Must Watch: First Official Trailer for DC Comics' The Losers

January 29, 2010
Source: MSN

The Losers

Warner Bros has debut the official trailer DC Comics' The Losers starring Zoe Saldana as Aisha, Chris Evans as Jensen, Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Clay, Columbus Short as Pooch, Idris Elba as Roque, and Óscar Jaenada as Cougar. This actually looks pretty awesome, I love the style, I love the cast, I love the action, what's not to like? Some comparisons can be made to The A-Team, but I think this has its own good story and since it's based on a DC Comics graphic novel, it's got a lot to draw from that's very different from The A-Team. Anyway, I've said enough, because the action speaks louder than any words. Fire it up and enjoy!

Watch the official trailer for Sylvain White's The Losers:

[flv: 596 248]

You can also watch The Losers official trailer in High Definition right here: 480, 720, 1080

Originally a Special Forces team seconded to the CIA in the 90s, the Losers were betrayed by their handler, Max, and left for dead following the conclusion of their operation. Eager for revenge and the opportunity to remove their names from a secret CIA death list, the Losers regroup and conduct covert operations against the CIA and its interests, uncovering startling operations spearheaded by the enigmatic villain Max, whose influence within the CIA and US government is unparalleled. The Losers is directed by Sylvain White and will hit theaters on April 16th, 2010 this year. Who is planning on seeing this now? Looks like fun, right?

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looks like a lot of fun. i'm in!

Max Fischer on Jan 29, 2010


so much better than the A Team imo Zoe Saldana may take over Jolie's role as the ass kicking female action star

nelson on Jan 29, 2010


Whoa... was that the satellite thingy from 007 GoldenEye?

Faust on Jan 29, 2010


I sure hope Jason Patrick gets some more face time on the big screen. It doesn't look bad at all.

Mark on Jan 29, 2010


meh. it's not terrible, but nothing in it seems to be a fresh take on the action genre. and what is going on in the trailer has been done MUCH BETTER in other movies. hey, nelson - hitgirl is the ass kicking female action star.

beavis on Jan 29, 2010


This looks, feels and sound much better than A-team. Plus Sexy Zoe is in it too, and you 'see her'.

dex on Jan 29, 2010


I agree #2! Jolie is awesome but everyone will need a successor one day and I'm all for Zoe Saldana. I could see the similarities between this and the A-Team but this one does look much better than A-Team trailer. (thats just my opinion of course)

JCal on Jan 29, 2010


Not sure. Reminded me of that very terrible A - Team trailer along with the cheesy dialogues. But Zoe Saldana sure looked hot!

Ron on Jan 29, 2010


Trailer looks cool..just too bad they had to use the song from ocean's...

Scorcesefan on Jan 29, 2010


Well, I think it looks like it will be a pretty entertaining film. It really doesn't look like the worst movie out there AND it has a great cast, so what could go wrong? I'm definatley going to go out and see it. I think it may just beat the A-Team movie, in my opinion. Though you never know.

Mercedes on Jan 29, 2010


MORE JASON PATRIC PLEASE !!!! the guy is one of the best actore NOT working today. I hope LOSERS launches him.

cherie on Jan 29, 2010


Jesus Christ Patric is handsome. Why the F isn't he a megastar? I wish he was rolling around with Zoe.

Liza on Jan 29, 2010


anybody else get the feeling jeffrey dean morgan is trying not to be like downey jr.'s tony stark, but failing miserably?

Jeff on Jan 29, 2010


STRINGER!!!!!!!!! Is it just me or do you get more excited for something the second you see a character from The Wire in it? . . . except for his run on The Office. I just kept waiting for Brodie to show up and cap Michael and Dwight.

BK on Jan 29, 2010


i admit i've never read the dc comic so i don't know how acurate it is to the comicbook,but the film look's quite good.

tobi,leader of the akatsuki on Jan 29, 2010


COmics are badass. Cast looks great. PAtric is da real bomb though

ONO on Jan 29, 2010


Am I the only one who thinks this looks 10 times better than The A team...Love the casting, the style and if its rated R its a must see in my book.

Cody on Jan 29, 2010

18, The A-Team just took a back seat! This looks pretty badass and a cast to boot! Count me in!

Xerxex on Jan 29, 2010


Doesnt make me want to circle April 16 on my calender. I think A-Team looks better. (thats not saying much)

Frightened Inmate #2 on Jan 29, 2010


Machete is gonna be action movie of 2010!!

Frightened Inmate #2 on Jan 29, 2010


#13 your comment makes no sense at all so a guy cant be charismatic w/o being like stark? idiot

nelson on Jan 29, 2010


The sniper shot was awesome...

pipo on Jan 29, 2010


Looks much better than A-Team. And DAMN!!! Zoe Saldana just seems to get hotter and hotter!!

Kevin on Jan 29, 2010


as long as it's not as stupid at the comic was

L1A on Jan 29, 2010


I'm in.

Dubbo Kid on Jan 29, 2010


Agreed with majority, looks a lot more fun than the A-Team.

giraffic on Jan 29, 2010


More Jeffrey Dean Morgan in action's the right thing to do LaLawood!

Lazarus from Sparta!!! DEATHKLOK RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!! on Jan 29, 2010


rofl, this is gold. i'm the black mcguyver.....blaguyver

lego on Jan 29, 2010


Is this based on an actual true story?

valerie Atherton on Jan 30, 2010


its based on a movie likeness to lock stock and 2 smoking barrels/smoking aces-and like others i agree it looks better than the A team.....

dealers wheel on Jan 30, 2010


coutn me in this looks like one hellova fast fun and stylish ride

Burak "D'aequitas" on Jan 30, 2010


@ # 29 and #30 LOL! It's based off a comic book - NOT real life. LOLOLOL!!!!!!!

kLO on Jan 30, 2010


No females in SF in real life. But, oh well. Let the Hollywood diversity agenda roll. Wheres the American Indian in full headdress. LOL.

C. Pas on Jan 30, 2010


funny stuff #33

beavis on Jan 30, 2010


This was off my radar before but it looks awesome, I'm excited.

SlashBeast on Jan 30, 2010


how could anyone want to see the a-team more than this,i think this looks alot better than the fucking a-team.

tobi,leader of the akatsuki on Jan 30, 2010


let see...burn notice + a-team + mission impossible + smoking aces + bad boyz one and two and voila......I see the sheep will continue to be the sheep.......

unoriginal on Jan 30, 2010


how original, unoriginal. All knowing aren't you.

Xerxex on Jan 30, 2010


Wanted, meets a-team, meets smokin aces, meets the expendables... I'll give it a chance, but A-Team has history with me and people who grew up watching it. The people who made it KNEW that. I've never heard about this movie or Graphic novel before oh, say 2mins ago, but I think it's borrowed enough influences to be decent.

jomba joose on Jan 31, 2010


Looks like good popcorn fare, everyone needs over the top action films from time to time and from what the trailers show this looks far better.

matt# on Feb 4, 2010


Oh look, a movie without Sam FUCKING Worthington in it. Worth a look for that reason alone. Than Christ Jeremy Renner is not in this either - He is the reason Hurt Locker sucked balls like it did.

User Dealer on Feb 6, 2010


holy crap, this looks pretty good. The action looks cool and the comedy as well.

Toni on Feb 9, 2010


If you can, get the comic. It's pretty good, the history is more than your usual "we got screwed by our superiors but we still love Americaaaa!!!". I know it looks like the A-Team, but the Losers comic is darker and smarter than the A-Team's TV show. The geopolitical scenario they paint (pardon the pun) in the comic is awesome.

Luis M on Feb 11, 2010


I will watch anything with Zoe in it.

Clover on Apr 5, 2010


Gotta say, I really liked this trailer. The action and comedy worked pretty well, I liked the chemistry of the people (what I saw of it), and there wasn't any offensively fake CGI that I saw. Which is more than I can say for the A-Team trailers.

deltavoyage on Apr 5, 2010


I'll just wait for The Expendables thank you very much.

dd on May 12, 2010

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