Must Watch: First Eerie Teaser Trailer for Kevin Smith's 'Red State'

December 23, 2010
Source: Smodcast

Michael Parks

The promotion for this first venture into horror has been very rogue (with posters being auctioned off to the highest bidder and proceeds going to charity), and now Kevin Smith has released the first teaser trailer for Red State (via Smith's own Smodcast). This looks unlike anything Smith has ever done before. It contains some pretty dark imagery, a very raw shooting style/look, and is definitely quickly becoming one of my most anticipated films to see at the Sundance Film Festival, where it will premiere in January. A lot of the footage has been sped up and the only audio is of an old man creepily singing which only makes this more strange.

Watch the first teaser trailer for Kevin Smith's Red State:

You can also watch the first Red State teaser in Quicktime over at Smith's Smodcast!

Returning to his indie roots, Kevin Smith is set to premiere Red State at the 2011 Sundance Film Festival on January 23rd and has plans to auction off the rights to the film after the first screening. As of now, the trailer lists a March release date, but depending on the deal that happens with a distributor, that's probably subject to change. No official plot synopsis has been made available, but the film is said to focus on extreme fundementalism in Middle America with Michael Angarano, Kyle Gallner, Stephen Root, Melissa Leo, John Goodman, Michael Parks, Ralph Garman and Nicholas Braun starring. This looks intriguing. Thoughts?

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WTF. That was a horrible looking trailer. Looks like it was shot on my digital camera

movie mike on Dec 23, 2010


THIS IS KEVIN SMITH'S WORK? Wouldn't have believed it if I didn't hear about it earlier. Very, very creepy.

jasonmd2020 on Dec 23, 2010


@1 *facepalm*

SkaOreo on Dec 23, 2010


Umm, I guess. Need to see another trailer first.

jjboldt on Dec 23, 2010


yeah I'm with jjboldt.

Xerxex on Dec 23, 2010


Looks like a horror movie about brainwashed Tea Partyers becoming killers?

Jedibilly on Dec 23, 2010


needs more dick and fart jokes..... Im with jj & xer

Voice of Reason on Dec 23, 2010


I can't wait. Looks very creepy. Just having Kevin's name attached to it was enough for me (unfortunately, same with Cop Out) but this really got me excited for it.

Groov on Dec 23, 2010


#6 - REALLY stupid comment. take your political crap to a more appropriate forum - this is about movies. it's hard to say much about this teaser other than it's more bizarre than i expected........also, it does have a serious dose of creepiness to it that i LOVE.

beavis on Dec 23, 2010


Yeah very strange trailer the scenes weren't bad but the voice over with no other sound was kinda weird, but the Kevin Smith stuff in the beginning was funny as hell.

Jimmy Love on Dec 23, 2010


I'm sorry, but I have zero interest in this after watching that trailer. Just because the name Kevin Smith is attached to it and it's something he's never done before doesn't mean that the film is actually going to be any good. I'll need to see some reviews to believe it's good at all.

Alex G on Dec 23, 2010


If this were the same exact premise, but with Muslim extremists instead of Christian fundamentalists, there would be some serious outrage and the movie would not get made.

ion677 on Dec 23, 2010


@ion677 um...yeah, welcome to the world controlled by Political Correctness.

Xerxex on Dec 23, 2010


#11, For sure. I have nothing against muslims, and I have nothing against Christians, but there is a serious double standard that pisses me off.

Al on Dec 23, 2010


I think that was John Goodman. Somehow, watching that trailer, every time i saw him, i felt safe. Otherwise, good scary trailer.

Chad on Dec 23, 2010


@#9- The movie has somewhat of a political theme to it jackass. It's about fundamentalism gone crazy in the middle America red states. The comment was absolutely appropriate.

Shane on Dec 23, 2010


You need to go watch the trailer in Quicktime format on his site. The YouTube version is screwed up - all the video is sped up, and the audio track cuts too early.

Pete the Geek on Dec 23, 2010



Mark D on Dec 23, 2010


wtf was that???? very very strange!!!!!

Saychel on Dec 23, 2010


Who would've thought that Smith had it in him? Even if this is a failure (and let's face it, since its KS, the odds aren't great) this seems like a brave stylistic departure from his other work - and he should be applauded for that. John Goodman is also a perfect choice for this film - he has the potential to be superb. The ball gag bit though - that imagery was way too Pulp Fiction esque for me, but at least he's stealing from the greats (stealing from the ultimate stealer?).

Lebowski on Dec 23, 2010



A5J4DX on Dec 23, 2010


Way off topic but JW wheres the Your thoughts for True grit?

Cody w on Dec 23, 2010


Looks dark and intriguing.

JayC on Dec 23, 2010


I have been listening to the red state of the union pods as well as all of the other smods, an hearing Kevin Smith talk about this flick for a long time now so I'm pumped to see Red State. Also for anyone who thinks the trailer looks somewhat thrown together, that's because it kind of was. If you follow KS on the twitter you would have gotten this tweet. "The movie cost a hair under $4mil. The trailer cost a hair under 20mins of my time to edit: #FuckTheNaysayersAndJustDIY"

slime on Dec 23, 2010


My comment was directed at ion677 by the way. The numbers on the comments always seem to fluctuate.

Al on Dec 23, 2010


Another trailer please.

That Awesome Norwegian Dude on Dec 23, 2010


Not impressed. It's a satire right?

Brandon on Dec 23, 2010


not good enough i need more content

DaftPUNKFAN on Dec 23, 2010


That strange flurry of images and the biblical chatter is pretty much what goes through my mind when I masturbate.

Crapola on Dec 24, 2010


It looks like every cookie cutter slasher movie in the past ten years that plays upon the hillbilly stereotype. Nothing as refreshing and clever as going after the religious conservatives, eh Hollywood?

Beebles on Dec 24, 2010


looks awesome

Loser on Dec 24, 2010


having Kevin Smith's name attached is not a big sell for me but, unlike a number of posters, this teaser worked very happily for me. mood, atmosphere and suggestive imagery, no music and instead something different on the audio (like the Battle:LA trailer), all of which made me want to see more, regardless of the guy in the director' chair. @30 Beebies might be right, but we won't know til release day - for now i'm with @20 Lebowski on this one, colour me interested.

lumière on Dec 24, 2010


@ion677 & @Al - Yeah, like Muslims haven't been the villains in every third or fourth action movie or TV show made for the past 25-30 years. Someone makes a movie in which Christians - God forbid, Christian *conservatives* - are the bad guys and it's just like the Romans setting the lions loose, right? GMAFB It'll be interesting to see if he can actually pull it off with this genre. He does seem to do better work on a smaller budget, so that precedent will be in his favor. Look forward to seeing it.

Clay on Dec 24, 2010


What the hell, that looked wonderful. The trailer works wonders for me. Simple and raw. I, personally, do not want a lot of other trailers to clarify the subject matter and or details towards the plot/story. It's a horror movie. They ultimately work best when you have no idea what hit you. Besides, there's enough updates on this film to know plenty anyways.

Cracky on Dec 24, 2010


hahah #11 sounds EXACTLY like the old lady that was protesting dogma. seriously i still cant tell if the ion677 is serious or just quoting that interview for laughs fallow Ethans link to the Red State poster being auctioned off watch from 1:05 to 1:15

DoomCanoe on Dec 24, 2010


Clay, I'm not talking about the last 25-30 years (of which I can name only two or three films where specifically Muslims are the bad guys and even then they usually aren't killing in the name of their religion, they're just middle eastern) I'm talking about today's day and age. If i made a movie that featured a deranged murderous Muslim, doing it in the name of his religion, I'd be considered a national villain, questioned on tv talk shows, publicly shouted at, recommended to Dr. Drew, and finally, be decapitated and have my head placed on a pole on london bridge.

Al on Dec 24, 2010


It's funny to hear someone get upset about a movie about Christians, although Al, you do have a point. I'd like to see a film where Allah and Muhammad come back from shopping at Walmart and go on a murderous rampage, but only kill people using sex and cabbage and the only people they attack are right wing neo-fascist Christian Jews who believe in Xanadu and Ajax. It would also be a spin on the party and play crystal meth scene that the two anti-heroes had got involved in just to rub up the feminists. I was going to do a mockup, but for some reason I couldn't find a picture of Allah. Actually I want some crazy ass Buddhist shit going down too, they never bin it and go on mad rampages, although it would be good to see an origin story of Buddha where we find out he gets so fat from eating his followers, no wonder he's always smiling. (Don't copy this Mel Gibson).

Crapola on Dec 25, 2010


John Goodman is money in the bank. I eventually see anything he's in.

Haz on Dec 25, 2010


As a hardcore Horror fan, I can't wait to see this!

Lincoln on Dec 25, 2010


It would be nice for kevin smith to leave his smodcast and the rest of his life away from his work. Impossible arguably, but then having a "stuffing around" voice over at the start completely took me out of any possible tension during the trailer. Everyone of his fans already know about his upcoming film, and I could assume it would be nice for ambivilent fans to find out it was his work form his name on the print, rather than another Smod-type association. As much as I do enjoy the guy, I think I will have trouble getting rid of Mr Smiths "voice" while watching the film. Still , I hope it's good. It would be nice for the bloke to have a bit of a win.

George on Dec 26, 2010


Will not watch this, even though I am a huge Kevin Smith fan. I am tired of these Hollywood assholes who come out with these political movies that only say, conservative/God bad, Osama bin Laden/muslim terrorists good. US constitution bad,- obey, worship, and never quest Government-good. US citizens, bad - illegal immigrant gangbangers good. 9/11 hijackers good, - US soldiers bad. Yes I am exaggerating a bit, but its always the same message. Granted there are some crazy religious extremists, but when was the last terrorist or murder in the united states by some extremist christian group. Last I checked Americans didnt have to subject themselves to pat downs and body scans because homeland security is worried about nuns or priets. I will skip this just like I had to do with Machette...unfortunatly. Would be nice if one of these hollywood morons would actually make something pro america.

JSeville on Dec 26, 2010


@ JSeville, I know that nuns and priests aren't the cause of patdowns, but they do like a good pat themselves, just on choirboy's balls. I'm joking obviously, I actually liked being molested in church, my parents refused to do it, so I felt more loved by Father O'Grady. I'd be interested to hear what film that was pro-America would contain from your own perspective? What points do you think get overlooked?

Crapola on Dec 27, 2010


Bleh... there are two sides to this trailer and clearly from the comments, it very well depends on how the movie turns out that will determine which side is right. 1) Its possible that this is just political crap in which the directors tries to represent Tea Party / Conservative groups as being extremists that use their beliefs as justification to commit horrible atrocities. or 2) Its possible that the director is just using something he knows, like the extremists "Christian" leaders (aka. Westboro Baptist Church or David Koresh and the Waco Texas extremists) as a foundation for the horror genre. Sadly, the name of the movie - Red State points towards a political slant, along with the idea "extreme fundementalism in Middle America" seems to point towards the latter. I have a feeling this movie by seeing images from the trailer of a little girl praying at a table along with images of people getting tortured and killed are going to be nothing more than an attempt to place images and ideas in the minds of those who watch this movie that the Conservative/Christian groups in America are something that are not good. @Crapola - Either you are kidding in half your posts or you are one twisted nut.

Nate on Dec 27, 2010


Nate, all my posts are serious, although I would never let someone molest me, unless they paid me. In the future I think a Hurricane Katrina film would show what America is like in a crisis, actually, truly what any human is like, when things go wrong, people lose the plot, whether baby Jesus is in their lives or not. The Hurricane Katrina footage on the news was the most gripping footage I have ever witnessed, why hasn't it been made into a film? They cashed in on 911 already with some cheese. Check it out, you couldn't script it: Anyway, screw all you leftwing liberals watching yer fancy films, I'm away to listen to this: Hells yeah!

Crapola on Dec 27, 2010


I could be wrong, but didn't Kevin Smith come out and say (probably via Twitter) that Red State was inspiried by Fred Phelps and the Westboro Baptist Church?

S on Dec 27, 2010


Interesting. If it's political, I won't watch it, and will be sorely disappointed w/Mr. Smith. Also... why the hell doesn't Michael Parks get more work. I fucking love that guy. Maybe he'll get Tarantino & Smith to have a film baby!!

bozo on Dec 29, 2010


This is a disturbing trailer that is reminiscent of the exploitation films from the late 60's and early 70's. Judging just from this, I think it's appropriate to reintroduce this kind of filmmaking in the political and religious era we are now experiencing. I think it's most interesting to see how emotional some people are getting with their comments. To think that this trailer is sparking that kind of reaction, says something about it. I would rather a film that swayed me emotionally than have a multi million dollars waisted on bland characters and storytelling. Also, good practice for a filmmaker to explore outside of his roots. Takes courage. No matter how the film turns out, I gotta respect Smith for that.

Alex O on Jan 4, 2011


@Crapola - Watched that video and cried. Cried because I couldn't believe how stupid those people were. Doesn't anyone take responsibility for themselves anymore? Who do you think would survive if all running water and power were turned off - a career Welfare recipient or a red state gun toting Christian? I'll give you a hint: your video said they were DYING IN THEIR LAWN CHAIRS.

durga on Jan 6, 2011


This looks quit good, been listening to Mr Smiths Q&A on Redstate(and a LOT of his other smodcasts); his new approch to film makeing seems like a wise choice for him, and maybe it should inspire others ?

David Banner on Jan 6, 2011

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