Must Watch: First Badass Teaser Trailer for 'Cowboys & Aliens'!

November 17, 2010
Source: Yahoo

Cowboys & Aliens Trailer

Yet another movie to look forward to next summer! Universal has debuted the first teaser trailer via Yahoo for Jon Favreau's Cowboys & Aliens, the comic book adaptation starring Daniel Craig as Civil War vet Jake Lonergan. The cast also includes Olivia Wilde, Harrison Ford, Sam Rockwell, Adam Beach, Paul Dano, Noah Ringer and Clancy Brown. The footage I saw at Comic-Con was awesome, and this teaser is plenty of that same stuff, but it's still great to see. Favreau is an expert at building up buzz and this teaser will do just that - it looks great! The aliens have an old school, vintage sci-fi feel and the western stuff look solid. Enjoy!

Watch the first teaser trailer for Jon Favreau's Cowboys & Aliens:

You can also watch the Cowboys & Aliens teaser trailer in High Definition on Yahoo

Craig plays Jake Lonergan, a stranger with no memory of his past who stumbles into the hard desert town of Absolution. But the town is soon invaded by aliens and Jake must pull together a posse comprised of former opponents to combat these extraterrestrials. In addition to Daniel Craig, Cowboys & Aliens also stars Olivia Wilde, Sam Rockwell, Noah Ringer, Clancy Brown and the legendary Harrison Ford as Col. Dolarhyde. Jon Favreau is directing this adaptation from a screenplay co-written by Alex Kurtzman, Roberto Orci & Damon Lindelof. Universal is bringing Cowboys & Aliens in only 2D to theaters on July 29th, 2011 next summer.

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This looks ssssssickkk. Awesome.

N. Mohan Singh on Nov 17, 2010


Wow... that is SO much better than what I thought this was going to be. That was awesome.

Kevin on Nov 17, 2010


Very excited for this.

Andrew K on Nov 17, 2010


Jon Favreau has yet to let me down. Plus Daniel Craig, Harrison Ford, and the hotness that is Olivia Wilde... I'm in.

Tenacious V on Nov 17, 2010


This looks even more awesome than I thought. Love how it teases you and doesn't show too much, but is still extremely satisfying.

Gadder4311 on Nov 17, 2010


All these awesome teaser trailers in one week...I don't know how much more I can take. Just kidding. Keep em coming Alex, MORE PLEASE. Looks like 2011 is going to be SWEEEEET:) I'm excited!

Marc on Nov 17, 2010


THAT WAS TOTALLY WICKED!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now the let down of green lantern can be forgiven

NeoSlyfer on Nov 17, 2010


hey, Green lantern Trailer maker people. This is how you do a teaser trailer!

Micah on Nov 17, 2010


I thought Craig was playing Lonergan? He isn't refered to as Zeke in the trailer. Is this something in the Graphic Novel? Awesome Trailer..

The Observer on Nov 17, 2010


Looks good.

Crapola on Nov 17, 2010


#9 Woops your right, that was an old name from an old synopsis, they changed it back to Jake Lonergan before shooting. Corrected it above! 🙂

Alex Billington on Nov 17, 2010


Except for the wrist thingy,too iron man.. everything looks great.

dex on Nov 17, 2010


damn, no sam rockwell in the trailer??? Looks great, anyway

talli on Nov 17, 2010


Not too impressed. Harrison Ford looked out of place in that trailer and the visual effects and the CGI in the "skyline" alien abductions were again not too impressive. The movie synopis in itself is great, but that trailer was stale.

gahga on Nov 17, 2010


Olivia, Sam and Daniel~This looks awesome-I'm SO in!

cyn on Nov 17, 2010


I had no clue this movie was going to be this EPIC!!!!!

atg2040 on Nov 17, 2010


That's no teaser, that's a full-frontal preview. I'm not impressed. BUT. The director, producers, and exec producers have me thinking it'll surprise me.

Jackson on Nov 17, 2010


As I mention on my blog not only is this a great trailer, but it also made me realize that Favreau doesn't get enough respect as a director even after directing a couple great movies. This movie has a true western feel to it and yet again makes you easily buy into his fantastical worlds.

SpeakingGeek on Nov 17, 2010


Harrison Ford looks so awesome in this. Overall, this looks spectacular.

yep on Nov 17, 2010


Holy shit! this is gonna rock. #14 stop smoking crack!!!

xaudioprox on Nov 17, 2010


Look's Badass

MiKe M? on Nov 17, 2010


Aha looks great 😉 though I got a western Jason Bourne feel in the opening scene aha

Maxx on Nov 17, 2010


I just shat my pants, now put captain jack spaarow in this movie and you got yourself a movie!

indyjack on Nov 17, 2010


I liked the beginning part with the bandits. Then it got really strained. But that's a good thing. Not much was shown other than the initial confrontation-- which means there will be some wicked scenes later on.

Cracky on Nov 17, 2010


people are coming to conclusions based on a teaser?!? ridiculous, and i'm not talking about the teaser... on topic, what a tease! 🙂

ray on Nov 17, 2010


when i first heard of this movie i thought it might be crap but this trailer changed my mind xD

A5J4DX on Nov 17, 2010


did he stab a guy in the dick? awesome teaser I'm in.

Xerxex on Nov 17, 2010


I dont know I need to see more, right now it looks like its going to disappoint.

drcherd on Nov 17, 2010


Any movie with Daniel Craig is a good movie

Wokkiee on Nov 17, 2010


I TOTALLY AGREE WITH #2 (Kevin) & #5 (Gadder4311)! Pretty impressive!

AMG on Nov 17, 2010


If this wasn't a western it would be old and stale. The western elements took an old story and made it into a must see movie next year.

Moon on Nov 17, 2010



bored on Nov 17, 2010


Looks OK, but so does every trailer.

Happy Camper on Nov 17, 2010


#14, you're a douchebag, shut up. #32 it looks boring, cause you're a manic depressent loser... and pry homosexual #28 this isnt green lantern #17 who cares if you're not impressed, nobody. #23 Captain Jack Sparrow?!? Are you for real?

Big Hoss on Nov 17, 2010


#34 haha true but I dont know man!!! it didnt look as cool as what I thought it was gonna be like.

drcherd on Nov 17, 2010


top three reasons Big Hoss is an ass clown: 1. He calls himself Big Hoss 2. he had nothing funny or intelligent to add, other than glib remarks. 3. He makes lists like this p.s. i was kidding about the Jack sparrow comment Dumb Ass! and what the Hell is "pry Homosexual?"

indyjack on Nov 17, 2010


Based on #34, it looks like the studio people are on full damage control. It's easy to manufacture false "i like it" comments with tens of different aliases on this site.

Timmy on Nov 17, 2010


That trailer was terrible. Terrible acting by Ford and sucky alien scenes. (#37 proving a point)

Bigger Hoss on Nov 17, 2010


But really, the trailer WAS bad.

Medium Sized Hoss on Nov 17, 2010


Awesome! I am exhilaratingly teased! Just when I thought I couldn't get too excited about a forthcoming flick! The Harrison Ford/ Daniel Craig team up is inspired! Clancy Brown, Sam Rockwell, and Olivia Wilde in this too. Looks like Favreau has another ace in the hole! 🙂

Spider on Nov 17, 2010


Looks good,Ford looks cool,back to his best.

tir na nog on Nov 17, 2010


Holy crap! That looked bad ass! Based on that one trailer I'll go see this!

Jeep-Fu on Nov 17, 2010


I had no idea about this movie until yesterday, read a bit about it was pretty excited. Now after seeing that teaser I am making this a day one must see. Craig + Ford = pure win!

Raymond on Nov 17, 2010


Very, very, very nice.

deltavoyage on Nov 17, 2010


I wish this was the only trailer they would show us until it gets released but you know the next trailer will show us everything and ruin any surprise we may have coming.

CLAW on Nov 17, 2010


Badass isn't the word I would use to describe this, I hope the actual trailer looks more enticing.

carlos on Nov 17, 2010


total mehfest

Geoff on Nov 17, 2010


craig is awesome for this role, downey would've turned this into shit.

victor on Nov 17, 2010


Looks good, but it seems to have the same vibe as the "Outlander" movie that came out a couple of years ago about the alien visitor from another planet who fights with the vikings against an alien creature, seems to be the same concept.

jah p on Nov 17, 2010


'Universal is bringing Cowboys & Aliens in only 2D to theaters on July 29th, 2011 next summer.' has it really gotten to the point where you have to point out that it will not be in 3d? looks good, great cast

harrison on Nov 17, 2010



DaftPUNKFAN on Nov 17, 2010


In 2-D only you say? C&A just took another giant step forward.

Xerxex on Nov 17, 2010



gonnarentit on Nov 17, 2010



David Banner on Nov 17, 2010



Jay on Nov 17, 2010


wait..isn't a teaser meant to be a teaser...this looked more like a small trailer to me 😀 as always revealing a bit too much, ain't seeing the full trailer for sure i want to enjoy this in a theatre.

andi on Nov 17, 2010


Trailer looks good but you can never trust them. Most movies look good in the trailers, but most movies suck.

Greg on Nov 17, 2010


It looks like he has the thing from Ben 10 .... if Jon Favreau directed that, that would be awesome...

Viewers Choice on Nov 17, 2010


I laughed at 1:28 mark when you can clearly see the cowboy being yanke din th eair by a guide wire....

ConnachtFan on Nov 18, 2010


This looks like a good one to me, not a reboot or a remake, sequel, prequel & not in 3D well thats just about perfect then.

Jimmy Love on Nov 18, 2010


I can not wait for the prequel to this movie, I think its called 'Indians & Aliens'.

Jamie on Nov 18, 2010


I liked what has been done to the project, people will start hyping for the movie.Craig looks like he is gonna do a great job with Ford and the rest of the crew. Looking good for a teaser, long one. I will keep my eyes peeled for that projekt.

Fisherr on Nov 18, 2010


just like the comic con footage. nothing new! Anyway, it's another hit for Favreau and More power to him. Have you noticed the effing credits as producers??? Spielberg,Ron Howard and Grazer...Whoa! That's a mega hit then! loll! Can't wait!!

I am... on Nov 18, 2010


you're a nut Jamie @ 61, loll!

I am... on Nov 18, 2010



Adrian on Nov 18, 2010


Finally something that didn't put me to sleep 10 seconds into the trailer.

JustinWhy on Nov 18, 2010


Looks F'n Sweet, awesome actors , great feel to it! @ All you manic depressent haters.....unless you get help, the glass will always be half empty in your world!

McWilly on Nov 18, 2010


@ 59 I laughed at your grammer!

McWilly on Nov 18, 2010


This is an even better version -

Clarke on Nov 18, 2010


Hell to the EF Yeah !

!5AAK on Nov 18, 2010


And I thought this trailer was going to suck... Feels soooooooo damn good to be wrong right about now.

John Doe on Nov 18, 2010


Eh, not sold yet. Just looks, okay.

Brian on Nov 18, 2010


Doesn't anyone else feel like Olivia Wilde's addition to this movie is just purely for her looks?...

McQueen on Nov 18, 2010


McQueen.... Your point being ? When I first heard about this movie I thought it was going to be more of a comedy but it appears to be of a more serious tone. Still looks interesting though.

acraig007 on Nov 19, 2010


I am worried about this movie, ppl laughed when they saw the title screen and were confused as to what was going on. I however think it looks awesome

T on Nov 19, 2010


Doesn't look like it's gonna work.

Eli on Nov 20, 2010


needs more pirates.

Skmyaz on Nov 27, 2010


Western/Sci-fi? Sounds like a "love it or hate it" film. Pretty cool and really well made FX.

Louie on Dec 10, 2010


I think it is a cooool teaser.. cowboys? OLD.. aliens? so OLD.. cowboys and aliens!? VERY NEW!! i LIKE it though, Olivia wilde looks old here. is she really hot or just fake? she so sexy in tron!!

fredrick on Dec 13, 2010


me like....ME LIKE!!!!!

cinemabandit on Dec 14, 2010

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