Must Watch: First Full Teaser Trailer for Pixar's 'Cars 2' Debuts

November 16, 2010

Pixar's Cars 2 Trailer

Start your engines… Disney has debuted the first full teaser trailer (via for Pixar's Cars 2, the highly anticipated sequel to Cars from 2006. The whole gang is back, including Owen Wilson as the voice of Lightning McQueen and Larry the Cable Guy as the voice of Mater. Yes, I realize this is one of the least liked Pixar franchises, but I'm hoping some of you will still be able to enjoy this, as I actually think it looks great. It's got a little mix of everything and wait, is that Michael Caine voicing Finn McMissile?! No roles have been announced, but it definitely sounds like him. This is just a lot of Cars fun, so kick back and enjoy!

Watch the first full teaser trailer for Pixar's Cars 2 via Pixar's YouTube:

Cars 2 sees Lightning and Mater traveling around the world for the Race of Champions that includes other disciplines like Formula One. Mater ends up in a 'Hitchcockian' case of mistaken identity, saves the life of a British secret agent named Finn McMissile and ends up embroiled in a spy thriller, but no one believes him.

Cars 2 is being directed by former Pixar producer Brad Lewis, who is making his directorial debut following producing work on Ratatouille. We've also heard that John Lasseter has returned to Pixar to help co-direct, but Disney is quick to deny that. No screenplay credits are listed yet for Cars 2. Disney will be bringing Cars 2 to theaters everywhere in Disney Digital 3D starting June 24th, 2011 next summer. Look okay so far?

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Oh dear - first PIXAR flop me thinks - I could have guessed it to because the first one was definitely the weakest film in their arsenal in my humble opinion.

RUSE on Nov 16, 2010


Looks cool enough.

That Awesome Norwegian Dude on Nov 16, 2010


Any ideas which British actress is providing the voice to the purple car @ 0:52? BTW, definitely Michael Caine as Finn McMissile.

Bash on Nov 16, 2010


🙁 It looks very contrived. There was nothing really creative visually or dialog wise in the trailer. This will probably be the first Pixar film I don't see opening night. I'm willing to bet this will be Pixar's first major disappointment.

Geoff on Nov 16, 2010


@ #1 - the first pixar flop was Cars 1 which was the last movie pixar was conracted to do by disney before they were sold out. Incidentally it was also the most marketable film in terms of toys which is 1 of the main income streams for Disney Corp. Watch the toy shelves during and after this one. the trailer was crap tastic, kids under 10 will like it just fine though.

na on Nov 16, 2010


Cars may be the least popular Pixar film among adults, but it's by far one of the most popular among young kids. I honestly don't know a single kid under the age of 10 that isn't dying to see this movie. Just look at how huge Cars merchandise still is 4 years later. All these doubters are underestimating the financial potential of this movie. Making a sequel to Cars may be one of the smartest financial moves Pixar ever made. And I personally think this looks pretty good too.

Cloudy With a Chance of Beefaroni on Nov 16, 2010


no matter how crappy it might look no way in hell its flopping.....Pixar is pretty much box office gold

monal on Nov 16, 2010


this looks super cool, I wonder who they hired for the British, the plane and The added "intelligence" stuff is awesome too 🙂 Love it! Thanks!

I am... on Nov 16, 2010


@na- Where do you come to the conclusion that Cars 1 was a flop? It was the 3rd highest grossing movie of 2006 domestically and the 6th highest grossing of 2006 worldwide.

Cloudy With a Chance of Beefaroni on Nov 16, 2010


Meh. I think people are really only hating it because it's "Cars." I like the fact that this seems to be much more action oriented than Pixar's other films. So this could be kind of fun.

SkaOreo on Nov 16, 2010


@ people saying cars 1 flopped...I wouldn't call $461 million at the box office a flop (worldwide). it may be their weakest movie but by no means did it flop. Cars 2 will not flop either.

T on Nov 16, 2010


hmmm....It does look like fun. It does sound like Michael Caine but it kind of also sounds like Ralph Fiennes. Anyone? What say you Alex?

Chris on Nov 16, 2010


looks cool

A5J4DX on Nov 16, 2010


Just like I say on my blog I'm a gigantic Pixar fan, but like most I didn't like Cars and this doesn't look any better. My big problem lies with Mater/LtCG. I hate the Get R Done! stuff.

Chris on Nov 16, 2010


100% Michael Caine....this looks better than i expected

memz on Nov 16, 2010


nice cant wait

MiKe M? on Nov 16, 2010


There's flops that sell well, Transformers 2?! All matrix sequels? There's 2 different types. One has to do with the quality of the movie, the other with box office finances, and im no CEO or accountant, so guess what, i only care about the movie and Cars was boring as hell for anyone over the age of 8 to 10 years old. Cars had to equal if not surpass The Incredibles and Finding Nemo to be considered a Pixar movie of average quality with their high standards. They half assed it because it was Disney's last stranglehold on them and they got it over with. Now they're making sequels, which you can quote Pixar before selling out that they will never do, due to Disney's toy lines cow milking techniques. Solid business model and people dont mind seeing their favourite characters return for 1-2 more stints and it will work.

na on Nov 16, 2010


@ #3 - It sounds a lot like Emily Mortimer to me. This looks okay, but I definitely don't think it would have been made if Cars merch wasn't so successful. It's a shame, because Pixar have always about unique stories and quality storytelling, but if this is gonna make them money and enable them to make more films in the future then I guess I'm okay with it.

Tommy on Nov 16, 2010


No. This is the mechanical version of Cats & Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore.

Jackson on Nov 16, 2010


I have hope it'll end up being a pretty good film. This voice-over trailer is horrible though. Is this the first Pixar trailer to feature that kind of voice over?

yep on Nov 16, 2010


A creative slump from the pixar boys was bound to happen one of these days....

Al on Nov 16, 2010


i don't know what you guys are saying cars was good and not the best but i believe that wall-e was the worst. i know i'll probobally getabused for saying that but it's my opinion wall-e to me was just boring and preachy

max s. on Nov 16, 2010


Ill see it because Michael Caine plays an Aston Martin DB5 What up Goldfinger

Jacob Crim on Nov 16, 2010


haha nice 🙂

DaftPUNKFAN on Nov 16, 2010



Camerabob1 on Mar 13, 2011


If this exact same trailer had been put out by Dreamworks or any other animation studio - other than pixar - everybody would be tearing it apart. Cars was a pretty mediocre movie and this one is nothing but a cash in. Pixar has given us some of the best animated films in the past decades but that doesn't give them a pass on quality. In any case, this will probably make a killing at the box office and even more on merchandising.

anon on Nov 16, 2010


And still no "The Incredibles 2" -_-

Toucmyinfection on Nov 16, 2010


Boo. Cars was merely decent and this has cash in all over it. I really, really don't need sequels to Pixar movies. Uh... except for Toy Story. They get a pass on that franchise, as Toy Story 3 is probably the best animated film ever made.

Mark Drennan on Nov 16, 2010


why the hell d ya all think cars is 1 is crap?? cuz it has cars with mouth?? its ending was rreally touching n in my opinion is better than finding nemo......

nans on Nov 16, 2010


Some of you guys need a chill pill. This is a kids movie, get it? FOR KIDS. My boy will get a huge kick out of it, and I'll be there with him.

cinemabandit on Nov 17, 2010


@28 It's not better than Finding Nemo, regardless of the amount of cash it's raked in. If you market something enough, kids will go. It's hard to think of Pixar making a money grab, but regardless they still make the smartest/best animated features. This is coming from a Miyazaki fan too.

L on Nov 17, 2010


This looks completely different then cars one. A spy movie really? This looks like it should be straight to dvd. Cars one was average but definitely better then this.

abcdefg on Nov 17, 2010


Every nay sayer on here is just repeating the same crap the first one said. Verbal diarrhea is all that is. This looks good and like all Pixar movies, will make bank. I don't know if people understand this but the money it raked in directly translates to how good it was. You can't have a high grossing movie that flat out bombed or flopped. Obviously people are watching it. People pay money to see it. That money goes to the box office gross which was the third highest in the U.S. that year. So yeah, Cars was the shite and you who say it flopped or sucked, should at the very least do your homework before coming on here and barfing your ignorance to the world.

Ariel on Nov 17, 2010


if this is any indication of the target market attention, I heard that my 2-year old nephew has been watching this trailer non-stop hitting "replay" on the computer. Yah i know, I need to take him out more. But i think this looks better than the first. More fast-paced definitely.

cyn on Nov 17, 2010


@ Ariel: "I don't know if people understand this but the money it raked in directly translates to how good it was." Really, Ariel? really? Are you really trying to tell us that how much a movie makes equates to how good the film was? I mean, wow... So if we follow that reasoning, the Transformers movies were masterpieces, Britney Spears is amongst the pinnacle of recorded music and Big Macs are the best food your money can buy, right? Was Cars a terrible film? No. Can Pixar do a lot better? Of course. I think after giving us the amazing Incredibles, Cars felt really underwhelming. I think the big problem is that this feels like such a cash in on the franchise for Pixar, after all Cars is by far one of the studios' biggest cash cows when it comes to merchandising... And I think what bothers me is that there is such a double standard when it comes to animation studios, where if this was put out by another studio people would be pissing all over it, but if its pixar people go, "it's pixar they can do no wrong" Read about what's happening with Brave - what used to be "the Bear and the Bow", and what they did to the director of the film. Pixar is pretty much being condemned by a lot of the animation community for throwing her (the director) under the bus. So, no, pixar is not some magical place that produces flawless films. They are a business and with the Brave thing, where they fired a director because they didn't want to take any chances and she wasn't conforming to the Pixar formula, and now Cars 2 and all the upcoming sequels, they show that in the end they care about what any other business cares about: the bottom line. And there's nothing wrong with that. Just don't pretend like they're not and assume they are above the rest. /rant over/

anon on Nov 17, 2010


Who says Cars is one of the least liked franchises? For adults....maybe, but lets not forget....these are KIDS movies. And as far as that goes I would not be surprised if Cars is second only to the Toy Story franchise. I work with kids, and they all love Cars. We probably see more Cars clothes and merchandise than anything else, and thats pretty impressive considering the kids I work with were born the year Cars came out. Pixar films succeed based on their characters. Cars has fantastic characters unlike Up!, Ratattouille, Bugs Life, and The Incredibles. I like all of those films, and so do most kids....but they like Cars better. Pixar knows that, because they're a company that makes kids films. Its a formula that works. And they're a smart company for insisting on sticking to that formula.

ImaginaryVisionary on Nov 30, 2010


Pixar doesn't make movies for kids to enjoy, they make movies for anybody to enjoy. They've said that. Although Cars is the movie by them that's most directed towards kids.

Camerabob1 on Mar 13, 2011

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