

eric on Sep 3, 2010


The trailer came off trying to tell two different stories. The monologue by Hauer was done very well, hitting home some arguments a lot of people don't like to think about. Everything after that just came off as cheap and campy. Not my kind of movie (which is a shame cause Hauer is one of the coolest actors out there) but I'm sure it will have it's own cult following.

Tether on Sep 3, 2010


@21 Yeah thats kinda the point, its an exploitation movie, seriously you cant see that?

Cody w on Sep 3, 2010


Why do movies with silly titles like "Hot Tub Time Machine" and "Hobo with a Shotgun" end up being so popular and Bad-A.

lamar on Sep 3, 2010



MiKe M? on Sep 3, 2010



Geoff on Sep 3, 2010


Homage to exploitation and gorefest movies of the 70's. Think "Humanoids from the Deep." Cool.

Morlock on Sep 3, 2010


Shouldn't this have been a red band trailer?

AeonTown on Sep 3, 2010


will be downloading

trey m on Sep 3, 2010


This looks EXACTLY like any number of TROMA films from the 80's & 90's. Cool stuff.

tommyturner on Sep 3, 2010


@28 Watchmen?? Where??? Clockwork Orange? Why?? I don't get it... Rutgher Hauer... WTF happened to you??

D. on Sep 3, 2010


@37 I agree if this is not extreme gruesome, then I don't what it is. It should been red band trailer.

PHiZiK on Sep 3, 2010


um...well i'm gald Hauer is getting more roles.

Xerxex on Sep 3, 2010


I really have no words....this shit is rediculous...and not in a good way. WTF kinda twisted people actually think this shit up??? Bullshit like this is why are generation is soooo fucked up...I am all for freedom of speech and making movies that are not the same boring shit....but come on....i dont know why i am getting so pissed...but I am! I am a 26 male...and no bitch...believe me...but it is movies like this that fucking idiots and blasting classmates aways and going on rampages...because they see this shit in movies...We as American's have a really misconstrude perception of violonce....i bet we wouldnt feel the same about these movies if we lived in Iraq, Siera leon, Columbia, or even Tiajuna....thats fucking real out!!!

NathanPfox on Sep 3, 2010


This is crap. I dont mean to put anything behind NathanPlox, you sound like dennis miller in your i hate everything speech. wow ur 26? you have no experience in the world to give an opinion on a damn thing. say you either like the movie or you hate it, besides that no one gives a damn about your view of the world.

swaint on Sep 4, 2010


Swaint....I actually dont hate everything...I am actually a very opened minded person. So shut the fuck up. And I can confidently say that I have had more experiance in my 26 years on this earth, then you will probably have in your life.....fucking Dennis Miller....get out of here....go jerk it in your basement or something...peace! I'm out bitches.

NathanPfox on Sep 4, 2010


That fake trailer back in 07 had me all excited for the movie. Then the first footage came out and I was kinda disappointed. Now this is out and I'm not sure I even want to hear about this movie anymore...

SasQ on Sep 4, 2010


First half really reminded me of death wish then yeah I second half the grindhouse elements shot out haha but i'd love to see this.

Get_rad64 on Sep 4, 2010



sharktopus on Sep 4, 2010


this is, like machete, based on one of the fake trailers that played in between planet terror and death proof (although i've heard the 'hobo with a shotgun' trailer only played in Canadian theaters... correct me if I'm wrong) so its intended to look the way it does.

teamsolovictory on Sep 4, 2010


I thought this Trailer Was Awsome nice to see Rutger Hauer in a film Again.

Cineprog on Sep 5, 2010


Looks great! First Machete, now Hobo... so glad these movies are being made. I was hoping for Grindhouse II, but I'll gladly take these solo movies as a consolation prize. Now get cracking on "Don't" and "Thanksgiving".

Kevin on Sep 5, 2010


this trailer doesn't look to great, but I remember I loved Grindhouse more than expected, so maybe with a group of people this movie will rock. "Don't" should not be made. Or maybe it has been made. The Scary Movie franchise. "Thanksgiving" may already exist. It's called "Thankskilling" (4.1/10 on imdb). and yes, it involves a giant turkey killing everyone. lmao. never seen it though.

dave13 on Sep 5, 2010


It's a shame the film looks like it's been made on the cheap because the opening monologue by Rutger is bang on the money.

Payne by name on Sep 6, 2010


Agree with "qweqwu." First monologue part looked amazing and after that it looked god awful.

Snowutopia on Sep 8, 2010


thank god someone's making awesomely artistic films. style, baby.

wm on Sep 9, 2010


I absolutely loved Treevenge, watch it every Christmas. Can't wait for this, it's right up my alley. #8 I thought the same thing.

Syphous on Sep 12, 2010


this movie looks soooooooo retarded

jason on Sep 16, 2010


Sooooooooooooo fucking ggoooddd!!!! Hauer is onbe of my favorites actors since bladerunner... This movie is a must

Sakyo on Oct 3, 2010


Looks hilarious, I'm totally watching this.

Crapola on Mar 9, 2011

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